Quentin Joaquin Pérez IV
Miracle Man
AGE 17
BIRTHDAY 30th November
ZODIAC ♐ Sagittarius
BIRTHPLACE San José del Cabo, Mexico
Blaze Zednik (girlfriend), Krystal Pérez (sister)
CLASS Narrator (self-appointed)

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I have the weirdest life ever. My world is always in danger, there are superheroes, I'm basically in a Superman movie, really. But there's this one guy wanting to make everything normal, but doesn't know what he's doing at the same time. And his name is... Tayshaun Fitzgerald.
Quentin, in the prologue of Tayshaun's Adventure

Quentin is a human from Earth. He is like the storyteller of the Tayshaun & Amy series and also appears as a character. He is a skilled basketball player and is also good with music. He tells the story of the Tayshaun & Amy series like it's a storybook.


Quentin has brown bushy hair, with either a black cap or a grey beanie, a yellow t-shirt, blue jeans and red trainers. He also carries a blank book with "Story Book" written on the front, acting like it's a magical book.


Quentin has a bizarre life. He has a sister who's telekinetic, a psychic girlfriend who's basically like a ninja, and his father haunts his sister, who he watches over to make sure she is fine. Aside from that, Quentin's life is fairly simple. Around the point his sister met Tayshaun, Quentin had his life flipped upside down as more and more crazy things started happening around him, and a portal to a new universe opened up above his world, so he acts like his life is a huge fairy tale.


Quentin is very calm and usually keeps a cool head, even in a huge crisis. He has a joker feel about him from the things he does within the series, such as graffiti player's screens, and generally mess with the game.


Krystal Pérez

Krystal is Quentin's sister. Even though they barely help each other, they have a somewhat good relationship with each other, although Krystal can find Quentin annoying at times.

Blaze Zednik

Blaze is Quentin's girlfriend. He met her when he was 4, when she moved to the United States from the Czech Republic, and fell head over heels in love with her and got with her after she had been living in the US for 3 years.

Appearances in games

  • Tayshaun's Adventure: Quentin narrates the story of Tayshaun's Adventure. He also abruptly ends the main story by taking something out of a camera. He is also playable in the 2-player mode.
  • Amy vs The Future: Quentin redeems his role as narrator in Amy vs The Future, and messes with the player's screen a bit during some parts of the game. He also appears at the end of the game, performing a song.
  • Pérez's Story - Quentin appears in Pérez's Story, but not as a narrator for once.
  • Tayshaun & Amy - The Other Side - Quentin makes a cameo in First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage.
  • Fantendo Party - Quentin is a host in Fantendo Party, and hosts the level Quentin Pérez's Book of Fantastic Tales.


  • Quentin was actually the first character that his creator made, although there were quite a few differences to what he is now. For example, the original Quentin had a goatee, while current Quentin does not.
  • Quentin is in a band with Brendan Palmer, his sister and Nick Anderson. He usually does vocals and drums.
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