Rebuilding The Team is the twelfth and final episode of season two of Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side. It was written by RTA fan (tbc) and first aired in August 2016.


After being left behind by the rest of the team, who have gone to fight D'Angelo, Flynn, Blaze, Skye, Jess and Anna, alongside new characters Henry and Aloha, try to find new people to add to the team.


The stinger for Working Hard is shown again, before the camera cuts to Skye and Blaze.

Skye: How did you manage to make recruitment posters so fast?
Blaze: I might or might not have pulled an all-nighter and I might or might not have Red Bull mixed with coffee flying around my arteries.
Skye: Why coffee and Red Bull?

Blaze shrugs as they hear the doorbell ring. Skye goes to answer the door to see the two men from the stinger.

Man #1: Hey, we found a poster for some hero thing in L.A. and it told us to come here.
Skye: Oh, nice. Come on in.

The two men enter and sit in the living room, where Blaze has some clipboards and paper.

Blaze: I just need some info from you guys.
Man #2: Okay.
Blaze: So, names?
Man #1: Lance Henderson.
Man #2: Oleg Stravinski.
Blaze: Where are you guys from?
Lance: Idaho.
Oleg: Croatia.
Blaze: (in her head) Nice to know I'm still not gonna be the only European...

Blaze writes the information down as Anna is seen in the kitchen with Aloha, and Flynn fluttering around.

Anna: So, where are you from, Ms. Vaega?
Aloha: Samoa. Moved here for a job but on my way there I got sidetracked by someone.
Flynn: Oh sweet, we have some Pacific flavour now.
Aloha: You didn't already?
Flynn: Nope. It was mostly Americans and Europeans until you came in.
Aloha: Huh.

Anna hears the doorbell and goes to answer, and sees Jennifer Oaklyn and Robyn Palmer.

Anna: Oh, hi!
Robyn: Edmondson?
Jennifer: Hi!

Jennifer hugs Anna as Robyn looks at Anna, confused.

Robyn: Where are Schmidt, Johnson and Perez?
Anna: They've gone to fight those D'Angelo & Sons guys.
Robyn: Oh.
Anna: Anyway, come in!

Jennifer and Robyn go into the house as they chat.

A short montage is shown, with Blaze interviewing multiple people.

Blaze: Name?
Interviewee #1: Mauchung Tam.
Blaze: Where you from?
Mauchung: Cambodia.

Blaze nods as another interview is shown.

Blaze: Name?
Interviewee #2: Roger Avanti.
Blaze: ...Didn't you help with stopping D'Angelo the first time?

Roger nods.

Blaze: Huh. Small world.

Another interview is shown.

Blaze: Name?
Interviewee #3: Valmilton Paxson.
Blaze: Never heard Valmilton before.

Blaze looks up to see Valmilton has a large white Mohawk.

Blaze: Jesus Christ, what's going on with your hair?!
Valmilton: What's going on with yours?

Blaze looks down at her own hair.

Blaze: ...Fair point.

Eventually, the full group is shown in the back yard, with Blaze, Jess, Skye, Anna and Flynn at the front. Blaze pulls out a megaphone.

Blaze: Alright, listen up! You guys are gonna be protecting the Earth with us. Some of you have done this before, but you aren't gonna be used to the way we protect it. We have very... let's say different ways of getting the job done. We don't have any employers. We're just old-school vigilantes, and we get results. When there's stuff to do, that is. So, let's protect this world while we can. For humanity!

Some quiet cheers are heard, but nothing else. The team goes into the house again.

Jennifer is seen walking past Oleg, when she stops and walks over to him.

Jennifer: Well, hello there!

Jennifer stares at Oleg's abs as Oleg looks at her.

Oleg: If I had a dollar for every woman who stared at my abs...
Jennifer: Oh, sorry sir.
Oleg: Ah, it's okay. I'm used to it.
Jennifer: Oh, okay.

Jennifer smacks herself in the side of the head as she goes downstairs and sits with Robyn and Skye, Robyn holding a burrito in hand.

Skye: What the hell did you put in that burrito? That doesn't look like anything edible.
Robyn: Shredded aluminium and gravel.

Skye grimaces.

Jennifer: Take it from me, a person who's worked with her for two years, that is not the worst thing she's eaten.
Skye: How is gravel not the wor-
Jennifer: She ate a human arm once.

Skye leaps up and stands up against the wall upon hearing this, leaving parts of the rug beneath them frozen.

Skye: That's fucking insane!
Jennifer: She's an insane person.
Robyn: It's true.

Skye looks at Robyn, as Jess walks through and notices the rug.

Jess: Okay, which one of you fuckers fucking froze my fucking rug?

Skye slides down the wall.

Skye: (very quietly) I'm sorry, Jess.

Jess sighs as she takes the rug outside to melt the ice and Robyn eats her burrito.

A mysterious figure in all black leather is seen walking up to an old motorcycle. The person's face is covered up by the hood of the jacket as they get on the motorcycle and set off. A close-up is shown, with a piece of paper, presumably from a poster made by Blaze, being held in the mysterious person's hand, barely being seen from being covered by the person's glove. The camera then goes to Blaze and Henry sitting in the kitchen.

Blaze: I swear I put up 15 tearaways.
Henry: How many have come back?
Blaze: 14.
Henry: Hmm.

The figure is seen arriving at the team house, as their footsteps echo, which Blaze hears.

Blaze: Someone's coming.
Henry: How do you know?
Blaze: I can hear footsteps, that's how.

Blaze walks to the door to see the mysterious figure.

Blaze: Oh, hello.

The figure holds up the piece of paper.

Blaze: Oh. Come in.

The figure nods and pulls their hood down, as a blue Mohawk tied into a ponytail is shown and the person turns around, revealing herself to be Danica Tomlinson. Skye walks through.

Skye: Oh hey! Danica!

Skye pulls Danica in for a hug.

Danica: Hi, Skye.
Blaze: You two know each other?
Skye: Yeah. We're classmates.

Danica nods.

Blaze: Huh.
Skye: So, what's with the getup?
Danica: Motorcycle.

Danica opens a kit bag, showing her regular clothes.

Skye: Huh. Since when have you had a motorcycle?
Danica: My uncle gave it to me a couple weeks ago. He imported it from some festival thing he officiates.
Skye: Cool.

The three walk through to another room while talking.

Jennifer is seen with a cup in front of her, as she builds up a ball of hot water in her hand, and scalds herself.

Jennifer: Agh!

She drops the water into the cup and pours milk in and adds some sugar, before walking through to another room. Anna is seen at the table in the kitchen with Troy, another new member.

Troy: So, what's she like?
Anna: Jennifer?
Troy: Yeah.
Anna: She's nice. She has some odd beliefs though.
Troy: Like what?
Anna: She's 18 and she still believes Santa and the Easter Bunny exist.
Troy: Hmm.
Anna: She also thinks aliens destroyed L.A. after watching Independence Day.
Troy: Heh.
Anna: She isn't really that smart, but she can get work done.
Troy: Well, that's the main thing.

Anna nods as Jennifer is seen with a couple of other new members, revealed to be Larry Cole, Courtney Robinson and "El Rey".

El Rey: So, uh...

The others look around, nervous.

El Rey: ...What were you guys doing before this?
Jennifer: Research for a squad.
Courtney: Went around the world.
Larry: Same. What were you up to?
El Rey: Uh...

A flashback is shown, with El Rey spray painting a wall and sirens wailing.

El Rey: Shit!

El Rey then runs and yanks a piece of paper off of Blaze's poster and runs to Anaheim and the flashback ends.

El Rey: Not much.

El Rey kicks back as Courtney gives him a skeptical look.

Blaze is seen with Skye, Blaze with her head back.

Blaze: How do you reckon the others are doing?

Skye shrugs as Krystal is shown briefly, cocking her gun and shooting at some soldiers, wounding a good amount of them. The camera cuts to Blaze and Skye again as Reed, a new member, walks through.

Reed: Hey, where's the bathroom?
Skye: Upstairs, furthest door on the right.
Reed: Alright.

Blaze puts her head back as the doorbell rings.

Skye: Aren't all the tearaways in?
Blaze: Yeah, don't know why people are still coming...

Blaze answers the door to see Connie Webster, Helen Willis and Dave Sikes, Connie directing a gun at Blaze.

Blaze: What the-
Connie: We're here for Aloha Vaega.

Aloha walks through to see the trio. She runs through to the front room and hides, as Connie enters the house.

Blaze: Hey!

Blaze catches Connie by the collar and pins her to the ground, disarming her during this. Aloha walks through.

Aloha: Connie, sorry to say, but I'm working with this team now. They're actually on the good side of cops.
Connie: Fuck you, Aloha!

Connie struggles in Blaze's grip as she looks to Helen and Dave.

Connie: Don't just stand there, you fucking idiots!

Dave and Helen look at each other, and slowly back away.

Connie: Fuck!

Connie breaks loose of Blaze's grip and runs at Aloha, but Skye lets out a shot of hail, hitting Connie on the forehead and knocking her out.

Aloha: ...I owe you twice now.

Skye smirks as Chris Thomas and Fatima Temiz are seen rushing into the house.

Fatima: Are we too late?

The two look down at their feet to see the unconscious Connie and breath a sigh of relief.

Chris: Thank god.
Blaze: What?
Chris: We heard Connie was coming here to kill Aloha and-
Aloha: What is it with everyone wanting to kill me?!

Chris shrugs. She then looks at Blaze and Skye.

Chris: ...You two seem a lot more responsible than Connie.
Blaze: Thanks.
Skye: Really? You barely know us.
Chris: Just from face value, yeah. You seem a lot more innocent, to say the least.

Aloha smirks.

Fatima: Would we be okay joining you guys? We wanna clear up our reputation.
Blaze: Sure, I guess.
Fatima: Cool.

Fatima and Chris shake hands with Skye and Blaze as Connie lies unconscious on the floor.

Early morning is shown, with Chris walking through to the living room to see Jess, Roger, Troy, Reed and Mauchung sleeping all around the room.

Chris: Yo!

The five leap up from their slumber as Jess falls off the couch.

Jess: Fuck!

Jess rubs her head as she sees Chris' boots and looks up.

Jess: What the fuck was that fucking for?!
Chris: I need your help with some stuff.

The five look at Chris.

Chris: There's this warehouse I bought a while ago and it's got a ton of vehicles in it.
Roger: And...?
Chris: I need your help moving some of the vehicles here.

The five others shrug and agree as the camera cuts to them at the warehouse.

Chris: Are you prepared for this?

Jess, Roger, Troy, Reed and Mauchung nod as Chris throws up a shutter.

Jess: Holy shit!

The camera shows all the vehicles, including a rally car, a buggy and a big rig.

Mauchung: Where'd you get the money for this?
Chris: Before my old team became a hotspot for the cops, we actually got work done. We were trusted. Then suddenly we were treated like heroes no one needed. We were given pretty handsome rewards for our efforts.
Mauchung: Huh. Why did you collect these, exactly?
Chris: I live for adrenaline. I work up an appetite then I just choose to roar down a track.
Troy: Are you sure that's not why you were considered a criminal?
Chris: Nah. Some other guys were damaging our reputation. Constantly getting caught on TV and being arrested, then assumed the rest of the team was a threat.
Troy: Damn.
Chris: Aloha got cornered by cops nearly every week.
Troy: Who?
Chris: Aloha. She's one of the people back at the house. Polynesian, leather jacket...
Troy: Oh, her.
Chris: ...So, who wants to drive what?
Jess: Dibs on the fucking rig.

Jess collects the keys to the big rig from Chris as the others make their choices. Chris then opens a door to show a dirt bike, with "C. Thomas" and the number 381 on the side.

Chris: Let's go!

The six drive off back to the house.

Blaze is seen with Robyn in Robyn's new room, Robyn putting a trophy up on a shelf.

Robyn: So, how'd you meet Schmidt, Perez, Johnson and Edmondson?
Blaze: Me and my team were just lazing around one night when we heard someone smash against the garage door. We opened it and Alex was in pain, on the ground. Beth was shooting bolts and fire at Link, then Jess knocked Beth out cold.
Robyn: Really?
Blaze: Yeah. Link told us about Quam and the alien attack.
Robyn: Huh.
Blaze: One of our allies actually tended to Alex's injury. Serena was there too.
Robyn: Cool.

Blaze twiddles her thumbs.

Robyn: So... I heard from Schmidt that one of your guys murdered about half an army of alien soldiers.
Blaze: Yup. She's out, but I can introduce her to you when she gets back, if you want.
Robyn: I've already met her. She isn't as pissed as described.
Blaze: Oh, trust me, she can get really pissed, really fast.
Robyn: Hmm.

Jennifer and Skye are seen sat in the living room as they hear the doorbell ring. Skye walks over and sees Jane Nunez.

Skye: Uh, hi.
Jane: Hi. I heard my colleague came here trying to kill a friend of mine.
Skye: O-oh. Uh, why'd you come here?
Jane: I just want to apologise for her actions. She's been slowly losing the plot lately because the cops have been watching her really closely recently.
Skye: Oh, I take it you worked with Aloha?
Jane: How'd you know?
Skye: I saved her from some cops.
Jane: Huh.
Skye: What's the police's deal with your team anyway?
Jane: I honestly don't know. We were treated like the go-to team last year, then after that attack in November, the cops got a new head and it all went downhill from there, and we were given a bad image because we were being arrested constantly.
Skye: Damn. I had the privilege of working with Amy Jackson.
Jane: ...Whoa. I'm probably going to piss Ms. Webster off with this but...
Skye: Hmm?
Jane: Do you guys wanna be our affiliates? If we work with you guys, seeing as you've worked with the woman who saved the world, the cops might stop being on our asses 24/7.
Skye: Uh... you'll have to take it up with my friend Blaze. She should be in the living room. She's the leader of this team.
Jane: Okay...

Jane walks through to talk to Blaze as Skye hears rumbling. She looks outside to see a big rig blaring down the road.

Skye: WHAT THE FUCK???!!!

The big rig pulls up outside the house as two feet in combat boots are seen landing on the ground as Jess is seen, with Troy, Reed, Mauchung, Roger and Chris following behind her.

Jess: That was the best fucking experience of my fucking life!
Chris: You'd probably enjoy it a lot more if you saw the races I enter with these.
Troy: What are the races like?
Chris: Deadly. You have to keep aware of your opponents or they'll shove you into the mud. Or sand. Or snow. Or tarmac.
Troy: I think I'd be holding on for dear life. Then again, I don't have the lunatic mentality you have.

Chris smirks as the six enter the house.

Skye: This is a whole new team alright.

Skye walks back into the house and closes the door behind her as the screen fades to black.

Flynn is seen with Anna in Anna's room, with Anna studying a book.

Flynn: Since Nikolai's gone off to fight D'Angelo, do you reckon Jess is gonna stay sane or not?
Anna: Uh...

Jess is seen walking past as Flynn asks, as she stops. The camera then zooms into Jess' brain, showing a relatively weak brain cell labelled "Sanity". The brain cell detaches and falls down to the bottom of Jess' brain as Jess' smile turns into an angry frown.

Flynn: Oh, shit.

The outside of the house is shown as Jess screams at the top of her lungs.

Jess: FUCKING HELL!!!!!!
Flynn: Y'know how Blaze was saying we're back at square one?
Anna: Yes?
Flynn: Now were really back at square one.

Anna laughs as the scene fades out.





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