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Pytra Croftborne Female
110 lbs
25 years old Human
Pytra Croftborne, the time bringer
FULL NAME Pytra Croftborne
BIRTHDAY July 13th

Winged Mirage Flier


CHELPRO, Birds, The Sisterhood of the Skies, Hilde Quillborne


Strafe, Fantendo Firehouse



Pytra Croftborne is a native Nohese warrior and a member of CHELPRO, having joined them after the collapse of her group the Sisterhood of the Skies. Recruited by CHELPRO in their search to find a group of heroes, Pytra and her close friend Hilde Quillborne were inducted in to help care for Hilde's child, Syria Hildeborne, who was unfortunately effected by Rot. The character was created by Helena Harper (tbc) as a partner for Hilde and to serve as a foil for Strafe directly over the matter of his child.


Pytra Croftborne is a Nohese woman with slightly pale skin. She has stark blue hair that she keeps in pigtails and has blue eyes. She wears blue glasses over her face. She wears red armor and a button up blue dress with a belt around it, as well armor around her hands that keeps her safe from the Rot. She also wears high boots. She carries around a green spear known as the Bain, which has the eye of a Catalyst embedded into it that gives it some limited control of the flow of time. It has a blue and black color scheme. She has a tattoo on her left shoulder of a blue sparrow and a woodpecker, which she got to represent her bond between Hilde and herself- as well as a reminder of what she is fighting for.


Like Hilde, Pytra is a native of Noah who disliked The Thieves Guild and attempted to fight back against the guild and put in proper law enforcement in the area. She joined Hilde's Sisterhood of the Sky to fight back against them using giant birds that were tamed and ridden by women. She was not among the founding members of the group, but she quickly formed a powerful bond with Hilde Quillborne as well as a crush. When Strafe entered their lives, Pytra attempted to keep him away from the Sisterhood of the Sky, although Hilde seemed much more welcome to him. Pytra put up with his presence for a time with the possible understanding he could end the Thieves Guild as a child of Palutena.

Becoming jealous of Strafe's relationship with Hilde, Pytra just wanted Strafe to leave so she didn't have to watch as her friend and crush became embroiled in a man who didn't care about their problems. Strafe left Noah one last time and unknowingly left a pregnant Hilde with his child. Pytra took on the role of Hilde's protector and caretaker almost full-time Hilde would later give birth to the child Syria and had to deal with responsibilities of both being a mother and the leader of a faction against the Thieves Guild, with Pytra attempting to act as the second mother for the child without being too obvious about it.

This didn't work out well. After an surprise attack gone awry, Hilde and Pytra were the only survivors against the counterattack and the Thieves Guild intentionally gave Hilde's infant child Rot to ward her off against further attacks on them. Having to help Hilde during her darkest, most depressing point, Hilde was unintentionally saved by CHELPRO, who offered to take her in and attempt to use Leah Needlenam's research on the Rot to cure her baby. While they were able to do so, it required frequent doses that they pay Hilde with. Pytra would stay with Hilde to both take care of her child as well as maintaining her role as Hilde's protector.


Pytra was originally rather meek and was not one to pull a fight. She was easily bullied by the Theives Guild to the point where she didn't have anything when she originally met Hilde- not even clothes. When Pytra joined the Sisterhood of the Skies, she slowly gained a fighting spirit and convictions that were close to Hilde's- Hilde both inspired her and informed her new world view. Never had she felt so powerful and be able to actually enact change.

However, Pytra's meek nature still shows with her relationships with people. She is either aggressive and non-flinching to people she doesn't like and is allowed to not like by Hilde, or openly meek and bottles up her emotions. She cares a lot about what Hilde thinks due to her worldview being crafted by Hilde, so she doesn't really try to open up about what she thinks at the fear of what Hilde will do or will back down if Hilde doesn't agree with her. When not near Hilde, Pytra is much more open about her feelings.

Pytra doesn't really know much about her father or mother because she was stolen from them. She feels pretty strongly about stealing, considering she's been stolen so much from, and has made a vow to never let anything escape her grasp again. While she can be generally an unpleasant person to be around, when she has a more friendly relationship with a person she will protect them with her life.



Powers and Abilities

Pytra has no powers or abilities of her own, opting for an axe named Bain instead which has the eye of a Catalyst embedded in it that allows her to stop and release opponents in time via cuts. The deeper the cut, the more time that the person will be frozen in time for. It actually does not do much damage as the wound slowly heals itself and acts more as a indicator to when the person will become unfrozen in time. Like Hilde, she is able to ride giant birds and use them in a unique approach to combat that is far more aerial.

Specific Abilities

  • Bain - Bain is an axe embedded with the eye of a Catalyst that allows Pytra to freeze her opponents in time via wounds that slowly heal over time. Even being sliced in half with the axe will not cause death, but just a very long time for the person to unfreeze from time. She can also unfreeze a person early from time by flicking the eye, which will release all frozen targets instantly.
  • Giant Bird Taming - Pytra is able to tame and teach giant bird creatures into following her commands and ride them. She rides a giant blue jay the most frequently. She generally is pretty good at riding them and it gives her a unique aerial focus that many characters are not able to do anything about.



Pytra hates Strafe for a variety of reasons, mainly out of jealously but also for the perfectly valid reason of saddling her friend with a child without ever coming back, as well never helping them out in a serious manner. If Pytra and Strafe are alone together, Pytra does not hold back on her feelings on him, but will bottle them up if Hilde is around.

Hilde Quillborne

Hilde is her best friend and acts as her support and protector, even before her pregnancy. Unknown to Hilde, Pytra harbors feelings for her and was deeply jealous of Strafe. Pytra has never been able to get this across to Hilde but evidently takes her role very seriously and is very defensive of Hilde and her child.



  • Pytra was concepted when Hilde Quillborne become a CHELPRO character. She was not in any original drafts for the original character as the FantendoQuest characters would have been the ones to help her deliver the baby. In place of them, Pytra was created instead.
  • Bain's appearance was inspired by Geryon aka Timesteed from Devil May Cry 3.