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A Redhot Goomba about to throw a fireball.

Redhot Goombas are fiery Goombas and one of the 3 main species that reside in Star Kingdom. They are red Goombas with the powers of fire, granted to them by Asjafathur. They are usually grumpy and unfriendly, but like all the inhabitants, they are protective of their home. An unrelated species with the same name appears in Goomsday Wii.


Super Mario World VR

They first appeared in Super Mario World VR as new enemies, along with Electro Guy and Icicle Koopa.

Goomsday Wii

Redhot Goombas were recreated by Goomboss in his victory, Goomsday Wii. The Scepter of Superiority gave them the power to hurl fireballs at his new enemy, Waluigi.