This article is about the main character from the RedYoshi series. For the user with the same name, see User:RedYoshi. For the species, see Red Yoshi.

RedYoshi Brawl
BIRTHPLACE RedYoshi's Island
RedBirdo (girlfriend)
BlackYoshi (nemesis)
RedBoshi (rival)
McBoo (friend)
YoshiEgg Nook (friend)
CLASS Hero/Sidekick
WEAPONS RedYoshi Egg

RedYoshi is a ColoredYoshi created by RedYoshi (tbc) of Red Inc. who lives in RedYoshi's Island. RedYoshi is also the main character in his own series of games, the RedYoshi series. He is the hero of the series who saves his island from BlackYoshi, his arch nemesis, and BlackBirdo. RY's rival is RedBoshi. His Baby form is Little RedYoshi.

He is now one of the main characters in the YoshiEgg series, since his own series is over.


RedYoshi is very friendly. He becomes pretty serious when he goes out on his adventures to rescue RedBirdo. But he still likes to play games on his journeys as well. When RedYoshi fights in a boss battle, it looks like he is having fun, even if he's battling BlackYoshi. In some parts of his quests, RedYoshi loves to grab tree branches with his very long tongue and swing them. Finally, RedYoshi's favorite food is blueberries. He collects blueberries in every game in the series.

Games Appeared In

RedYoshi first appeared as the hero saving his island from the evil BlackYoshi in the RedYoshi series. Next, RedYoshi made his second appearance outside of the RedYoshi series in Fantendo Kart 2 as playable character. RedYoshi appeared in Fantendo Smash Bros. soon after. He also appeared in many crossover games, including Super Smash Bros. Assault and McQueen Mario & RedYoshi at the Olympic Winter Games. RedYoshi returns to his 8-bit appearance in RedYoshi DS. He made another crossover appearance in Kingdom Hearts IV: The Fantendo Allies as an Ally. He would join Sora after he was saved by Ursala, RedYoshi's Island's first boss.

RedYoshi also was a team captain in Fantendo Baseball League. His team name is the RedYoshi Blueberries.


  • RedYoshi's tongue is blue because he loves blueberries and will eat them all the time.


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