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QuaitoLogo transparent.png

Quaito is a indie game produced by Origan Devs for the Nintendo Switch. It was released worldwide on the 15 November of 2022, after being teased during the Sparkling Summer Fan Fest ‘22 Origan Devs Direct. The game follows Jimmy, a Thirdborn sold to The Pit by his parents, his friends, and their common journey to escape The Pit, a place where Thirdborns, monsters, and gladiators are sent to fight to the death. This led to Jimmy and his friends to quickly mature and grow mentally, not knowing the end of their journey …

QuaitoStoryIcon.jpeg Story

Quaito follows the adventure of Jimmy after the 10-year-old gets sold to The Pit. Alone, with only one friend in Tim, Jimmy is determined to escape The Pit, along with any friend he makes along the way. While in The Pit, Jimmy learns about himself, Quaito, a magical power only available to thirdborns, that allows him to emit and manipulate energy by dealing or receiving damage, his friends, and the cruel world that he is confronted to. All of these experiences make Jimmy beacons more mature and self-aware as he progresses through The Pit, The Depths, and the cruel world of Quaito.

For the story itself, see here.

QuaitoGameplayIcon.jpeg Gameplay


Quaito plays as a mix of an adventure game and a hack-and-slash game. The game revolves around completing certain tasks, exploring the Depths, defeating enemies using the resources given to the protagonist, Jimmy, and learning combos making use of Jimmy’s fighting skills and his magic abilities, named Quaito. Quaito is a magic power uniquely present to Thirdborns like Jimmy. Quaito can serve as anything; however, you need to accumulate damage or dish out damage to properly channel Quaito. The game also features a brewing system. By using all the tools provided to the protagonist, you will progress further into Quaito, and eventually beat the game. After you beat the game, you unlock Hardcore Mode, a harder version of the game which serves to test the player’s skill.

Health and Endurance

Jimmy has a Health Wheel, which represents Jimmy’s health. Getting hit by enemies or bosses makes you lose a segment of the health wheel. Once all 10 segments are emptied, the game ends as a Game Over. Jimmy also has an Endurance Wheel, which empties by climbing, or swimming. If it’s empty, you cannot execute these actions, and are as such limited to the ground !


Walk / Run

By tilting the joystick, you walk normally. Tilting the joystick for long enough allows you tu run.


Left Stick


The camera moves with you, in a third person perspective. To change the camera angle, tilt the right joystick in the direction you want.

Right Stick


Pressing ZR Button allows you to jump. Jumping can be used to start climbing walls, avoiding attacks, or to start an aerial combo.

ZR Button


Pressing R Button allows you to Roll. A somewhat good mobility tool.

R Button


Pressing A Button allows you to to interact with objects, chests, and some allies, such as Bryce to Tim to get tips along your journey. It also allows you to collect loot.

A Button

Weak Attacks

Pressing Y Button makes Jimmy perform a fast but weak slash. These slashes can be stringed with each other, creating combos. Combos can be viewed by pressing Plus Button.

Y Button

Strong Attacks

Strong Attacks are attacks that are slower but pack a punch. Unlike Weak Attacks, they cannot be stringed together and end combos. A grounded strong attack is called Blade Dash, which is a a grounded dash that travels short distances, and in the air, a strong attack is Aerial Blade, which is an aerial dash, which travels quite a long distance. They are executed by pressing X Button.

X Button

Activate Quaito

Once you reach 7 pieces of your Heath Wheel remaining, you can activate Quaito by pressing L Button, offering a temporary boost in attacks, in mobility and allowing you to use Quaito-Induced Combos. At 4 segments of the Health Wheel remaining, you will be able to use Blast Finisher , a finishing move on enemies.

L Button

Open Inventory

Pressing Plus Button makes you open the inventory. In their inventory, players can find current potions and loot, and can see all combos unlocked, as well as all the recipe of previously brewed potions. There is in total 24 inventory spaces, with 16 for all Loot available, and the 8 remaining for any Potions.

Plus Button

Open Map

Pressing Minus Button makes you open a map of your current location. Only a map of The Depths is available, as The Pit has never been mapped before.

Minus Button


Combos is the name of all the attacks available in Quaito. They all have advantages and disadvantages, and finding combos that suits your playstyle is a must for your strategy. Combos may seem simple, but they are in fact quite technical : combos have their own utilty, and when used right, sport untapped potential, but using it wrong will lead into a certain Game Over.

Your Grounded Combos

Jimmy’s repertoire of Ground Combos. Ground Combos are usually used to start combo strings of attacks, which means that they are weak on their own, but are deadly when stringed together.

Combo Name
Basic Combo

A combo composing of three slashes.


Y Button+Y Button+Y Button

The Pit : Day One

Upward Deuce

A combo composing of two slashes leading in the air.

(Up Button)Y Button+Y Button

The Pit : Day One
Blade Dash

A blade dash. Packs quite the punch. It’s the standard grounded Strong Attack.

X Button

The Pit : Day One

Castle of Glass

Jimmy’s signature move, Castle of Glass is a combo of five slashes, executed quicker than the human eye can follow.

(Down Button)Y Button+Y Button+Y Button+Y Button+X Button

The Pit : Day Three
Shudder Crumple

Jimmy reels back, then delivers a slash so precise that it can possibly OHKO weaker enemies.

(Left Button)Y Button+X Button

Gearing Up
Flare Buster

Jimmy performs a small hop, evading some attacks, then performs a topspin, slashing downwards.

(Up Button)Y Button+Y Button+(Joystick Down) X Button

One Way Forward
Dropdown Slash

Jimmy grabs his sword, slides downwards, then slashes upwards.

(Down Button)Y Button+(Joystick Up)X Button

One Way Forward

Your Aerial Combos

Jimmy’s repertoire of Aerial Combos. Aerial Combos are used to extend Combos. Thanks to they fast speed and combo potential, Aerial Combos can easily be used to keep enemies checked.

Combo Name
Aerial Blade

An air dash. Packs quite the punch. It’s the standard aerial Strong Attack.


X Button


The Pit : Day One

Aerial Strikes

While dashing in the air, Jimmy slashes up to six times. Can be interrupted.

Y Button+Y Button+Y Button+Y Button+Y Button+Y Button(Possible to interrupt the move)

The Pit : Day Two

While keeping himself in the air, Jimmy delivers three slashes in front of himself, before diving down, sword first.

Y Button+Y Button+Y Button(Down Button)+X Button

The Pit : Day Two

In the air, Jimmy slashes erratically in front of himself. Can be interrupted.

(Right Button)Y Button+Y Button+Y Button+Y Button+X Button(Possible to interrupt the move)

Gearing Up
Slash Wheel

In the air, Jimmy spins vertically, sword in hand, leading him to slash in a circle.

(Up Button)Y Button+Y Button+X Button

One Way Forward

Your Quaito-Induced Combos

Jimmy’s repertoire of Combos, ground or aerial, with a little bit of Quaito involved. Most moves need about 7 segments of the Heath Wheel remaining to use properly. These combos are incredibly powerful when used right. Some Combos are meant to be used as a Combo Starter, Combo Extenders, or to finish enemies off when the time is right.

Combo Name
Blast Finisher

After channeling all of his Quaito in his sword, Jimmy slams it on the ground, finishing enemies in one hit.


(With 4 pieces of the Health Wheel remaining)L Button

The Pit : Day Two

Slash & Burn

A combo of two slashes followed by a blast of Quaito.

(On the Ground)Y Button+Y Button+L Button

Two Sides of the Same Coin
Slash & Burn (Aerial)

An aerial version of Slash & Burn.

(In the Air)Y Button+Y Button+L Button

Gearing Up
Burning Wrath

Bryce’s signature move, passed on to Jimmy. The user uses Quaito to blaze up their weapon, then dives forwards, unleashing a column of flames in the process.

(Up Button)Y Button+(Right Button)L Button

Blast to The Past

Tim’s signature move, passed on to Jimmy. The user discharges Quaito in an erratic fashion, before slamming it down on the target.

L Button+(Down Button)Y Button

Blast to The Past

Scott’s signature move, passed on to Jimmy. The users scatters pellets of Quaito on the battlefield. When triggered, the blasts explode, sending enemies in the user’s direction.

(Left Button)Y Button+L Button

Blast to The Past
Castle of Glass, Mark II

An upgraded version of Jimmy’s signature move, Castle of Glass. Once executed, Jimmy’s right eye glows blue, before he performs a Blade Dash. He then performs a superpowered upward slash, before jumping straight on the enemy, plunging his sword down in the process. Then, empowered with Quaito, he performs his signature move Castle of Glass at the speed of light, finishing the combo with a blast of Quaito. It’s used as a finishing move on Leopold, and never seen again…

Y Button+(Left Button)Y Button+Y Button+Y Button+Y Button+Y Button+Y Button+X Button+L Button

Final End

QuaitoBrewingIcon.jpeg Brewing

Brewing is a system available from The Pit : Day Two. Potions can be brewed at the brewing pot, found in The Depths. By mixing monster parts with water (usually two monster parts, though some potions take three), you can create Potions. However, Potions usually have two effects : one positive, and one negative, which is due to the properties the stimulate, and Jimmy’s inexperience. There are only five potions available, each with different effects and drawbacks. In the inventory, Potions cannot be placed together, unlike loot, so if you wish to have all the potions at once, you can only brew one of each.

The Potions

Potion Art
Potion of Strength

Thanks to its energetic properties, this potion boosts damage dealt by Jimmy, but makes him more open to receiving damage. It does not affect Quaito-Induced Combos in any way !

Mix Water with an Andrenaline Shot to brew a Potion of Strength.
Potion of Resistance

Thanks to its tough and strong properties, this potion can reduce damage received from enemies, at the cost of reducing damage dealt by Jimmy.

Mix Water with a Hardened Tooth to brew a Potion of Resistance.
Fire Protection Juice

This juice makes the user go through extremely cold temperatures, so that a burning flame brings them back to normal. This means that burning enemies will only become a hot breeze ! However, the cold is so much that more cold kills the freezing user.

Mix Water with a Mither and a Cold Horn to brew a Fire Protection Juice.
Cold Protection Juice

This juice is made of hot things which burns every inch your body. Literally. When you’re on fire, cold does nothing against you ! Except that more heat makes you turn to dust. Nice.

Mix Water with a Mither and a Scorpius Trinia Plant to brew a Cold Protection Juice.
Thunder Protection Juice

This juice makes the user get shocked in such a way that they habituate themselves immediately ! You could say that the user becomes a walking battery immune to lightning. Don’t go in water though, this work in progress won’t stop the water from shocking you as water conducts lightning !

Mix Water with a Mither and a Thundering Horn to brew a Thunder Protection Juice.
Health Elixir

This elixir has the property of smelling and tasting incredibly good. It’s so good that you can regain three segments of the Health Wheel. It also does not have any flaws, which is great !

Mix Water with a Healthy Horn and a Potted Drink to brew a Health Elixir.
Endurance Elixir

This surgary drink is apparently full of Caffeine and sugar, it refuels your energy in an unorthodox way : it adds three independent bars for the endurance wheel, which are used once the normal bar is out. Of course, when you’re too tired, it dissipates. Why ?

Mix Water with an Enduring Horn and a Potted Drink to brew an Endurance Elixir.
Andrenaline Shot

This drink is really amazing (in Tim’s opinion) ! It restores three segments of the endurance wheel upon usage, but keep it instead and you can use it to brew a Potion of Strength ! Talk about a multi-faceted potion.

Mix Water with a Hardened Tooth and a Potted Drink to brew an Andrenaline Shot.

QuaitoLootIcon.jpeg Loot

Loot are objects dropped from enemies, or obtained from the overworld. Jimmy can collect loot by pressing A (Interact) near any collectable objects. Collected Loot can then be found in the inventory. Some loot (which are usually Brewing Loot) are rarer than others. Loot can be stacked together in their respective items, with up to 15 in one slot at a time. It is best to only have one stack for each loot to have more options to heal and brew, however. They have two different classes : Healing Loot and Brewing Loot.

Healing Loot

Healing Loot are objects that heal Jimmy by their respective amount. Some loot heal more than others. This type of Loot is indicated by a miniature Health Wheel in the inventory.

Loot Art
Depth Apple

A small apple grown and accustomed to the climate of The Depths, and it heals one piece of the Heath Wheel.

Cell Access, Depth Cavern, Feast Hall, Docks
Wall Shroom
A mushroom slowly growing onto a tree. It’s very tasty ! It heals two pieces of the Health Wheel, but Tim finds it completely and utterly disgusting. We all have different tastes, I mean. Cell Access, Depth Caver, Feast Hall
Spice Fruit
A small, skinny fruit with a strawberry-like aroma. Don’t get fooled, it burns your mouth ! It still heals two pieces of the Endurance Wheel despite burning every inch of your body. Cell Access, Depth Cavern, Feast Hall
Meat Slab
A small slab of meat given by a Guard to the prisoners. It smells putrid, but distracts Lambos pretty well. It heals one piece of the Heath Wheel, despite its rotten taste. Given at the beginning of some chapters.
A smelly, putrid fruit that uses its disgusting aroma as a means of protection. It’s lemon-like taste heals three pieces of the Endurance Wheel, which is maybe why it expels such a disgusting aroma ! Depth Cavern
Burnin’ Wing
A wing dropped from a Butterflame. It’s fruity taste apparently has a weird effects on Thirdborns, Bryce said. I’m trusting him. It apparently heals two pieces of the Health Wheel, so I was right in trusting the redhead. Dropped from Butterflames.

Brewing Loot

Brewing loot are objects that are eligible in brewing. These objects are usually rare. This type of loot is indicated by a miniature potion in the inventory.

Loot Art
A flask. You may remember them from you chemistry lessons, right ? These can allow you to collect water, and kickstart the potion chain. Monsters are also attracted to them, weirdly enough …
Cell Access, randomly dropped by enemies.
Water in a bottle
Ah, yes. The basis of potions. Water in a bottle. Somehow this vital and basic item is the stem of drinks with bottled up potential. They are used in each potion recipe, and are a vital ingredient to use in these bottled up specialities. Obtained by pressing A Button near a body of water while holding a flask.
Scorpius Trinia Plant
This weird and wacky plant is incredibly spicy ! Eating it would be a death wish, unless if you have water nearby. Cell Access, Depth Cavern, Docks
Hardened Tooth
These incisors are as sharp as a blade, but as hard as stone ! They also contain a liquid which injects a sort of andrenaline into your bloodstream. Don’t worry, no Jimmy was harmed in the process. Dropped from Lambos.
Potted Drink
This pot contains a mysterious liquid … I’d rather not touch it. It apparently heals the undead … if I were to combine it with an item that removes toxins, maybe I have the recipe for an Health Potion ? Dropped from Potergheists.
This is a feather dropped by a Solace Bird. They can refract light to create energy, making them the perfect conductor item ! It also seems quite resistant. This also doubles as a ingredient for some potions, of course. Dropped from Solace Birds.
Crittier’s Horn
This horn is critical for any Crittiers : they use it to attack, kill, stab, defend, climb, even stirr ! These horns also have different properties depending on the Crittiers place of birth. They are quite the handy tool ! Dropped from Crittiers.

QuaitoCharacterIcon.jpeg Characters


The main character of this weird and deadly adventure is Jimmy, the newest fighter of The Pit, during his journey to escape.


Jimmy is the main protagonist of Quaito. He is an enthusiastic person despite his dark past and always try to cheer up his allies, even at the cost of his own humility. He is a Thridborn, which means that he has access to Quaito. When his Quaito suddenly activated at the age of 9, Jimmy scarred his right cheek, and was later sold by his parents to The Pit, a cruel place where The Pitmaster reigns supreme.

Your Allies

These characters are usually not playable characters, helping our protagonist when they can. Supporting Characters are sometimes playable, and share the same moveset as Jimmy, with some key differences :

  • They have access to their signature move (Burning Wrath, Tetorisu, Minefield).
  • They are either better at dislocating monsters or attacking them head-on.
Bryce is one of the main protagonists of Quaito. A calm and collected person, Bryce usually teases Jimmy when he has the occasion. Being born in an abusive household, Bryce has bad memories related to his childhood, mostly due to being a Thirdborn. He tried running away from his household, but failed and was sent to The Pit. His signature move is Burning Wrath.
Tim is one of the main protagonists of Quaito. Hailing from a high-classed family, Tim is a cheerful and optimistic person that is ready to defend his ideals. Tim was stripped from his family a week before Jimmy, and like the two, was sent to The Pit to die. Tim’s signature move is Tetorisu.
Scott is the deuteragonist of Quaito. Having lived in the Pit from his birth, Scott despises newcomers with a burning passion, calling them “fresh meat” or “ready for the crushing”. Despite this, after Jimmy defeats him in battle twice, but chooses to spare him both times, Scott starts to become more humble, and opens up with Jimmy, Bryce and Tim, albeit reluctantly after the trio discuss about a potential escape plan. His signature move is Minefield. He is fought in Against Scott, and in The Feastival.

Your Enemies

These characters try to impede and kill Jimmy and his friends during their adventure.

Leopold, The Pitmaster
Leopold, better known as The Pitmaster, is the main antagonist of Quaito. After 40 years of hunting, he created The Pit to trap and kill thridborns in gruesome matches against monsters and other thirdborns. Not much is know about how he fights… He is fought in Final End.
Kath, The Assistant
Kath is a major antagonist in Quaito. Not much is know about her, except the fact that she chooses the matchups for the Feastival, and that she wields a bow. Oh, also the fact that he also hunted thirdborns but retired to an injury. She is fought in Blast to The Past.

The Monsters

Monsters are considered to be the many types of enemies found in The Depths (Or the guards of The Pit). Unlike bosses, upon initiating a battle with monsters, a health bar won’t be put up on the screen. To initiate a battle with any monster, you need to either get hit or damage the enemy. Upon death, monsters drop loot which can be used to heal, or brew potions.

Lambos are more docile versions of the Shredded Lambos fought in The Pit. They can snap out of their trance when they see a peice of meat, which is quite lucky as we are provided with rotten flesh to survive.
Found at :
Depth Cavern, Docks, Dead Mural, Feast Hall, Guard Room, Throne Room, Library
Callagoos are in fact giant misty dragonflies. They are quite docile, and only attack if hit, but their large size makes them hard to miss. Depth Cavern, Feast Hall, Storage Room, Library
A small, burning butterfly. They wander around, blind, but when they locate anyone, they home on their location. Depth Cavern, Storage Room, Guard Room
Small bird-like creatures, Paperplanes are made out off… paper. They home on sight, but are weak to fire. Docks
A liquified and spectral-like entity that wanders around. It’s own body is made of a fluid residing in the pot. Don’t drink its contents; it’s toxic for humans, but can restore a poltergeist’s health. Fun fact : they surround the Chef Sucré during its boss battle. Feast Hall, Dead Mural, Guard Room
The guards you can find in The Pit. They seem to be quite strong, but they are in fact quite the easy target, albeit once you understand their movement pattern. They do not drop any loot. The Pit
The souls of fighters who fought (and died) in The Pit. They haunt The Depths, hoping to kill whoever killed them, although that target is mainly Scott. You could call him a monster-magnet ! They have up to three blades, which means that they can be either mere annoyances or a complete hell to boot of the planet, once and for all. Dead Mural, Feast Hall, Guard Room, Storage Room, Library
Solace Bird
Bird-like creatures with the ability to store sunshine. They then can send a ball of light (straight from the sun) and send any of our protagonists flying. There feathers seem to be Quaito-proof, so don’t try your greatest plan : it’ll fall in shambles. Depth Cavern, Dead Mural
Human-like lizards who live in different environments. Their horns are critical to their survival, and have different properties depending of the place of birth, and are some of the main composer of potions. They come in a lot of forms, each with different abilities and weaknesses, making them quite unpredictable and unique ! Depth Cavern, Feast Hall, Guard Room, Library, Docks

The Bosses

Bosses are a class of monsters (or humans) that upon contact, will attack you as a health bar appears on-screen. Bosses can be found in The Pit or in The Depths. A distinctive trait of Bosses is that once a battle is initiated, Jimmy, Tim, Bryce, or Scott are unable to flee without consequences. They are forced to fight them head on ! Bosses drop no loot, and are made to test a player’s skill.

Shredded Lambo
Shredded Lambos seem to be mindless creatures, and home on flesh. That’s maybe why it immediately attacked me the moment I stepped foot in The Pit… To defeat them ? Make them ram into a wall to expose their weak point, then bring their Health Wheel to 0. Simple.
Fought at :
The Pit
Spirit of Ness
A spirit of a pirate that died at The Depths. Reborn as a spirit, it stole the trio’s weapons as it hoards any type of stuff that can hurt. It’s boss fight is standard : bring his health wheel to 0. Docks
Coming Soon !
Spirit of Hatter
A flaming butterfly of sorts. No one knows where it came from, but it haunts The Depths, reigning supreme on the Butterflames. Something cool is that dodging its projectiles will cause it to overheat, which will expose its weak point. You can just bring its Heath Wheel to 0 once that’s done. Dead Mural
Coming Soon !
Spirit of Lucas
The spirit of a young boy that suffered the fame fate as Jimmy, being sent to The Pit to die in a painful, and, for the audience, serve as entertainment. He died because of the living conditions. Because of his inexperience, attacking it while it attacks deals significant damage to the spirit. Once his Health Wheel reaches 0, the Spirit is defeated. Guard Room
Before the battles with Scott, he has a cold personality towards Jimmy. They later fight twice when the Pitmaster pits them against each other. Who do you think wins each time ? Scott, the “Legendary Fighter”, or Jimmy, the “Inexperienced Boy” ? Guess you’ll find out. The Pit
Blasted Lambo
A Lambo made to kill the injured. Known as the “Body Cleaner” by the audience, they know how deadly it can be. To defeat it, you’ll have to make it ram into a wall, exposing its weak point, but also avoid the injured Scott. By the way, Jimmy is stronger than Scott. Shocker. The Pit
Coming Soon !
Bandit Trio
Three figures disguised in cloaks, the Bandit Trio is said to roam around, stealing wood and valuables from anyone. The Bandit Trio is essentially three bosses. They fight as a sort of boss rush : Jimmy will have to defeat each member individually if he wants to retrieve the stolen goods. To defeat them : bring all of the three member’s Health Wheels to 0. Depth Cavern
Chef Sucré
A ghost like entity, the Chef Sucré is a poltergeist that roams in The Depths, more towards Depth Castle. At first, you will have to dodge its ramming attacks. Once you find an opportunity, however, don’t use Quaito; its helmet and frying pan will protect it from the energy blasts. Instead, use conventional attacks. Keep this in mind and bring its Heath Wheel to 0. However, it can restore its health thanks to the Potergheists surrounding it, so watch out for that. Feast Hall
Kath, The Assistant
The Pitmaster’s assistant. Not much is know about her, except the fact that she chooses the matchups for the Feastival, and that she wields a bow. Oh, also the fact that he also hunted thirdborns but retired to an injury. I’ll ask Tim how he defeated her, kudos to him ! Depth Cavern
Leopold, The Pitmaster
The Pitmaster himself. After 40 years of hunting, he created The Pit to trap and kill thridborns in gruesome matches against monsters and other thirdborns. Not much is know about how he fights… Docks

QuaitoLocationsIcon.jpeg Locations

Quaito takes place in two main locations : The Pit and The Depths. Most of the time, you explore The Depths, except during one chapter, where you have to explore The Pitquarters, and The Pit for the first time. Some locations have relative importance, such as the Docks having 2 boss battles there, or The Pit, which is where most of the fighting takes place.

The Pit

The Pit is where most of the fights take place. Fighting against many opponents, Jimmy, Tim, Bryce, and later Scott will have to find the right methods to defeat their set opponent. As The Pit has never been mapped, Jimmy and his friends have trouble navigating this place of death, death and more death.

The Depths

Below Jimmy, Tim and Bryce’s cell, you can find The Depths. Home to many monsters, The Depths is a cruel place where most perish, but that is a myth to anyone. There is a map of The Depths, found in the library. The Depths are divided in a multitude of locations, such as :

Area Name
Cell Access

The Cell Access is a small area below Jimmy, Tim, and Bryce’s cell. It’s a small, rocky area, with little to no Enemies. It’s disconnected from the rest of The Depths by a small walkway, and leads to the cells of The Pit. The Brewing Pot is also located here, which makes Potion-Brewing quite accessible.

Depth Cavern Depth Cavern is the central area of the depths, where wildlife reins supreme. It’s a huge ravine with many waterfalls, pit traps, pillars, lava falls, and other obstacles. It leads to The Castle area of The Depths.
Depth Castle Depth Castle is a ruined, underground fortress built in 1815. Now abandoned, may enemies and bosses have taken up residence there. This fortress is divided in 6 areas :
  • The Dead Mural consists of the outer wall of the fort. It’s walls are incredibly slippery due to the rain in the area so climbing is not an option here.
  • The Feast Hall is the first area you find in the Depth Castle. It’s where the old residents used to feast. Legend says that 200 years ago, 100 cooks prepared such a feast that the entire world could smell the delicious food.
  • The Guard Room is a small room where the guards of the castle used to live. Now, the location is haunted by the Souled.
  • The Throne Room is where the king of Castle could plan out his next moves, of chess. Now, it has been left to the abandon. By the way, do you fancy a party of chess ? The giant board and pieces could make a very fun game !
  • The Storage room, or The Treasury depending on who you are (yes Scott, I hear you) is a place where the residents of this palace sorted and stored their valuables. Nowadays, these valuables are … gone ! You could suspect The Pitmaster to have stolen them, or even his assistant !
  • The Library is said to host over a million of different books. Some of these books are said to be enchanted ! This is where you find the Battle Log, a useful journal which notes automatically any enemy encounter, thanks to its enchanted properties.
Docks A small underground shore with a wooden house. It’s quite peaceful to watch the Paperplanes soar through this underground sea ! In the horizon, I think I see some sunlight … do I need glasses ?

The In-Game map of The Depths.

 Hardcore Mode

After beating Quaito for the first time, players have access to Hardcore Mode. In Hardcore Mode, the game becomes much harder. Monsters now are faster, stronger and have more health, Loot becomes rarer, and Bosses are much harder to beat. To make this test of wits even harder, upon death, players lose everything, and have to start over again. However, Jimmy also gains access to two unique Hardcore Combos, which are combos who deal a huge number of damage, but deal recoil damage. These moves are usually unlocked late into Hardcore Mode. Finally, upon beating Hardcore Mode, players learn the truth of what happened to Jimmy : the ten-year old is revealed to have miraculously survived Leopold’s OHKO axe, at the cost of his own sanity.

Unique Combos

These Combos are unique and only unlocked and usable in Hardcore Mode. They offer unique strategies, and deal huge numbers of damage, but have the downside of damaging Jimmy in return.

Combo Name
Error 59

After dodging an opponent’s move, Jimmy rushes at his enemy, delivering five slashes, which deals a lot of damage. Replaces Slash & Burn in Hardcore Mode.


L Button+Y Button+Y Button+Y Button+Y Button+X Button

Two Sides of the Same Coin


An aerial combo of four strikes which pushes Jimmy upwards by a long shot. Ideal to trap enemies in the air, but deals quite the recoil damage. Replaces Slash & Burn (Aerial) in Hardcore Mode.

Y Button+Y Button+L Button + (Up Button)X Button

Gearing Up

QuaitoTriviaIcon.jpeg Trivia

  • This game was mostly inspired from Hyrule Warriors.
  • This game originally was going to be much longer, with Tim, Bryce, Scott, and Jimmy escaping from The Pit, compared to finding death as their only escape, as seen in the final build. However, after beating Hardcore Mode, Jimmy is revealed to have miraculously survived, paving the way for a sequel.
  • Scott final design was originally Jimmy’s design. They switched designs as Scott’s design was not menacing enough, unlike his character.
  • In a old version of Quaito, the game was planned to be released in 2025, and teased during 2024. Instead, due to an incredible advance on the game’s planning, the game’s release day was moved to the 15 November 2022, and the game was teased in one Nintendo Direct.
  • The Depths are inspired by Hyrule Castle, in The Legend of Zelda : Breath of The Wild. The Depths is in fact an underground ruined fortress, hence the similarity.

Anti-Piracy Changes

Quaito has several built-in anti-piracy measures. If the system suspects that it is running an illegitimate copy of Quaito, or if it is believed that the game is being played on an emulator, several changes will occur. These changes are intended to make the game incredibly frustrating to the point where the player would simply prefer to buy a legitimate copy:

  • At the beginning of Quaito, the Prologue is replaced with a line of text stating “ It appears as though you are playing an illegitimate copy of Quaito. As such, you will be facing a very different experience to what most players will face in The Pit. Please purchase a legitimate copy to support the developers if you wish to play this game the intended way."
  • All monsters are replaced by either the Solace Birds or the Souled. They also do not drop any loot.
  • All bosses, including human bosses, heal every minute approximately a fifth of their health wheel. Bosses also do not have weak points.
  • Brewing is unavailable. This is because the brewing table is shown to be broken in 42 pieces, making it unable to be used.
  • All healing loot is replaced by rotten food, which only has the effect of occupying an inventory space, and cannot be consumed.
  • If the player somehow manages to get potions (which are unavailable without brewing) their effects are shortened to half a trillion of a second, making them virtually useless.
  • Similar to hardcore mode, monsters and bosses are faster, stronger, and have more health. Saving is also disabled, meaning that a Game Over leads you to restart the game.
  • At the end of an Hardcore Mode playthrough, the ending cutscene is not visible.


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