The RedYoshi series is a series of games starring RedYoshi. In the games, you play fun minigames, making the series similar to the Mario Party series, (only the player doesn't travel on Party Boards), while RedYoshi goes out to save RedBirdo from the villianous pair of BlackYoshi and BlackBirdo. The RedYoshi series takes place in RedYoshi's Island. In the RedYoshi DS game, RedYoshi goes on his first adventure game to save RedBirdo from BlackYoshi and BlackBirdo.


  • RedYoshi - The main hero of the series.
  • RedBirdo - RedYoshi's girlfriend who usually must be saved from BlackYoshi and BlackBirdo.
  • BlackYoshi - The main villian of the series who has a crush on RedBirdo.
  • BlackBirdo - BlackYoshi's "girlfriend" and helper of the kidnappings of RedBirdo.
  • RedBoshi - RedYoshi's rival.
  • Little RedYoshi - The Baby form of RedYoshi, who is very playful.


Listed in order of the release dates.

Regular Series

RedYoshi's Island Series

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