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Quiful Barrett: Quest for Cronomipo
Quest for Cronomipo
The game's logo
Developer(s) AB Enterprises
Publisher(s) AB Enterprises
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Action, Adventure, RPG
Series Quiful Barrett
Predecessor N/A

Quiful Barrett: Quest for Cronomipo is the first game in the Quiful Barrett series. It is playable on the Nintendo 3DS.


Grass Town[]

In the world of Ser, on September 24, a boy named Quiful Barrett was born to father Quiful Yaster and an unnamed mother. A brown glove appeared in blue light, and floated down to him. The mother put the glove on her son's hand.

Nine years later, the boy was in his backyard, throwing horseshoes from the glove. One of the horseshoes came back like a boomerang, and Quiful was delighted at his new technique. He practiced it all he could until it was perfect.

An unknown amount of years later, Quiful Barrett was conversing with his father, Quiful Yaster. Barrett told Yaster how he wanted to be an adventurer and collect as many First Birthday Gifts as he could. Yaster told Barrett to follow his dreams, and sent his son out on a small mission to collect 1 FBG. Barrett went out and quickly encountered an Itemite, which he defeated with the Horseshoe Glove, obtaining his second FBG, the Electric Bow.

Barrett brought the Electric Bow back to his father, who congratulated him and sent him out to retreive more FBGs. Barrett defeated lots and lots of Itemites all throughout Grass Town and got many FBGs. He met up with his friend Henry, with the Capapers, an FBG that allowed him to turn himself into stacks of papers. Like Barrett, Henry had also adventured for more FBGs, which he used in the fight. Quiful defeated his friend, and as a reward Henry gave him a Health Sandwich, a non-FBG item which could be used to regain health once.

Despite all this, Barrett's quest hadn't even started. Quiful Yaster caught up with his son and told him some recent news. The owner of a powerful sword FBG called Cronomipo had recently died, and Yaster sent Barrett to retrieve it before anyone evil could. A man named Ronaldo overheard this conversation, and announced his plan to find the sword and use it for evil. Yaster told Barrett to fight Ronaldo, so he did. Ronaldo's primary FBG was the Pea Bomb Pouch, but he had also collected other FBGs. Barrett defeated Ronaldo and continued his quest.

Ground Town[]

Quiful's journey first brought him to Ground Town. This town was when Quiful encountered his first Super Itemite. A Super Itemite is a transformation an Itemite uses when owning 3-9 FBGs. After Barrett beat the Super Itemite, he got the Z Glove, Sound Whip, and the important Dig Dig Drill, which he could use to dig underground. Underground, there were more enemies than above ground, mainly Itemworms, worms that had two FBGs.

A third of the way through Ground Town, Quiful came to a large boulder that blocked his path. If the player was above ground, an Itemworm would steal the Electric Bow and dig underground, but Quiful would follow it and battle it, taking the Electric Bow back.

A miner named Beeson talked to Quiful and informed him that in order to pass large obstacles like boulders, you would have to sacrifice one complete set of FBGs. These FBGs would be chosen randomly, but would not include any mandatory ones. After Barrett sacrificed the set, the boulder would chase him through the tunnels until it rolled into a lava pit, acting as a bridge for Quiful to cross. Quiful crossed the bridge, encountering Henry, who challenged him to a rematch. Henry had a few more FBGs, but Quiful still beat him.

Quiful kept adventuring until he met up with another one of his friends, Ara. Ara wore the Electric Necklace and it let her control electricity. She did not use any other gifts, though, as she had a vast variety of moves through her original one. Quiful beat Ara and kept moving.

At the end of Ground Town, a woman named Kallie asked where Barrett he was going. Barrett told her that he was going to get an FBG, not sure if he should tell Kallie about it. She asked if it was Cronomipo, and the response was maybe. Kallie assumed the answer was yes, and said that she would be the one who would get the sword, and not him. Kallie's primary FBG was the Ring of Insect Power, and she also has the Finger Ring and Fire Ring. After Quiful beat Kallie, he moved on to Gulf Town.

Gulf Town[]

In Gulf Town, Quiful fought many Itemites and Super Itemites. By defeating these enemies, he got many FBGs and became stronger. He soon found his friend Henry again, who challenged him. Quiful accepted the challenge. Henry used all the FBGs he had used last time, but had developed more techniques with them. Quiful eventually won the challenge and moved on, getting 2 Health Sandwiches.

Right after beating Henry, Quiful saw Great Gulf, the main feature of Gulf Town. He got scuba gear from a free stand, then swam under and encountered the first Itemfish, a fish that had 3 FBGs. Itemfish were the only enemies encountered while underwater. Quiful reached the end of Great Gulf and swam out, getting back onto dry land.

After fighting a wave of Super Itemites, Quiful encountered Ara. They joked about Ara being a Super Itemite, then began a challenge, that Quiful won, as it wasn't any more difficult than last time.

After fighting more Super Itemites, a huge tidal wave made its way towards Quiful. Quiful sacrificed a set of FBGs, then escaped the wave. The wave picked up size and speed by puddles on the ground, making it difficult to avoid. Quiful caught up with another one of his friends, Johnny, whose primary FBG was the Missile Jetpack, and he had others. Quiful and Johnny avoided the wave, then begun a challenge. Johnny was very strong, and the battle was difficult, but Barrett defeated him, obtaining 5 Health Sandwiches.

Not long after Quiful won the fight, he encountered twins Pisu and Chisu, with the former having the Y Glove, and the latter having the X Glove. The twins stated how they wanted to use teamwork to annihilate everyone that got in their way, and explained how the gloves boosted each other's power with each passing turn. Quiful made the connection to the Z Glove he got in Ground Town, and figured out that the Z Glove also received and contributed to the boost. Quiful and the twins got into a fight, with each using their letter glove. The fight got harder, but Quiful won, and advanced to Grill Town.

Grill Town[]

Grill Town was a very hot town that introduced Ultra Itemites, Itemites in their final stage, after getting 10 or more FBGs. Quiful defeated one early in the town and received the Terra Claws, the Spinning Around Ring, the Oxystaff, the Impact-O-Jeans, the Straw Hat, the Understeel, the Ball Jacket, the Feather of Flight, the Megaton Glove, and the Warp Rod. Another feature of the town was fire geysers, holes that spurted up lava at any time, and would lower your health by 1 each time you touched one.

Quiful defeated challengers Henry and Ara. He then encountered and fought Johnny, who had five new FBGs. Johnny could also use the very powerful Punch, which was done without FBGs. Quiful was able to defeat Johnny with difficulty, and continued the quest.

Barrett came across a new challenger, Pole. Unlike the other challengers, Pole was not Barrett's friend. Pole was Barrett's rival and enemy. His primary FBG was the Increaser, which boosted his ATK, DEF, and SPD during each of his turns. He had others as well. Barrett beat Pole, and found a note in his pocket saying that he was able to face a challenger any time if he defeated three Super Itemites in a row by using only three FBGs for each one.

At some point in the story, Barrett was able to defeat the Super Itemites and pick Henry, Ara, Johnny, or Pole. The challenger he picked, he'd be able to face at any time.

Getting to the end of Grill Town, Barrett met Leafy, who wanted Cronomipo. Leafy's primary FBG was the Skip and Skip Earpiece. It let him skip two of his opponent's turns by sacrificing 30 HP, ATK, DEF, or SPD. Leafy also used the Meteor Goggles and the Chop Helmet to attack. Barrett defeated Leafy and moved on to Generation Town.

Generation Town[]

Generation Town was a town where, because of its position on Ser, had a time travel field surrounding it, causing unexpected time events to happen. Quiful encountered Itembots. An Itembot was a robot from the future that had up to 7 FBGs. Itembots also had a variety of different moves they could use without FBGs. They never gave Health Sandwiches.

After defeating Henry in a challenge, Itemvikings started to appear as enemies. Itemvikings had up to 5 FBGs. Quiful defeated Ara as a challenge, and Itemsaurs, with up to 6 FBGs, started to appear as enemies. One Itemsaur that had learned to speak English gave Quiful an optional quest to travel back in time to the dinosaur time and return him to his family. If Quiful accepted and completed the quest, he would return to the close future of the present. If Quiful didn't accept the quest, he would continue as usual through challengers Johnny, and the returning Pole. Both Johnny and Pole gave 5 Health Sandwiches when defeated.

The end of Generation Town was a cave that had been warped in from the past. Quiful entered the cave and found Mog, who wanted to maul him. Mog's FBG was the Addition and Subtraction Club, which could multiply itself up to five times, and do different attacks based on the number of clubs present. Quiful defeated Mog and moved on to Gloom Town.

Gloom Town[]

Gloom Town was a town that was undeniably dark. As soon as Quiful entered, a shadowy figure appeared and left. Barrett immediately started following the figure, and it led him to a shop, where it removed all of the items and scattered them about. The shop owner, Peter, asked Barrett to help him gather all of the items. The items were an apple, a bag, a hat, a yo-yo, a bat, a frying pan, a screwdriver, a book, a laptop, a notebook, a pen, a rubber band, a paintbrush, a key, a flute, and an envelope. Items were either scattered on the ground, or received after defeating an enemy.

After receiving an item, it was put in Quiful's hand, removing any handheld item. Quiful would have to bring the items back one at a time. He gained a little bit of experience after each item, and after collecting all items, Peter would give Quiful the option to use experience to buy Health Sandwiches, and boosts to stats.

Some time after defeating Henry and Ara, a shadow wave obstacle would appear. Quiful sacrificed a set of FBGs to escape the shadow wave, then defeated Johnny. The shadowy figure would often appear and take up to 8 of Quiful's FBGs. If this happened, Quiful had to catch the figure in time, then defeat it. When this happened, the figure would use the FBGs in battle. Quiful defeated Pole, then moved on.

Barrett came to the end of Gloom Town, where he met the shadowy figure. The figure manifested itself into a clone of Barrett called Quiful Joe. Joe explained how everyone who entered Gloom Town would receive a mischievous doppelganger. Joe said he would cause lots of mischief, and Barrett began to fight him. In the fight, Joe would use a random, completed set of FBGs that he would steal from Barrett. After Joe was defeated, the FBGs were taken back, and the quest would continue to Goat Town.

Goat Town[]

Goat Town was a grassy town with many patches of hay. It was heavily populated with goats, including the new enemy, Itemgoats. Itemgoats had up to 3 FBGs. Quiful met a farmer named Jebediah. Jebediah told Quiful that after defeating an Itemgoat, he could bring it to his next battle, and use a move called Goat Block, to use it to block two attacks.

Quiful defeated many Itemites and Itemgoats, using the Itemgoats in the next battles. Quiful came across Henry, and was surprised to see that Henry had gathered 11 goats, making a total of 22 attacks that he could block. Quiful defeated Henry with difficulty. Quiful encountered Ara, who had eight goats, as well as some new techniques. Johnny had two goats and some new FBGs.

Quiful met another farmer named Newton. Newton said he was new to Goat Town, and wanted Quiful to show him to use Goat Block. Newton followed Quiful around, and left after observing ten battles where Quiful won and used Goat Block. Newton left, and Quiful gained experience. One of the battles could have been a Pole battle. Pole had 23 goats, making the battle very hard, as he could block 46 attacks.

The boss of Goat Town was Turpifon. Turpifon told Quiful about Sumastia, and how Cronomipo was there. Turpifon was preparing to enter Sumastia and take the sword. Quiful told him that he would take it instead, and they begun to fight. Turpifon's primary FBG was the Blaster, which could fire several different types of lasers. After winning, Turpifon admitted that Barrett was better suited to take Cronomipo, and used a laser pointer to guide him to Sumastia.


Quiful Barrett entered an ancient building, where Cronomipo was lying. He ran up to prepare to take it, but a man in a suit of armor and a large blade ran up and grabbed it. The man said his name was Golden Knight, wearing his primary FBG, the Golden Armor, which rendered him nearly indestructible, and gave him a massive DEF boost. Golden Knight said that he would kill Barrett, and the semifinal boss battle began.

Golden Knight used the Golden Armor for his main defense, and Cronomipo for his main offense. The building had three stories, that Quiful Barrett and Golden Knight would often climb. Golden Knight's attacks would destroy parts of stairs, limiting Quiful to two, and eventually one, story. Golden Knight's attacks would also destroy parts of stories, and the falling debris would become an attack.

Barrett defeated Golden Knight, and took Cronomipo. After he did, Golden Knight asked if he realized what he'd done. The building began to shake, and the knight left. The building began to enlarge and repair itself, and an ancient dragon appeared. The dragon said his name was Smozill, and that he was sealed inside the building thousands of years ago, and the energy from Cronomipo combined with his own power to awaken him.

Using Cronomipo, Barrett fought the dragon. The dragon's attacks were very powerful and ranged, but the expanded building made it slightly easy to avoid attacks. Quiful defeated Smozill, and he was sealed inside the building once again.

Grass Town[]

Using the Feather of Flight, Barrett flew back home, where he showed Cronomipo to Quiful Yaster. Yaster was impressed. Henry, Ara, Johnny, and Pole came to Grass Town to see the sword. Barrett could challenge any of them now. He could also receive any FBGs he had lost through obstacles, and any FBGs he had never gained.


As the first game, QFC's playing style is new, and is the basis for combat in the later games. Quiful is able to move around Ser freely. When Barrett comes in contact with an enemy, they will automatically begin a battle.


  • Left/right/up/down: Move
  • Left twice/right twice/up twice/down twice: Dash
  • Up/down during move selection: Move down or up in list of moves
  • Left/right during move selection: Move through pages of moves
  • A during move selection: Choose move
  • X during move selection: Read description of move
  • B: Jump
  • Start: Pull up FBG menu
  • L/R: Move through pages in FBG menu


First Birthday Gifts, or FBGs, are the basis of the game. When an enemy is defeated in a battle, any FBGs they had will go to Quiful. A description of each FBG will be provided for each one Barrett receives. When not in a battle or conversation, Barrett can pull up the FBG menu, where he can replace, add, and remove FBGs. A total of 25 FBGs can be wielded at once: the top of the head, two ears, eyes, neck, torso, two wrists, two hands, ten fingers, two handheld, legs, and two feet. Of these, only one must remain the same the whole time: the Horseshoe Glove on Quiful's right hand. During the fight between Pisu and Chisu, the Z Glove must also be worn on the left hand. During the fight with Smozill, Cronomipo must be held in the right or left hand. Each FBG wielded will give Quiful all its moves, which can be used in battles.


There are three types of battles: Quiful to enemy, Quiful to challenger, and Quiful to boss. Battles are turn-based, and during each turn, battlers can use a move given to them by an FBG they wield. Certain moves will have chances of giving one of six different status effects.

  • Freeze is an effect where the character becomes frozen, and unable to do anything. If it is a to enemy battle, they can try to run away.
  • Paralyze is an effect where the character becomes paralyzed, and unable to use any attacks.
  • Confuse is an effect where the character becomes confused. Often, they will do something other than what they choose. They can use a move they didn't choose, use a Health Sandwich when they didn't want to, or try to run away when they want to keep fighting.
  • Scare is an effect where the character becomes scared. Half of the moves (rounded down if they can use an odd amount) that they can use will be disabled when the character first gets the effect. They must select different moves to use.
  • Ensleep is an effect where the characters goes to sleep, and becomes unable to do anything. However, if the character takes any damage, they will wake up.
  • Poison is an effect where the character becomes poisoned. During every turn, when it is the character's time to act, they will take damage.

To Enemy[]

A Quiful to enemy battle starts when Quiful comes in contact with an enemy. The enemy will pull out any FBGs it uses, and the enemy will always go first. When the enemy is defeated, Barrett will get its FBGs so it can move on. Unlike the other two kinds of battles, Quiful cannot be seen, and cannot move. After an enemy is beaten, they will often give Barrett Health Sandwiches.

To Challenger[]

Challengers will show up at times and challenge Quiful to a fight. During Quiful to challenger battles, circular arenas are created around the battlers. Quiful can move normally in this type of battle, but so can the challenger, making it possible to dodge attacks without the use of moves. Like all battles, this kind is turn-based. After a challenger is beaten, they will often give Barrett Health Sandwiches.

To Boss[]

Quiful to boss battles are much harder than the other two battles. The fighting space is much larger, with some areas containing multiple floors, and the boss is harder to defeat. Quiful and the boss can move, but the boss often will not if they are large. Like all battles, this kind is turn-based.


Every once in a while, large obstacles will prevent Quiful Barrett from progressing. In order to surpass these obstacles, Barrett must sacrifice a complete set of FBGs to them. If he does not have a complete set, he must go out to get one. The FBGs will be chosen at random, but mandatory FBGs will not be selected. Barrett will be teleported to the other side of the obstacle, and it will chase him, until something ahead stops it. Challengers will often be encountered after an obstacle.


Stats are HP, ATK, DEF, SPD, and LCK.

  • HP (Health Points) are a stat used to determine how much health a character has. Health goes down after a character is attacked.
  • ATK (Attack) is a stat used to determine the power of a character's attacks, multiplying by the standard amount of damage that an attack will do.
  • DEF (Defense) is a stat used to determine the resistance to attacks. The DEF stats is what the overall power of a character's move is divided by to determine damage.
  • SPD (Speed) is a stat used to determine who goes first in battles. The character with the higher SPD goes first. Bosses typically have low SPD, while challengers have average SPD and enemies have high SPD. In to enemy battles, characters with SPD higher than their opponents will sometimes dodge their opponents' attacks, depending on the LCK stat of both characters. SPD also carries over to challenger and boss battles as the speed a character can move in while their opponent is using a move.
  • LCK (Luck) is a to enemy stat used to determine the hitting rate of a character. Characters with high LCK will be able to easily hit characters with high SPD. LCK also determines if Health Sandwiches are gained after defeating enemies.


Quiful can level up to a maximum of LVL 20. When he levels up, his stats are increased. Leveling up is done by defeating several enemies, challengers, and bosses to gain experience.

Usable FBGs[]

Grass Town[]

Ground Town[]

Gulf Town[]

  • Flick Bonus
  • Ice Bomber
  • Barrier Gun
  • Firing Ice
  • Wiggle Wiggle Wiggle
  • Bubble Shieldery
  • Mega Shocking Sphere of the Ear
  • Fishywear
  • Capturesule
  • Heal Ball
  • Down Arrow
  • Arm of Length
  • Sling-Shot
  • Tin Knuckles
  • Bagair
  • Wave Attack
  • Punishing Goggles
  • Firebreather's Mask
  • Dangerator
  • Clam Scalpel
  • Cave Suit
  • Comedic Point
  • Cold Wrist
  • Re-Coil
  • Molasses Grapple
  • Defensive State
  • Heavy Neck
  • Vegetabasket

Grill Town[]

  • Terra Claws (mandatory)
  • Spinning Around Ring (mandatory)
  • Oxystaff (mandatory)
  • Impact-O-Jeans (mandatory)
  • Straw Hat (mandatory)
  • Understeel (mandatory)
  • Ball Jacket (mandatory)
  • Feather of Flight (mandatory)
  • Megaton Glove (mandatory)
  • Warp Rod (mandatory)
  • Star Mace
  • Tentacality
  • Garbage Cape
  • Cuff Cuffs
  • Super Shadow Sorry Shirt
  • Wax Ear
  • Tennis
  • Status Back
  • Snowman Kit
  • Stat Mirror
  • Slim Chance
  • Leafmaster
  • Flasher's Glasses
  • Blazing Hide
  • Helmet of Titan
  • Spark Hat
  • Acroboot
  • Heavy Obelisk
  • Constant Kick
  • Wishy Washy Cloth
  • Battle Rattle
  • Erasering
  • House Suit

Generation Town[]

  • Cannon Suit
  • Drop Hole
  • Misdirection
  • Cooking Cauldron
  • Limit Dice
  • Banhammer
  • Disker
  • Iron Sword
  • Whiskery Nose
  • Caster Upper
  • Wing of Migration
  • Walking Necklace
  • Battle Band
  • Sleepcatcher
  • Snake's Sleeve
  • Wonderful Curtain
  • Claw for Immobility
  • Hover Stand
  • Catastrophic Elbow
  • Glass Shielding

Gloom Town[]

  • Sumo Suit
  • Crown of Control
  • Rock Thrower
  • Draft Cape
  • Sun's Rays
  • Danger Marker
  • Pinball Cap
  • Pogo Spike
  • Caution Spine
  • Monkey Climber
  • Mosquito Hat
  • Necklace of Patience
  • Ziplanyard

Goat Town[]

  • Rebirth Egg
  • Rarity Stone
  • Steel Converter
  • Marshmallow Stick
  • Move Push
  • Rabbit's Shoe
  • Axehead
  • Bush Shirt