I, Malcolm Leychester, has created an all purpose military drone to replace humans in security and war to decrease the fatalities to humans. I call these machines, Raven Drones.
Text as seen on Raven's contract which was to be signed by the government, ???

Raven Drones are military robots invented by Raven Industries designed for all purpose battle, weather in a minor crisis or a critical war. They are usually monochrome in apperance and sometimes support humanoid-like features.

Types of Raven Drones

  • Sentinel Drones - Basic Humanoid drones which are adaptable to all battle situations and are the first ever created Raven Drones.
  • Scouter Drones - Small Spherical drones which attack at close range and have a high speed. They are inexpensive, though because of this are weak with offense and armor.
  • Behemoth Drones - Immense Raven Drones reserved for major wars or conflicts. They attack with their gatling guns mounted on their arms and with their walking legs. They also are the strongest drone armor-wise.
  • Pyro Drones - Raven Drones created for close quater combat. They yeild the ability to use fire as their weapon and are slightly more durable than Sentinel Drones.

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