Queen Kaida 3

Queen Kaida

Even though I'm not your dear mother, I will always love you... always...
Kaida to Roshan, Skip and Sqak 2

Queen Kaida is a Main Character in the Skip and Sqak Series. She is the queen of the Blue Ants and Sunny City, wife of Drogo and mother of Roshan. She is introduced in Skip and Sqak 2, where she sends Blue Ants to assist the SSFF's quest to defeat Professor X2.

Kaida once had a friend named Alice who was the biological mother of Roshan but after Alice died from gun wounds, Kaida began to raise Roshan.


Queen Kaida is a blue ant. She has blue alien eyes with pink eye-lids. She has white hair down her back head. Both her finger nails and toe nails are pink.

In her queen outift, Kaida wears a gold tiara on her head, a white tube top up to her mid driff, yellow bracelets on her wrists, a long gown held by a gold belt, and yellow cuffs on her ankles.

When she goes working in the garden or Slorg wrestling with Mia, Kaida's hair is in a pony tail and wears a yellow hat with a red band, black gloves up to her elbows, white T-shirt tucked into black shorts held by an orange belt and black rubber boots up to her knees.

Skip and Sqak 2

Kaida heard about "strange trespassers" in the city one night and sends her soldiers to capture them. The intruders are actually Skip, Sqak and their friends crashing into the future, right in the middle of the Red and Blue Ant War. When she found out about Skip and Sqak, she lets them stay in her palace for the night. Later, the next morning, the duo went out to the city to find all their friends.

The gang wanna go home, but things start to cramp up as the Red Ants attacked the city. Seeing how great they did defeating the Red Ants, Kaida lets the team join her Blue Ant Army with the group named Skip and Sqak Freedom Fighters (SSFF). She is amazed by the missions the SSFF succeeded to taking down the Red Ants.

Later, Kaida decides it's finally time to tell Roshan her darkest secret: that she actually adopted Roshan after his real mother, Alice, got shot and killed by Red Ant Soldiers. Roshan, devastated about this, locks himself in his room refusing to talk to anyone. Kaida later comes into Roshan's room to apologize for lying to him, but he continues ignoring her. Finally, Roshan accepts her apology and they both embrace.

Soon, the SSFF have to fly off to Xoon to defeat Professor X2 once and for all, but they all have to bid farewell to their all friends. Kaida lets Roshan join the SSFF's mission, and as they gang fly off in the rocket the Blue Ants activate the Light Iku Laser to destroy the Dark Iku Castle.

After arresting Professor X2 and the SSSSS, Kaida has a celebration for the SSFF and lets them live in her palace now that they are in the future forever.