Red Wisp
Item Type Fire
Kind of Item Wisp
First Appearance Sonic Colors (2010)
Transforms the user into a large fireball.

Red Wisps are a Wisp species who appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The Red Wisps turns Sonic into a Flame who can destroy all the enemies, jump a lot of times and burn obstacles. They debuted in Sonic Colors.


Mario & Sonic Racing

Red Wisps are items that appears in Mario & Sonic Racing. It's a uncommon item that appears in 4th to 12th position, and more common in circuits with wooden walls. This Wisp turn the user into a flame that can burn other rivals and wooden walls, discovering shortcuts. Apart from burning effect, the user can jump a lot of times in the air but it lost some control of the kart in the air. But, the effect dessapears when the user touch the water.

The effect of the Red Wisp lasts 10 seconds more or less and when the effect finishes the flames will dessapear and the racer will fall to the ground if it's in the air.

Mario & Sonic Grand Prix

Red Wisp appears in Mario & Sonic Grand Prix as a rare item. Using the Red Wisp ignites the user's kart in flames, which will spin out all those that come in contact with them.

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