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Join the Rabbids again as they save the world from the evil Babbridz!

The slogan on the back of the cover

Rabbids Save the World is an upcoming platformer, adventure, and comedy Rabbids game for the Nintendo 3DS. It features the Rabbids where you can or a friend can control as a Rabbid and jump on platforms and defeat enemies. Rabbids Save the World is Rated E and was released on March - April - May 2012.


It was one fine day for the Rabbids where they were playing around near the Junkyard. Moments later, a large blue portal opens up unvealing strange aliens from another dimension.  The aliens are named Babbridz and they resemble Rabbids, but have larger bodies, darker skin, larger ears, and bigger teeth and a larger mouth. The Babbridz start invading the world to take over it and the Verminators can't take out all of them. So, the Rabbids think they can take on the Babbridz themselves, so the Rabbids head out on a grand adventure to save the world.


Plunger - The Plunger is the most normal and easiest to use weapon in the game. All the Plunger does is it catches enemies and flings them to defeat them. The attack is performed with the Bbutton.png button.

Baseballs - Baseballs are the only projectile weapon in the game. The Baseballs can be thrown and any directions and it takes two or more hits to defeat enemies. Baseballs never run out, so they are all unlimited. Baseballs can be thrown with the Xbutton.png button.

BWAAAAHH Attack - The BWAAAAHH Attack is the most powerful weapon in the game. What it does is a Rabbid will yell loud and the sound wave would be so strong, it can defeat a normal enemy in one hit. The attack is activated with the Ybutton.png button.

Rabbid Catapult - The Rabbid Capapult is a normal weapon in the game. It can only be used when a door has to be opened or to defeat an enemy, which takes 4 hits. The Rabbid Capapult is activated with the 3DS R Button.PNG button.

Shopping Cart - Whenever a Rabbid is next to a shopping, cart just press the 3DS L Button.PNG button and your Rabbid can control the cart. It can drive it using the Control Pad or the D-Pad. Items can also be collected to use as weapons and the Cart can slam enemies in 3 hits.


Circlepad.png - Move

Controlpad.png - Move camera

Abutton.png - Jump

Bbutton.png - Plunger

Xbutton.png - Baseballs

Ybutton.png - BWWAAHH Attack

3DS R Button.PNG - Rabbid Capault

3DS L Button.PNG - Shopping Cart

3DS Start Button.PNG - Pause

3DS Select Button.PNG - Select


The Junkyard

Name Objective
Rabbid Rescue! The Babbridz have captured 20 Rabbids! Search all around the Junkyard to rescue the Rabbids.
Hillside Hijinks Use a shopping cart to race two Babbridz on a hill while many objects are falling.
Tunnel Takedown Oh no! A side of the Junkyard is ruined! Use the shopping cart again and escpae to the other side! Don't have the Babbridz get you with their machine!
Bye Bye! Escape the Junkyard before it explodes! Head to Central CIty!

Center City

Name Objective
Here We Come, Center City! After arriving at Center City, just go to Central CIty Sqaure.
Hangin' in the Office The Babbridz are invading Centerl City's supply of chilli dogs! They have been spreaded all over an office building, and the Rabbids must collect all of them before the Babbridz do.
Sacred Subway Control a Subway through the City Subway from the Babbridz from destroying the building.
Mall Madness

Go through the Center City Mall and save the it from Baddroz.

Boss: Baddroz

Picking at the Park Save the Central City Park from black holes before everyone is sucked up! 
Downtown Danger

Fly the plane to defeat the Babbridz's airplanes from wrecking havoc through the streets of Downtown Center City!

Boss: High Hindenburg


Name Objective
The Hindenburg goes Boom! Ride on a Hidenburg Fly to Stompwater (a city) before the Hidenburg blows up!
Go to....

Go to the Department Store and escort the residents.

Department Store Departure

Go inside and through the Department Store and get 2 shovels and model helicopters.

Boss: Bigdrizz

Look at Dat Big Hole! After going thourgh the Department Store, enter a large secret hole that leads the Rabbids to the Hospital.
Hospital Hideout Save the Hospital from being invaded by the Babbridz.
Fear to Fair

Use a tracking device to find a large monster named Balgadz who is located at the Fair.

Boss: Balgadz


Name Objective
Fast As A Roadrunner! Ride on a fast car and go to the beach, but the Rabbids are being chased by a group of bad bikers.
Battle at the Beach 8 groups of Babbridz have settled at the beach! Give them a good beating!
Studio Spies The Rabbids go to a set of a movie studio, but 6 bombs were placed in the building! The Rabbids must collect them all in 5 minutes and 50 seconds.
Amusement to us

The Rabbids have entered the Cooltown Amusement Park and have to collect 300 feet of objects to go to an airship located at the sky.

Boss: Zigbrazz

Suburban Crazy The Rabids are heading down to the suburbs, but the Babbridz have a scheme up their sleeve! The Rabbids must defeat the army and defend the suburbs!
The Wilderness is Wild!

Enter the forest to escape the city and go on to the next one. The Babbrodz have created a machine called the Destroyer-of-Forests and the machine cuts down all the trees and destroy everything in it's path. So the Rabbids have to escape the forest while fighting the machine.

Boss: Destroyer-Of-Forests

Newtron City

Name Objective
Boat Bash When going to Newtron City, the Rabbids have to go on a motor boat and cross the 3 Amazing Lakes. There are obstecles in the way like rocks, whirlpools, and boats.
Horrible Harbor After landing at the Pier, go through the Harbor and defeat some Babbridz. Go to the Junkyard by using motocycle parts.
Motocycle Mania Find 10 parts to a motocycle so the Rabbids can go to the Junkyard before the Babbridz get to it!
On The Go

After finding all the motocycle parts, drive off to the Junkyard, but there are obstacles in the way, such as humans, cars, objects, and Babbridz.

Boss: Bikeridz

Viva Newtron City It's nighttime and the Babbridz are invading the city by destroying buildings and damaging propety. The Rabbids have to save the night!
The Final Junkdown

A trash monster made by the Babbridz came to life and is invading the city! The Rabbids have to defeat the monster and save 30 people.

Boss: Trash Monster