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Raven is one of Crow's sisters and the only one to really be part of civilization. She has three sisters named Robin, Houbara, and Crow. She secretly envies Crow and Houbara's perceived "freedom" but hates the sun.


Raven has very dark hair and very pale skin. Out of all the sisters, she's also the only one to bother with make up. She has a black dress with two loose belts around the waist of the dress which don't seem to serve an actual purpose. She has black eyes. She also wears long red boots.


Raven is said to be the most civilized out of the sisters, with Robin a somewhat distant second. She owns an apartment and has a job, although she does secretly wish to be more like her sisters but can't seem to stand the sun. She carries an umbrella anytime she is outside, regardless of whether it is raining or not. Unlike Crow and Houbara, she values clothes.

She keeps mostly to herself, not really speaking unless asked or if she feels she needs to. She is apathetic to a lot of things, and sees corporations as her enemy.


Raven doesn't have a lot of combat training, although she is incredibly skilled with a knife and her hands, able to pick almost any lock and cut through nearly everything with her razor sharp knife. She is also good at hiding, with many of her foes being unable to find her as soon as she goes into hiding.

Raven is also mostly immune to any disease for unknown reasons, able to eat raw, dead animals without signs of sickness or fatigue later.


Houbara and Crow

Raven is envious of their ability to live out in the wilderness although finds a lot of their other activities rather strange but intriguing. She sometimes joins Crow in her pack but usually spends the rest of her time indoors.


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