Hammer mario

RPG Mario is one of Mario's Forms obtainable from a Super Nintendo Controller or a Hammer Orb in Mario Party 12. This gives him the power to hit an enemy with a hammer,instakilling him. This doesn't work with bosses,but works with enemies that can split in two or more. Mario can also jump higher with every next jump in a row. He may appear in several upcoming games where he can unite with a platformer version of Mario.

Mario Games

New Super Mario Heroes

He makes one of his first appearances in this game as one of Mario's forms.

Mario Party 12

Every character can transform into his RPG version from gaining a Hammer Orb. This gives the ability to whack an opponent he meets with a hammer and steal 10 coins from him. If the player doesn't have that amount of coins,he steals a random item like a Dice Block. If he doesn't have an item,he is left by the player with the hammer.

Other Games

RPG Mario may appear in other 2D or 3D games as a transformation. It can make a cameo as an advertisement to play the RPG Mario games or just as a reference.

Physical appearance

RPG Mario looks just like the normal Mario,but wears a hammer. In some games he may look like Mario in Super Mario RPG:Legend Of The Seven Stars.

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