Bowser, allso called King Koopa, is the main protagonist of the Super Mario series, and is often responsible for Mario and Luigi's plights. Bowser will stop at nothing to achieve his goals, often simply kidnapping Princess Peach.

Quantum Database Entry

Bowser is the king of the koopas, and has a bad kidnapping habbit. He isn't a complete jerk though, as he often helps Mario out in adventures, partakes in friendly competitions, and even has eight kids that he takes care of! He uses fire breath, his shell, and brute strength to take down his enemies


Bowser's moveset reflects his power, focusing on overwhelming opponents with pure strength.


Special Description
Standard Special: Fire Breath Bowser spits out a large, slow-moving fire ball. It will fly forward for a bit before dissappearing after a bit or by hiting an enemy.
Side Special: Shell Dash Bowser slides forward in his shell. If he hits a wall, he will bounce off and begin sliding the other way, and if he hits a player he will exit the attack. Pressing the special button again also cancels the attack.
Up Special: Whirling Fortress Bowser enters his shell and spins around, propelling himself upwards.
Down Special: Grab-and-Go Bowser grabs the opponent and chomps down on them, sending them flying.

Quantum Attack

Name Description
Giga Bowser Bowser becomes huge and stands behind the stage. He will be able to slam his fists onto the stage and spit large fire balls, before ending the move with a powerful punch.[1]

Power Attacks

Name Description
Side Attack: Drop Kick Bowser performs a powerful drop kick.[2]
Up Attack: Flame Arc Using his fire breath, Bowser creates a flaming arc above his head.
Down Attack: Ground Slam Bowser performs a short ground pound.


Name Description
Side Taunt Bowser spits a small flame and then gives a cocky, toothy grin.
Up Taunt Bowser lets out a loud roar with his arms outstretched.
Down Taunt Bowser performs the bras d'honneur.[3]

Victory Animations

Name Description
Animation 1 Bowser slashes the air with his claws before smiling evilly.
Animation 2 The camera pans to Bowser spinning and slide around in his shell before jumping out into a pose.
Animation 3 Bowser flexes as he spits out a stream of fire.

Alternate Costumes

Image Description

Dr. Bowser


Apparently, being a doctor is a popular practice in the Mushroom Kindom, as Bowser also dons a doctor outfit.

Unlock Quota: Play 10 versus matches as Bowser

Dry Bowser


Dry Bowser is the result of Bowser falling into lava and then being resurrected by his son. Pretty freaking metal, right?

Unlock Quota: Complete Adventure Mode as Bowser

Wedding Outfit


Bowser's attempt to marry Peach might have failed, but there's no sense in letting that awesome tux go to waste!

Unlock Quota: Win a team battle against two max level CPUs while playing as Bowser and Peach.

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