#243 Raikou
Artwork from Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver.
Category Thunder Pokémon
Original Region Johto
National Dex Nr. #243
Generation 2
Pokémon Color Yellow
Type(s) Electric
Ability/ies Pressure
Average Height 6'03"
Average Weight 392.4 lbs.
Evolves From None
Evolves Into None

Raikou is a Legendary Electric-type Pokémon from Johto. It is one of the legendary beasts, along with Entei and Suicune. Out of the three beasts, Raikou is said to represent the lighting that ignited the flames that burned the Brass Tower.


Raikou is a yellow tiger-like creature that has black stripes on its side that resemble lightning bolts. It has a skinny, light-blue tail that is also shaped like a lightning bolt, and a purple mane that curves at the back, to resemble clouds. Raikou has red eyes and long fangs.


Stat Range
At Lv. 50 At Lv. 100
HP: 90
150 - 197 290 - 384
Attack: 85
81 - 150 157 - 295
Defense: 75
72 - 139 139 - 273
Sp.Atk: 115
108 - 183 211 - 361
Sp.Def: 100
94 - 167 184 - 328
Speed: 115
108 - 183 211 - 361
Total: 580   Other Pokémon with this total  
  • Minimum stats are calculated with 0 EVs, IVs of 0, and a hindering nature, if applicable.
  • Maximum stats are calculated with 252 EVs, IVs of 31, and a helpful nature, if applicable.



Muneo Saito legendary beast

The unused "legendary beast", as drawn by Muneo Saitō.

  • Raikou is the only member of its trio not to be weak to another member of its trio. Entei is weak against Suicune and Suicune is weak against Raikou, but Raikou is not weak to either of them.
  • Due to a piece of artwork drawn by Pokémon designer Muneo Saitō, it is thought that both Suicune and Raikou were originally to be one "legendary beast". At this point in development, it is also possible that Entei did not yet exist.

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