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Can I be the one to turn your nightmare into a dream?

Radioactive Remastered is a hardcore crossover fighting, role-playing, hack and slash and adventure game created, developed and published solely by the company, Illusion Works, with an upcoming release on the newly announced Pacifico platform. It is the second title in the Radioactive series chronologically, and the third title overall. It takes place directly after the events of the fan fiction and visual novel, Vermilion Ashes. It has been stated by the company in a press release that this is the biggest project that the company itself have undertook as a sole company, therefore implying that there will be no other significant help from other parties such as Nintendo which contrasts to Radioactive, the first game in the series that was a breakthrough for the Tropicon console, as there were major companies involved in the development process of the game. The title was rated "M" for mature by ESRB and "18" by PEGI respectively for violence, swearing, and sexual references throughout.

The game is the final title in the first phase of the Illusionverse, and will officially conclude the first phase of the timeline. It is rumoured that the game will foreshadow a lot of future events in the timeline, and will be the building block for these events in future titles. The game was first announced on November 19 under the codename Vermilion Extinction, but was announced as the current title at the Illusion Works New Years Direct as Radioactive Remastered


Radioactive Remastered takes place directly after the events of Vermilion Ashes, whilst still taking place chronologically after the original Radioactive. It is speculated that there are as many characters as the original game had, and it expands on the universe with a new story line with alternating pathways based on the decisions you make.

The game begins pre-tournament, with a more open world aspect than the previous games had, as you were only in the arenas. The game starts with you and a whole host of other characters receiving invitations to the uncharted islands known as the Gaillardia Isles. Once arrived, your goal is to explore these islands to your heart's content, discovering secrets about the islands themselves and your fellow competitors. Some time after this, the real games will begin.

The game focuses on The Puppetmaster once again as their schemes begin to drastically affect the world around them. They begin to rip holes between dimensions, and characters from all around the universe begin to appear in the one universe, the Radioactive universe. The Puppetmaster then decides it's finally time to start the second annual Radioactive tournament, and promotes it as the "Radioactive Bloodbath". After before we know it, the second Radioactive tournament is born. 

However, it was clear from the start that this tournament wouldn't exactly be like the previous one.

For more information on the series as a whole, you can see the Radioactiverse page.


Radioactive Remastered has been a concept for a really long time, it even existed around the time The Temple of Dreams was being developed, which was the first game by the company. It has had a lot of thought and work put into it, as many concepts for the game have been considered. The final ideas on the games concept were made as the first game was finishing, as well as the main villain and main protagonists being decided.

Because of how the game works, Radioactive Remastered has a lot of different gameplay elements and different game modes. It is easy for the developers and designers of the game to impliment new gameplay and game mode elements and make the game more complex, although fun. It was decided that following the previous title, the roster would be cut down, to allow every character included in the sequel have some sort of plot relevance or meaning, instead of the previous cluster of characters.

The game has been in early stages of alpha since the development on the previous title, Radioactive, was drawing to a close, whereas physical development on the title began after the predecessor's downloadable content was completed and successfully released.


Radioactive Remastered takes a lot of inspiration and traits from a variety of genres. Your goal is to travel around the secluded and secret islands collectively known as the Gaillardia Isles. One by one every character will explore the islands and discover the secrets and tricks behind them, and hopefully uncover the truth behind all the mysterious situations.

Whilst exploring this island range, there will be people trying to stop you and limit your progress. This is where the first fighting element kicks in. After a fight is engaged, the landscape in which you are currently traveling through hastily becomes a battleground. Your character and their team then proceed to fight against the enemies through hack n' slash-like mechanics and if defeated successfully you will receive experience points as well as possible rewards.


Experience points can be split between either attack, defense, speed or extinct. Attack boosts the amount of damage per hit you deal when successfully attacking another enemy, defense boosts the amount of power you can absorb when opponents attack you, speed boosts your physical speed, allowing you to move around the stage quicker and with more agility, and extinct boosts your rate at which you deal critical hits onto enemies. The more you increase your stats now, the more powerful you will be before you enter the arena.



Friendship works similarly to that of Fire Emblem: Awakening. Before (and during) the Arena phase of the game, the objective is to explore the Gaillardia Isles, and whilst doing this you will meet a lot of different characters that will soon become your opponents. The more you converse and chat with these characters, the more you befriend them - if you choose the correct reponses. Whilst speaking with characters, you have three replies that you can pick from, one will befriend the character, one will be indifferent, and one will insult the character; making the one you pick very important. 

In most cases, it can be very crucial to make allyships and friends early on before the Arena, as you will (in theory) have less enemies wanting to hunt you down. You will also learn the true personalities of the characters and you can decide which you would like to have as part of your allies. It is better as a competitive player to converse with these characters before the Arena phase begins, even though you can converse in the Arena, since some characters can lie and manipulate you into working for them only to eventually be picked off when applicable, but if you like risk-taking then you'll love that rush.

Through doing this, you can unlock special collectibles and other bonuses like alternate costumes for the characters.


Your party is a very important and dire mechanic in the Radioactive Remastered tournament. Through the party menu, you can view your friendships with other characters, through a bar that displays your friendship with the character through being in either a light green area (best friends), green area (friends), grey area (neutral), red area (dislike) or dark red area (enemies). You can also view a character's personality type, likes and dislikes, and other information about the characters through this. Use this as your guide to befriending all the characters!


Collectables are an added extra in the game. Whilst navigating through the open world half of the game, or in the tournament itself, you will come across various types of collectables. There are four different types that you can collect, Radiation Stamps, Radiation Tikis, Radiation Stickers and Radiation Cards. You can view the entire collections below, as well as the rewards for completing them.

Radiation Stamps

Radiation Tikis

Radiation Stickers

Radiation Cards

Game Modes



Journey Mode is the first and main game mode in Radioactive Remastered, and acts as the Story Mode in the game. It takes place directly after the events of both Radioactive and Vermilion Ashes. There is a double feature, where the story mode is split into two different tales which interlock. The first in the feature is Tropical Heaven and the second is Bloodstained Paradise, which unlocks after the first one has been completed successfully.

Tropical Heaven


Tropical Heaven is the first of the double feature Story Mode in Radioactive Remastered. A huge cluster of people and creatures alike, hailing from various landscapes all across the universe are discretely invited to a group of uncharted tropical islands, known as the Gaillardia Isles. However, quickly into the beginning of the trip, it is clear that there is something wrong, as strage things begin to occur which lead to many of the characters becoming lost and/or missing from their tour groups, which encourages everybody else to thoroughly explore the islands in an attempt to discover the lost secrets which the isle has secluded for several millennial, before it's too late. 

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Bloodstained Paradise

Bloodstained Paradise is the second of the double feature Story Mode in Radioactive Remastered. It takes place from the ending of the first story mode, and is unlocked as a result of completing it. It takes place during the second Radioactive tournament, more to be added soon.

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Extinction Mode is one of the special modes in the game, where the objective is to murder all other characters in existence in your copy of the game. Extinction is a really hard mode, and there is only a very small percentage of being able to complete it successfully, which means that there are a lot of rewards on offer if you complete it successfully. If you manage to complete Extinction through playing as one of your characters on the roster, and murder every other character in the game, you will unlock a new outfit for the character you played as, and a Trading Card for that character. If by any chance you manage to complete Extinction with every single character available in the game, you will unlock a new boss who becomes playable after you have defeated them.



24-Hour Onslaught




Side Stories


Side Stories is an extra game mode that allows you to play smaller stories with certain characters. Whilst you're exploring the Gaillardia Isles, you can come across secluded paths and trails which may lead to secret areas in the overworld, which when approached unlock a side story for one of the characters you've unlocked based on the situation, however you have to be playing as this character for it to become unlocked. You will be asked whether you want to continue with the side story or continue with the main story, and if you don't want to play it right away, you can play them all through this mode at a later time. For example, if you encounter the abandoned hospital you will be able to play a side story as one of the agents if you're playing as them. A full list of the Side Stories present in the game can be found here.








There are a wide array of characters in Radioactive Remastered. So far, there are 12 default characters and 0 hidden characters, although a lot more are planned for the game in due course. It is also speculated there may be DLC, or downloadable content, down the line.


Tess Taron.png RRTessTag.png
Radioactive / Vermilion

After escaping the organisation, Tess is still being hunted down even to this day. She has been on the run for several months now and has managed to avoid every trap or bait set by the organisation in order to capture her, she has been sighted a couple of times but only by Aveira out of the agents. She has been travelling for these months and has learned a lot about how life works on Earth and how they differ from the Martian traditions she is used to on her own planet. Dodging traps appears to be her specialty, however, how long can you run for?

Crow Equinox Dress.png RRCrowTag.png
Crow vs. the World

Crow is a very mixed character, whilst often retaining her composure and tranquility in even dire situations such as being injured or severely setback, she can very quickly become hostile and irrational. Crow represents the theme of a lone wolf very well, as she doesn't tend to speak to anyone unless spoken to, and enjoys to spend her days in the comfort of nature on her own. Due to this, she often prefers to take action when necessary instead of beating around the bush. Will her passive overconfidence hold her back?

Amy Jackson Exo.png RRAmyTag.png
Tayshaun & Amy

Amy is one of the most likable people in existence, she is always very cheery and preppy and she makes others feel very uplifted whenever they are around her. Even though she is usually the ray of sunshine, she also has tendencies to have "flashforwards" to the future in which she came from, where destruction and peril had taken over civilization. And sometimes the stress from these flash-forwards can cause her to panic irrationally. Will she be able to control her flash-forwards before they cause too much damage?

Tiandra.png RRTiandraTag.png

Tiandra is a very adventurous and outgoing individual who enjoys passive hobbies such as singing. However, while she was being raised her step father was the victim of domestic abuse from her mother, and it was very hard for her to come to terms with what her mother was capable of. When she became sixteen her mother started becoming worse with the violence and nearly accidentally killed Tiandra and the step father, she then knew that she had to put a stop to her mother's ways. She called the police and her mother was arrested. Ever since she has been living in peace with her step father, but she has started to become bored of her hometown, and with her heart of a lioness she decided to take up travelling and finally fulfill her dream of becoming a singer/songwriter. Will she be able to put her past behind her and finally move on to bigger and better things?

StrafeShattered.png RRStrafeTag.png

Strafe is a very cunning individual who is able to make use of several weapons with ease. He has high agility skills, making it easy for him to dodge other attacks which may be coming his way, or for him to attack more in the time between reloading. He doesn't like taking orders from other people though, even if they're in the right to do so. It is believed that because of Strafe's troubled childhood, he is unable to feel basic human emotions and has become somewhat immune to them, but will there be somebody who is able to unlock his heart once more?



Cass Ayers is a very intelligent agent who is able to control their gender at their own will, and usually uses two main forms in the form of Cassandra Ayers and Cassidy Ayers, the most dangerous and deadly agents known to the living world. Cass can utilize any form that they desire, making them a definite threat to all those that may have to face them in combat. Is Cass Ayers the deadliest fighter yet?


Child of Light

Aurora is a carefree girl who has many different skills and abilities such as flying. She is aided by a firefly that helps illuminate her journey and can help her in combat as well. She can slash enemies at her own will, and her firefly companion can stun enemies making it easier for Aurora to attack them. Will Aurora be able to survive the tournament, and better yet, with her companion?



Smile is a ghostborn, meaning he was born as a ghost instead of as a human being. He is usually nice to everyone, but finds it hard to communicate with newer people. He often reads a lot of different books as a gateway away from his life. He is able to use his stretchy limbs to aid him in combat, which makes him a very diverse fighter since he can fight short range and long range. Will Smile be able to find a friend to share the tournament with?

Junko Enoshima.png


Junko Enoshima is the mastermind behind the High School of Mutual Killing, and is the ultimate despair. She was originally involved in the game itself, but it was revealed that her sister was pretending to be her initially in the game, but it was later discovered by the high school students that the Junko they knew was actually Mukuro Ikusaba, Junko's sister. Junko is able to use a lot of monokuma-based moves in the tournament which gives her a lot of different and diverse moves that she can use at her own will.


The Temple of Dreams

Commander Redd was last seen becoming a power obsessed leader who managed to pass through the Temple of Dreams, and has since not been seen by a human being. The Temple transported her to a new dimension, only to be captured by the puppetmaster and taken into the Radioactive tournament. Redd is hoping that she can live through the tournament so she can take back her clan and become the respected leader she once was, but will she be able to survive through all the odds?

Lycia Storm.png

The Temple of Void

Lycia Storm is a nationally recognised bounty hunter and ruthless competitor in the Radioactive Remastered tournament. She manages to enter with her male counterpart who is also a bounty hunter, Draegen, and the two storm the tournament. She is a master swordswoman and is able to easily craft her own weapons from any material she can find, one of the advantages of being a bounty hunter in her capability. However, will Lycia be able to continue if Draegen were to fail?


The Temple of Void

Draegen is a natural bounty hunter and one of the few surviving werewolves, a species which has slowly become more and more extinct as the years pass by. As a werewolf, Draegen can travel at fast distances and he is able to easily bite through an obstacle, even a human if it came to it, with ease. He is also a very crafty man and can make use of several different weapons whilst in combat. However, will Draegen be able to continue if Lycia were to fail?

Plato Konrad1.png

Blood of Prometheus



There are no hidden characters in the game as of late. Until the completion of the default roster, expect this to be empty or very bare bones, as default characters are taking the priority currently.




There are a total of three soundtracks as part of Radioactive Remastered which all have a specific topic which align the tracks together. The first soundtrack focuses on musical themes used in the game, the second soundtrack focuses on themes used to best describe the fighters in the game, and the third soundtrack focuses on remixes of some musical tracks.

Soundtrack 01: Music


Soundtrack 02: Fighter Themes


Soundtrack 03: The Remixes



Trailer 01: The Despair Disease


A cloud of mist can be seen in the shroud of darkness. Suddenly, a pillar of light is shot through the air which rips away at the darkness gradually. Two heroes can be seen together, looking very tired and run-down. Their faces are covered by shadows, which ultimately fade away, revealing their faces. Aurora and Smile. Out of the remaining shadows, a jack-in-a-box is thrown towards the pair, making them confused. Smile approaches it, and it explodes in his face. A cackle is heard in the distance. 

"It's time to see some DESPAIR, wouldn't you agree?!" 

Junko emerges from the smoke. The three then continue to fight, and their play styles are shown off. Aurora can fly and use a combination of fighting attacks and distance attacks. Smile can use elasticated attacks to his advantage to distance himself from enemies and take little to no damage. Finally, Junko uses a mixture of weapons to her advantage, and has her cackle as a taunt. Junko sets off another jack-in-a-box, and the explosion pushes all the fighters back. Suddenly, a large hammer lands on Junko.

"Junko, Grieve no longer requires your services...but he does require mine!" 

Commander Redd gameplay then begins to play, showing a combination of her hammer attacks and her seismic waves. The trailer then ends with the beginning of the fight between Redd, Aurora and Smile.

Trailer 02: Change of Winds


A strange environment that seems to be inside a forest, burning down by the second. We see three travelers in the woods, trying to escape before the trees and other various wildlife crush them to death. We are gradually introduced to the fighters, first Lycia Storm. Her gameplay then begins to show, showing off many slices and cuts with her kitana's, and a lot of kicking moves. Next, Draegen gameplay begins, showing off various moves relating to his werewolf tendencies including bites and blood draining. Finally we see gameplay of Araxie, including a lot of water based moves and health regeneration. 

We resume to the scene with the trees falling all over the place sporadically. Suddenly, Araxie trips and falls over, just as a tree begins to lean over her, she looks at it devastated and in agony. An angel appears out of no where, and makes the tree disintegrate right before her eyes. The angel bows and disappears into thin air, as the gang look relieved that Araxie is safe.


Radioactive Remastered was the first announced title to be compatable with Pacificards, however Cabin Fever was the first title to use them officially. It is speculated there will be a respective Pacificard with each individual fighter.


Survival Chart



  • July '15 - June '16: Development, initial patch with launch.

Roster Reasoning




Radioactive Remastered has received no reception thus far, due to being incomplete. The title has been highly anticipated by a lot of the community, however.



  • Radioactive Remastered is a sequel to the fan fiction Vermilion Ashes.
  • The game was originally called Vermilion Extinction, but it was revealed during the New Years Day Direct by Illusion Works that this was a codename for the true game, Radioactive Remastered.
  • Immediately after the page's creation, a sign up blog for character submissions was created.
  • Very few from the previous installment in the series, Radioactive, will return in the same form.


Tagline Log

You can never extinguish the warrior in my heart...
Radioactive Remastered
You can never extinguish the fire in our hearts...
Radioactive Remastered
Control is for those afraid of living their lives...
Radioactive Remastered
A sinister lion-heart named Revenge...
Radioactive Remastered
Can I be the one to turn your nightmare into a dream?
Radioactive Remastered

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