Realms beyond Reality (RbR) is an upcoming Turn-Based 4X Game for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One & PC. The game is similar in ways to other 4X Games focusing on the premise of eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate and has the player controlling one of the various factions in the game. RbR is also part of the High Fantasy genre and has the player able to pick from several non-human creatures as well as having various fantastical elements that impact gameplay.

Plot Synopsis

During the opening credits of the game there is a cutscene showing the various factions that appear in the game including Humans farming crops on open fields, Gremlins mining for gold within chasms, Fungafolk using chemistry in a laboratory, Merfolk performing at a coastal opera and an army of Beastmen and Draconians going to war with one another.

The player can find out about some of the culture of each of the civilizations both from their bonus attributes, unique units and buildings as well as the game's encyclopedia on elements of the game.


Realms beyond Reality is played in a three-dimensional spherical board comprised of 5 to 8 sided tiles, the player's goal in the game is to complete one the various objectives in the game, these depend on if the player is playing a scenario or free-play and can be customized in the latter during the Game Setup section of the menu. The player is able to build settlements, construct buildings, recruit units of various types including combat, scientific, magical and civilian among others and explore the world in search of the other factions on the map and bonuses found throughout.

The game has several starting options including; Nomadic (No Starting City), City Center Only (Just the basic City) or Specialized (City with one Specialized District that the palyer can choose for their faction).


Cities function quite differently in this game to other 4X Games, there are several types of structures within a City that the player needs to be aware of;

Unit Function
City Center Constructed by Settlers outside the territory of another city. Capable of producing most non-combat Units. Improved by building City Center Buildings or using Settlers to turn a City center into a Tower of Babel, the City Center takes up one whole tile.
Districts Constructed by Settlers within the territory of another city. Able to produce many of the same buildings as a City Center and Non-Combat Units, can also be specialized to produce particular resources, Districts take up one whole tile.
Specialty Buildings Constructed via the City Center, serve specific purposes, can only have one of each type within a city and the capacity is depednent on the population, Specialty Buildings take up one whole tile.
Landmarks Constructed via the City Center, unique buildings with powerful effects, only one of each can be built in the entire game, Landmarks take up one whole tile.
Improvements Constructed by Builders, provide a boost to a particular resource or tap into the benefits of a Luxury Resource, Improvements take up one side of their tile (5-8 per tile).
Defensive Buildings Constructed by Builders, able to produce Combat Units and provide defensive bonuses to a tile. Certain Defensive Buildings can also bolster the effects on Combat Units and some provide a space where late game Combat Units can be kept. Defensive Buildings take up one side of their tile (5-8 per tile).

Unit Types

There are a number of Unit Types in the game, each having their own roles and abilities;

  • Civilian - The most basic of the units, these include a wide variety of roles including Settlers, Builders, Military Engineers & Traders. Civilians can be recruited at the City Center or Specailty Buildings in some cases and will have generally one specific role to serve in the game.
  • Scientific - These are units which specialize in developing technology, Scientific Units need to be sent out to inspect various aspects of the world and can discover technologies through that exploration, this includes inspecting wildlife, flora, natural features and even some of a faction's own buildings and units. Technologies have hints on how to unlock each of them to be researched however it's up to the faction to use Scientific Units to make them available. Scientific Units can also engage other Scientific Units either in friendly Technological Exchange which can have the chance for either faction to unlock technologies the other faction has or through aggressive actions which can lead to stealing technologies unlocking them for the faction and getting a boost towards researching the technology if the enemy already researched it.
  • Magical - Magical Units are capable of using magic and discerning the aspects of magic within the world itself, similar to Scientific and Philosophical Units they need to explore the world to unlock different types of magic, unlike their counterparts however once a magic is unlocked the faction simply needs to bring the Magical Unit back to a City, District or Specialty Building and have them publish their Tome to have that magic accessible. Magical Units can also be used for combat although are not particularly effective as there are Magically-inclined Combat Units available fairly early on in the game.
  • Philosophical - The third Research based Unit type, Philosophical Units need to explore the world to unlock different Philosophical Moments and similar to Scientific Technologies these can then be researched. Philosophical Units are also able to explore into territories most other units for a faction cannot go including into other faction's borders without causing war. Philosophical Units can be used to have a Cultural Exchange with another faction temporarily boosting both factions' ability to research Philosophical Moments or can be used to Condemn a faction if they have a different government type to the Philosophical Unit's faction which can impact the output of that city.
  • Combat - Simple units which are designed to fight one another, take over land, deal with wild creatures and unruly folk as well as capture other types of units. Combat Units come in many types some for direct combat others with ranged or bombarding tactics. Combat Units are produced at Defensive Buildings unlike most other units and so are tied to the production output of the tile their building is located on. Each Faction has several unique Combat Units across the Eras which give them distinct advantages with that particular unit over their enemies.
  • Religious - Religious Units are units that are able to spread faith of a faction's belief system as well as establish several unique improvements such as Heritage SitesNational Treasures and Relic Sites which can contribute towards the output of a city. Religious Units are also able to be used to influence over other units to the religious unit's faction's side, the probability of this working varies based on a number of factors but however can allow a faction to turn the tide of a battle.
  • Environmental - Environmental Units are a rather unique type of unit, they're able to be sent to unmodified tiles and based on technologies, magic and moments that have been unlocked can turn these tiles into Gifted Tiles which have additional bonuses to them and typically spawn rare resources that a faction can make use of. Environmental Units can also be sent in to improve the output of certain buildings across a faction's city and in the later stages of the game can be used to cause natural disasters or natural bounties the former having devastating impacts on any faction caught in the disaster's wake and the latter providing a massive bonus in the surrounding area for a temporary period of time. Environmental Units are the only unit type in the game that regardless of the state between two factions cannot enter another faction's territory.

Victory Types

There are several Victory Types in Realms beyond Reality that the player can strive to achieve, during the Game Setup different Victories can be Enabled or Disabled;

  • Score Victory - By the end of the game (designated by a number of turns during the Game Setup) the faction with the most points (or factions if team mode is on) wins.
  • Conquest Victory - Win by eliminating every enemy faction from the game until only your faction and your teammates remain.
  • Scientific Victory - Win by being the first to send an Astronaut to another planet, this requires completely almost all of the Scientific Research Tree.
  • Magical Victory - Win by being the first to unlock and use Mind Wipe the most powerful Magical Spell in the game which can only be unlocked through creating the necessary buildings to research it.
  • Ideological Victory - Win by having your faction construct the Ideological Marvel a special landmark building which is unlocked by completing the Philosophical Research Tree.
  • Nature Victory - Win by having the highest synergy with nature and then summoning Mother Nature through a combination of Science, Magic and Philosophy.
  • Religious Victory - Win by having your Belief System followed by between 50-100% of the world's population.
  • Landmark Victory - Win by building or controlling a certain percentage of the possible landmarks (excluding the Ideological Marvel) in the game (between 50-100%).
  • Diplomatic Victory - Win by acquiring enough Diplomatic Favours, Bribes and Alliances to have your faction voted as the World Power.
  • Anarchy Victory - Win by causing every other faction in the game to collapse into anarchy one way or another.


Faction Bonus
Human Industrial Worker - Builders have two additional charges they can use and Improvements produce 10% more Production for their Tile.
Elf Longevity Wisdom - Scientific Units provide a boost to Research if they discover a technology within the player's Territory.
Gremlin Power of the Horde - Cities do not lose population when creating Settlers, new Cities come with a District immediately included on an adjacent tile.
Cycloptian Focused Fight - Flanking Bonuses for Combat Units is doubled, when three or more combat units of the player's surround an enemy combat unit without any adjacent enemy combat units there is a 5% chance per turn that unit will join the player's faction.
Fungafolk Mycelium Regeneration - Adjacent Units (regardless of type) will heal double health when recovering health, this does not stack for multiple adjacent units.
Golem Blessings of Earth - All Mineral-based Luxury and Strategic Resources count as double, Mines and Quarries have their outputs doubled and are able to produce Melee Combat Units.
Merfolk Return to the Ocean - Can construct Districts and Specialty Buildings on bodies of water, Fisheries have their output doubled and cost of Naval Combat Units is reduced by half.
Cahnbracci Ocean's Deep - Naval Combat Units have +1 Sight and +1 Range, Oceanic-based Luxury and Strategic Resources count as double.
Beastman Full Moon - Combat Units have +1 Movement and +10% Power on Tiles with Vegetation or when Underground, does not apply when attacking structures.
Vampire Vampiric Essence - Defeating Enemy Combat Units or Capturing Enemy Non-Combat Units will restore up to 25% of the player unit's health.
Draconian Power of Legends - Mountains produce Gold for the player, the player can purchase units with gold without the necessary Philosophical Moments unlocked.
Harpy Trading Winds - Traders have +1 Movement, Trade Routes between Cities have +50% Output for both Cities.
Ent Life of the Forest - Forests have double yields in the player's territory, Improvements have +10% Output on Tiles with Vegetation, Defensive Buildings have +10% Production towards Combat Units when built on Tiles with Vegetation.
Chimera Cultural Mixing Pot - When meeting other Factions gain a boost to unlocking the current researching Philosophical Moment. +2 Culture in Districts with at least 1 Specialty Building Adjacent to them.
Imp Burning Passion - Generate 100 Culture when killing or capturing an enemy unit, Builders can move after constructing a Defensive Building.
Capillima Way of the Wind - +1 Movement for all player units within their or an ally's territory, Windmills have double output.
Gribbit Cute Reflex - +25% Favour per Turn from Landmarks, borders with Allies generate Favour.
Naga Shedding Off - Grievances against the player wear off 50% faster, Declaring War causes 50% less Grievances and joining an Ongoing War does not cause grievances.
Siren Alluring Melody - Religious Units spread faith while idle, Religious Units have +1 Charge.
Gargoyle Stone-Hard Resistance - Defensive Buildings have +5% Health, Attacks from Garrisoned Units deal +10% Damage.


City Center & Districts

Building Research Requirement Output
Farm Irrigation FoodIconRbRFoodIconRbR
Woodcutter's Camp Woodcutting FoodIconRbRProductionIconRbR
Mine Manual Drill ProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbR
Aqueduct Calendar FoodIconRbRScienceIconRbR
Library Libraries ScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbR
Garden Festivals FoodIconRbRCultureIconRbR
Tailor Tailoring ProductionIconRbRCultureIconRbR
Theater Games & Recreation CultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbR
Animal Totem Monuments FoodIconRbRMagickaIconRbR
Stone Works Masonry ProductionIconRbRMagickaIconRbR
Apothecary Healing ScienceIconRbRMagickaIconRbR
Circus Traditions CultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRMagickaIconRbR
Mana Well Crystal Detect MagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbR
Lighthouse Lighthouses FoodIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbR
Arena Architecture CultureIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbR
Market Currency GoldIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbR
Order's Farmland Theology FoodIconRbRFaithIconRbR
Throne Chamber Religious Law CultureIconRbRFaithIconRbR
Burial Tomb Burying Ceremonies MagickaIconRbRFaithIconRbR
Hippodrome Iconography GoldIconRbRFaithIconRbRFaithIconRbR
Shrine Mysticism FaithIconRbRFaithIconRbRFaithIconRbR
Dock Ports FoodIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbR
Forum Education ProductionIconRbRScienceIconRbRFavourIconRbR
Public Bath Public Baths CultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRFavourIconRbR
Trade Hub Trade Routes GoldIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbR
Outpost Int. Communication FavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbR
Greenhouse Windmills FoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRFoodIconRbR
Sawmill Clocks FoodIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbR
Workshop Machines ProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbR
Granary Scheduling FoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbR
Smelter Metallurgy ProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRScienceIconRbR
University Guilds ScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbR
Coffee House Colonialism FoodIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbR
Museum Naval Tradition CultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRFavourIconRbR
Terrace Parting Clouds ProductionIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbR
Opera House Republic CultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbR
Magic Tower Caste System MagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbR
Water Mill Civil Engineering FoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRGoldIconRbR
Mint Gold Standard ProductionIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbR
Festival Grounds Printing Press ScienceIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbR
Origami Craftwork Cartography CultureIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRGoldIconRbR
Bank Merchant Republic GoldIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbR
Divine Forge Ignition ProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRFaithIconRbRFaithIconRbR
Monastery Theocracy CultureIconRbRFaithIconRbRFaithIconRbRFaithIconRbR
Oracle Holy Blessing MagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRFaithIconRbRFaithIconRbR
Colosseum Feudalism GoldIconRbRGoldIconRbRFaithIconRbRFaithIconRbR
Temple Patronage FaithIconRbRFaithIconRbRFaithIconRbRFaithIconRbR
Shipyard Square-Rigging FoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRProductionIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbR
Customs House Certification ProductionIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbR
Constabulary Espionage ScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbR
Foreign Ministry Maritime Diplomacy CultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbR
Royal Society Dynasties GoldIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbRFavourIconRbR
State Church Vassal State FaithIconRbRFaithIconRbRFaithIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbR
Embassy Immigration Policy FavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbR
Urban Farm Industrial Farming FoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRFoodIconRbR
Logging Plant Plywood FoodIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbR
Factory Mass Production ProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbR
Hospital Vaccinations FoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbR
Canal International Waters ProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRGoldIconRbR
Observatory Astronomy ScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbR
Industrial Loom Assembly Line ProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbR
Comms. Tower Telegraph CultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbR
Obelisk Relic Hunting ProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRGoldIconRbR
Sage's Quarters Time Bubble ScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRCultureIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbR
Infinite Hotel World Map CultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbR
Arcanium Levitate MagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbR
Fishery Plant Dry Docks FoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbR
Shopping Mall Urbanization ProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbR
Zoos Zoos CultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbR
Alchemy Lab Botanical Gardens ScienceIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbR
Guild Hall Merchant Fleet GoldIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbR
Community Center Religious Moderation ProductionIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRFaithIconRbR
Deity Hall Reformed Church FaithIconRbRFaithIconRbRFaithIconRbRFaithIconRbRFaithIconRbRFaithIconRbR
Sewer Sanitation FoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRScienceIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbR
Power Lines Electricity ProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbR
Police Station Safety Regulations ProductionIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbR
Bazaar Nationalism CultureIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbR
Debating Ring Free Speech FavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbR
Food Labs Vertical Farming FoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRFoodIconRbR
Levee Reforestation FoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbR
Power Plant Renewable Energy ProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbR
Gene Farm Cultured Meat FoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRProductionIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbR
Hydro Dam Hydroelectric Dams ProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRFavourIconRbR
Research Lab Advanced AI ScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbR
Farmer's Market Decentralization FoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbR
Brewery Corporate Protection ProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbR
Performance Plaza Mass Media CultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbR
Floating Gardens Arcology FoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRCultureIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbR
Psyionic Hub Telepathy CultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbR
Stargazer Quantum Computing MagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbR
Aqua-Biome Deep Sea Vessels FoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRScienceIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbR
Warehouse Cargo Ships ProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbR
Medical Lab Biometrics ScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbR
Stadium Modern Sports CultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbR
Stock Exchange Commercial Flight GoldIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbRGoldIconRbR
Volunteer Center Cultural Melting Pot ProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRGoldIconRbRFaithIconRbRFaithIconRbRFaithIconRbR
Spiritual Chamber Virtual Reality FaithIconRbRFaithIconRbRFaithIconRbRFaithIconRbRFaithIconRbRFaithIconRbRFaithIconRbRFaithIconRbRFaithIconRbR
Recycling Center Recycling Programs FoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRFoodIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbR
Courthouse Bureaucracy ProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRProductionIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbR
Spaceport Spacecraft ScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRScienceIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbR
Historical Museum Heritage CultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRCultureIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbR
PreCrime Station Neural Networks ProductionIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRMagickaIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbR
Religious State Neo-Religion FaithIconRbRFaithIconRbRFaithIconRbRFaithIconRbRFaithIconRbRFaithIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbR
Senate Central Intelligence FavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbRFavourIconRbR

Speciality Buildings

Building Research Requirement Function Type
Man-Made Delta Reservoirs Excess Food is gathered and will be put into the next Population Point for the City once the current Population Point is complete giving the next Population Point a headstart. FoodIconRbR
Sewerage Facility Sewerage Adjacency Bonus to Food Output of neighbouring buildings. Reduces Population Growth Rate by up to 20% based on distance from City Center. FoodIconRbR
Supermarket Decentralization Adjacency Bonus to Food Output of neighbouring buildings. Food Output of Supermarket is dependent on the number of adjacent City Centers and/or Districts. FoodIconRbR
Sports Park Modern Sports Civilian Units built in the City have +1 Movement, Production Cost is 15% less for Non-Combat Units in the City Center. FoodIconRbR
Transport Hub Caste System Roads between Buildings increase Production while this building is active, effect improves with later Technologies and Moments. Also increases Movement Speeds of Units on Roads within a three tile radius. ProductionIconRbR
Place of Holding Time Bubble Excess Production generated from completing a building Project is doubled and put towards new projects. ProductionIconRbR
Fuel Station Urbaniztion Adjacency Bonus to Food & Gold Output of neighbouring buildings. Must be built on a tile with a pre-existing Road, the tile a Fuel Station occupies does not consume Movement for Units. ProductionIconRbR
Builder's Union Labor Union Production Rate can be overclocked in the city, which consumes all Gold produced in the City converting it into Production. ProductionIconRbR
Pitstop Radio Must be built at least five tiles away from any City Center. If a unit starts its turn occupying the Pitstop its Movement is doubled for that turn. ProductionIconRbR
Robotics Factory Advanced AI Adjacency Bonus to Production for neighbouring buildings. Production at City Center is increased by 15%. ProductionIconRbR
Transport Hub Caste System Roads between Buildings increase Production while this building is active, effect improves with later Technologies and Moments. Also increases Movement Speeds of Units on Roads within a three tile radius. ProductionIconRbR
Mathematics Hall Mathematics Population generates Science per turn, improves secondary outputs of Science-based Buildings. ScienceIconRbR
Archives Writing Excess Science is pooled and is used once a new Scientific Technology or Government starts Research. Increases the Science Output of adjacent Science-based Buildings. ScienceIconRbR
Automotive Factory Tanks Increased Movement for all Units on Roads within the City's Range. +20% Production towards Mounted Land Units from Defensive Buildings within three tiles of the Automotive Factory. ScienceIconRbR
Gilded Monument Memoriums Rate at which Civics or Government can be changed is reduced based on the City's Population relative to the total population of the Faction. Excess Culture is pooled and is used once a new Philosophical Moment or Government starts Research. CultureIconRbR
Theme Park Amusement Parks Adjacency Bonus to Culture Output of neighbouring buildings. Rate of Population Growth increases based on the number of cities with Trade Routes to the city. CultureIconRbR
Broadcast Tower Mass Media Religious Units are 20% more powerful at Converting. Adjacency Bonus to Gold Output of neighbouring buildings based on the population of the city. CultureIconRbR
Tourist Trap Social Media Must be built on a Tile with 5+ Appeal, doubles Culture Output for any buildings within a four tile radius. If the Tile the Tourist Trap is built on loses its appeal the building will not function. CultureIconRbR
Meditation Park State Property Probability of Revolts in the City are reduced by 20%, Adjacency Bonus to Culture Output of neighbouring buildings. CultureIconRbR
Pet Enclosure Zoos Must be built adjacent to an Animal-based Luxury Resource, doubles the effect of any Animal-based Luxury Resources in the City's Range. CultureIconRbR
Celestial Orb Telekinesis Excess Magicka is pooled and is used once a new Magic Spell or Government starts Research. Units on or adjacent to the building have their MP boosted temporarily. MagickaIconRbR
Star Tree Constellations Drains MP from enemy units within 2 Tiles of the building. Adjacency Bonus to Food Output for neighbouring buildings. MagickaIconRbR
Witch's Commune Plague Adjacency bonus to Magic Output for neighbouring buildings. Water tiles within two tiles of the Witch's Commune cannot be pillaged by enemy units. MagickaIconRbR
Symposium Chamber Aristocrats Adjacency bonus to Culture Output for neighbouring buildings. Allows the player to convert Culture into Magicka and vice versa in that city. MagickaIconRbR
Gold Vault Safety Regulations Allows City to spend Gold to purchase City Center/District Buildings. Adjacency Bonus to Gold Output for neighbouring buildings. GoldIconRbR
Aquarium Botanical Gardens Must be built on a Coastal Tile, Adjacency Bonus to Gold Output of neighbouring Buildings. Fisheries in the City's Range have increased Food Output. GoldIconRbR
Trade Depot Coordinates Must be in overlapping territory of two of the player's Cities. Gold Output from Trade Routes in both cities is increased by 15%. GoldIconRbR
Skyscraper Bureaucracy Must be built adjacent to the City Center, Adjacency Bonus to all Outputs for neighbouring improvements. GoldIconRbR
Gathering Dome Patronage Reduces Religious Pressure within 9 Tiles of the Building, new Citizens in the City will immediately adopt the dominant Religion. FaithIconRbR
Holy Bastille Holy Monuments Can produce Religious Units, also functions as a defensive structure with 100HP and 25 Armour. Units with a 3 Tile Radius are immune to Religious Conversion. FaithIconRbR
Foreign Embassy Republic Can only be constructed on a tile bordering another Faction, doubles the Favour Output of that city. FavourIconRbR
Radio Tower Radio Adjacency Bonus to Favour Output of neighbouring buildings. +1 Gold per turn at this building for every City's Range that overlaps with a five tile radius around the building (including other Factions). FavourIconRbR
Therapy Clinic Cultural Assimilation The City does not receive War Weariness and will not revolt during a War while an enemy combat unit is within the City's Range. FavourIconRbR
Propoganda Center Nationalism Increases Military Strength of nearby units when active and effect lasts temporarily. N/A
Harbour Ports Allows Cities not built on the Coast to construct Ships, reduces Production Cost of Ships if adjacent to Production Buildings. N/A
Recruitment Center Military Service All Units created in a city with this building have 25% more Hitpoints. N/A
Journalist HQ Newspapers Favour Output is doubled in the city while the player is at war with another Faction. When a Landmark is completed the city's Culture Output is doubled for five turns. N/A
Tower of Sight Longsight Improves Sight of all units in City's Range by 1 Tile, effect improves with later Technologies & Moments. N/A
Prison Police State Reduces effect of enemy Religions and the effect of Favour on the city. Enemy Units killed in the City's Range have a chance to join the player's Faction. N/A
Racetrack Jet Engine Increases Movement Speed of Units using Roads in the City's Range. Vehicular Units have 10% less Production cost in the city. N/A
Recon Center Signal Codes Damaged Units healing in the City's Range heal for double. Production Output is increased for all buildings connected to the Recon Center via Roads that aren't obstructed by other buildings. N/A
Community College Rights of the Individual Non-Combat Units created within two tiles of the Community College have one additional Charge. N/A
Schooling Complex Schooling System Must be built adjacent to a City Center and/or District. Production Cost towards Non-Combat Units for Adjacent Buildings is reduced by 10%. N/A
Monitoring Station Insurgency Causes Spies to appear visible that are within 3 Tiles of the building. +1 Range for Bombardment Attacks by the player's Combat Units that are within 1 tile of the Monitoring Station. N/A
Static Tower Springs Improves Movement of all units within 3 Tiles, improves Production Output of Powered Buildings. PowerIconRbR
Coal Power Plant Powered Machines Powered Building, must be built adjacent to a Coal Deposit, high Power Output but negatively impacts the surrounding environment. PowerIconRbR
Nuclear Power Plant Nuclear Power Powered Building, must be built adjacent to a Uranium Depsoity, high Power Output but can have a meltdown leaving the surrounding area uninhabitable. PowerIconRbR
Solar Farm Solar Cell Powered Building, Power Output dependent on location, built on Hill is a positive, built adjacent to other hills or mountains is a negative. PowerIconRbR
Wind Farm Wind Power Powered Building, Power Output dependent on location, the closer to the coast the greater the Power Output. PowerIconRbR
Geothermal Plant Geothermal Energy Powered Building, must be built adjacent to a Mountain, moderate Power Output however can lead to volcanic eruptions. PowerIconRbR
Biocycle Plant Biomass Energy Powered Building, must be built adjacent to a 5+ or Greater Food Output location, moderate Power Output but consumes excess Food generated by the city. PowerIconRbR
Wave Turbines Wave Energy Powered Building, must be built in deep water, moderate Power Output however naval units cannot move on the same tile as it. PowerIconRbR
Seafloor Plant Ocean Vent Power Powered Building, must be build in deep water at least three tiles away from the coastline, high Power Output however can lead to volcanic eruptions. PowerIconRbR
Lightning Rod Tower Lightning Rod Tower Powered Building, must be built on a hill, high Power Output however land units cannot move on the same tile as it, effects of Static Tower are doubled if adjacent. PowerIconRbR


Defensive Buildings

Building Research Requirement Function
Barracks Spears Can construct Melee Land Units
Ship Builder Sailing Can construct Light Naval Units
Archery Range Archery Can construct Ranged Land Units
Labour Camp Serfdom Can construct Cheap Melee Land Units
Shipyard Ports Can construct Light & Medium Naval Units
Stone Walls Walls Provides Defensive Bonus for Land Units on the Tile
Stables Horseback Riding Can construct Mounted Land Units
Smithery Steel Melee Land Units constructed on the same tile gain 5% more Experience
Siege Factory Siege Weapons Can construct Siege Land Units
Concrete Walls Architecture Provides Defensive Bonus for Land Units on the Tile
Lookout Tower Military Training Ranged Land Units constructed on the same tile gain +1 Sight Range
Chariot Arena Chariots Mounted Land Units constructed on the same tile gain +1 Movement
Command Tent Formal Armies Land Units constructed on the same tile gain 5% more Experience
Bowyer Home Crossbows Ranged Land Units constructed on the same tile gain 10% more Experience
Brick Walls Defensive Tactics Provides Defensive Bonus for Land Units on the Tile
Siege Field Trebuchet Siege Land Units constructed on the same tile gain 10% more Experience
Naval Barrrier Naval Warfare Provides Defensive Bonus for Naval Units on the Tile (Land Units cannot disembark onto the tile until the Naval Barrier destroyed)
Cavalry Armourer Advanced Cavalry Mounted Land Units constructed on the same tile have 25% more Health
Bombadier Factory Firebomb Can construct Wallbuster Land Units
Fort Battle Formations Can construct Leader Units
Gunsmithery Gunpowder Ranged Land Units constructed on the same tile have 10% greater Strength
Naval Academy Square-Rigging Allows the construction of Flotillas from Naval Unit Construction Buildings within a nine tile radius
Weapon Storage Cannons Wallbuster Land Units constructed on teh same tile have 25% more Health
Reinforced Keep Explosives Can construct Siege & Wallbuster Land Units
Shipping Complex Frigates Can construct Heavy Naval Units
Spy Tower Espionage Can construct Espionage Units
Mercenary Camp Mercenaries Can construct Cheap Ranged & Mounted Land Units
Independent Port Privateering Can construct Cheap Light & Medium Naval Units
Armoured Walls Worker Contracts Provides Defensive Bonus to Land Units on the Tile, Enemy Units take while occupying the Tile
Pirate's Headquarters Piracy Can turn Cheap Light & Medium Naval Units into Regular Light & Medium Naval Units
Munitions Facility Rifling Melee & Ranged Land Units constructed on the same tile have 10% greater Defence
Dry Dock Dry Docks Medium & Heavy Naval Units constructed on the same tile have 25% more Health
Command Center Organized Armed Forces All Land Units constructed on teh same tile gain 5% more Experience
Naval Bunker Turtle Ship Provides Defensive Bonus for Naval Units on the Tile, can be built on Shallow Water Tiles
Training Bunker Bolt-Action Melee & Ranged Land Units constructed on the same tile gain 10% more Experience
Naval Reserve Academy Battleships Heavy Naval Units constructed on the same tile have 25% more Health
Reinforced Walls Cement Provides Defensive Bonus for Land Units on the Tile, boosts strength of Land Units on the Tile by 15%
Ship Armourer Reinforced Hulls All Naval Units constructed on the same tile have 10% greater Defence
Explosives Factory Dynamite Wallbuster Land Units constructed on the same tile have 15% greater Bombardment and do receive penalty movement points for moving on Defensive Buildings
Reporting Station Telegraph Espionage Units constructed on the same tile have 2 extra Charges
Train Yard Locomotive Can construct Locomotive Land Units
Naval Artillery Naval Cannons Provides Defensive Bonus for Naval Units on the Tile, allows Naval Units to attack twice from the Tile
Medic's Tent Anaesthetic Melee, Ranged & Mounted Land Units and Light Naval Units constructed on the same tile have 15% more Health
Transfer Depot Distribution Transport Locomotive Land Units constructed on the same tile have +1 Movement
Submarine Bay Submarines Can construct Submarine Naval Units
Auto Plant Diesel Engine Can construct Vehicular Land Units
Military Asembly Nationalism All Combat Units constructed on the same tile have 5% greater Strength
Airbase Aircraft Can construct Light Aerial Units
Valor Hall Military Service All Combat Units constructed on the same tile gain 10% more Experience
Codebreaker Building Double Agents Espionage Units constructed on the same tile have +1 Movement, Enemy Espionage Units can be detected by the building from up to 2 Tiles away
Modern Armour Plant Kevlar Melee & Ranged Land Units constructed on the same tile have 20% greater Defence
Tanker Shipyard Dreadnought Takes up two slots on a tile, Heavy Naval Units constructed on the same tile have 10% greater Strength and Defence
Alloy Refinery Super Alloy Armor Must be constructed on the same tile as a Mineral-Based Resource; Siege, Wallbuster & Vehicular Land Units and Medium & Heavy Naval Units and Light & Heavy Aerial Units constructed on the same tile have +1 Movement
Militia Camp Conscription Can construct Cheap Siege, Wallbuster & Vehicular Land Units
Airship Dock Zeppelin Can construct Airship Aerial Units
Tank Factory Tanks Vehicular Land Units constructed on the same tile have 25% greater Defence
Air Comms Tower Powered Flight All Aerial Units constructed on the same tile have +2 Movement
Nuclear Silo Nuclear Power Can construct Nuclear Missiles
Missile Silo Rocketry Can construct Ballistic Missiles
Air Hangar Jet Engine Can construct Heavy Aerial Units
Submarine Armament Nuclear Submarine Submarine Naval Units constructed on the same tile have 10% greater Strength and +1 Range
Missile Control Missile Systems All Missiles constructed on the same tile have 20% greater Range
Reservist HQ Reserve Army Allows the construction of Divisions from Land Unit Construction Buildings within a nine tile radius
Laser Research Division Lasers All Units with Ranged Attacks constructed on the same tile have +1 Range
Air Fleet Base Organized War Plan Allows the construction of Regiments from Aerial Unit Construction Buildings within a nine tile radius
Multi-Layer Walls Fortification Reserves Provides Defensive Bonus for Land Units on the Tile, allows Land Units to attack twice from the Tile
Mixed Arms Center Aircraft Carrier Medium & Heavy Naval Units constructed on the same tile have 20% greater Strength, must be constructed on the same tile as an Airbase or Air Hangar
Commando Tent Commando Tactics Melee Land Units and Espionage Units constructed on the sametile have 30% more Health
Triad Center Modern Military All Units constructed on the same tile have 5% more Health, must be constructed on the same tile as at least one Land Unit, Naval Unit and Aerial Unit Construction Building
Rally Tower Police State All Land Units constructed on the same tile have 20% more Health and cost 10% less Production, must be built on a tile adjacent to a City Center or District
Trench Ops Tower Deep Sea Vessels Submarine Naval Units constructed on the same tile have +1 Movement and 20% more Health
Fusion Reactor Fusion Power Vehicular Land Units and All Naval Units constructed on the same tile have +2 Movement
Plasma Jet Facility Plasma Propulsion Light Aerial Units constructed on the same tile have +2 Movement
Military Management Combined Arms Leader Units constructed on the same tile have 2 extra Charges
Evasion R&D Cloaking Espionage Units constructed on the same tile gain +3 Movement when detected by an enemy Unit or Building
Smart Walls Fire Wall Provides Defensive Bonus for Land Units on the Tile, prevents Religious Conversion from enemy units
Energy Walls Force Fields Provides Defensive Bonus for Land Units and Naval Units on the Tile, can be constructed on any non-Mountainous and non-Oceanic Tiles
Bio-Combat Labs Super Soldier Melee & Ranged Land Units constructed on the same tile have 35% more Health
Hover R&D Hover Vehicles Airship Aerial Units constructed on the same tile have +1 Movement
Laser Range Laser Weapons All Units with Ranged Attacks constructed on the same tile have +2 Range
Combat Cybernetics Factory Trans-Humanism Melee Land Units constructed on the same tile have 25% greater Strength




Unit Function
Settler Can settle new cities and build Districts.
Builder Can construct Improvements and Defensive Buildings and repair damaged Buildings.
Trader Can create Trade Routes between Cities and improve Diplomatic Level with other Factions.
Spy Can perform all Espionage Operations from within another Faction's Territory, is Invisible to Non-Spy Units until attacked or detected.
Diplomat Generates Favour and can perform Diplomatic Operations to improve relations with another Faction.







The World

The World is generated based on a seed that the player can input during the Game Setup or import from other players, there are a variety of environments that can appear across the world ranging from realistic environments like Forests, Plains, the Ocean, Deserts, Tundra and Mountains to more magical ones like Bolenum, Lapacu, Obstalt, Glaciano, Nebulcarn and Nuravi.

In addition to the more varied terrain the player will also find that the world is not limited to just one level, the player can have units some time into a game explore underground finding certain resources significantly more easily as well as encountering more dangerous enemies. Underground Caverns vary in type and length with some going for dozens of tiles while others are strictly a single tile wide. The player's options in what to do with the underground tiles is different to their above ground counterparts and the player also has the option of opening up an underground tile to the surface merging the two into a single layer, this cannot be done for all tiles however and only works on ones without City Centers, Districts, Specialty Buildings or Landmarks.

As with other 4X Games, tiles of the same time can vary based on additional factors; VegetationRiversMountains Hills. The presence of these is not considered a new tile but can impact the player's ability to have units traverse the tile.

More TBA


There are eight Primary Resources in Realms beyond Reality; Food, Production, Science, Culture, Magicka, Gold, Faith & Favour.



Food is the resource by which Cities grow, it is generated from Buildings and Improvements and when there is more Food Produced than the Consumption of a City its population will grow. Populations will not grow if the next Population Consumption Rate is greater than that of the Food Produced at the current turn.


Production is the resource used by the City Center, Districts and Defensive Buildings to produce Buildings and Units. It is produced by Buildings and Improvements. Creating a Building/Unit requires a certain amount of Production, which is described in terms of turns for that Building/Unit, if there is an excess amount of Production produced on the turn that a Building/Unit is completed it will be spent on the next Building/Unit in that City Centers, District or Defensive Building.

City Centers and Districts share the total Production Output within the City and the player can micro-manage how much of the Production/turn each gets. Defensive Buildings have their own Production Rate which is dependent on the Production Output of the tile the Defensive Building was constructed on.


Science is used to research Scientific Technologies, it is produced by Scientific Units and certain Buildings. Scientific Units are able to be used to discover Technologies which can then be researched to maximize their potential, this also generates Science from the unit. Scientific Units have limited charges and can either make a Discovery or Improve Existing Sciences, the latter rewards a large sum of Science for that turn.

Science Output in Buildings benefits when the Building is adjacent to tiles with Non-Science Resources, the more of these that are adjacent the greater the Science Output for that building.


Culture is used to research Philosophical Moments, it is produced by Philosophical Units and certain Buildings. Philosophical Units like Scientific Units have two abilities; Epiphany and Cultural Exposure. Epiphany functions like Discovery and is needed to start researching Philosophical Moments, Cultural Exposure will generate Culture based on the following factors; Quality of the Land, Landmarks, Natural Wonders, Faction Territories (within Sight Range).

Culture leads to Civics which are a set of acquirable bonuses for the player's faction only found in Philosophical Moments. Culture Buildings generate Cultural Pressure to surrounding Buildings, the amount of Culture a building produces is dependent on how focused its pressure is, the more buildings in a city and the more evenly they're spread out the better the output will be.





The Tree

The Tree is a system similar to that of Tech Trees in other 4X Games, however unlike those games, The Tree is a multi-layered one combining Scientific Technologies, Philosophical Moments and Magical Spells together under a single interlocking tree.

The Tree is split into Eight Eras each with various things that can be researched. As outlined earlier, Technologies, Moments & Spells are unlocked and made available for research by discovering a trigger for them. Each has their own hint to help the player although there is often more than one way to discover them, once discovered a Technology can be researched with Science, a Moment can be researched with Culture and a Spell can be researched with Magicka. The total cost of all Techs, Moments or Spells for a given Era increases with each Era however due to the different amount within each era the cost of an individual Tech, Moment or Spell may be less than that of a preceding Era.

Alongside those three there are also Governments which allow the player to adjust the Civics they receive from researching Philosophical Moments. Governments can consume all three forms of Resources and so as long as the player is researching a Government and not researching a Technology, Moment or Spell it will consume that respective Resource instead. Governments also cost considerably more than any of the other three so it is often wise to dedicate all resources towards unlocking them quickly.

When not researching a Technology, Moment or Spell the player's Faction will accumulate excess of the relevant Resource, the player can build special Buildings in their Cities to collect and hold the resources so they don't go to waste, it is always more advantageous to be constantly researching than to be collecting however this does mitigate loss and can build-up an reservoir of a resource allowing for rapid research of a Tech, Moment or Spell depending on the resource and can potentially allow for an instant research where the Tech, Moment or Spell is discovered on the same turn it was started.

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