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Regine Paramus Female
120 lbs
32 years old Human
FULL NAME Regine Paramus
POWERS Blue Energy


BIRTHDAY Feburary 21st
ALIGNMENT The Church of Magdalene
OCCUPATION(S) Vampire Hunter

Mother Mary (follows commands) Griffin Malor (ally)
Dr. Vulture (ally)
Ethan Muthor (ally)


Blue Energy, Griffin, Surprising people


Vampires, The Tiffts, Mother Mary



Regine Paramus is a Vampire Hunter, or a Knight from The Church of Magdalene. She is one of the younger members in the Vampire Hunters group, filling in for her father when he died at the age of 85, dying of a heart attack. Being so young and new to the group, Regine is often treated differently from the rest of the group and doesn't fully understand the full history of the Vampire Hunters.


Regine is a dark skinned woman with white hair and yellow eyes. She wears a wide brim cavalier hat that is blue under the brim. She wears a long black corseted shirt that shows some cleavage; she can draw blue energy from this open area and is actually one of the stronger parts on Regine. She wears a mask like thin armor around her face that she can open and close. She also wears some shoulder guards and has a gold brace around her chest and hips and wears long tight pants with no shoes.

She has a rather youthful face, likely thanks to the Fountain of Youth water imported from the Bermuda Triangle.


Regine is rather naive to the way of the Vampire Hunters and has questions as to why they see vampires as such a threat, but has no intentions to turn on them after all she's been through. She can be rather cheeky but competent, and always ready to battle. Her willingness to the cause is unquestionable, as she has created ice bridges hundreds of miles long to help them get to their next target.

She likes to tease those around her in a playful way, including foes, but will get serious if it is a clear threat. To keep herself as a serious threat, she sometimes will put on a mask to conceal her mouth. She is rather flirty around Griffin Malor and is the only one who can seemingly break his icy and cold facade.


Her father was a secret vampire hunter, although he kept this a secret from her and her mother until he died. Being the only child, Regine Paramus took up the mantle as told to her on his deathbed. Since then, she has joined the small but elusive group of Vampire Hunters from the secretive Church of Magdalene, becoming a Knight in only a couple months. While Griffin was not especially happy with her arrival, the two have become close since.

Powers and Abilities

Regine Paramus is a mortal, however she was blessed by Mother Mary to use Blue Energy, which can counteract Red Energy attacks. She uses Blue Energy to change her environment, creating ice bridges and ponds into ice rinks. She rarely uses Blue Energy in battle, but when she does it tends to shift the entire course of the battle in her favor. She also wields a holy sword, blessed with holy Blue Energy that is coursing through the blade. One stab can seriously endanger a vampire's life and to an extent, a human with a blackened heart. She however, is not the most skilled swordswoman out there.


Fantendo - Spotlight

Made his debut in Issue 9, which centers around Dracyi Tifft's awakening on New Years, 2019. During this, Griffin Molor attempts to assassinate her but is stopped by Izuka Tifft, who embeds a red energy katana into his shoulder, causing him to leave quickly.

The Coffin Year

Will play a major role in the mini-series.


Griffin Malor

Griffin has a dumb crush on her, although he does not allow himself to become too distracted by her. She is one of the few people that can actually calm Griffin down and break down his cold facade.

Rachel Harel

She finds Rachel especially intriguing, being a mortal just like her. She wants to recruit Rachel and commit her to the cause, but just... can't find the right words and sounds like she wants to go out with her. Freudian slip or just accidentally gay?

Trophy Information




  • Regine was a late child, as her parents were in their 50s when she was born.
  • Regine's knighthood only applies to The Church of Magdalene.
  • Regine's design uses some blue to contrast with the Tifft family, which use a lot of red and red hues in their designs. She primarily has black and yellow in her design, which may signify how new she is to the Vampire Hunters.

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