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Quinn Fooly
Quinn Fooly.png
Quinn Fooly, the floating herald
SPECIES Human/Herald
AGE 19
BIRTHDAY April 1st
WEIGHT 5 pounds lbs
CLASS Herald
Balloons, Pranks, Pizza
Bad Jokes, Sharp Objects, Dumpy Casinos

Quinn Fooly is a Herald, able to open up portals to other dimensions as a power. She also has the ability to use Balloon Magic, and is generally seen as a prankster or a character that likes to play games. The character was created by Helena Harper (tbc) as a celebration of April Fools' day and will be the first of a set of 8 or more new characters to be created in April. The character is set to debut in Super Bunea World as DLC.

Quinn Fooly is a relatively inexperienced Herald that was born on April Fools, supposedly as a joke by her mom. After realizing she was a Herald, Quinn Fooly works as a prankster and occasionally as a pizza delivery woman, and using her Balloon Magic for a variety of means. She supposedly looks up to Zellen Harley Quimbleson, although the two seem to seldom meet.


Quinn Fooly is a black haired caucsian woman with orange eyes. Her black hair has red highlights at the end of her pigtails and she wears huge framed circle glasses. She also appears to be wearing braces and has sharp teeth. Quinn Fooly typically wears a red and black short-sleeved shirt with diamond patterns across it, with black and red gym shorts. She also wears a pair of black and red boots. Attached around her waist are a couple of balloons, which she can make carry her and fly across the air.


Quinn Fooly is a inexperienced Herald that like to fool around, often shifting around jobs depending on what she feels is the most fun. While an admirer of Zellen Harley Quimbleson, she doesn't adopt her nihilistic viewpoint about the value of people. She adopts various job titles when travelling, sometimes being a pizza delivery woman, sometimes being a pranking jester, and sometimes just using her balloon magic to set up games.

Quinn Fooly enjoys pizza, although with odd toppings and when delivering, she usually gifts it off to people that were absolutely not expecting pizza and giving them pizzas like marshmellow and pickle pizza. She likes to play pranks on people, especially other Heralds, which is a source of irritation for people like Zellen.


Super Bunea World

Appearing in post-launch DLC, Quinn Fooly appears in a variety of stages and allows Bunea to hide balloons for other players to find, claiming in no way she was inspired by anything else for this idea. Popping these Balloons will award the player with Borbz, which allows to them to buy new weapons added post-launch.

Powers and Abilities

Quinn Fooly is still new to the Herald Scene, and while she can make portals, her speciality is more based in Balloon Magic, which allows her to create explosive balloons that scatter across the field, as well as allow her to summon balloons to ride on or make her fly.

Specific Powers

  • Portal Creation - Quinn Fooly can create portals to other dimensions, with her portals taking on a glowing red border and accompanied by red and black confetti.
  • Weight Skewing - Quinn Fooly can adjust her weight to be as little as five pounds, or even increase it to be 1000 pounds, although her movement will be impacted by her weight. She does not change her appearance when shifting weight.
  • Balloon Flight - Quinn Fooly can fly using balloons given her magically enchanted weight of five pounds, allowing Balloons to easily lift her up.
  • Balloonra - Quinn Fooly summons a cluster of balloons to surround the the opponent, scattering across the field and dealing damage.
  • Balloonga - Quinn Fooly summons a giant balloon that bursts on contact, releasing more balloons that do damage as they scatter across the field.
  • Jester Ball-Oon - Quinn Fooly creates a ball-like balloon she can ride across, being able to kick it or drop it from in the air to create a explosion.


Zellen Harley Quimbleson

Both being Heralds, Quinn Fooly looks up to Zellen as she is more experienced and she thinks they share similar ideas about interacting with characters from other dimensions, although Zellen thinks there is more nuance to what she does than Quinn and finds her actually kind of irritating. She is warming up to her over time though.



  • Quinn Fooly was created on April 1st, 2018. Despite this, she isn't actually intended to be a joke- merely just a celebration of the holiday similar to Noel and Dara Tillertone.