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The Threat Arc
Rachel Harel
Rachel Anna Harel Female
5'09 feet
140 lbs
25 years old Human
FULL NAME Rachel Anna Harel
POWERS Zeonian Shielding Gauntlets


BIRTHDAY December 8th, 1995
ALIGNMENT The Fan and The Enemy (formerly)


OCCUPATION(S) Hero of Earth

Olivia Harel
Pablo Harel
Robyn Sephora (adopted daughter)


Strafe (friend)
Unten (best friend)
Sakeena Kamel (friend)
Leah Needlenam (friend)
X-Ray (friend)
PalmMan (friend)
Rubelline Tifft (friend)
Crow (acquaintance) Zerita (friend)
Kiva Glaive (friend)
Nycho Invalidez (friend)
Obena (friend)
Bang Crimson (secret girlfriend)

CURRENT LOCATION Seattle, Washington

Motorcycle racing, Unten Bluzen, Sakeena Kamel, being part of things, feminism


Republicans, The Threat, The Doomuli, Strafe's name, the fear of being alone


Shattered Panes (first "official" appearance)
Fantendo the Animated Series (first "Spareverse" appearance)
Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered (first real appearance)
Fantendoverse X: Space
Fantendoverse X: Time

Rachel is a character introduced in the canned Shattered Panes (which later was recycled into Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered). She is the "normal" character, having not been exposed to the weirdness of the Fantendo universe yet. She originally worked at a gas station, and then the events of Fantendo - Genesis happened, leading to a series of events that led her to find Unten and adopt Robyn Sephora as a daughter. She now helps Unten and her other friends, some of extraterrestrial origins, on their adventures.

She later appeared in Fantendo the Animated Series and Fantendo the Animated Series: The Next Generation as a main character, where her character was explored a lot more in that alternate universe. Although she still remains a relatively normal character, the strangeness of the Fantendoverse doesn't phase her.


Rachel is a rather down to earth character, although fun-loving. She was a perfectly fine student, although never really went anywhere after graduation, working at a gas station until the tattoos from her wish in Shattered showed up. While she is good at making friendships and talking with people, she often has no idea how to help them in times of crisis. When she feels like she knows what she is doing, she will stop at no end of the earth to complete her objectives. She often puts the needs of others before her own, and will sometimes put herself in danger to do the things that others won't or can't.

She lives somewhat dangerously, having a fascination with motorcycles. In Crash, she ended up going into a life threatening accident and as such, has lived somewhat more cautiously since, although still uses her motorcycle. Since Genesis, she has made a quiet living for herself although since Robyn went to Boltzmann. She sometimes isn't sure how to spend the money she was given, sometimes acting impulsively with her buys. She has a tendency to strongly disagree with those who hold different political opinions than her, and has cut friendships because of it.

Rachel tends to have a lot of motherly traits, although since Robyn mostly went out of her life, she tends to try and stand as a independent woman. As such, she is afraid to let relationships become very serious and while has dated people since Genesis, they're usually cut off from her before it becomes serious. Her nervousness to go serious in relationships has worsened leading up to Victory, where Bang Crimson calls her out on it.

Due to Rachel's mostly powerless position in the group, Rachel has to use Zeonian Shielding Gauntlets to protect and attack with. Rachel often is the most clever in the group, but not the most powerful and tends to miss things because of her sharp, yet narrow focus.


In her earliest appearances, Rachel has black hair, with green eyes. She also has red "jaded" belt with black jeans. She typically also wears a green shirt, the outfit of the gas station.

In Fantendo - Genesis, she gains two new tattoos on her left and right arms, with one being red snakes and the other blue hexagons with Unten's face sandwiched in between. She also has a black and white striped tank top.

In Fantendo Sports Resort, she wears a black and white striped sports bra and black pants with red and green loops around them. She also has a big red belt around her waist. The tattoos are still present.

In Fantendoverse Racing, she wears a leather jacket and pants. She also wears a yellow helmet in her normal art, that covers her entire face.

In Dr. Needlenam RX, she has somewhat scruffier hair and is wearing red and white earrings that resemble upside down triangles. She wears a purple and black tank top as well as blue short with black loops that attach from the hem of the pants.

In Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, she is wearing a white and black shirt under a black jacket that has a pink inside, with spikes embedded into the shoulders of the jacket. The jacket has metal cuffs and the Unten symbol on the left side of the jacket (viewer's right). She wears red suspenders and black and blue shorts. She also wears thigh high black and white stripped socks and black and blue boots. Her earrings from the Dr. Needlenam design returns.


Although not much was known about Rachel when she first appeared in the canned Shattered Panes, she seemed to work at a gas station and had no prior experience with the Fantendoverse. Her second incarnation in Fantendo the Animated Series is no longer phased by weirdness and runs her own tavern.

Her most recent and currently canonical appearances are in the New Fantendoverse.

Fantendo the Animated Series (Spareverse)

Rachel seemed to be mainly ignored by the kids in her school, often growing up with no friends (as implied in the season 2 episode "Traverse" where she hallucinates her younger self swinging by herself). In High School, she became addicted to pills, which had bad ramifications for her later in life. It is unknown what happened after the pill addiction, although Rachel eventually bought a tavern that she operated and lived in.

During Fantendo the Animated Series, she makes friends with Unten, Data, Jake, Ella Metals, Mika Sho, Britt and more. During season 1, she had a hallucinatory flashback to her pill addiction in high school, in which Britt comforts her.

During Season 2, Rachel's tavern is blown up and Unten's arm comes off in the explosion. While dealing with the loss of the tavern, Rachel begins to sell drugs out of a taco truck, and when the group finds out she's selling drugs she is forced to leave the group. She spends the rest of the season in the desert where she had previously been to in "Traverse", where she hallucinates more. In "Great Expectations", she hallucinates her spirit animal named Space Coyote. When the Enemy attacks, the group must rejoin together in order to defeat him.

In Season 3, Rachel rejoins the group, although she has hints at resentment towards them now. During "One Big Spare", where they find out that the universe is a spare universe, Rachel is the main character of the Depression Segment, a melachony piece where Rachel repeatedly tries to make the jump into the portal on her old motorcycle, with brief looks into her job and eventual descent at the convenience store. Despite her attempts at building a ramp, she continues to fail the jump. It ends with her shoving the motorcycle aside and trying to climb her little makeshift ramp until she reaches the sky.

During "Wedding Smashers" and "Blue Wedding", one of Rachel's old friends named Alysa decides to ask Rachel out, and the two get engaged fairly quickly. While the group believes that the relationship may be moving too fast, things turn out alright for the rest of the series.

In Fantendo the Animated Series: The Next Generation, Rachel and Alysa now have an adopted kid named Sona. During "Incision" Rachel is deemed a bad parent and Alysa and Sona are sent away, in which she attempts to cope with alcohol.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered (Pre-Shattering)

Rachel as she appears in Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered.

Rachel's past is much brighter than her Spareverse counterpart; she has never done drugs or drink alcohol, she graduated from High School as opposed to dropping out, and she is a bit more social than her Spareverse counterpart. However, she lacks a future, spending her days working at a gas station. Before Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered, she recently broke up with her boyfriend (the man in YoshiEgg's Shattered Panes chapter) which she had spent two years with. She has shown signs of bicuriousity, with a brief stint with Alysa, however the relationship only lasted about a week before the two decided to never talk to each other ever again.

Rachel is also portrayed as a bit of a feminist, encouraging Mylan Starlight to think for herself and not her husband.

In Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered, she first appears in Act 2, Chapter 5: Ghost at the Gas Station. Disoriented by the strange characters that walk into her shop, Rachel hides under the counter. As Clockwork Beetles fall from the tiles of the gas station ceiling, warning the group of Clockwarx's presence, Unten realizes that Rachel is still trapped inside and gives her shielding gauntlets that end up saving the two from Clockwarx's attack.

Rachel pops up sporadically for the rest of the story but doesn't get really involved until the beginning of Act 3 as part of Unten's group. Entering the Fantendo the Animated Series universe in Shattered Point, where Unten encounters another Rachel in her tavern and the rest of the tavern group. As the group tries to figure out where they are, FTAS!Rachel tells Shattered!Rachel to explore and not to get stuck at some dead-end job, which Shattered!Rachel states she'll remember.

As the group enters the Fantendo Riders: Boost universe, Rachel buys a map from a mysterious man and is also responsible for getting into the race. While looking for the crack, she saves ScratchKat's life by speeding into Madnesscrazy and soon joins up with Unten and Lenny.

At the end of the story, Rachel makes the decision to remember a couple things in the form of tattoos, which carries onto the next universe.

New Fantendoverse

After the events of Shattered, Rachel was reborn in the new universe along with everyone else, but she received small bits of memory that she had in the old Fantendoverse through her tattoos, although these memories were more akin to impulses. These impulses caused her to buy a motorcycle and quit her job at the gas station shortly after being attacked by Six, and with Robyn Sephora's help, she found out what she wanted to remember through the assistance of Logi and Denos.

Find Unten in Noah with the help of Leah Needlenam, Strafe, and X-Ray, they are suddenly detained by government agents. Things seem hopeless until YE comes out from a portal and into their cell and help them break out of the military complex. Going to her friend Trip for help about how to defeat Six, Robyn gets Rachel to agree to creating a ruckus to attract Six's attention and hopefully gain the upper hand.

As Unten defeats Six by using the power of Descension, Rachel is rewarded for her efforts through adoption papers for Robyn Sephora (who previously had stated she wanted to be adopted by Rachel) and a reward of a billion dollars, allowing her to coast without a job.


Shattered Panes

She debuted in Shattered Panes. She was seen working at the gas station and conversed with Hooly and the hospital gang (Zak, Leila, Ella, Strafe, Speedy, Purple, Peira Noid, Airbella, and Teardrop).

Fantendo the Animated Series

She appears as a main character. This version is different in that Rachel has a dark past filled with past troubles and drugs, but her future is bright with a few roadblocks.

Fantendo the Animated Series: The Next Generation


Fantendo Smash Bros. Shattered


Fantendo - Genesis

Rachel appears in Fantendo Genesis as one of the main protagonists of the story, on a search for the meaning behind her mysterious tattoos and finding a way to defeat the alien invader Six. She is joined by Robyn Sephora, a teenager who can identify alien markings and aliens in hiding.

Strafe: Warzones

Since Fantendo - Genesis and Strafe: Warzones overlap in events, Rachel and Robyn appear here as well, doing exactly what they were doing in Fantendo - Genesis, but from Strafe, Leah, and X-Ray's point of view.

3.14 Worids


Fantendo Now Season 1

Rachel makes a couple key appearances in Fantendo Now season 1, however she doesn't start making appearances until after "Another One", where she learns where Unten and the others went. In "Crash", Rachel is injured and has to undergo surgery, which causes Unten to undergo a ton of panic and eventually admits he has feelings for her, which she doesn't exactly share but lets him down lightly.

Sometime after "Crash", Rachel, still in the wheelchair from Crash, discovers that Xerox plans to kill X-Ray. She is also one of the primary focuses of "Body Closet".

She sees Robyn again in the Season 1 finale "Prom Night".

Fantendo Sports Resort

Fantendo Now Season 2

Fantendoverse Racing

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Stampede Breakfast 2

Though Rachel doesn't physically appear in Stampede Breakfast 2, King Boo does have an alternate costume based on her. He wears a wig identical to Rachel's hair, as well as her earings.

Nintendo & Fantendo Play: Dodgeball!

Rachel Harel appears in Nintendo & Fantendo Play: Dodgeball! as part of the Blue Faction, the team consisting of Fantendo characters.

Special Move: Zeonian Shielding Gauntlets
Rachel Harel brings out her shielding gauntlets, which actively reflect dodgeballs while doing dodges and parries. Her frames for these two actions are extended as well.


Robyn Sephora

Rachel was more or less reluctant to have Robyn around during the events of Fantendo - Genesis, but Robyn soon proved she was very useful and capable of handling intense situations. During Chapter 23, Rachel finds out that Robyn's parents died in a car accident and Robyn was the only one in the accident who surivived. Afraid of going to an orphanage, Robyn has been on her own for a while.

Later in Chapter 25, Rachel learns that Robyn wants to be adopted by Rachel. Although hesitant, she agrees. In Chapter 30, it is revealed that the government was listening to this and filled out the adoption papers for Rachel, legally becoming her mom. Later in Chapter 30, Rachel finds a letter for Robyn inviting her to Boltzmann University, and admits that she doesn't want her to go but she probably should, stating she's a bit "greedy" about it.


The two are very close friends as of the events of Fantendo - Genesis, with the two constantly having each others backs and hanging out fairly frequently. It is implied Unten has feelings for Rachel that she hasn't picked up on, with these feelings being confronted during the Fantendo Now episode "Crash".


Serah was a high school friend of Rachel's who ended up having to drop out due to pregnancy. When Serah's baby David died to an unknown illness, Rachel assisted Serah in getting a job at the gas station. Although they are on friendly terms, Rachel's side of the relationship is more out of pity than anything else. Serah is fairly talkative but also somewhat distant due to the death of her son.

Leah Needlenam

Leah and Rachel have an incredibly lukewarm relationship, not sure if they hate each other or consider themselves as friends. Leah despises the fact she's close with Unten and tends to get things her way in group decisions, but she has bonded with Rachel over stuff on more than one occasion. Rachel doesn't like Leah's selfish attitude and actions, but respects a lot of her decisions later on.


More or less an on and off relationship. The two like each other's company but find difficulties when exposed to each other too long. Strafe flirts with Rachel from time to time and vice versa, but the relationship has never gone romantic.


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