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Quartz (formerly Six)
145 lbs
?? years old "Hedran"
FULL NAME Quartz (formerly Six)
POWERS Super Strength

Energy Projectile
Heated Claws

BIRTHDAY April 4th

The Threat (commander, master, creator)
One (unknown)
Two (unknown)
Three aka Acadia (unknown)
Four aka Slither (unknown)
Five aka Carla (unknown)
Seven/Six aka Grendel (unknown)
New Seven aka Aero (unknown)
Eight aka Geodea (unknown)
Nine aka Wormgar (unknown)
Ten aka Grendel's Mother (unknown)
Zero (unknown)
The Infinite (unknown)


The Threat (formerly), Unten Bluzen, fire, Four, making friends, exploring the world


Quartz (formerly known as Six) was introduced as one of the new characters introduced in Fantendo - Genesis. She, along with Flicker, were the main antagonists. She was an alien who is under the leadership of The Threat and planed to wipe out Earth due to it's connections with The Fan and The Enemy. During the story, she was defeated by Unten Bluzen during the battle in the Broken Jaw Pit.

In the episode Sparring with Six, she underwent a name change to Quartz under Unten's suggestion. She also fell in love with Unten Bluzen, as revealed in the last scene of the episode. She plays a major role in Days of Victory, as her crush on Unten drives her to find The Threat to give her what she desires. The Threat obliges, but not without a nasty surprised for Quartz that makes her want to distance herself from Unten entirely, taking the surviving members of The Threat's Top 10 on a world tour of Earth.

Quartz is a interesting character in the New Fantendoverse lore because of her rare appearances and her mark on the canon as a whole. She is the introduction for The Threat as well as the main conflict of the New Fantendoverse's first two phases. Her heel turn is one of the first in the New Fantendoverse and ends up bookending the first two phases of the New Fantendoverse, as she arrived on Earth at the beginning of the New Fantendoverse and later goes to the same planet to explore it with the survivors of The Threat's army under a peaceful means. Who knows where she'll go next?


Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

She has some new metal bracers around her arm, with a blue dot on each. These are supposedly what restore many of her powers that she lost during Genesis, albeit somewhat nerfed. She also has a new black-blue chest-plate with the Unten symbol on the right side of the plate. An interesting thing to note is that her legs are no longer wrapped with bracers.


Six is a white alien with a blue body sigil on her left leg. She wears metal bracers on her hands and feet, with blue gems embedded into them. She also has a blue gemstone in the middle of her body and on the top of her head. She wears upper body armor around her chest with a "six" symbol. She has three fingers and toes with black nails. Her "hair" is made of tentacle like appendages. She has a tail that ends with a "bulb" and has blue spherical extensions coming out of it. She has black circles with a line coming down from the bottom around her eyes.



During the events of Fantendo - Genesis, Six is seen as a focused and dangerous enemy to Earth, often blowing things up or killing anyone that she deems a threat. She seems to be very curious about fire and has been standing still entirely out of awe of the heat and display it creates. She is strong and dangerous, but not without her weaknesses.

Six is later seen in the Fantendo Now episode Sparring with Six as one of the main characters, the story centering around her training with Unten. She is initially aggressive and seems to outright question Unten's intelligence whenever possible. She sees herself as a pawn and is encouraged to break out of that mold by Unten. She later changes her name to Quartz at Unten's suggestion.

As she developed more on her own, she became more excited about new things and what Earth could offer that Svarga didn't. Having lived her whole life taking orders from others, Quartz wanted to be her own person while also still serving the people she cares about. Her aggressiveness flaired up during battle or when she is blocked from getting what she wants. She liked to draw pictures using crayon in her cell, often drawing pictures of her and Unten.

During Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, she was pitted in a fight against Former Four, of which The Threat granted her a Second Form. After this, she confessed to Unten about her feelings towards her, which he seemed very taken aback by. Before he could process anything, Quartz automatically began attacking him due to the Second Form's "Bloodlust" towards him. When she realized what was happening, she told Unten to knock her out to make her less dangerous and began to avoid him because of the traumatic event. This culminated in her leaving with the rest of the surviving members of The Threat's Top 10.

After Victory, Quartz was hesitant to talk to Unten ever again, although her feelings were still strong for him. She began exploring the world with the rest of the surviving members of The Threat's Top 10 as revealed in the post credits, which she admits was a "aimless journey" that she only did to get her mind off things as well as searching for ways to break some of her programming.


Quartz was never especially mean to anyone, and as a encounter with Four/Slither proved later on, was actually always looking for friendship. Her willingness to obey orders from The Threat came more out of fear, as The Threat never did anything but replace those in her Top 10, allowing vile behavior to become rampant. As such, she has a lot of trauma, some of which was programmed into her.

Quartz overall is still learning. She needs to learn how to control herself in stressful situations, and overcome some of the crippling trauma she has. She is also still trying to find something to motivate her, with an relationship with Unten being a primary motivator for her, even as it seems completely impossible for her. As such, she tends to take bad deals in order to break the rules to have the things she wants.

Quartz is also intensely curious, with Earth becoming a second home due to all the interesting things on it. Fire seems to be something she watches for hours, as she was never able to see it before her mission to conquer Earth. She was depicted as blood thirsty in Sparring with Six, although she settled down over the course of Unten and her's training. Part of this seems to be a response to what The Threat would want her to do. When she learned she was replaced, this behavior seemed to stop.


Six is one of the Threat's several highest ranking members, being number six of ten. She was close friends with the former Eight and Nine of the Threat's order, before they were eaten by Ten (Seven) in front of her. It is unknown why Ten, later Seven spared her. This gruesome accident scarred her so badly she now freezes up whenever she hears the phrase "Seven Eight Nine"/"Seven ate Nine".

She was sent by the Threat to conquer planet Earth, one of the Fan and the Enemy's most treasured planets. The arrival into Earth's atmosphere proved to be quite straining on her, and she used energy to keep herself alive until she hit the ground. Needing to rest after exerting so much energy, Six fell asleep in a gas station's ice bag section where the events of Fantendo - Genesis then took place.

As revealed in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, she was friends with Four prior to the events of Fantendo - Genesis.


Quartz is able to use super strength, easily able to bend most doors with her bare hands and grab tanks with one hand while slamming into the ground. Quartz can also make use of energy projectiles which are of a fast but dodgeable speed. Quartz is also able to fly great distances and can take off almost instantly. Quartz's claws also have the ability to heat themselves, making them hot enough to melt steel.

Due to a traumatic experience involving Seven, upon hearing the phrase "Seven eight nine" will trigger horrifying flashbacks that will briefly leave her vulnerable. During this state she will put her hands to her head and appear to be in deep shock. In chapter six of Fantendo - Genesis, it is shown that Quartz will attempt to destroy whatever or whoever does this, regardless of what they are.

Unusually, Quartz prefers complete cold when sleeping and recharging her abilities, which led to her sleeping in a bunch of ice bags in Rachel's gas station. In subsequent appearances, she can usually be seen with an ice bag as a pillow.

When Unten Descended her using his power of Descension, she seemed to be stripped of her power entirely. This was confirmed in Sparring with Six, as she was unable to use any of her abilities to free herself from the chains that The Fan and The Other had set up for her or against Unten. In Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, she had to wear Power Bracers created by The Fan and The Enemy to recreate her old powers. Her base powers were restored in the process of getting her Second Form.

Specific Abilities

Innate Combat Abilities

  • Super Strength - Quartz can use her super strength to punch really hard and pick up big objects without even breaking a sweat. The barometer for her strength so far is holding up a tank with one hand.
    • Metalplosion - Quartz has been shown to tear open a metal box like it was made out of cardboard, it's metal components shooting across the battle field and hitting opponents.
  • Energy Beam - Quartz can create energy beams from her palms and her eyes that can instantly burn through objects, seeming to have quite a high power.
    • Laser Line - Quartz emits lasers out of her eyes in a far reaching horizontal attack that damages more and more the closer the opponent is to the source.
    • Laser Eyes - Quartz points her head up and lasers shoot out from her eyes, damaging aerial opponents. She can burn wings or shoot at a specific part of the opponent that may be keeping them in the air.
  • Flight - Quartz can fly into the air, taking off in an instant.
    • Soar Jump - Quartz takes off into the air and can fly around for about five seconds in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory. Charging this move allows for longer and faster airtime. Gameplay exclusive move, as she can fly as long as she wants within canon.
    • Jet Boost - Quartz can boost her speed in the air, taking on a blue energy when she does.
  • Heated Claws - Quartz can heat up her claws to burn through doors and enhance her slashing attacks. Due to Quartz being more of melee fighter, these attacks are surprisingly used quite often despite the drawback of needing to heat her claws for every attack.
    • Heat Strike - Her claws burn orange and she preforms a simple strike with her claws, dealing some light damage.
    • Enraged Claws - Quartz puts both of her arms up by her sides and then releases them downwards with her claws heated and out. This takes more time to warm up her claws.
    • Spindra Claws - A burning spin move that utilizes her claws while she spins around, heading slightly upwards at the end of the move.
  • Physical Attacks - Quartz is able to use both her tail and non-heated claws in battle, which are not necessarily attacks she uses abilities for.
    • Tail Sweep - Quartz sweeps her body downwards, her tail hitting low to deal damage. Due to her tail's length, this move has some reach.


  • Power Bracers - During Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, she was given Power Bracers that restored her powers to her pre-Descension levels. She has been able to shed them entirely due to The Threat granting her Second Form, which restored her base powers in the process.


  • Second Form - Quartz was granted a Second Form by The Threat using her User Crystal as a reward for beating Former Four in a fight. This form is more detailed under the Forms section, but boosted her powers and gave her reproductive organs.
    • Sphendra Claws - Boosted version of Spindra Claws that creates a fire tornado at the end of the move that homes in on opponents.
    • Gherr Line - Quartz emits bigger, circular lasers out of her eyes in a far reaching horizontal attack that sends out laser rings that home onto opponents for massive damage per ring. Boosted version of Laser line.
    • Ferron Jump - A boosted version of her Soar Jump. This allows her to fly longer and with a more powerful impact when going into the air.
    • Tail Tendrils - Quartz's tail tendrils pop out of her body and turn into sharp crystallized bombs that go off when a opponent makes contact with them. These do the most damage out of all her moves.


Second Form


During Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory, Quartz gained a Second Form, a transformation that alters her appearance and powers similar to Hyper Mode. She was granted this form by The Threat, who was her creator. This transformation was only possible to be granted by The Threat's User Crystal, meaning that if Quartz wants to gain more transformations like this, she has to locate The Threat's User Crystal, which is currently with The Other. Unlike Hyper Mode transformations, Quartz's Second Form transformation is something she can do purely out of will. When she originally showed this to Unten, she was unable to revert to her original form until Unten knocked her out during the ensuing fight. This is likely linked to an forced ability known as "Bloodlust" where she was locked into fighting Unten in Second Form due to her romantic interest in him.

She has quite the staying power inside this form, able to outlast any Hyper Form transformation in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory. This would seem to apply to canon as well, given that she was in it during the entire three months away from any contact from Unten and his friends. For comparsion's sake, Unten's Hyper Mode transformation states have only been as long as hours. Second Form is fairly weak in comparison to some of the Hyper Forms, although her longer staying time in it and the lack of any real drawbacks aside from "Bloodlust" are huge benefits.

Her appearance is wildly altered in this form. She gains the reproductive organs that she desired, which are covered in a crazy mechanical outfit that covers her entire left leg as well. Her chestplate does not seem to change too much. Her biggest change comes onto her face, which have pupiless eyes and new facial patterns. The crystal on the top of her head is more embedded and her "hair" becomes tentacles that writhe upwards. Her tail becomes a bunch of tentacles, similar to that of a flail in function. Her claws also become solid orange, buzzing with hot energy all the time as opposed to having to heat them up every time she wants to use her heated claws. Her tattoo also has a new design.

Canon Appearances

Fantendo - Genesis

Six appears in the first chapter hiding in the gas station under a bunch of ice bags. When Rachel goes to investigate, Six appears and nearly kills the three characters in the gas station before flying away. She later reappears in chapter five at the science fiction convention and attempts to kill Rachel and Robyn, which ends up having the convention building go up in flames. Later in chapter six, she meets a group of children that end up triggering her memory of Seven killing and eating Eight, Nine, and the previous Seven. After being forced through reliving traumatic memories, it is implied she killed the group of children as well as the entire neighborhood as it is up in flames when it cuts to black.

Sparring with Six

Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory

Rendered NULL

Truth and Train

Summer Dayz

World Tournament

Other Appearances

Fantendo's Card Cataclysm

Quartz appears in Fantendo's Card Cataclysm as one of many Hero Cards.

FCC Quartz Card.png
New Fantendoverse
Quartz, formerly known as Six, is an alien working under the leadership of The Threat, originally working to fight Unten until she was defeated and fell in love with him. Quartz is only willing to obey The Threat out of the trauma and fear she experienced while working with the Top 10.
Laser Eyes
Quartz fires a barrage of laser beams at her opponents, striking each one for moderate damage. The more foes this hits, the stronger the attack power will be.



It used to be one of antagonism. As Six, she fought him in what would become known as the Broken Jaw Pit, and nearly killed him until her sapped away her powers via Descension. The two would later encounter each other again under the watch of The Fan and The Enemy, training. While Six was hard to train initially, Unten learned how to counter her as well as connect with her. Six shed her old name and became Quartz under his suggestion. The ending of Sparring with Six states she has a romantic crush on him.

The Threat


Trophy Information

Image Info

Fantendo - Genesis (2015)

Six is one of The Threat's Top 10, a system of disposable elite pawns sent to destroy or conquer whatever The Threat commands them to. Six comes to Earth in Fantendo - Genesis to destroy it and shows an interest in fire and has a freak out revolving the phrase "789". Although it's a hard battle, Unten manages to defeat her by stripping away her powers.


Alternate Colorings


  • Quartz is one of the hardest characters to draw for creator Helena Harper (tbc) and as such, she rarely appeared in Fantendoverse material in the first two phases because of it.
  • Quartz's design was based off a female Frieza design that Helena saw on a Animorphs Fanon wiki, something that has been referenced with her Second Form.
    • However, not many of her abilities actually reference the Dragon Ball series that much at all, let alone her personality. This is actually in somewhat stark contrast to all the characters that got Second Forms, all of which are somewhat inspired by Dragon Ball villains. Her Second Form does not reference any Dragon Ball villain at all, especially not Frieza.
  • Quartz was originally going to star in a blog ARG about a bunch of meteor watchers, of which would end with the entire crew being killed by Quartz. This blog ARG was envisioned to happen before Genesis was being written, but for many reasons it was canceled. This concept isn't even referenced in canon.
  • Quartz's name was given by Unten in canon. Helena wanted to give Six a new name to make it clear she left The Threat by Victory, and the name was chosen because of her color scheme. At the time, Watermelon Tourmaline had not been even a concept that had been thought yet.
    • Helena has joked because of the Lucents that Quartz will have to get a new name.
  • Quartz is the first Threat's Top 10 member to get a Second Form, and the first to be cloned.
    • Due to her clone, she is actually part of a unoffical species that is called the "Hedrans" by uHive.
  • Quartz is merely listed as Asexual due to her inability to reproduce in her original form. Since she can reproduce in her Second Form, it is unknown what her actual sexuality is, even though she has only expressed interest in Unten so far. Exotoro is keeping it open at the moment for a lack of a better answer.

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