ReDead(Ocarina of Time)
The Ocarina of Time version of the Redead
Species Origin Unknown

possibly Hylian, Gerudo and/or Shiekah

Rarity Rare
Alignment Evil
Average Behavior Sluggish, Menacing, Aggressive
Habitat(s) Caves



Ability/ies Paralyzing Targets
Weapon(s) Screech


Vulnerable To Song of Healing


Captain's Hat

First Appearance The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Latest Appearance The Legend of Zelda: Triforce Heroes
Redead Knight
Related Species


Redeads are a rare enemy in the Legend of Zelda Series, commonly known for their menacing and paralyzing howls these undead beings are commonly found in Dungeons, Graveyards and other places of death. They only appear in a few Legend of Zelda Games although are one of the most recognizable enemies in Ganondorf's Army.


Redeads commonly remain motionless, attempting to seem dead and will lie in wait for someone to approach them. When the target is close enough, the Redead reveals itself and attacks by slowly shuffling towards the target like a zombie and lets out an ear-piercing scream that stops the target in its place. If the target is unable to free themselves from teh scream the Redead latches on and begins biting away at the target as well as possibly clawing them.

Redeads can often be defeated by most conventional means although have a major weakness to Light and Light-Based Attacks due to them being undead.


While Redeads vary greatly in their appearances (with the exception of between Ocarina of Time & Majora's Mask) they generally follow the same, Zombie-esque appearance with very little to no muscle tissue.

The N64 Rendition of Redeads represented them as large hulking undead creatures with clearly visible bone lines, they were taller than Link as an Adult and had Wooden Masks to cover their real faces. While most of their body is proportionate to a regular Hylian's or Human's body (except relatively scaled) they have noticeably large hands and feet, possibly to allow them to better grip onto their victims.

The Wind Waker Era version of the Redeads was significantly different from its predecessor, much like most individuals in Wind Waker, the Redeads had a more cartoony appearance with short legs and long disjointed arms. Their spines are clearly visible partway down as it seems all their internal organs are no longer in their body. This version also noticeably lacks the Wooden Masks of its predecessor and instead shows a Voodoo like creature with an elongated skull suggesting that it is not Hylian in this version. It also has some armour in the form of Gloves as well as some earings attached to its ears. 

Thirdly are the Twilight Princess versions of the Redeads, this version is only referred to as a Redead Knight and it is unknown why there are a lack of regular Redeads in this game. The Redead Knight is much more armoured than its predecessors appearing to still have bandages covering most of its body, similar to a Gibdo. In addition its body appears to be of normal scale again although its hands are slightly larger than most. In addition it wears some pieces of Body Armour including the Lower Jaw of a Helmet, one Shoulder Armour and some Upper Chest Armour. its bare skin appears much more decayed in this version than in the N64 or Wind Waker versions possibly suggesting the creature is rotting from the inside. In addition this version wears a Red scarf like piece of clothing and carries a large sword.

The final rendition and most recent is from Triforce Heroes, in this version it would appear the Redeads are made of clay and have partially melted to the floor leaving only their torso, upwards clearly distinguishable. Their skin has a reddish-tinge as opposed to the N64's slightly Brown-Green, Wind Waker's Teal and Twilight Princess' Dark Lime Green. They retain the masks of the original Redeads although this time the masks appear to have a somewhat ceramic appearance to them and are light Blue with Golden Highlights. This version also has earrings like the Wind Waker version although the earrings themselves are of a different style. These Redeads also behave quite differently to the predecessors although use simiar tactics.


  • In some games if Link shoots a Fire Arrow (or an Arrow through Fire) at a Gibdo it will become a Redead, this is more common in 3D Zelda games while in 2D Zelda Games it is more common for a Gibdo to become a Stalfos, another Undead Enemy
  • Redeads are considered one of the most unsettling or scary monsters in the Zelda Games due to their abilities and appearance, they share this with the Mini-Boss Dead Hand and the Wallmaster/Floormaster.


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