Quartza fix
AGE  ?
BIRTHPLACE Mushroom City
CLASS Villain
WEAPONS sharp crystals
Super Mario Dream (anime 2014) Super Mario Dream (anime 2014)

Quartza is a villainous Noki who appears in the anime Super Mario Dream. She is a member of King Polarite's army, and like all of King Polarite's minions, she was once good.

Quartza was the fifth member of King Polarite's army who was sent to find the Brightest Gem. At first Quartza is not serious about her mission to find the Brightest Gem, but soon becomes quite serious about it to the point where she will create much chaos in order to find it.

In episode 20, Quartza summons Cackletta and Fawful. They are very powerful, and leave Mario and his friends very weak in a huge battle. Soon, Mario manages to defeat them by learning his new attack.

In episode 22, Quartza steals King Boo's Life Gem, certain that it is the brightest of them all. It turns out that it is not. Mario, Luigi, and Rosalina arrive to save King Boo and stop Quartza, and she summons Catbat to defeat them and then she retreats.

In episode 23, Quartza wreaks havoc on the Star Carnival. She summons Dino Piranha and King Kaliente to destroy everything and attacks MC Ballyhoo for his Life Gem. It turns out that his gem is not the brightest. After a long battle against Mario and his friends, Quartza is defeated. She turns back into a regular Noki, and she is no longer evil.

Quartza is later revived during the final battle. This time, she is stronger than before, but is later turned good again.

Personality and Character Traits

Quartza has a spoiled and bratty attitude. She usually complains a lot and is quite impatient. She at first is not serious about her mission to find the Brightest Gem, but she soon becomes determined to do so. At the villains' base, Quartza usually hangs out with Emeri and Pearlin. Quartza also has a crush on Hoolio.


Quartza is a Noki with light skin. Like all Nokis, Quartza has small eyes and pouty large lips in a similar shape to the number 3. She wears a purple shell with diamond-shaped markings. She wears small purple heels and wears a purple crystal necklace around her neck. Unlike normal Nokis that have seashells on their heads, Quartza has two large purple crystals protruding from her had.


  • Crystal Shield - Quartza surrounds herself with a purple crystal-shaped shield. It is very sturdy and protects her from many attacks.
  • Shatter Storm - Unleashes a blast of sharp crystal shards.

List of Henchen

In the anime, King Polarite uses special mind powers to revive Mario and his friends' old enemies.

Quartza, like all of Polarite's minions, sometimes summons a henchman to assist her in battle. Many of her henchman are bosses from the Yoshi series.


Beta Designs

Before Super Mario Dream was finalized, Quartza, like the other villains, was first designed to be an alien. She went through many changes. There was an idea of her being a Mii, and then she was finally designed to be a Noki. Also, she was originally named "Crystalin".


  • Quartza is very similar to Mimi from Super Paper Mario. Personality-wise, they are both spoiled and bratty. Quartza's crystal powers are similar to Mimi's ruby attacks. Appearance-wise, Quartza has small black eyes like Mimi's and the crystals on Quartza's head are similar to Mimi's pigtail hairstyle.
    • In episode 30, when Vayal summons Mimi, he remarks how similar she is to Quartza and says, "Gee, this girl is a lot similar to Quartza, except she is cuter and a lot more useful."
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