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The RTAverse is the place where the Tayshaun & Amy series takes place. It is connected to the Fantendoverse via a portal looming over Earth and is known for having some foulmouthed residents and for its cartoony appearance compared to other universes.

Major Locations

  • Earth - The small, blue planet, home to 7 billion people, including main series heroes Tayshaun Fitzgerald and Amy Jackson, is the central location to the Tayshaun & Amy series. By the time Amy Jackson is born in 2998, Earth is in ruins following an alien invasion about 800 years prior to her birth. Most of the series takes place in Los Angeles and Anaheim, California.
  • Midula - A planet that is fairly peaceful, Midula is a calm and happy place where a good amount of Tayshaun's games take place. Tayshaun's fiance, Etinésa, is part of the royalty on Midula.
  • Kirsti's home planet - A planet that has never had a distinct name, Kirsti's home planet is inhabited by a race called the "Rainbowians", who live on the planet. It is a very gentle, calm planet. Kirsti has no solid memory of her home planet, however.
  • Aggronia - Another planet deep in space, this planet is barren from its inhabitants' habits of getting into large-scale fights. Tabitha James is the last remaining Aggro, after an assault on Earth that went horribly wrong.
  • Mars - The fourth planet in the Solar System and Amy's home planet, Mars is, by Amy's time, a dystopian planet. It is ruled over by Mr. D'Angelo, a greedy, self-centered CEO who is hellbent on turning Amy Jackson into a robot.
  • Colony 53 - Amy's birthplace on Mars, this colony is like a quaint, backwoods rural town. The town has no more than 30 houses and a hospital. The town is far away from Colony 17, the main colony on Mars.

Recurring Locations

Major characters

  • Amy Jackson - One of Earth's heroes, Amy is a cyborg from the future who came back to the present day to protect Earth from destruction and chaos.
  • Tayshaun Fitzgerald - The other half of Earth's heroes, Tayshaun is a guy from Arizona who has the duty of protecting his girlfriend's planet too, which goes by the name of Midula.
  • Krystal Pérez - A telekinetic girl who wants to try and save the world. Krystal has a harsh home life that gives her the weird need to try and look as attractive as possible.
  • Mr. D'Angelo - An evil cyborg who wants Amy turned into a robot, Mr. D'Angelo is the owner of a huge company that had taken over the future he had come from.
  • Jess Pierce - Jess is a young woman from Santa Ana who is not one to be messed with. She is like a ticking time bomb waiting to explode all the time. And when she does explode, she becomes extremely angry. In her angered state, Jess will blindly launch attacks without looking at who she's attacking.
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