Queen Gardenia
Gardenia, The Princess, Princess Gardenia
AGE 19
BIRTHPLACE Micool's Castle Town
Giranha Plant, Grace Giranha (creations) Micool (husband)
WEAPONS Nature, magic attacks
You think I'm, beautiful?.
Gardenia to Groudous Maximus, Micool's Third Quest: The Key to his Mother's Past


Flora Gardenia was born July 7th 1992. She lived with her mother, father and grandmother in a hut in the forest. Gardenia always took interest in plants and always climbed trees. At the age of 8, she found a beautiful green flower. She felt the leaves of the plant and suddenly felt magical. She then noticed a wilted flower next the other one. She felt how dry it was. But suddenly, a green aura surrounded the flower bringing it back to life. She then realized the green flower must have gave her powers to heal any plant. But that's not all. She could also make her own. When she turned 15, she got into a fight with her parents and accidentally created a monster of hate. It killed her Mother and Father, but she and her Grandmother survived. They decided to go to Micool's Castle Town and got jobs as Gardeners.

In 3 years, Gardenia has to be saved by Micool the Master in Micool's Quest. She is captured by the evil Groudous Maximus. The reason he kidnapped her is because he was feeling lonely and when he saw how beautiful she was, he knew he had to have her. She was once a gardener who took care of Micool's Garden (it was called that at the time). She has a green and white dress and curls in her hair. She has the power of nature and magic. She has made her own plants with her powers that are called Giranha Plants. One of her body guards is a Giranha Plant. After Groudous Maximus is defeated, Micool asks her to marry him. She says yes, and becomes the queen of the Micool Guys.

Second Kidnapping

She is kidnapped again in Micool's Second Quest. Once she is rescued from Groudous the Nightmare King steals Groudous' extra energy and steals Gardenia as well. Then Micool has to beat two more worlds, a Special guess Boss and the Nightmare king himself. After he is defeated Power is restored to the land and everyone in it, including Groudous. (Yes, Gardenia is rescued too).


Her Theme



  • Even though she is at the age of a Princess she is a Queen because she inherited the Kingdom.
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