Qezalt is a playable character in the Draco Duel series. Qezalt is a supernatural Draconid who was born thousands of years ago in a sandstorm following a ritual by the ancient Draconids who lived in Soleil Desert, Arcania, and he was subsequently tasked with protecting the desert and the people within it from forces of evil, namely Xsomnis.



In his humanoid form, Qezalt resembles Anubis, with a black dog-like mask and a yellow and blue pharaoh's headdress. Qezalt wears a black gown which has a yellow and orange sun pattern on it as well as black leggings and blue boots. In this form, Qezalt's main weapons are his Desert Daggers, two short blades that spew out yellow fire, and he wields one in each hand.

In his "dragon" form, Qezalt more closely resembles a bird-like creature, with a strong resemblance to a quetzal or an eagle that features black, long feathered plumeage, as well as yellow, orange and blue scales on his chest. Qezalt still retains his Desert Daggers in this form, albeit attached to his wings.


Little is known of Qezalt's personality other than he is very protective of his home region and the sacred Seven Sisters pyramids built around the Soleil Desert. In A Rift in Time, the story mode of Draco Duel 2, Qezalt only allows Lumino to enter Pyramid-7 and collect the Etherial Heart, immediately trusting him due to his resemblance and relation to The Hero. After his trust to Lumino is established, he willingly assists him defend the Etherial Heart and joins him in the battle against Xsomnis, fearing that she will destroy not only Soleil Desert, but the rest of Arcania as well.


Having been born from a sandstorm, Qezalt can fully control the movement of sand, wind and sunlight within Soleil Desert. While he still has control of these things outside of the desert, he has much greater control within his homeland.

Qezalt has access to a range of attacks while in his dragon form. These are listed in order of first usable appearance in the Draco Duel series, with moves listed in orange debuting in Draco Duel and moves listed in lime debuting in Draco Duel 2.

  • Wild Winds - (named Wilderness Whirlwind in Draco Duel) Flapping his wings, Qezalt conjures a small whirlwind of twisting sand which is launched directly forwards.
  • Pyramidal Burst - Strikes the ground, causing a stone pyramid to erupt out of the ground three seconds later. Can be used both offensively to damage the enemy and defensively as a shield to block attacks.
  • Solar Sunblast - Rises high into the air, concentrating the sunlight into his wings, before shooting a continuous beam of solar light at the target. The size and power of this beam decreases over time
  • Claws of the Desert - Qezalt lunges forwards with his claws, striking the foe and scattering sand across them.
  • Solar Apocalypse - This is Qezalt's Etherial Finale. Ignites a ring of fire around the arena, which slowly closes in on the foe while dealing damage. In the meantime, Qezalt gains a boost to all of his stats.
  • Dust Devil - A small sandy tornado that quickly moves around the stage, bouncing off walls. If it makes contact with anyone they will take damage.
  • Static Bolt - Qezalt surrounds himself with a dust cloud which briefly boosts his defence by 25%. Afterwards, he will shoot out a homing bolt of lightning that deals heavy damage to the target.



Qezalt was born thousands of years before the events of Draco Duel, having been summoned by an ancient tribe of Draconids in the Soleil Desert to protect them from evil forces. Following this ritual, there was a vicious sandstorm, from which Qezalt was born. To fulfill his task, he was gifted mythical abilties, namely the control of the solar forces, wind and desert sands. Henceforth, Qezalt was revered as a god among the desert people, occasionally awakening from his residence inside one of the Seven Sisters pyramids to ward off evil spirits from the desert.

Draco Duel

Qezalt takes a break from protecting the desert to enter the Duel League in Draco Duel, the game of his debut. In this game, Qezalt is the second unlockable character the player unlocks, after Vournes but before Aquarina.

Draco Duel 2

Qezalt has a fairly minor role in the Story Mode of Draco Duel 2, appearing as the penultimate character to appear chronologically in the events of the story. Qezalt is first encountered by Lumino, Dimentra and Katanos, among several others, during Chapter 6, when the group reach Pyramid-7 where they believe the last Etherial Heart to be held. Qezalt appears, telling them that they may not enter under his protective spell on the pyramid, fearing them to be evil, but upon realising that Lumino is among them, he him enter.

When Qezalt and Lumino re-emerge from the pyramid, they find themselves surrounded by Wywyrm's forces, and a battle begins. Qezalt, together with Lumino and Katanos, goes through the Pyramid's underground tunnels to the Underworld Caves to find Vahala for extra strength against Wywyrm's army. Qezalt assists in the subsequent battle, and after that, joins Lumino's team for the rest of the game to fight against Xsomnis in Chapter 7.

EOT Qezalt

Official art from Fantendo's End of Time?! by Coral0excess.

Other Appearances

Fantendo's End of Time?!

Qezalt appears as a Centurion enemy in Fantendo's End of Time?!. Qezalt is a Centurion of the Undercover class, with a particularity that the player is able to move him like any other agent during the player's turn.

If Qezalt is in the same room as one of the player's agents, he knocks out them instantly with an attack in his Dragon Form, making it important for the player to be sure that he never encounters one of their agents. Qezalt will also move during the opponent's turn.



Lumino and Qezalt have a positive relationship, as Qezalt is shown to immediately trust him once realising that he is related to The Hero (which also implies that Qezalt was allied with The Hero one thousand years ago). Qezalt is eager to team up with Lumino after this, quickly helping him fight off Wywyrm's army and subsequently fight against Xsomnis in the climax of A Rift in Time.


Qezalt seems to have some sort of rivalry with Vahala, as he is reluctant to go to the Underworld to take Lumino to them. The two are seen bickering during Chatper 6, when Qezalt takes Lumino to Vahala to regain his lost abilities. Qezalt and Vahala also argue during the end of the chapter battle against Wywyrm, but in this desperate situation, they are able to put their differences aside and fight for a better cause.


Like most characters in A Rift in Time, Qezalt despises and is fearful of Xsomnis. He primarily fears that she will destroy Soleil Desert once breaking free from the Etherial Realm, and does all he can to stop this, including joining in in the final battle against her in Chapter 7.



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