The official "Raven Industries" logo as depicted in The Factor.

Raven Industries is a government funded military organisation owned by Malcolm Leychester which appears in the game The Factor. The organisation originally defended cities of which it operated in using robots called Raven Drones, however turned against their countries and had done The Surge.


Raven Industries was established 2 years after Malcolm created his first security drone. When the organisation was created, Malcolm signed a deal with the govenment which involved the government funding raven as raven defends the countries it is in. Raven sucsessfully did this for a large 5 years. However, after this 5 years, an unknown criminal organisation had taken 6 of their drones, modified their AI and let them loose in a city raven operates in. This situation caused 30 fatalities, and the government blamed the incoddent on Raven and took 2/3rds of their funded money from raven and half of their workforce. Raven retorted and started The Surge, an event which killed in total 10,000 civilians. The fall of raven began during the events of The Factor as the player wore raven down to the point of killing Leychester, thus raven had been completely destroyed. They expanded their franchise to VineVille, in Ella-Metals 2: Machine Attack, led by Lerson Grayn, but were driven out by Ella Metals and co.

Known Employees

Devices created by Raven

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