This is a museum of horrors that's existed for eons, storing millions of horrifying memories that I've gathered over time. Do you wish to venture further inside or turn back? You might never be the same again...
Malibane Moody

The Rainier Heights Museum is a strange museum you could find near the peak of Mt. Rainier, the highest peak in the Cascade mountain range. It is not an official public building and has never been detected by the likes of surveillance cameras and search parties, but its supposed existence continues to be talked about in the media. In truth, the Rainier Heights Museum is a haunted palace that only shows itself to the "troubled", run by a ghoul named Malibane Moody. It is a museum of horrible memories that Malibane carefully preserves, stealing souls from the likes of troubled people and molding them into constantly looping animations of those souls' life-changing moments. The museum is a live exhibit of what it's like to witness these scenes for yourself, and is supposed to teach others the consequences of actions. Scenes exhibited include murder, physical abuse, sexual abuse, failed suicide attempts, and smaller things like effects of discrimination and effects of stalking behavior. Malibane Moody only keeps the most miserable things he's ever been able to feel and see on display. He is emotionally numb to all of what he showcases.


The Rainier Heights Museum is located near the peak of Mt. Rainier, and supposedly can only be seen by those who are dealing with trauma or juggling dangerous ideas around in their heads. It cannot be detected by any lens or by any machine, as it doesn't exist to those that are incapable of free will and the supernatural presence of its portal disrupts signals in the accompanying area. Those that do see the building report seeing a weathered, beaten museum with boarded-up windows, and it is always reported as being shiny and dry even in blizzard conditions. Its front doors are actually revealed to be a gateway into a separate dimension entirely, where thousands upon thousands of rooms of traumatic memories of famous and lesser-known people can be seen. The museum is shiny and dry on the inside too, and it is all kept extremely clean by a bunch of white-robed men who mindlessly mop the floors every single day.

Malibane Moody is the ghoul responsible for running this strange museum. If you ask him how this place came to be, he'll imply that some deity-like figure (currently unknown) trusted him to begin secretly arching the worst memories of millions of individuals across Earth, and implies further that he's been doing this since before the birth of the human civilization. He also implies that the museum didn't always look like the way it does, changing its look every decade or so to match modern Earth trends. The museum began shaped after strange mountainous formations from the Pangaea days of Earth, and as human civilization began and progressed, Malibane Moody would shape from an alien-like being into a human that appears incapable of expressing real emotion. Traces of the museum's beginnings can be found in a room near the entrance, with books dedicated to Malibane's life on an extraterrestrial planet and with dozens of stone engravings showing how his appearance has changed with time.

The museum is enormous structurally, stretching over miles and being littered with so many rooms. Each room is dedicated to a different exhibit, but if several memories are found to be tied together, they are organized chronologically and placed in a single room together. The museum can only be navigated by walking, but teleportation rooms all across the museum can be used to warp around and explore the museum with relative ease. There is also a hotel you can check into that's run by a skeleton that refuses to give her name, and a lounge that's disturbingly always empty. It should be noted that you are never in danger at the museum, and that you yourself cannot make danger no matter how hard you try. You cannot interact with any of the exhibits directly or damage them, your belongings will be taken from you until you return to the front doors to leave, and there is nobody to hear you scream.

This place, though not yet visited in the New Fantendoverse, is entirely possible of coming in handy at some point or another. Malibane Moody, uninterested in the privacy of the families of the souls he's gathered, is willing to share whatever information he has completely free of charge. He is unwilling to leave his building, though, so the only way someone is going to end up finding the museum is if they've been recommended to go there by a friend or if they just happen to waltz upon it through hiking Mt. Rainier. Those that have been there believe that seeing the horrifying things they've seen inside the Rainier Heights Museum made them more conscious of acting upon their instincts. They've also read advice by some of the exhibits that tells them how to act in times of crises like these.


  • Unlike the creation of Foggyworth, Wyoming, the Rainier Heights Museum is an entirely original creation by Athena Panacea that's supposed to subtly be of great value to the Fantendoverse lore.
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