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Questair 2 just like its previous game it is a strategic RPG turnbased game developed and owned by the developer Sinister Pea.


A wise Manaturia mage named Eshka travels the Lands of Liniera and group up with other adventurers in the quest to search the stones 


Each Adventurers have their own unique abilities and weaknesses, through the world of Liniera you will take quests to continue your journey, the game is also a turnbased action game. Traveling merchants sell useful and helpful items like potions, gear and powerful weapons so you can fight off the Old Gods and the Inhabitants of the Nether



Appearance Name Stats Species Description Abilities Rarity
Green Slime

Green Slime


žHp 50


žHigh Defense


žGoo like critters that are nearly immune to non magical attacks

Wooden Idol 1

Wooden Idol


žHp 25 Attack 1 - 3

žWooden sculptures that were created to life by the magic of the Oxodon Shamans they are weak but strong in numbers

Yellow Bee Swarm

Yellow Bee Swarm


žHp 5

žAttack 5 - 7

žPoison Damage


žHas a 65% chance to dodge physical attacks

žSwarm of Honey Bees they deal high poisoning damage deadly to newbies 

Brown Bandit Cutthroat

Brown Bandit Cutthroat


žHp 100

žAttack 5 - 8

žMediocre Defense

žHigh Speed

žBandit experts with knives and daggers they slit throats for money they are extremely weak to magical attacks

Hermit Beetle

Hermit Beetle

Hermit Beetle

žHp 350

žAttack 2 - 5

žMediocre Defense

žLow Speed

žHas a chance to appear from boulders

žOversized bugs that hide and use their boulders as shells

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