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Queen of Liars
Illusion Works Sept 2016
Illusion Works Sept 2016
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Release Date(s)
Flag of the United States: November 18, 2016.
Flag of European Union: November 18, 2016.
25px-Flag of Japan2: November 18, 2016.
Flag of Australia: November 18, 2016.
Age Rating(s)
ImagesmaturePEGI 18
Genre(s) Role-Playing
Series Queen of Liars
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Media Included Pacifico Application

Queen of Liars is a role-playing styled poker game developed by Illusion Works and released as a launch title for the Pacifico on November 18, 2016. It features a girl called Prudence, who becomes obsessed with an online poker game. She learns that to win in the complicated and mischievous game of poker, she will need to master the fine arts of lie and deceit to become the best poker player in the world, and thus she unknowingly develops psychological problems, which ultimately lead to further challenges in her life beyond the addictive video game. 


After being bullied in the real world, Prudence took to the online cyberspace. She stumbled upon a poker game online, and decided to give it a shot. She started playing and quickly became addicted in the game.

Soon after joining, she meets a user called Myles_The_Great, and they become friends. Myles tells Prudence about the League challenges, where good poker players go against more professional players in a regulated tournament of wits and lies. Prudence becomes excited, but Myles then tells her that her first opponent would be him, which troubles her. She prepares herself for the battle, and manages to win easily against Myles. 

After the match, Myles introduces Prudence to his friend, JessicAviator, another League Leader. They all become good friends, and decide to all participate in Jessica's League battle. After an intense match, Prudence manages to win barely, making Jessica and Myles very excited for her. They decide that they should train together for further League matches, which Prudence happily agrees to.

The next League match is Moon, but before the match the group only just learns about Moon's exclusive Chaos Chip, and go into the match unprepared. After a hard battle, they manage to defeat her, and a strange figure congratulates her afterwards. The team decide to take on the Hammer League as soon as possible afterwards, and Prudence barely wins once again. 

Moon meets the three after the Hammer League match, and informs them that they should definitely slow down with the matches, otherwise they could be disqualified from the league due to rigging or cheating. She also informs them that the Final League watches all participants, and if they believe someone is moving too fast, they will somehow remove them from the game. Prudence listens to her, and instead decides to learn more about Chaos Chips and their functions.

A few days later, Prudence and the group decide to enter the Horse League, however, they are told before they enter that all matches in the Horse League are one versus one, so they will have to take turns. Myles goes first, but loses against the League Leader. Jessica goes next and barely wins the match, leaving Prudence to go last. After learning about a fairly new Chaos Chip, she manages to easily win against the League Leader. 

Next is the Lion League. She enters the match, however, one of the enemies plays an Hourglass chip, which slows down the game. Jessica manages to find a Gear chip, and plays it to make time go quicker, allowing them to win the match quicker. Lionheart meets them after the match, and informs them that the next League is significantly harder than his, due to the Leader being of a Legendary ranking. 

In the Snake League, !KillerKobra! plays an Infection Chaos Chip on Myles, making him play weaker. He then plays a Compass Chaos chip, and unknowingly it points to Prudence as the biggest threat. In panic, Prudence plays a Bloom Chaos chip to shield her cards, and then her and Jessica use other chaos chips to stop him, and they very narrowly win. Myles apologises for his stupid error, and the group forgive him. 

The Eighth League, Thorn. ATelltaleRose plays a Rose chip on Prudence, hoping for negative consequences in the match. Prudence uses an Oracle chip, but Rose counters with a Thorn chip, making Prudence stunned. Jessica uses a Clown chip on Prudence before using a Flame chip on Rose's thorn. After some more heated turns, Jessica manages to win the match for the group.

The Final League match begins for the group, against a user called "...unknown...". The group couldn't find any information on his play style or what Chaos chips he uses, but they proceed regardless. Unknown uses a Keychain chip on Prudence and Myles, locking them together. Jessica uses her Oracle chip, and notices that Unknown has a chip which she has never seen before. She begins to worry, and Unknown plays a Chaos Chip called the Death Chip, startling the audience and other players, before they use it on Prudence. Jessica quickly uses her Balloon chip, and bounces the effects of the death chip onto Unknown, thus defeating him.

Jessica becomes the new League Champion due to dealing the final finishing blow. Prudence and Myles congratulate her, and they decide to meet up in real life. The three meet up, and have fun together. The game closes showing many pictures of the three together, showing that Prudence have overcome the bullying and loneliness she once faced. However, the final picture shows Prudence's avatar, Queen of Liars, before saying "The End".


After completing the story as Prudence, you gain access to the character customisation feature, allowing you to make your own avatar and username to play as. You have to complete the League challenge again, however new enemies will emerge as some time has passed since Jessica won the league. 

The final boss of the Post-Game is Queen_of_Liars, Prudence's avatar. You have to finish the battle in the same way, as Queen_of_Liars gained access to the Death Chaos Chip. When Queen_of_Liars is removed from the game, you win the League. There is one final hidden boss, which is facing against all of the League Leaders in one poker game, in order to achieve Mythical Ranking.


Queen of Liars works exactly as it would if you were playing an online poker game. You begin the game as Prudence, a new inexperienced player on the site. Through playing games, you earn more cash and experience based on the outcome of the round. The story progresses upon level ups, which allows you to meet new players in the game, learn more information about them, and figure out a way to deceit your way to the top. 

When you reach level 10, you're able to participate in more professional poker games. You can then take on the League challenges, and defeat different factions in order to become the best poker player. You will have to defeat members of a league before being able to take on the king or queen head on. Each league has specific requirements to be able to participate, and each have a specific theme which will help you win.


All characters in the game are known and recognised by their ranks. Most players are known as Beginners or Rookies, but expert players are known as Legendary or rarely Mythical players. Here are all the player ranks in the game.

  • Beginner
  • Rookie
  • Amateur
  • Intermediate
  • Skilled
  • Legendary
  • Mythical

Chaos Chips

Chaos Chips are unique specialised poker chips which grant players new abilities and powers. Every Chaos Chip has an effect which could drastically change up the game, and some players, like kings and queens, have their own specific Chaos Chip to play. Also, some chaos chips have upgraded versions of themselves which may add extra effects or increase the effect of the previous version.

Chip Explanation
The Balloon chip will bounce back the effects of a card onto someone else. There's a 50% chance you can choose who the receipient is.
The Bamboo Flute chip has a 33% chance to send a player to sleep in the game, effectively silencing them for a round.
The Bloom chip will create a cover over your cards, which will block any chips that involve looking at another player's cards.
The Butterfly chip allows you to discard a card from your hand and take a new one from the deck.
The Clown chip will increase your odds of winning, as it will make other player's think of you as less of a threat in the game.
The Compass chip will tell you your biggest threat out of the current players in the game.
The Death chip will allow you to remove one player from the game entirely.
It is exclusive to ...unknown..., but became banned shortly after it's use.
The Devil chip is an upgraded version of the Death chip, and it allows you to remove two players from the game entirely.
It is a banned chip that can not be used in League matches.
The Eagle chip will allow players in the Eagle League to appear more popular than they are, making other players restless or unneasy.
It is exclusive to the Eagle League.
The Fist chip allows you to "punch" a card out of anyone's hand in the game, and effectively remove that card from their hand.
The Flame chip will set a random card on fire in anybody's hand, including your own. 
The Gear chip will speed up how fast the game is going. 
The Hammer chip will send a hammer down to smash on the table, which will startle some players, effectively skipping over them.
This chip is exclusive to members of the Hammer league.
The Hault chip will stop a player making their move, and will skip over them until their next turn.
The Hourglass chip will slow down the poker game, however it can be broken if a contradicting chip is played, for example the Hammer chip or the Gear chip.
The Infection chip will slowly poison a player and make them sick, which makes them think less about what they're doing and make mistakes.
The Keychain chip will link up two random players and force them to work together instead of separately. The chain can be broken though if the Key chip is played.
The Key chip will give you a new card, and you can decide whether to keep it or throw it away. This chip will also unlock a Keychain if in effect.
The Mechanical chip is an upgraded version of the Gear chip. It will speed up the game drastically.
The Oracle chip will allow you to see another player's cards. It can be stopped by the Bloom chip, or similar.
The Rose chip will set a curse on another player, which could have positive or negative effects throughout the game.
The Spider chip will crawl around the table and read other cards, before reporting back. It takes a while for the spider to get around, and it could be crushed by other players.
The Sun chip will temporarily blind another player, making them not able to make strategic decisions.
It is exclusive to the Eclipse League.
The Thorn chip is an upgraded version of the Bloom chip. It will stun anybody that tries to read your cards or similar.
It is exclusive to the Thorn League.
The Trunk chip will give the illusion that players are in a forest environment, distracting them for a turn. It can be destroyed by any fire-related chips.
It is exclusive to the Tree League.


Leagues are different parties in the poker game. Each league has a king or queen that Prudence will have to beat eventually, and when the leader is defeated, the alliance as a whole are eliminated and removed from the game. 

League Emblem Description
The Dragon League
The Dragons are a fearsome league who were also the first known league in the poker game. They are known for playing at the highest level, and have only been beaten very few times by legendary players. However, in recent times they have declined in playing quality, and become rather sloppy and rushed, which has made them the first league beginners play against.
LEADER: Myles_The_Great
The Eagle League
The Eagles are very intimidating by look, as they all mimic eagles through making themselves look bigger than they are. While not being the best at poker, they usually scare their opponents and end up winning through that technique.
LEADER: JessicAviator
The Eclipse League
The Eclipse are very dark and mysterious, with not many players outside of the League knowing much about them. They rely on this mysterious judgement to overwhelm players and take the win when they're stunned. They believe in a girl who is supposedly the ultimate poker player, but they have never met her.
LEADER: .Moon.
The Hammer League
The Hammers are known for being strong and ruthless, however, their original leader left the game a while ago and never returned. His replacement was always judged for not being as good as the original leader, even though he was undoubtedly stronger.
LEADER: Crayton_Richie
The Horse League
The Horses are happy and very joyful. They're carefree and don't take the game of poker too seriously, which helps give players a sense of relaxation. However their leader is another story, their leader is strong and talented in the arts of poker, which makes her the best leader for this league that probably wouldn't exist otherwise.
LEADER: HorseRider88
The Lion League
The Lions are known for being intimidating and feared in the poker game, due to their quick thinking tactics and brutal use of chaos chips. They have had the same leader since the beginning of the league, Lionheart, who has been on the poker site for nearly 20 years, making him one of the oldest players in the poker game.
LEADER: Lionheart
The Snake League
The Snakes are very sly and sneaky, and will use any tactics they can to wipe out threats from the league. They are one of the hardest leagues to defeat due to their chip combinations, and their ruthless leader.
LEADER: !KobraKiller!
The Thorn League
The Thorns are sharp, dangerous and deceitful. They are known for being the best liars in the game, with many legendary players to their name. A lot of Thorn league members are smart, and manage to create new chaos chips for the game, including their signature one, the Thorn chip. 
LEADER: ATelltaleRose
The Tree League
The Tree League is the newest league in the poker game, which strangely appeared during one of the updates. Players were very excited to challenge this league, but nobody could ever beat the leader, titled Unknown. Unknown had a very deadly combination of Chaos chips which always ended in his victory. Some believe that Unknown was added to the game as Artifical Intelligence to earn more money for the game makers, while some others believe he is a glitch that can't ever be beaten.
LEADER: ...unknown...

Game Modes

Story Mode: Premium Poker

Premium Poker is the name given to the Story Mode of Queen of Liars. In the story mode, you play as Prudence, an antisocial girl who was bullied in her real life, who has turned to the online cyberspace to find some comfort and fun. Prudence joins a poker game, and quickly becomes emmersed in it, meeting friends, rivals and enemies pretty quickly. 

As Prudence, you will take on the Poker League challenge, where you face off against nine different leagues to ultimately become a Legendary poker player.

Free-Play Mode

Free-Play Mode is the secondary mode of the game where you can play any of the poker games without time constraints and other options in the story mode. You can also pick the difficulty of the game in this mode.


Online is a mode where you can play any of the poker games online with friends that you have registered on your Pacifico console. 

Dressing Room

The Dressing Room is where you can customize your character after completing the game as Prudence.

Roulette Room

Roulette Room is a mode where you can play games of Roulette with the money you've earned throughout the game. Roulette can help you to unlock new achievements you may not have yet, and other awards like Trophies which you might not have unlocked yet.

Trophy Room

Trophy Room is a room where you can view your trophies and your legacy in the game of poker. You can also set a trophy to be your prized trophy which will be shown off to other players around the world when they click on your profile.


Character Description
Prudence Avatar
Prudence is the main character in Queen of Liars. In real life she would get bullied for her awkward nature, and she never had many friends, so she turned to the internet. One day she stumbled upon a new online game about poker, and she joined. She quickly found out that being a poker queen is harder than she first thought, and she would have to grow a lot through her online persona in order to become a legendary player in the game.
Leader of the Dragon League
RANK: Rookie --> Skilled
Leader of the Eagle League
RANK: Rookie --> Skilled
Moon Avatar
Leader of the Eclipse League
RANK: Amateur
Crayton Richie
Leader of the Hammer League
RANK: Intermediate
Leader of the Horse League
RANK: Intermediate
Leader of the Lion league
RANK: Skilled
Leader of the Snake League
RANK: Legendary
Leader of the Thorn League
RANK: Legendary
Unknown Avatar
Leader of the Tree League
RANK: Mythical


The game has been positively received so far, despite the lack of development in recent times. The game is rated "M" and "18" due to the themes of the game being dark and mature, as well as protecting younger children from becoming addicted to gambling.



  • Queen of Liars is the first Poker game to be created by Solarrion (tbc).
  • The main character was originally called Arabella, but this was later changed to a more realistic name later on.
  • The title of the game was taken from a nickname that Celestia Ludenberg holds, a character from the Danganronpa franchise.
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