Red Energy is a red colored energy that is fueled by blood or other liquids. The origin of this power can be drawn from the Legendary Pokémon Crimdroze. Red energy is described as a "hot plasma-like substance" that gives off the "sensation of being burnt" without actually burning the victim. This power is still capable of killing through intense pain, but it is only ever useful in a fighting scenario.


Red Energy is a red plasma-like substance that can float in the air. It can be shaped into shields, weapons, and armor with a red translucent look.


Red Energy, due to it's unique properties, is very resource intensive. Many users of it have to find some way to drain blood or liquid for continued use. Red Energy has almost infinite uses though; it can be crafted into it's users as a defensive and offensive technique. It can even used to create temporary armor. Red Energy users typically do not experience the burning sensation Red Energy if it comes from their own finger tips, however they are susceptible to attacks from other users.


The origin of Red Energy comes from the Legendary Pokémon Crimdroze, a Pokémon with cosmic origins. It appears in multiple universes, including the New Fantendoverse. Whether Crimdroze is a singular entity or one that exists in multiple dimensions is inconclusive.

It is said that Crimdroze taught several of it's closer human companions how to utilize the energy, while some have said that it was gifted as opposed to being inert. Evidence suggests the latter. While somewhat rare, it is especially common among vampires, especially the sizeable Tifft family.



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