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Redge (KillGames)
SPECIES Half-demon
AGE 25
Soul (mother)
Lane (friend)
WEAPONS Cauterizer
Fire Manipulation
SERIES KillGames

Redge is a character created by CrakaboLazy4090. He makes his debut in KillGames, appearing in the game as one of the game's main protagonists. He is considered the mascot of the series, alongside the mascot of his parent company, Lazy Studios.


Redge is a half-demon (born from a human and demon parent), and is best known for his completely black skin. He has spiky hair that is the same color as his skin, and yellow pupiless eyes. He wears a dark red visor, a red jacket with a white shirt underneath, a pair of jeans, red fingerless gloves, and brown shoes. He wears two belts, one around his waist and the other slung around his torso, which he uses to hold the Cauterizer when not in use. Despite his appearence, he does have a mouth, normally hiding it and only revealing it when in True Demon. He can talk and eat while his mouth is hiding.

When in True Demon, Redge's appearence becomes more wild and aggressive. His hair begins moving similar to fire, his clothes become ripped, his claws elongate, two wings appear on his back, and he gains an axe-like tail.

In KillGames 2, his appearence stays mostly the same, though his hair is spikier, and he has visible pupils. His jacket is now long-sleeves with iron padding on the shoulders and wrists. His shirt is now a lighter red, and his pants are khaki. After losing his right arm in the last game, he now possesses a mechanical arm, which is red and grey. It also holds the Catuerizer, which he now uses like a wrist blade, though will occasionally wield it like a sword for certain attacks.

In KillGames: Rechained, being a reboot, the events of the first and second game are ignored and his arm is back. Unlike many of the characters in the game who all got overhauls in their design, Redge's design was kept relatively similar to his original design, with the only changes being his shoes, which are red and appear more like sneakers, and the removal of the torso belt. The Cauterizer on the other hand had recieved a massive design overhaul, possessing a more elaborate appearance with actual chainsaw handles, exhaust pipes and a furnace.


Redge, throughout KillGames, is shown to be incredibly lazy, abrasive, sarcastic and rude. Before the events of KillGames, he didn't really do anything, living Lane's apartment and doing nothing but sitting in front of a TV. He only joins the KillGames because Lane forced him to and because he could get a chance to kill his mother, Soul.

Redge shows little to no care for the well-being of others, with the exceptions of Lane and Yuki later on in the story. He won't hesitate to kill anyone in his way, often needing Lane to stop him from brutally killing someone. While he fights, he enjoys making snarky and offensive remarks on his enemies.



Redge was born at an unknown time, being the son of Soul and an unknown father. Redge had grown a good relationship with his father, but had always hated Soul. Soul saw Redge as a failure, much like all the other children she has had. Soul wished to make Redge's live as misrable as possible, eventually killing Redge's dad and making his life, quite fittingly, a living hell. Though, unlike his siblings who ended up dying, Redge, being a half-demon, ended up surviving. Eventually, Redge escaped into the Human Realm with the help of an occultist named Lane. Not having to deal with Soul anymore, he stayed mostly in Lane's apartment, mostly sitting in front of a TV and playing videogames.


In Killgames, he appears as the protagonist of his side of the story, alongside Lane and Yuki. Redge joined because Lane forced him too, and winning the tournament would allow him to finally get rid of Soul. During the prologue, he meets Storm, calming her down when she threatens a random bartender.

During his story, he breezed through most of his fights without any care in the world, but upon meeting Yuki, he was forced by Lane to help her get Yuki out. Initially, Redge didn't really care about Yuki, but after learning about her backstory and seeing her do things like save Misery and Colt's life and defeat Soul, he made it his mission to protect her. 

Upon reaching the final match, he faces off against Storm, who he met in the prologue. If the player chooses him, he defeats Adam and wins. When Adam is killed by Soul, he faces off against his (now mutated) mother and kills him. While celebrating, he suddenly loses his arm when Maligna cut it off, but she dies as well when she dragged into Hell. During the ending, Redge is seen sitting on some rubble, and he and Storm seem to become friends. The both of them walk out of the arena, looking at the sun, appreciating that the KillGames are finally over.

After game's ending, it is implied that Redge and Lane adopt Yuki.


Redge, being part-demon, posesses supernatural powers. Specifically, he has the ability manipulate and summon hellfire. He wields the Cauterizer, a chainsaw-sword hybrid that is powered by these Hell flames, and along with using it as a close-ranged weapon, also uses it to channel fire into fireballs, fire pillars, or even massive waves of fire that obliterate enemies in their way.

When performing his Level 3 Super Move, Raging Rave, Redge gains access to a powerful form known as True Demon. This is a manifestation of his pent-up rage and envy for his mother. True Demon grants him incredible power, the ability of flight, causes the Cauterizer to kick into overdrive, increasing in size and being able to cut through almost anything. However, he can only maintain this form for a very short time, and chooses to only use it when he wants to do something cool.


Canon Appearences


Redge appears as a playable character in KillGames

KillGames 2

Redge is set to appear in KillGames 2. He will be part of the Resistance Faction.

KillGames: Rechained

Redge returns as a playable character in KillGames: Rechained.

Non-Canon Appearences

Fantendo Smash Bros. Combat (erictom333)

Redge appears in Fantendo Smash Bros. Combat as an unlockable playable character. His moveset is very similar to his KillGames moveset.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Something

Redge appears in Fantendo Smash Bros. Something as a playable character.


While not directly appearing in the game, a costume based off of Redge is available as DLC. It's design hasn't been revealed as of right now, though (judging by the description), Tigzon wields the Cauterizer while using this costume.

End of Time

Redge appears in Fantendo's End of Time?! as one of the 9 Centurion enemies.

Nintendo X Fantendo: Cosmic Centre

Redge appears as a playable character in Nintendo X Fantendo: Cosmic Centre.

Fantendo Smash Land

Redge appears as an unlockable playable character.

Fantendo Kart Crystal

Redge appears as a starter playable character in Fantendo Kart Crystal. He is a member of the Purple Team and is classified as a Medium character with high speed and drift, medium acceleration and low drift.


Official Art

Fan Art


  • Redge was one of the first characters designed for the game, alongside Storm, Zmei and Misery.
    • Of the designs, Redge is the oldest. He appeared in very early fighting game ideas before KillGames was concieved.
  • Redge's design is meant to be "intentionally edgy". This is the reason he has black skin and hair.
    • Redge's design is inspired by Ragna the Bloodedge from Blazblue, Sol Badguy from Guilty Gear, and Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes.
    • Redge's name is a combination of "red" and "edge".
  • Redge was originally not a demon, but this was changed when the creators wanted to give him a reason to join.
    • This was also the reason Soul was made his mother. In order to give him a motive.
  • Redge's weapon, "Cauterizer", is named after a medical techinque in which a person burns the skin or flesh with a heated instrument to stop bleeding or prevent a wound from being infected.
    • This name is meant to be an opposite of Soul's weapon, "Bloodletter", since cauterizing, despite how bad is seems, is actually helpful, while bloodletting is actually dangerous despite the technique being meant to help people.
  • Redge was originally planned to appear as a character in Super Smash Bros. Something Else. Eventually he, and the rest of the Lazy Studios characters, were scrapped after the creators felt they were taking slots from other characters.
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