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Pyroverse: Breach is a game project developed by Pyro Enterprises, acting as the ending of Arc 1 of the company's Pyroverse narrative universe. The game itself is inspired by a myriad number of titles, including Super Mario Odyssey, Persona 5, Astral Chain, XCOM 2, Death Stranding and Dark Souls, creating an entirely unique experience defined as its lead director Pyrostar (tbc) as an "excursion action game".


See: Pyroverse: Breach/Story.

The narrative aspect of Pyroverse: Breach is a lengthy one: as such, it will be placed within its own separate subpage rather than being placed on the main one. The story itself can be found on the link above, and will be updated periodically.

Recommended Reading

Attention! This game's story is part of an ongoing narrative, and to understand characters and plot elements better, the author highly recommends checking out other stories in the Pyroverse before looking at this one. If you've read up and understand everything, then thank you for your dedication and support, and for your help in making the Pyroverse as fun to write as it has been.


Pyroverse: Breach is an unorthodox form of character action game inspired by a multitude of titles, pulled from genres ranging from contemporary action titles to JRPGs and 3D platformers. At its core, the game is centered around both platforming and action, with players navigating large open-world environments and using a variety of characters, each with their own robust moveset, to defeat enemies and complete key goals that lead to the game's end goal- defeating the goddess Tiera.

The game is set on a calendar system inspired by the Persona series of RPGs; every in-game day is divided into two phases, Preparation and Exploration. Preparation functions as the more social element of the game, in which players spend their hard-earned resources upgrading the character roster and purchasing recovery and assist items, as well as simply conversing and interacting with their allies. The Exploration phase, in contrast, is where the bulk of the game's combat is presented, with the player choosing a team of two characters to venture out into one of the many available sandbox areas, titled Zones, in order to gather up more resources and strike down key members of Tiera's forces, with the aim of slowly locating the goddess's palace and finding a method to take her down for good. The day ends officially when the player manages to accomplish a major goal, willingly signs off from the Pause menu, or falls in battle.

The game possesses an overarching time limit in the form of the Cataclysm Meter, a large health bar located on the world map that represents how close Tiera is to accomplishing her goal of regaining her power and wiping out humanity. When the Cataclysm Meter reaches 100%, the player is given a Game Over. The Cataclysm Meter slowly raises as days pass, but certain missions that crop up in Zones have the chance to greatly raise the meter's progress if left alone- inversely, if these missions are completed before they vanish, the bar will lose progress, providing more time for the player to accomplish their other objectives.


The actual combat of Pyroverse: Breach is comparable to a standard character action game on the surface, with the player being able to move with the left stick and adjust the camera with the right stick. Clicking in the right stick centers the camera behind the player character's back, except during combat, where it will instead lock on to the nearest enemy. Locking onto an enemy displays a small ring around the target, which doubles as an indicator of said enemy's health bar; the ring will slowly cycle to a red color as they take damage.

The player has a multitude of basic options for combat at any given time, possessing both a Primary Attack and Secondary Attack button. While Primary Attack will typically act as a character's basic combo string, the purpose of Secondary Attack tends to vary between characters, meaning that the button's application can wildly vary at any given moment. The player also has access to the Drive button, often used to pull off maneuvers involving the player's Drive Bar, a Dash button to aid in mobility and evasion, and an Item button, which allows players to access a radial menu of items when held down and uses the selected item when tapped.

The game's combat works on a tag team system, with the player selecting two members of the playable roster before leaving on the Expedition Phase. Whenever the player finishes a combo string, lands certain other attacks, or Perfect Dodges an incoming enemy attack, a large yellow X flashes over their body, signifying that a Cross Attack may be performed; hitting the Switch button while this X is onscreen summons the partner character for a support attack, switching control over to them in the process. Alternatively, the player may perform a Cross Rush at any time by holding down the Switch button, a technique that summons the inactive character onscreen for a short period of time as they automatically perform combos on the opponent that the player is targeting. The AI of the computer-controlled ally is decently intelligent and is programmed to pull off somewhat advanced techniques, attempting to showcase to novice players what exactly each character's moveset is capable of. After the use of a Cross Rush, the inactive character will be locked during a short cooldown, during which no Cross Attacks or Switching can occur.


A list of terms that may be used to describe techniques in combat throughout the rest of the page- this section is more or less a glossary of Pyroverse: Breach's terminology.

  • Charge Input- refers to the action of holding down an attack button in order to charge up an powerful attack or ability. Typically a risky proposition, but very rewarding if the move hits.
  • Cyclone Input- refers to the action of spinning the movement stick before hitting an attack button. Cyclone attacks are typically used as crowd control, creating attacks with wide hitboxes.
  • Drive Form- Refers to any sort of alternate form a character may be able to access through clicking in both control sticks at once. Drains the Drive Bar while active, and often possess enhanced or unique properties to the original moveset the character possesses.
  • Flowdashing- characters who possess the Flowdashing ability are able to enter an enhanced dashing state upon Dashing into a wall, pole, or larger enemy, which grants them a multitude of parkour-based movement options and attacks. They also refresh their midair jump once by doing this, enabling them to obtain more height than normal. Flowdashing can be cancelled out of by jumping.
  • Stinger Input- refers to the action of moving the movement stick away from an enemy, then quickly towards them before pressing the attack button. Stinger moves tend to have large amounts of forward momentum behind them, making them a unique form of movement option.
  • Superarmor- attacks/entities with superarmor will take damage from attacks, but will not flinch unless it is struck repeatedly in a limited amount of time. If a move has superarmor, the parts of the user's body that possess it will glow yellow for the duration of the superarmor.
  • Superstinger Input- refers to the action of holding towards an enemy before performing a traditional Stinger input. A more complex input used by few characters, often being relegated to a super-secret technique.
  • Superstrength- characters who possess this trait are able to lift up heavy pieces of terrain, as well as enemies who are in a staggered or dazed state, and throw them as projectiles. Guarding with a held object also enables the user to use it as a shield, and if said shield is an enemy, lets the player harm them through absorbing blows.
  • Unblockable- refers to a move that either bypasses or pierces through most forms of defense, even superarmor. The only thing an unblockable attack cannot break through is complete invincibility. If a move is unblockable, the parts of the user's body that possess this trait will glow red for the duration of the effect. Often associated with grabs or piercing moves.
  • Ukemi- refers to a defensive technique performed by quickly flicking the movement stick towards an enemy attack with perfect timing. This causes time to slow down, providing an opportunity for the player to counter with an attack or movement option of their choice. Unblockable attacks break through ukemi attempts.

EXP and Rankings

Every battle encounter provides the player with a Combat Ranking, determined by how efficient they are in combat. The ranking calculations are inspired by Astral Chain and Super Smash Bros. Melee's Bonus mode, in which performing certain mid-battle achievements rewards the player with a certain amount of points, and acquiring a certain number of points mid-battle determines the player's ranking for that encounter. Rankings range from D to S, with an elusive S+ ranking being available exclusively on Hard difficulty.

When an enemy is defeated, they offer EXP, which is banked until the end of the day's Exploration Phase. Upon ending the day, all of the player's individual combat rankings are tallied into the Final Ranking, which offers a multiplier on the EXP acquired that day; D ranking provides no bonus, while an S ranking provides a 2x bonus and an S+ ranking provides a 2.5x bonus. If the player dies, however, the day ends early as they are evacuated to Via Spectrum, and they receive the exclusive F ranking, applying a 0.5x penalty to all EXP gained tallied up. There are no individual character levels in Pyroverse: Breach, with all EXP going to a team pool which levels up every single character upon reaching a milestone. Upon leveling up, every character's base HP, attack, and defense increase.

Drive Bar

Located underneath the player's HP is a golden bar known as the Drive Bar, which slowly fills up over time and also increases when the player strikes enemies with attacks, as well as Perfect Dodging and striking with Cross Attacks. The bar has multiple levels that it can reach, indicated by a number to the bar's left; when the bar is completely filled, it will reset to zero as the number increases by one. The game begins with a cap of 3 bars, but this can be upgraded to 9 by the end of the game.

Drive is used by the majority of characters to fuel various forms of special techniques, which vary from character to character. The most common technique powered by this bar is the Drive Form, a special enhanced mode which certain characters can access after hitting a certain number of bars by clicking in both sticks. While in a Drive Form, the Drive Bar slowly drains over time, reverting back to normal upon hitting empty or performing the same input to deactivate the form early.

Zone Defense

Each Zone on the World Map begins the game as conquered by Tiera, showcased by being marked in a vibrant red. Zones dominated by Tiera are more crowded with enemy squadrons than usual, and the enemies themselves are more aggressive, necessitating that the player occasionally hightail it out of battles that they do not believe they can win. Dotted around each zone are glowing waypoints known as Feyvein, strange tree-like veins emerging from the ground that can be interacted with in order to register them as a save point and spawning location at the start of the day. An area can have a variable amount of Feyvein, but after 5 in an area are registered, a much larger Feyvein known as a Feygrove emerges from the ground in a centralized location. Ascending the Feygrove, taking out the enemies inside it and beating the high-level Prime variant enemy at the top liberates the region from Tiera's control, causing it to be shown on the map in blue.

At the end of every week, resistance members in all liberated Zones will provide resources to the player. However, Tiera's forces are capable of retaking a liberated Zone, and doing so will shut off the flow of resources, make enemies more powerful, and, if left alone, can shut off previously activated Feyveins. In order to re-liberate the region, players can simply reclimb the Feygrove, but the player also has the option to place a member of the team on the Feygrove in order to defend the region. This staves off Tiera's forces in the area and increases the flow of resources from that region, but also comes at the cost of not being able to play as that character unless they are recalled.

Mission Subtypes

Every day, various Missions can pop up across the map with various clear conditions, rewarding the player if they enter the corresponding Zone to complete them. It is up to the player to decide if fulfilling these is worth the extra time...

Rescue Mission
Rescue missions entail the search for and retrieval of civilians, who are scattered across dangerous territory. It is up to the player to locate them and defeat the clusters of enemies threatening to kill them off. While the civilians will immediately be escorted to safety once combat encounters are cleared up, they can be killed while the conflict is going on, tasking the player with defending them. Clearing a Rescue mission rewards players with G and resources dependent on how many civilians survive- it also decreases the Cataclysm Bar slightly, while failing/ignoring it raises it.
SOS Mission
SOS missions can only pop up in areas that the player has stationed characters in to guard against, as it entails their capture by a powerful member of Tiera's forces. This character will be temporarily locked as long as the mission is active, and when accepted, the player will have to track down and locate the group of powerful enemies keeping them captive. The player will be awarded with extra resources if they rescue the character, though the mission may go away on its own after some time, implying the captive escapes. Clearing the missing reduces the Cataclysm Bar, while failing or ignoring it increases it.
Breakthrough Mission
One of the most drastic mission subtypes, Breakthrough missions entail a miniaturized Feygrove being planted onto the map, containing multiple floors of platforming challenges and enemy gauntlets. Reaching the structure's top assists in severing Tiera's connection to the planet, reducing the Cataclysm Bar and buying more time to prevent her plan... But dying mid-mission raises the bar, and leaving the mission alone will cause a daily growth of the bar's climb to doom and despair.
Revenge Mission
When a Revenge mission pops up, it means an area's boss is back for revenge, taking on a powerful EX form that's incredibly powerful! As long as it lurks in an area, the difficulty of the enemies nearby slowly rises, as does the Cataclysm Bar... but taking this EX boss down lowers it as well as providing an Intelligence Core and plenty of resources! Be sure to utilize the Eerie Statue in Via Spectrum to learn the tactics of dealing with EX Bosses!

Chosen Four and Victory Rewards

The game's end goal is to defeat all four members of the Chosen Four, Tiera's servants and commanders of her army. Each has taken residence atop a massive Feygrove, which acts as its own gauntlet-like level filled with enemies and challenges, and access to each Feygrove requires 10 Intelligence Cores, obtained in each Zone or by defeating lower-level Bosses.

Defeating each member of the Chosen Four offers its own gameplay reward, detailed below. Inversely, however, defeating any of them causes the game's difficulty to scale up, making stronger enemies more common and increasing enemy density in every Zone.

Defeating Corona
Defeating Corona doubles the size of the player's party, letting them bring and swap between four characters during the Excursion Phase as opposed to two. This expands their combo and combat potential exponentially, granting them much greater chances of felling even the strongest foes.
Defeating San-Sokeh
Defeating San-Sokeh encourages human resistance to take more direct action against Tiera. This manifests as human resistance groups occasionally appearing in the field as temporary allies when taking on missions, making them easier to complete or even taking care of the mission themselves.
Defeating Toronova
Defeating Toronova not only unlocks Osuna as a playable character, but also unlocks the Godslayer Alloy upgrade for purchase at the Forlorn Swordsmith- this upgrade is necessary to allow a character to damage Tiera.
Defeating Saipha
Defeating Saipha Notozawa grants Aysu ownership of his company, and as such, his assets. Every week, a bonus package of G and other resources will be transferred to the player, making life a bit easier and requiring less scavenging.

Online Constructs and Collaboration

After any of a Zone's Feyveins have been activated, the region around it becomes connected to a magical networking system managed by Inversim and Lexi. While connected to this network, the player becomes able to see leave behind short Messages on the ground by tapping on their Onyx controller's touchscreen; you will also able to Like the messages if you find them helpful or encouraging. Liking a message will send the writer a tiny bit of health restoration in their own game, which is saved up until they become damaged during an Exploration Phase.

After purchasing a Construct Ring from Gargan's Garage, becoming available after activating the first Feyvein, the player also gains the ability to create Constructs at each Feyvein location, wrapping around the base of the arcane growth and deriving power from it. These Constructs act as beneficial waypoints for the player, providing benefits other than the basic healing abilities of the Feyveins. If online, other Construct Rings created by other players will branch off from the one the player sets down, providing more benefits. Liking these Constructs will not only provide their creator with more minor healing, but also eventually upgrade the Construct, increasing its benefits for both the player and other online peers.

The list of constructs can be found here.

Storage Unit A cylindrical storage unit that uses wormhole technology to connect directly with Via Spectrum. Can be used to pull items stored in Lexi's Shrine into the Exploration Phase if the player is running low, or can be used to return items to her and offload them if the player is worried about losing them upon death. Storage Units can also send items to a shared locker, accessible by other players for a minor Gene cost that is paid to the original player. Upgrading a Storage Unit increases the shared locker space and increases the amount of storage Lexi's Shrine has to pull from.
Drive Generator A radio tower-like object that emits a pulse when players draw near, restoring some of their Drive. As resting at a Feyvein does not restore Drive, these Generators can be crucial. After each pulse, the generator enters a cooldown state, ensuring they cannot be exploited for infinite Drive regeneration. Upgrading a Drive Generator increases the power of the restoration pulse.
Binoculars A pair of binoculars with periscope functionality, capable of examining the land and surveying the area. While using Binoculars, the player can also plays Beacons in the environment, which point out locations of interest and help guide the player while they are on foot. Upgrading the Binoculars not only increases their max height, helping them survey more of the land, but also adds bonus upgrades that help the player detect items, enemy clusters, and messages, making the search of the land more thorough.
Vending Machine A duplicate of the vending machine found in Via Spectrum, offering a method with which to quickly resupply in the field at a cost of G. When a player's Vending Machine arrives in another player's game, the G that they spend will be returned to the original player. Upgrading a Vending Machine increases the quality of its goods, eventually offering Meals when its level becomes high enough.
Aero Launcher A ring-like cannon with air rushing through it. Stepping inside launches the player upwards into the air, granting them limited gliding ability afterwards. Aero Launchers are easy and convenient ways to move around the environment safely, as well as reach vantage points that may have not been easy to access otherwise. Upgrading an Aero Launcher upgrades both the maximum height it can launch to and the amount of hangtime the player gets whole gliding, letting them traverse more ground in a single launch.

Via Spectrum

Via Spectrum is the otherworldly realm in which Inversim resides, forming the base of operations for the player's forces throughout the game. The entirety of each day's Preparation Phase is spent within Via Spectrum, letting the player prepare for combat or socialize with the other playable characters. There are a myriad number of locations within this area, which can all be fast-traveled between by pressing the X button.

Central Command
An eastern region primarily occupied by the massive stone slab inscribed with a map of Earth. This region has a strange, unearthly feel to it, as if treading on holy ground. It is in Central Command that the player deploys into a Zone during each day's Exploration Phase, as well as managing elements related to the Exploration Phase such as team management and deployment.
Earth Map
A massive stone slab inscribed with a map of Earth's major countries, divided into segments by Nyxiel in order to help narrow down the locations of Tiera and her generals, the Chosen Four. Interacting with this map allows the player to select a Zone to deploy in, as well as view missions that pop up in various zones.
Inversim, Father of Salvation, can often be found next to the Earth Map, lost in thought. Speaking him lets the player ask him for advice on what they should be doing next, view hint videos on how to face difficult elements of the game, or view an index of tutorials on how to pull off certain techniques. He's always there to help you out!
Lexi's Shrine
A small shrine-like area where Lexi LaZulia often resides, training to focus her power and effectively acting as the team's communication's officer. Speaking with her lets the player select their pair of playable characters, assign other characters to act as defenders in liberated Zones, and interact with the game's online functionality. The player can also store items with Lexi, which can be accessed out in the field through a Storage Unit.
Timeline Plaza
The center of Via Spectrum is what amounts to a commercial district, acting as the primary location to purchase items and trade in what the player collects out in the field during the Exploration Phase. It's also a major social hub, with a good amount of the cast appearing somewhere in the plaza on any given day to converse if approached.
Timeline Fountain
A large empty square with a strange glowing tree-like object made of yellow light right in the center. This object is a creation of Möbius, splintering and growing as Tiera's influence is weakened and the future becomes ever brighter. A major hangout spot for much of the cast on any given day.
Malphea's Lab
A small laboratory and clinic run by Malphea while the player is not playing as her. Acting as the basic item shop of the game, Malphea's lab supplies restorative items that the player can take into the field. Her stock grows as the player collects Research Notes in the Exploration Phase.
Le Vaillant
A restaurant set up by Bubba in order to increase morale amongst the team. For a hefty sum, Bubba will cook you up a delicious meal that bestows some form of passive stat buff to the entire playable cast for a few days, giving them a potential edge in difficult situations. More expensive meals will last for longer. Bubba's menu expands as the player collects Rare Ingredients in the Exploration Phase.
Vending Machine
An ordinary vending machine that Nyxiel loads up with food she likes. Need a boost of power in a quick pinch, or don't have the money to spend on getting a meal boost from Bubba? The Vending Machine sells smaller snack packs that can be opened up in the field as consumable items, providing a temporary boost to a stat on a dime. These snack boosts also stack with Bubba's meals!
Gargan's Garage
This workshop is where Gargan and Retron hang out when the player is not playing as one of them. Acting as a spot for Gargan to tinker with his mechanical arm and explosive weaponry, the garage acts as a shop for combat items, such as grenades and automated drones. Gargan's selection of equipment automatically improves as time progresses, and enemies become tougher- he's gotta prove he's just as tough!
The Forlorn Swordsmith
This strange, otherworldly foundry is run by an sad old man with horns, who seemingly refuses to disclose his identity. He is more than willing to upgrade the playable characters, however, accepting Upgrade Materials found in the Exploration Phase in order to create Ability Nodes that can be equipped to a character for boosts. Unlike other vendors, all of the Swordsmith's upgrades are available from the start.
Floating Island
A small floating island off to the southwest of Timeline Plaza. Largely barren and flat, it acts as an ideal training ground, letting the player practice more advanced techniques and combos. The island is also host to a seemingly infinite wellspring of restorative water, which can be used to heal those who are suffering from injury or illness. Just a nice, relaxing environment.
Hot Spring
This large hot spring always stays refreshingly warm in the chilly world of Via Spectrum, and its restorative properties make it a good hangout location. Not only is this another social hub, but its also where playable characters are dropped off if they are injured and recovered in a Rescue mission, healing their wounds.
Training Area
A flat plain where the player can spawn in any enemy they desire to fight against, adjusting the circumstances of the battle to their whim endlessly. You can also use the Training Area to create Troops, dedicated enemy groups that all spawn together, in order to simulate various combat situations. Experiment to your heart's content!
Eerie Statue
This strange, abstract statue is shrouded in black mist, its origin unknown. Interacting with it enables the player to battle upgraded EX forms of bosses they have defeated previously for a large resource reward, even having the option to team up with online players to take them down. The statue's challenges are not for the faint of heart!
A large structure hastily erected in the northwest of the area, designed to house the entire team and provide them with a place to rest and recuperate. There's a room for every playable character in here, and it's a good area to simply relax and converse with others.
Personal Room
The room of the character the player controls at any given time. The objects within the room differ by character, giving you a little insight into their personal life. The player can also display the myriad achievements they have obtained during the game in this room, as well as decorate it with cosmetic objects. Express yourself! You've earned it.
Maintenance Station
A small shower-like room located inside everyone's own private quarters. Regularly checking into the station is necessary for cleaning off and refreshing one's self, restoring one's fighting spirit. One can also use the station to customize their character, adjusting the hue of different parts of their outfit.
The Underbelly
Underneath Timeline Plaza is this set of precarious scaffolding, all holding up a strange bar and entertainment area complete with spa and arcade! Seems like Nyxiel set up her own little hangout location at some point... The Underbelly is more than it seems, however, and hides some secrets of its own.
A large lineup of what can only be described as arcade machines and games- some of these look alien in origin, though. All of these arcade machines can be played after putting money in them, and clearing certain point thresholds in the games awards valuable prizes! You can even test yourself against the online leaderboards for all five games.
Poolside Bar
A bar built into the side of the small hot tub located in the center of the Underbelly, which dabbles in magic beverages possessing strange effects. For an expensive sum, you can buy one of these drinks, which activates a new cheat option in the menu. It's also another conversational hub, and in some cases, the talks here can get... steamy.
Unknown Machine
A mysterious hybrid of flesh and machinery found inside the core of Via Spectrum itself, believed to be the true source of Inversim's psyche. In an attempt to uncover the truth behind the deity, it's up to a lone warrior- Retron- to delve into this unknown machine and potentially unlock the secrets behind Inversim's past. Using this machine, the player can opt to forgo the day's Excursion Phase in exchange for attempting to play through a stage of the arcade game Momentum Mori, a difficult 2D sidescroller game starring Retron. The game has ten stages in total, and unlocking the true final boss requires the player to clear all of the game's levels.

Character Index

Daughter of Inversim
Difficulty: ✦✧✧
Nyxiel is perhaps the mastermind of all the ongoings behind the scenes in the Pyroverse, working a myriad number of secretive plans alongside the Iliad Organization and her father, the Yokai King Inversim, in order to ensure the downfall of the goddess Tier aand protect the universe from annihilation. Unfortunately, despite all of these plans, the worst case scenario has come, throwing this schemer into a depressive episode. After garnering enough support from her newfound friends- and seeing for herself just how dire a state the world has found itself in with Tiera at the helm- Nyxiel jumps back into the fray, taking direct action and letting her otherworldly powers take center stage.
Nyxiel is a very basic and well-rounded character, ideal for use by newcomers who need to adjust to Pyroverse: Breach's combat system. Her basic melee string is simplistic and close-ranged, but it is also augmented by a myriad amount of floating dark orbs that act as extensions of her slapping and punching range. Tapping the Secondary Attack button lets Nyxiel throw one of these orbs as a boomerang-like projectiles, which drags the target inwards, while holding the button down instead enables Nyxiel to perform her Parallel Lightning attack, a solid stream of dark electricity that locks onto the target for as long as she holds the button. Though the attack is weak, the sustained damage is good for holding an enemy up in the air, potentially leading to juggle combo setups. Indeed, much of Nyxiel's kit plays out relatively the same; she has access to a wide variety of basic fundamental moves, but through experimentation, these moves become progressively more nuanced and garner more depth.
Nyxiel is capable of Flowdashing.
Notable Abilities
Shadow Orb
Performed by tapping the Secondary Attack button. Nyxiel throws forward one of the orbs that augments her basic melee combo as a projectile, quickly moving forward before moving upwards slightly and returning to her. The orb will pierce through enemies in its path, putting them in hitstun, and then knock them back towards Nyxiel on the return trip; this makes them useful for pulling distant foes into a melee combo.
Parallel Lightning
Performed by holding down the Secondary Attack button. Nyxiel will fire a stream of dark lightning at the target, slowly dealing chip damage over time. While this does not deal hitstun to enemies in a neutral position, it does do so to enemies who have been launched and are currently suffering from hitstun already. The lightning's damage wanes over time in this instance, but Nyxiel is able to follow up the lightning attack and cancel it to many of her other actions, as well as character switching and a Cross Rush attack. When performed in the air, Nyxiel will float in place for a second before descending downward, making it a useful tool to evade ground-based hazards.
Performed by using the Stinger input and hitting the Secondary Attack button. Nyxiel fires off a large sphere of darkness at high velocity, twice the size of Shadow Orb. Malignance is a multi-hit attack that will pause in place upon hitting an enemy, striking them multiple times before bursting into a large explosion. The orb itself can hit multiple enemies if they are close enough together.
Shadow Shift
Performed by holding down the Dash button after the initial dash, or while during Flowdashing. Nyxiel enters a spectral, shadowy form that is completely immune to all forms of damage. This technique quickly drains the Drive Bar while it is in use, so it is best to use it sparingly in order to avoid damage or approach foes without risk of harm. Nyxiel can cancel out of Shadow Shift by jumping or performing an attack input, and can even buffer Stinger, Cyclone, or Charge attacks while dashing forward.
The Last Coronid
Difficulty: ✦✦✧
Lucius is a member of the Coronid species, a race of humanoid beings who were the first species to biologically evolve without the guidance or influence of Tiera. This eventually resulted in the goddess creating Corona, a manipulative and sinister servant, to subjugate and eventually destroy the race. Lucius, a humble scientist, eventually managed to seal himself cryogenically alongside Corona, suffering for centuries in hypersleep before being woken up by the fairy warping the entire planet into a warzone. Partnering with the Terran warrior Fera and her allies, Lucius managed to defeat his rival Corona once and for all, only to be imprisoned by the Terran government with no sign of Fera anywhere. Lucius now finds himself trapped in the past in a corrupted Earth, ruled over by the very entity that ordered his people eradicated; with his newfound allies, however, Lucius is determined that he can overcome the odds.
Lucius, at first glance, remains just as simple of a character to play as Nyxiel, with a basic melee combo string that can be augmented via the use of his plasma attacks. However, Lucius is much more reliant on the use of his Drive Bar than Nyxiel, and is able to spend the precious resource in order to utilize one of his powerful Plasma Arts. Though strong, their high cost means that a player must realize exactly when to utilize one, and a skilled player will begin to learn where and when to insert a Plasma Art into a combo string. As he is so reliant on use of the Drive Bar, he also acts as a soft tutorial for players and teaches them the ins and outs of how the meter functions.
Lucius is capable of Flowdashing.
Notable Abilities
Finisher Tech
During Lucius's basic combo string, the player is able to perform a Finisher by pressing the Secondary Attack button. The specific Finisher used is dependent on what hit of the combo string the input was used on. These Finishers will often augment the basic combo string with either a plasma blade surrounding Lucius's arm or a series of small, rapid-fire plasma projectiles; these attacks often deal more damage than a single basic strike.
Plasma Arts Menu
By holding down the Drive button, Lucius is able to access a radial menu known as the Plasma Arts Menu, which functions similarly to the radial menu utilized for items. Selecting one of the four options provided enables Lucius to use one of his Plasma Arts at the cost of 1 full bar of the Drive Bar. Time pauses while in the menu, then slowly begins to resume if the player takes too long to select their option.
Plasma Satellite
A Plasma Art in which Lucius summons multiple orbs near his feet, which spin rapidly around his body as they quickly move higher and further away from his body. After some time, these orbs explode, dealing heavy damage; the orbs also have weak hitboxes while flying around Lucius, making it a good melee tool. While performing this move, Lucius is immobile.
Plasma Laser
This Plasma Art involves Lucius thrusting his hand forward, firing a large beam of plasma energy directly forward or at an enemy he has locked onto. This beam is a multihit attack, and the final hit launches enemies away from Lucius. Lucius also remains immobile while performing this move.
Plasma Arc
A Plasma Art in which Lucius summons a large blade around his arm, spinning in a circle around himself to deal AoE damage. After this spin, Lucius throws the blade forward as a large arc-shaped sword beam. One of the weaker Plasma Arts on its own, but the massive sizes of the hitboxes make Plasma Arc good for dealing with large groups of enemies.
Plasma Surge
This Plasma Art involves Lucius's body becoming wreathed in plasma as he fires a multitude of weak projectiles in all directions, which have startlingly high hitstun. If the player has locked onto an enemy, the projectiles will instead curve to home in on them rather than scattering in all directions. Good for both crowd control and juggling a single enemy.
Cursed Timewalker
Difficulty: ✦✦✦
Möbius hails from the ancient kingdom of Kalanta, a victim of a terrible curse inflicted on him when his kingdom was attacked by an ancient time mage. His soul fated to relive past experiences over and over, looping back through time, the former soldier became an aimless wanderer as his body began to decay. It was only through the intervention of Nyxiel, discovering his body in the ethereal planes, that the harshest aspects of his curse were lifted and he was finally able to feel some form of happiness again. Now that Tiera threatens both the universe and time itself, Möbius fully returns to the action he has avoided for so long, weaponizing his curse to bring the fight to the goddess herself... all to repay the woman who has shown him so much kindness.
Möbius at first seems like a very simplistic character, having a decent level of all core stats and bringing a balanced fighting style with his broadsword, shield, and throwing daggers. He does not truly excel at any aspect of combat, but there's nothing here that he lacks either. Where Möbius truly shines is in his unique Infinity Limit technique, which enables him to copy any of his attacks and loop it throughout time repeatedly, all for the cost of some of his Drive Bar. The Infinity Limit provides a myriad number of juggling, guard-breaking, and zoning options, making its applications practically limitless. As such, not only does Möbius's kit revolve around patience and timing in order to consistently trigger Infinity Limit at the correct time, but also a keen eye that is capable of spotting the situations in which each move works the best.
Notable Abilities
Infinity Limit
Performed by pressing the Secondary Attack button after performing any normal attack. Using his chronal powers, Möbius calls forth his past self to perform the same attack again, looping repeatedly over and over and acting as a form of autonomous attack. The attack will repeat five or six times before fading out. Each use of Infinity Limit costs 1/4th of the Drive Bar.
Perfect Infinity Limit
Performed by pressing the Secondary Attack button immediately as a normal attack strikes a foe. Rather than acting as a zoning tool, the Perfect Infinity Limit causes the past Möbius clones to specifically target the enemy struck and pursue them with the looped move. Designed more for overwhelming offense and guard-breaking than passive damage. Each use of Infinity Limit costs 1/6th of the Drive Bar, rewarding the player for accurate timing.
Infinity Slash
Used after performing an Infinity Limit on Möbius's combo finisher. A slashing attack that swipes through the air in an infinity symbol, this swift and looping attack is good for juggling foes in the air, setting them up for a follow-up attack.
Dashing Strike/Infinity Dash
Performed by pressing the Dash button during Möbius's basic combo. Möbius will dash forward sword-first, dealing light damage to enemies while staggering them; the attack features no knockback, leaving enemies in place for a follow-up attack. If a normal Infinity Limit is used on this attack, then the Möbius clone will merely dash across the same space repeatedly, but if a Perfect Infinity Limit is used instead, the clone will repeatedly dash into the enemy it strikes from all angles.
Dagger Toss/Infinity Toss
Performed with a standard Cyclone input. Möbius throws a multitude of weak daggers in a circle around him, staggering enemies and giving the player more space to breath. If an Infinity Limit is used on this attack, the Möbius clone will remain in the same position, repeatedly spinning around and performing the attack multiple times. This move is ideal for crowd control, but if you can set the clone up in the perfect position, it can be used to deal massive close-up damage on larger foes.
Harpy Go Lucky Hero
Difficulty: ✦✦✦
Quetzarin- or Quetz for short- is just an average harpy dwelling in the Crypta Archipelago on the island of Sana Tomas. A bit of a birdbrain, she's not exactly the brightest or most talented individual you'll ever meet. That said, she's got plenty of heart, and she's proven herself a worthy hero by slaying the interdimensional horror known as Naga, an entity later shown to be a servant of Tiera herself. Since then, Quetz has fallen back into the quiet life and attempted to start making masks for fun, but she's now been sucked into yet another dangerous conflict by Nyxiel. She's not going to lose heart, though, and her optimism and blind confidence may be just what the team needs.
Being a harpy, Quetz has a unique aerial role in combat. She has a whopping five jumps at her disposal, which can be used to both gain height and to cancel out of her animations to string unique and varied combos together. She's quite the mobile fighter even without all these jumps, pulling off quick dashes and loop-de-loops to juggle enemies and keep them on their toes. Her greatest weakness is her actual damage output, as outside of a few moves, she's not very strong and can suffer when dealing with heavy-hitting enemies. Evade everything you can by dashing or jumping!
Quetz is capable of Flowdashing.
Notable Abilities
Quick Crash
Performed by tapping the Secondary Attack button. When performed on the ground, Quetz jumps in the air and quickly slams downward, creating a shockwave that damages and pushes away nearby enemies. When performed in the air instead, Quetz's body becomes an active hitbox as she descends, the power of the attack increasing the longer she falls.
Miracle Wings
Performed by holding down the Secondary Attack button. Quetz charges up Drive energy around her as she stalls in midair, slowly draining her Drive Bar. Releasing the button causes her to fly forward in a spiraling dash attack, which possesses great strength and shield-breaking ability as well as complete invincibility. The more the move is charged, the greater distance it covers and the more power it has, though the hitbox at the start of the move's activation deals the most damage. Can be charged up to drain an entire bar of Drive.
Shuttle Loop
Performed with a Superstinger input. Quetz swiftly takes off, performing a midair loop that scoops up enemies and sends them into the air; the looping attack is also able to hit midair enemies. Quetz ends the move in the air, meaning that she can gain extra height without the use of a jump, but only one Shuttle Loop can be performed before she touches the ground again.
Rising Cyclone
Performed with a Cyclone input. Under normal circumstances, Quetz will spin around with her wings outstretched, dealing multiple hits of damage to anything nearby. However, if Quetz jumps while this move is being performed, she will rise up while spinning, carrying enemies upwards with her. Good for both AoE control and to juggle multiple enemies at once.
Ultimate Weapon
Difficulty: ✦✦✧
Aysu is the daughter of Saipha Notozawa, technology guru and military contractor who is a veritable master with robotics. Under his eye, Aysu was augmented with a bionic endoskeleton and trained from a young age to be a master warrior, serving her father's whims without any hesitation or disobedience. After a shocking encounter working alongside SYNDERS, however, Aysu has rejected her father's ideology and formed an alliance with the Iliad Organization. With the world crumbling, Aysu finds herself searching for an identity of her own- underneath all the technology, who is she? Regardless of Aysu's standoffish personality or inner turmoil, her skill with the blade is impeccable, making her an invaluable asset to the team attempting to restore human civilization.
Aysu's massive blade, the Lunarista, is her primary asset when it comes to combat. Despite its massive size, she swings it with the greatest of ease, giving her basic attack combo wide range as she sweeps it in wide arcs; she also has a myriad amount of mobility options to provide her with even more range on her basic attacks. Though she excels in crowd control due to the wide swings her basic strikes possess, she is also capable of entering Clean Slash mode when more precise cuts are required, letting her slash through armor if her powerful swing is aimed in just the right way. Aysu is also a tutorial character in her own right: being one of the first characters available to possess a Drive Form, as well as one of the simplest of these forms, she acts as a de facto lesson on managing the Drive Bar. To coincide with this, her Secondary Attack takes the form of the Pristine Blade ability, which enables her to build up large amounts of Drive if she times a button press perfectly upon hitting an enemy with certain attacks. Power up into her Berserker form as often as possible, or save up Drive for a teammate's abilities instead!
Aysu possesses a Drive Form: Berserker Form.
Notable Abilities
Pristine Blade
Activated by pressing the Secondary Attack button with perfect timing upon hitting an enemy with an attack. If performed correctly, Lunarista will flash blue and the attack will gain slightly more damage and knockback, and a decently-sized amount of Drive is generated as a result.
Focus Stance
Activated by holding down the Secondary Attack button for a short period of time. Aysu focuses her energy and charges more energy into Lunarista, eventually causing the blue glow to remain on the weapon for a short while. During this buff, all of Aysu's attacks use Pristine Blade automatically, garnering more Drive while dealing more damage and knockback. The charging animation can also be used as a quick and easy way to cancel out of another animation, making a very short charge useful in developing combos.
Clean Cut
Activated by holding down the Primary Attack button. Aysu grabs the hilt of her blade as the camera zooms in, a horizontal line travelling across the screen. The angle of the line can be adjusted with the right stick, tilt controls can be used to aim the line in 3D space, and Aysu can slowly move using the left stick. Upon releasing the Attack button, Aysu slashes down the line with a powerful attack capable of staggering enemies and slicing through armor if aimed properly.
Berserker Form
Difficulty: ✦✦✧ - Drive Cost: 3 Bars
Aysu's Drive Form, Berserker Form represents the pent up emotion and anger that has been building inside of her for years on end. Freed from her psychological shackles, there is now nobody safe from the path that Aysu is capable of carving, her blade having been enhanced with the same fiery determination as her spirit. One of the simplest Drive Forms, Berserker Form is more or less a method of enhancing Aysu's crowd control abilities and attack strength, supercharging Lunarista into its mechanized Full Moon state.
Crescent Cut
Aysu's Clean Cut attack has been enhanced in Berserker Form, firing off a massive crescent-shaped sword beam every time she swings. She also has less endlag on the swing, making it easier to slash rapidly.
Berserker Surge
Activated by pressing the Secondary Attack button with perfect timing upon hitting an enemy with an attack. An amplified and upgraded for of Pristine Blade, Berserker Surge causes the internal engine of Full Moon Lunarista to rev up, extending the blade's hitbox. This increases the power and size of Aysu's next attack, making them progressively stronger if chained together. Unlike Pristine Blade, Berserker Surge does not generate extra Drive.
Endless Blades
Activated by holding down the Secondary Attack button for a short period of time. A replacement for Focus Stance, this move takes a bit longer to charge, with a full charge being indicated by a red flash across the blade. Upon release, Aysu drains all of her remaining Drive and begins flying around the screen rapidly, damaging all enemies in a large radius with slashes. The power and duration of the move are determined by the amount of Drive Aysu possesses. Every single attack during Endless Blades can be augmented by Berserker Surge, though the high speed of her strikes makes this hard to time properly.
Fated Hero
Difficulty: ✦✦✦
Bynde is a hero hailing from another realm, an inquisitive mute and former farmer who once dwelt on the moon with her younger sister. Having once slain the Dark Lord Noske and saved the world below her orbiting home from evil, Bynde now finds herself fighting another vile entity in the form of Tiera. Things look bleak, however- not only is Bynde undergoing a depressive episode due to the lack of contact with her friends and sister, but her legendary weapon, the Seeker's Blade, is now in the hands of the enemy. With love and support from her new allies, however, the reincarnated heroine seeks to strike down evil once again.
Pulling from her wide arsenal of abilities obtained throughout her adventure in Crestseeker, Bynde's kit is one of the most varied and unorthodox movesets in all of Pyroverse: Breach. She is very reliant on this menagerie of magical items, giving her a focus on projectiles and disrupting attacks that is only compounded by her exceptional use of the bow- she can even use her Drive Bar in order to enter bullet time, lining up the perfect headshot for a Critical Hit. As expected from a swordswoman, she is also not entirely useless up close; her basic combat, revolving around the katana-like Lumina Blade, is serviceable and tends to act as her bread-and-butter of combat when you can't take advantage of her items or when her movement options aren't enough to either close the gap or widen it. Bynde's difficulty comes from the sheer amount of options she has, as while her items make her versatile and powerful, it takes a lot of coordination to take advantage of those features.
Notable Abilities
Bow/Archer Time
By holding down the Secondary Attack button, Bynde enters an over-the-shoulder view as she pulls out her bow and nocks an arrow. Simply tapping the Primary Attack button allows her to fire off an arrow, which deals heavy damage and can stagger opponents. By holding the Primary Attack button, however, time slows down and the camera slowly zooms in, draining Bynde's Drive Bar in the process. Zooming in increases the arrow's damage and also lets her line up more precise shots.
Charge Mode
Located underneath Bynde's Drive Bar is a secondary meter known as the Charge Meter, derived from the magical power of Bynde's Thunder Brace item. The Charge Meter fills when Bynde strikes an enemy, and slowly drains over time when she is not hitting them. If the player can build up a combo big enough to completely fill the meter, she enters Charge Mode as the Thunder Brace begins flickering with electricity.
Charge Mode enhanced the power of Bynde's sword strikes and arrows, infusing them with electricity and letting them stun foes. It also has the passive effect of striking enemies nearby with lightning, dealing minor damage and interrupting incoming attacks. While in Charge Mode, the Charge Meter slowly drains and cannot be filled by any means.
Aqua Stone
Performed by pressing Secondary Attack when one of Bynde's Primary Attacks hits the opponent. Using the power of the Effec's treasure, the Aqua Stone, Bynde summons a large bubble of water that floats in place and explodes after a short while, damaging all enemies in the area. Attacking the bubble launches it forward like a projectile; attacking it while in Charge Mode, however, causes it to erupt in a massive electrical explosion that damages and stuns all enemies in a wide radius.
Performed by using a Cyclone input and pressing Secondary Attack. Bynde will pull out her Windcutter, a small discus-like object with three blades, and throw it forward or towards the enemy she is locked onto.The attack deals minor damage but knocks the enemy upward, making them vulnerable. By charging the button press, the Windcutter will lock onto up to four other targets in the area, and will strike all of them rapidly when finally released.
Holy Wire
Performed by using a Stinger input and pressing the Secondary Attack button. Bynde throws a strange golden wire forward, which latches onto any enemies it hits and drags Bynde towards them. Ideally used on evasive aerial enemies, quickly bringing Bynde into offensive range.
Gale Bomb
Performed by tapping the Secondary Attack button. Bynde summons a strange sphere of greenish wind called a Gale Bomb, which she throws forward as a weak projectile that remains on the field after hitting an enemy. Pressing the button again lets her detonate the Gale Bomb, creating a large vortex of wind that lasts for a few seconds and deals multihit damage in a wide column. Good for crowd control and extending combos.
Ancient's Horn
Performed by pressing the Primary Attack button while Dashing. Using the power of the Ancient's Horn, Bynde channels a massive amount of kinetic energy into a forwards shield bash, granting her superarmor, offense, and safe mobility all in one. When performed in the air, the bash comes out at a downward angle, making it a good air-to-ground recovery option.
Slumber Staff
Performed by tapping the Secondary Attack button immediately after an Ukemi. Bynde quickly raises the mystic artifact known as the Slumber Staff upwards, generating a large zone of frozen time around her. This lets her take much greater advantage of the slowed time effect granted by the Ukemi, letting her set up more advanced combos as counterattacks.
Optimistic Child Hero
Difficulty: ✦✧✧
A young child hailing from a strange and fantastical world, Vessa is a young mechanic who's notable for her excessive cheer and optimism and her skill with her yo-yo. Despite her young age, this girl's already proven herself a hero, having taken down the dragoness Pulzar and saved her friend Esselia from a fate worse than death. Now, however the stakes have been raised to incredible levels, with the young girl almost feeling a bit out of her league against the goddess Tiera and her forces. Will she be able to triumph over the divine? Or will she be thrust back into the trash, unable to live up to the image of a hero she wants to project?
Vessa's moveset is built around her platformer roots, having a unique focus on aerial combat and close-up attacks. Much like in her original game- and indeed, a multitude of 3D platformers- Vessa is notable for her ability to actually stomp on the heads of enemies, which both deals damage and refreshes her jump and dash. Her yo-yo is not only a trusty melee weapon, having a lot of range on its swings and working well for crowd control, but it also acts as a grappling tool, letting her swing across the environment and draw herself in towards enemies. Her acrobatic skills know no bounds, but her actual strength suffer as a result- she's just a kid, after all!
Vessa is capable of Flowdashing.
Notable Abilities
Enemy Stomp
Performed by pressing the Jump button nearby an enemy. Vessa will jump off of their head, dealing a decent amount of damage and launching her into the air. When performed on an aerial enemy, the stomp will spike them onto the ground, leaving them vulnerable. Refreshes Vessa's jump and dash if she has used these already before stomping.
Yo-Yo Grapple
Performed by pressing the Secondary Attack button. Vessa will throw her yo-yo towards a target, latching on and pulling herself in. Pressing Jump on contact will let her jump off and gain height, or will trigger an instant Enemy Stomp if she grapples onto an enemy. Releasing the Secondary Attack button mid-flight makes Vessa let go, launching herself great distances with the resulting momentum.
Performed by pressing the Primary Attack button upon reaching an enemy with Yo-Yo Grapple. Vessa will perform a powerful kick on the target she has reached, knocking them backwards as a projectile that can damage and knock away enemies it collides with. Good for creating distance between Vessa and her enemies, as well as for crowd control.
Seraph Form
Difficulty: ✦✦✧ - Drive Cost: 3 Bars
Vessa's Drive Form, Seraph Form, is a living embodiment of the ideals of peace and freedom the girl holds dearly in her heart; augmented by the Angel Feather powerup, Vessa summons impressive wings of energy as she gains incredible light-based powers. Emphasizing the platforming qualities of base Vessa, Seraph Vessa gains incredible aerial mobility and positioning skills, replacing her yo-yo with ribbons of light energy that can be used to swiftly drag foes around the battle field and perform AoE attacks. The general purpose of Seraph Form is increased battlefield mobility- the combo potential in this Drive Form is insane.
Using her newfound light wings, Vessa is capable of jumping a total of five times, gaining less height each jump. She also gains a massive buff to the speed of her dashes, as well as letting them chain together in rapid succession.
Double Ribbon Hurricane
Performed by using two Cyclone inputs in rapid succession. Vessa will extend light ribbons to both sides of her before spiraling upward. This attack covers a large area with multi-hit damage, and can be directionally influenced to strike more foes. Enemies caught in the attack are pulled closer to Vessa.
Bounty Chaser
Difficulty: ✦✦✦
Gargan is a bounty hunter hailing from the Vulkonian race, a rough-and-tumble warrior who takes on any job he can to keep enough money to stay afloat. He has very little regard for safety, and as his cybernetic arm showcases, he is willing to throw his own life on the line in order to finish a job. Perhaps the only thing he possesses even resembling a moral compass is his relationship to Retron, who's acted as his partner through thick and thin. Now trapped in a world where society is on the brink of destruction, perhaps Gargan's wild side is just the weapon the universe needs.
Gargan's moveset is built around his mechanical arms, which come in four subtypes: Fist, Gatling, Cannon, and Hook. Each of these arms can be switched between by holding down the Secondary Attack button and pressing a D-pad direction, and while some elements of his moveset remain the same no matter what, each of his Arms widely changes what he is capable of, and quick switching between each Arm results in near-limitless combat potential. Take care to watch the durability of each Arm, however; overusing one will cause it to shatter, resulting in a short cooldown until he can access it again. Gargan is a test in resource micromanagement- be certain to use his Arms optimally!
Gargan possesses Superstrength.
Notable Abilities
Variable Arms
Large elements of Gargan's moveset are based upon his mechanical Variable Arms, which can be swapped between on a whim. Each Arm possesses its own durability meter, seen in the bottom lefthand corner of the screen, and breaking an Arm disables it for a short time, which can be accelerated by standing still. The attack that causes an arm to break will deal double damage and is guaranteed to shatter enemy guards, possibly incentivizing players to use Arms with low durability in certain circumstances.
  • Variable Fist is Gargan's best close-range Arm, featuring a large mechanical fist. It has decent speed, very short range, and incredible strength, making it best suited for melee enemies or enemies with weak defenses.
  • Variable Gatling causes Gargan's arm to take on the form of a gatling gun, firing off rapid-fire barrages of weak projectiles. While it's not the most powerful of the Variable Arms, it has the best range of the direct attacking tools and the speed of its shots let Gargan juggle enemies at range with ease.
  • Variable Cannon causes Gargan's arm to become a large missile launcher. While the slowest of all the Variable Arms, the rockets fired out of this weapon are incredibly powerful and have a limited degree of homing. Best used as a combo ender.
  • Variable Hook detaches Gargan's hand and places it on the end of a long tensile rope, acting as a form of grappling hook. Can be swung around for large AoE attacks, ideal for crowd control, or used directly for long-range punches or to drag enemies closer to Gargan to follow up with other Arms.
Arm Breaker
By holding down both Attack buttons, Gargan overcharges his currently equipped Variable Arm, performing a highly powerful attack based on the specific Arm equipped. In the process, this Arm explodes, draining it of all of its durability. The explosion itself is a large and powerful hitbox, possessing the same double damage and shield-breaking properties of normal Arm-breaking attacks.
Variable Ice Mode
Performed by holding down the Secondary Attack button without selecting a direction on the D-pad to switch Arms. Gargan uses up 1/6th of his Drive Bar to empower his current Variable Arm with incredibly cold vapor, adding both a 50% damage boost and Freezing effects to his attacks. The effects of Variable Ice Mode will usually last for 10 seconds, but in Variable Cannon mode, it will instead last until Gargan launches his next rocket attack.
Loyal Defender
Difficulty: ✦✦✧
Retron is a young bounty hunter whose past is largely unknown. It's not out of any attempt at secrecy; the quirky Gesinesan simply speaks in a series of beeping tones that only his partner, Gargan, seems to understand. Despite his childish demeanor and small stature, Retron's capability to summon massive hardlight structures at a moment's notice grant him incredible power and combat capabilities. He's been partners with Gargan for years, getting into constant hijinks before ending up battling the divine, first with Fera and now alongside the Iliad Organization's remnants. However, Retron's unique existence as a partially-digital entity may have ramifications... and some important secrets may come to light through his powers.
On the surface, Retron is a very basic defensive character, wielding a sword and shield into battle. His attacks are swift and choppy, letting him string together his basic combo in merely a few frames. He's not necessarily the most powerful, but his quick speed is actually very good for chopping through superarmor- his true weakness stems from his lack of range or mobility. Where he begins to grow more complicated is in the use of his Hardlight weaponry, letting him charge the size of his hitboxes to massive proportions. Bigger weapons let him unleash massive damage and make up for his traditional weaknesses, but look out- taking enough damage will shatter your giant weapon!
Notable Abilities
Hardlight Blade
Performed through a Charged Primary Attack. Retron holds his sword to the sky as hardlight cubes form around it, causing it to increase in size. Holding down the button longer allows the blade to increase in size even more, with 4 distinct stages of progressively larger size.
The larger Retron's blade becomes, the greater its power and hitbox size become, but the slower its movements are. Taking heavy damage while holding a Hardlight Blade causes it to shatter, with Retron remaining in longer hitstun depending on the blade's size. The blade will also revert back to its original size after some time passes, though this does not stun Retron.
Performed by performing any attack input while wielding a Hardlight Blade, substituting the Primary Attack button with the Secondary Attack button. Instead of performing the attack himself, Retron causes his enlarged weapon to automatically perform the input on its own, acting as its own independent entity. If the chosen command can be followed up with additional button presses for more attacks, the Autoblade will perform the entire input chain on its own. Uses up more of the Drive Bar depending on the Hardlight Blade's size.
Sword Dash/Sword Toss
Performed with a basic Superstinger input. Under normal circumstances, Retron will dash forward towards his target, covering a wide distance quickly and acting as an effective mobility tool. If Retron has a Hardlight Blade, however, he will instead throw the weapon at his target as it explodes on contact. The power and explosion size increase with the blade's size, and the projectile's speed reduces accordingly.
Dodge Ball
Performed by double-tapping the Dash button. After dashing, Retron will form a small hardlight ball around him, granting him superarmor and the ability to adjust his movement while inside. The ball breaks after a few seconds, but the player can also cancel out of it with another dash. The ball is affected by gravity, and landing on opponents can actually deal damage and stun them- it's also just a generally good air-to-ground mobility tool.
Random Encounter
Performed by hitting the Secondary Attack button after an Ukemi. Retron will summon a hardlight sphere containing him, the enemy that was just parried, and any nearby enemies, with all enemies being stunned as they float in the air inside the sphere. While inside, Retron can attack the trapped foes without fear of retaliation, and will eventually have a QTE appear which enables him to charge up a powerful finishing blow; this final blow shatters the sphere in a large explosion.
Lillius High Regent
Difficulty: ✦✦✧
Raune is a woman with a very eventful life; once being a mere princess on the planet Lillius, she usurped her mother's throne and became her people's High Regent in an attempt to end the war over Coronite, entering the battle herself when politics didn't work. In the process of spreading her message of pacifism, she managed to unite with Fera and her allies in taking down an eldritch being from beyond the stars, was kidnapped by San-Sokeh for purposes she doesn't want to talk about, and wound up travelling with her newfound friends deep into the past. Now caught in a wartorn world where her pacifistic ideals no longer apply, Raune has hit her breaking point- it is time for war, not words. Raune sees the war against Tiera as the ultimate test of her healing abilities; can she truly save everyone?
Raune is a very unorthodox character at first glance, as she's not exactly the best in any particular stat. Though her Lillius whipstaff offers her basic combo and offensive skills impressive reach, they aren't particularly fast or strong, and she suffers in the speed and mobility departments. As fitting her character, Raune's true strength instead lies in her role as a healer; she possesses a myriad number of options with which to restore her own health and that of her allies, some even taking on a more offensive approach. Even if she's not the best fighter, the constant supply of healing that she supplies is more than enough to make her a valuable member of any team.
Raune is capable of Flowdashing.
Notable Abilities
Performed by holding down the Secondary Attack button. Raune stands in place and begins channeling energy around her, eventually resulting in a burst of healing energy which restores approximately 20% of the player's Health Bar. Each burst of Focus costs 1/3rd of the Drive Bar, and the healing will automatically stop once the bar is drained or if there is not enough to perform another Focus.
Healing Seed
Performed with a Cyclone input using the Secondary Attack button. Raune spins around, scattering seeds which plant into the ground and let out small green beams of light. Inside the area marked by this light, the player will automatically regenerate HP for a short time, as well as gain slightly boosted attack.
Parasite Bloom
Performed with a Stinger input using the Secondary Attack button. Raune twirls her staff forward, launching a small seed projectile. If this seed strikes an enemy, it will latch onto them, glowing bright green. This glowing seed will periodically inflict a small amount of damage on the enemy it is latched onto, staggering their attacks and transferring a small amount of HP back to the player. The seed can be knocked off if the enemy takes heavy damage or dies, and will fall off after a short amount of time. Bosses and larger enemies may be immune to the staggering effects of the seed, though not the draining element.
Seed Grenade
Performed with a basic Superstinger input. Raune launches a large seed pod forward in an arc, which detonates on contact with an enemy or with the ground. The explosion does decent damage and high knockback, but the most important element of the technique is that it boosts the power of the player's attack temporarily if they are caught in the blast. The grenade's arc makes it an ideal anti-air move, well suited for dealing with aerial foes.
Former Iliad Leader
Difficulty: ✦✦✦
Ronin Johannson is perhaps the epitome of the classic hometown hero. Formerly a high school dropout in the podunk town of Redscale Canyon, Ronin trained daily to become a figure capable of protecting the weak, developing incredible physical strength in the process. Going by the moniker RoJo, it was only a matter of time before that strength would be put to the test by the invasion of the fairy Mosaic; in the end, he was placed as the unofficial leader of the Iliad Organization, and has been guiding the group ever since. After his inability to protect humankind from Tiera's wrath, however, he has begun feeling elements of impostor syndrome, feeling unworthy of having such a position. Revamping his fighting style, he's dropped his nickname entirely; Ronin is here to get serious.
Fitting his incredible physical strength, Ronin is a rushdown character through and through. Though at first glance, he lacks mobility options, he is capable of dealing incredible amounts of damage if he can get up in an enemy's face, using options such as Gigaton Rush to break open their guards or Seismic Overdrive to clear out large swarms of enemies. His kit also has plenty of command grabs, which are also good for breaking through shields or superarmor, giving him a unique role as a guardbreaker. Perhaps the most interesting part of Ronin's arsenal, however, is his unique passive in the form of EX State, which triggers when his health is sufficiently low; once he reaches this state, his Drive Bar will turn red, indicating that both he and his partner can use Drive-based moves for free as long as they do not heal above the required point. EX State also unlocks access to two of Ronin's most powerful moves, so be sure to take advantage of these skills when you can!
Ronin possesses Superstrength.
Notable Abilities
Gigaton Rush
Performed by mashing the attack button at the end of Ronin's basic combo. Creates a flurry of punches so quick that it looks as though Ronin has sprouted extra arms; while each strike may not be the strongest, their rapid pace makes them incredible at shattering guards. Ronin can slowly walk forward while performing a Gigaton Rush, but the move does come with a fair amount of endlag when the player stops mashing.
Dust Knuckle
Performed with a standard Stinger input. Ronin punches forward while dashing, knocking back enemies he hits and ending the dash with a left hook that deals more damage and shatters guard. Can be performed in the air to continue aerial combos and add some mobility to his kit.
Seismic Overdrive
Performed with a Charge input while airborne. Collecting energy in his fist, Ronin floats in midair before smashing to the ground, letting loose a massive shockwave that deals damage to everything around the point of impact. Charging longer increases the radius of the shockwave.
Performed by pressing the Secondary Attack button. Ronin performs a small sidestep before punching forward, staggering his opponent. The sidestep possesses a substantial amount of i-frames, letting it be used as a defensive counterattack. Normally uses up 1/4th of the Drive Bar, but if properly timed, some of the cost is refunded.
Performed by pressing the Secondary Attack button the moment an attack lands. Cancels the current animation and lag for the attack Ronin is currently performing, letting him instantly combo it into another attack instantly. Costs varying amounts of the Drive Bar based on the cancelled attack's endlag.
Hat Trick
Performed with a Stinger input followed by a Cyclone input. Ronin grabs his hat and throws it forward dramatically; the hat will stagger and latch onto an enemy's head on contact. While this move is important for being one of Ronin's few projectile attacks, it's also a substantial defense debuff- enemies wearing the hat will take extra damage. Beating the enemy returns the hat to Ronin.
EX State
When the player reaches 20% HP with Ronin as one of their characters, the Drive Bar turns a deep crimson and the number of bars remaining is replaced with a flashing EX. This indicates that the player has entered EX State, which unlocks some additional moves for Ronin and also grants the player infinite Drive as a form of comeback mechanic. If the player heals above the 20% threshold, EX State will end.
Giga Scarlet Overdrive
Performed by pressing the Secondary Attack button during a Gigaton Rush. Charging massive amounts of energy in his fist, Ronin punches the ground, creating a massive explosion that deals incredible amounts of damage, but has a large amount of endlag. Requires EX State to perform.
Crimson Buster
Performed with a Superstinger input using the Secondary Attack button. Ronin dashes forward a great distance with his fist outstretched, acting as a command grab. The first enemy he comes into contact with is grabbed, and is then punched for an incredible amount of damage. Has a significant amount of endlag. Requires EX State to perform.
EX Rage
Performed holding down both attack buttons for a short time. Building up energy, Ronin bursts with rage, damaging all enemies around him in a localized explosion. Performing this technique instantly lowers Ronin to 20% HP, activating EX State.
Aquarid Queen
Difficulty: ✦✧✧
Phosphorine Aquarius is the queen of an undersea-dwelling race of aliens known as the Aquarid, a colony of which crashlanded on Earth decades ago. Revealing themselves to the people of Earth during Mosaic's invasion, they have since been attempting to establish themselves as a sovereign nation on the planet, and the young Phorine's placement in the ranks of the Iliad Organization have done wonders for peacekeeping. However, in the time since she joined, she's been slowly outcast by her own people, only to have them be all but exterminated when Tiera's forces swarmed the Earth. As one of the last of her kind, the young and childish Phorine is forced to lose some of her innocence in her quest to stop the mad goddess and bring her people vengeance.
Phorine is not a character who excels in offense in the traditional way, lacking an overly long combo string or having much power behind her strikes. Instead, Phorine specializes in both AoE combat and juggling and stunning foes, making her a good disruptor of enemy attacks and letting her take down large swarms of enemies with relative ease. This is handled through her use of electric grenades, tools which erupt into large domes of lightning upon detonation. Not only do the large size of these domes ensure that the attacks will hit many enemies, but the ability to hide inside them also makes them good for defensive play; Phorine can even let loose an explosion of her own as a form of counterattack! These massive blasts are also combined with her quick mobility in the form of Electrodash, letting her dart across the battlefield and wreak major havoc at a moment's notice! Be careful... despite all these defensive skills, she's rather frail in terms of defensive stats.
Notable Abilities
Jolt Grenade
Performed by pressing the Secondary Attack button. Phorine will throw a small orb of electricity in an arc forward; on contact with an enemy or surface, it explodes into a large dome of electricity, which deals multiple rapid hits of damage before dissipating. The grenade can be "cooked" by holding down the button, which lets Phorine move while holding it; if charged long enough, it becomes a Static Grenade, which sticks to enemies and detonates when said enemy is damaged.
Performed by pressing the Secondary Attack button after being damaged. Phorine will flip backwards in the air and unleash a large Jolt Grenade explosion around her, damaging nearby enemies. This move also acts as an air tech, cancelling her midair momentum.
Performed with a Stinger input using the Secondary Attack button. Transforming into a tiny ball of electricity, Phorine dashes towards her current target's position, blasting them back with a tiny explosion of electricity. Amazing for closing gaps with the target or getting out of the way of an attack.
Mental Mistress
Difficulty: ✦✦✦
Alyssa Stark is a former neurologist who studied the mind to help unlock the secrets of ESP; during a routine examination, an inmate managed to unlock her own telekinetic abilities at the cost of messing with her brain, causing her employers to lock her up in Hushhenge Asylum and hide the results of her research. Breaking out years ago during Mosaic's invasion in an attempt to clear her name, Stark became one of the leading members of the Iliad Organization, helping to defend the planet from destruction. Now, in Earth's darkest hour, the psychic heroine is tasked once again with defending those who shunned and scorned her from danger.
Stark's offensive capabilities are unorthodox at first glance, her basic combo being very limited in strength and speed due to her straitjacket limiting her physical movement. In spite of this, she possesses a number of skills designed to both avoid danger and nullify it, ranging from her Hover Jump letting her dart out of the way of incoming physical attacks to her ESP Field enabling her to grab incoming projectiles and hurl them back at foes. She even has the power to use her Drive Bar to mind control weakened enemies, turning them against her foes and evening the odds considerably. In short, Stark's toolkit may be primarily defensive, but in the right hands, it is capable of dealing incredible damage. Unique among characters is her ability to grab and throw objects with Superstrength while still retaining the ability to jump and move at top speed.
Stark is capable of Flowdashing and possesses Superstrength.
Notable Abilities
Hover Jump
Performed by jumping and holding the Jump button in midair. Using her telekinetic powers, Stark will begin floating in the air, hovering in place and only descending slightly if she begins moving. While the obvious application is for platforming and avoiding ground-based hazards, it can also be used to extend Stark's aerial combos.
ESP Teleport/Telefrag
Stark's standard Dash technique is replaced with a short-ranged teleport, which provides more defensive capabilities and i-frames while reducing the distance she can actually move with the skill. Tapping the Dash button out of a teleport initiates Flowdashing.
If Stark teleports onto the position of an enemy with sufficiently low health, she will teleport inside them and burst out, killing them instantly. This technique is called a Telefrag.
ESP Field
Performed by holding down the Secondary Attack button. Stark stretches her straitjacket arms outward as a rippling field of green energy surrounds her. Any projectiles that contact this field become stuck in it, and when the player releases the button, all of her collected projectiles are launched in the direction Stark is facing.
Psycho Blast
Performed with a Superstinger input utilizing the Secondary Attack button. Using her psychic powers, Stark unleashes a strong blast of wind directly forward. This attack deals little damage, but massive knockback, and tends to scatter and disorient enemies who are hit by the attack. Good for crowd control.
Brain Brand
When playing as Stark, enemies on sufficiently low health will have their heads begin to glow green, marking them as Broken. Holding the Secondary Attack button long enough in the proximity of a Broken enemy will drain Stark's Drive Bar, slowly breaking an enemy's will until she has focused on them enough. Brain Branded enemies will received a portion of their HP back and will begin to fight alongside Stark until their eventual death; leaving the Excursion Phase will also result in all brainwashed foes dying.
Wind Rider
Difficulty: ✦✦✧
Hayate is a wisecracking, windskating vigilante from the streets of Shiansu, having used his mysterious ability to control the wind itself in his personal quest to become an inspirational figure to his community. Though at first conscripted by the local government to fight against Mosaic's invasion, he's since become a steadfast member of the Iliad Organization, becoming the mythical figure he always dreamed of. Though times may be bleak, Hayate remains a steadfast figure of optimism and tension-breaking jokes... even if the horrors of war might be slowly getting to him. Will the harsh reality of this post-apocalyptic landscape break the rider of the winds?
Hayate's entire kit is built around incredibly agility and constant, breakneck motion- just like any skater, he is expected to be constantly mobile and on the go, evading attacks and closing distance with incredible ease. He especially excels around walls and poles, letting him enter a special state of grinding parkour where he deals damage on contact. If evasive or precise movement is required, he is also able to use his Drive Bar in order to halt or reverse his momentum. Despite all his skill in agility, however, Hayate suffers greatly in terms of actual damage, focusing more on hit-and-run tactics than powerful deathblows.
Hayate is capable of Flowdashing.
Notable Abilities
Tornado Spin
Performed by holding the Primary Attack button. Hayate will begin performing a breakdance-like spin with one leg outstretched, a wind current spawning around his body in the process. This attack deals multi-hit damage for as long as the button is held, letting the player move Hayate slightly in the process. Releasing the button causes Hayate to leap up with a rising kick, which has high knockback.
Electric Slide
Performed by holding the Secondary Attack button. Hayate will crouch as energy crackles around him, increasing the effect of gravity on his body. This enables him to build up speed faster and gain greater momentum if used correctly, and also deals minor damage on contact. Works while wall grinding.
Wall Grind
Performed by dashing near a wall or similar surface. Acts akin to the Electric Slide, but allows Hayate to ride along walls. If the player jumps to another wall, the grind will continue without interruption, and jumping off the wall onto an enemy allows Hayate to use them as a stepping stone.
Performed by pressing the Secondary Attack button. Using Halt expends one third of a Drive Bar and cancels out all of Hayate's momentum, causing him to crash to the ground in a single frame if performed in the air. Inputting Halt with a quick directional input initiates Quickstep, which redirects all momentum in the chosen direction rather than cancelling it out.
Chronal Detective
Difficulty: ✦✦✧
Leica Minolta is not from this time period; she arrived from far in the future to help the then-burgeoning Iliad Organization, being a member of a time-travelling organization known as the Cross-Space Police Force. A series of unfortunate events have rendered Leica unable to return home, however- her time machine, initially thought broken, vanished mysteriously, preventing her from returning to her own time and finding her wife Nike. With Tiera's rise to power, the very future she stems from may very well no longer exist, leaving the crushed officer in a desperate rush to save the timeline itself, armed with nothing but her wits and her trusty camera. Will Leica be able to restore reality to its proper balance? Or will the future refuse to change?
Leica's kit revolves around one core ability- the Stasis Camera. This magnificent device from the far-flung future is capable of freezing any target in space-time, leaving enemies vulnerable to any attacks and letting her weaponize environmental objects by striking them while in stasis, building up momentum and launching them. Leica's moveset is defensive on the whole, revolving around staggering opponents in order to properly set them up for an flash of the camera, but she also has devastating offensive power that she can unleash given enough time to wind it up.
Notable Abilities
Stasis Camera
By holding the Secondary Attack button, time slows down as Leica pulls out her Stasis Camera, the view shifting to an over-the-shoulder perspective as a reticle appears. Releasing the button while the reticle is over an object expends one full Drive Bar and freezes the object in time. While frozen, the object takes on a cyan hue, with an arrow extending from it to signify its momentum. Striking the object deals damage and alters the direction of the momentum, causing it to launch upon the effect wearing off.
Stasis lasts 5 seconds on average, but adjusts when used on enemies to reflect their health, difficulty, and amount of time they have been stasised. Damage taken by an enemy while in stasis will only take effect when the effect wears off.
Leica's Ukemi is upgraded to a Reflector, telegraphed by the bright blue shine that appears when she performs one. The Reflector is capable of launching back almost any projectile in the game to the source, and said projectiles deal enhanced damage and are ideal for breaking enemy guard.
Rocket Boots
Leica's double jump involves the use of her Rocket Boots, which can be used to damage enemies by burning them with the exhaust. Deals a little damage, being mainly used to break open enemy guard or potentially burn them.
Overdrive Smash
Performed by holding down the Primary Attack button. Leica's wedding ring glows with a crackling of white energy as she pulls back and releases a powerful punch that deals an absurd amount of damage. While inadvisable under most situations due to the intense wind-up, it's perfect for use on targets in stasis that can't defend themselves. Can be used at any time mid-combo.
Chef Bubba
Infernal Culinarian
Difficulty: ✦✧✧
The alien known as Beelzebubba hails from the ruins of a planet once known as Divilia, a royal chef who fled from his home when it was destroyed by one of Tiera's fairies. Setting up his own establishment on Earth, his sense of revenge forced him into action when another one of these fairies arrived, and since then, he's fought alongside the Iliad Organization as a reliable chef and friend. In this apocalyptic time, it's good to have Bubba as a friendly face and culinarian... but behind that smile lurks a dark heart who desires revenge for his people.
Bubba is best described as a berserker character, quite literally throwing his weight around in combat to grant himself extraordinary mobility for someone of his size. While he specializes in very strong and quick attacks without a lot of range to them, he has a projectile option in the form of this Throwing Cleavers, which can be thrown out after any of Bubba's physical attacks to extend his combos or dispatch of far-off opponents. His biggest weakness is a lack of aerial combat skill, leaving him less than effective against airborne foes. The only course of action is to take them down to the ground, which may or may not be the most ideal combat strategy in any given situation.
Bubba possesses Superstrength.
Notable Abilities
Throwing Cleavers
By pressing the Secondary Attack button after any attack, Bubba will follow up the technique by throwing a cleaver in a direction dependent on which particular move was performed. Throwing a cleaver only costs a small amount of the Drive Bar, but the button can be mashed repeatedly to throw more cleavers. Throwing these knives not only offers Bubba a decent ranged option, but lets him juggle foes more effectively out of practically any move in his arsenal.
Shoulder Bash/Spin Jump
Performed using a Stinger input. Bubba will charge forward with superarmor after a few moments to charge, letting him power through strong attacks and greatly damage foes. If Bubba hits a wall or fails to kill an enemy with the initial charge, he will spin upward, bouncing off of them. During this state, he can deal damage to foes by stomping on them, continuing to spin until he touches the ground or cancels the spin by Dashing. Using Throwing Cleavers while spinning will give a boost to Bubba's height, letting him remain in the air longer and retaining his momentum.
Fire Spin
Performed by inputting a Cyclone input in the middle of Dashing. Bubba will slow down his momentum as he spins on one leg, spraying fire in a wide radius around him. Difficult to pull off, but covers a wide area and is good for dealing with large groups of enemies or bigger targets. Can set enemies on fire.
Flame Belch
By performing an Ukemi, Bubba will burp out a large shotgun-like blast of flame that shatters enemy defenses and sets them ablaze. Perfect for clearing the room and opening up your foe to heavy damage.
Dr. Lox.png
Dr. Lox
Daemon Doctor
Difficulty: ✦✦✦
Dr. Eisengrad Lox is a former Harenmarcan scientist who studied the field of artificial intelligence, hoping to use his talents wisely at the tech firm Boilsoft. Unfortunately, the firm seemed to want to use him as a test subject in more unearthly matters, and he now finds himself fused with a demonic seal that enables him to summon the binding chains of some elder demon. Unlike most members of the Iliad Organization, Lox has expressed desire to hide away from superhero work, claiming that there are more effective ways to help the world... In this time of crisis, however, the doctor finds himself needing to embrace his powers and unlock the secrets of just whose chains he's been unbinding.
To describe Dr. Lox as an unorthodox and unique character would be an understatement. Much of his kit revolves around the use of the Sorcerer Chain, a multi-purpose technique that offers him mobility, evasion, and the ability to disable and bind his enemies, leaving them much more open for attack. It's a very difficult weapon to utilize properly, but in the right hands, is capable of tremendous things, ranging from deflecting attacks entirely or stringing Lox's attacks along a massive group of enemies. That said, Lox's own moveset leaves a bit to be desired, having large range and AoE potential but lacking strength or speed. In this sense, he's best utilized as a supportive character, using the Sorcerer Chain to set up enemies for his allies to strike harder and faster. Being out of practice like Lox really does matter in the grand scheme of things...
Dr. Lox possesses a Drive Form: Unchained Form.
Notable Abilities
Sorcerer Chain
By pressing the Secondary Attack button, Lox fires the purple Sorcerer Chain forward; while in the air, the player can guide its flight path with the left stick. If the chain latches onto a wall or enemy, it will stick to them, and the latter will suffer a defense decrease as long as the chain is connected to them. While the chain is attached to a target, it has mass and density, and it can throw back enemies or projectiles that rush at it and get caught. Tapping the button while attached detaches the chain; detaching a chain from an enemy does minor damage and causes them to stagger, making an opening which the player can take advantage of.
Chain Charge
Performed by using a Stinger input while attached to something with the Sorcerer Chain. Lox will use his chain to throw himself at high speed towards the thing he is bound to, dealing damage to anything within proximity. With clever angling of the chain, this can be used to strike a multitude of foes at once.
Chain Bind/Tight Bind
By circling an opponent with the Sorcerer Chain while active, Lox will disable the chain and tie up the trapped enemies. This prevents them from moving for a short time, and also adds a defense reduction to the trapped foes. Binding a foe more than once reduces the time they remain bound.
While manually controlling the Sorcerer Chain upon sending it out, the player can encircle a foe to create a Tight Bind. Being more difficult to do on a consistent basis, the Tight Bind is harder to escape than a normal Chain Bind, and lets the player juggle the enemy while they are still bound.
Dr. Lox
Unchained Form
Difficulty: ✦✦✦ - Drive Cost: 4 Bars
Dr. Lox's Drive Form, Unchained Form represents Lox's internal desire to return to heroism, stripping away all of his fear and anxiety. At least, we're sure that's the case... It could be whatever force is providing Lox with his powers breaking free and overtaking him. Regardless, Unchained Form adds on to Lox's incredible crowd control capabilities with stronger AoE defensive tools, as well as upgrading the versatility of his chain. While it's among the most costly Drive Forms, it absolutely packs a punch!
Daemon Chain
In Unchained Form, the Sorcerer Chain glows brightly with an intense, arcane light. Renamed the Daemon Chain, this version of the chain does damage to anything that comes in contact with it at any point, and greatly increases the damage dealt by Dr. Lox using chain-based attacks. Enemies bound with the Daemon Chain also take damage over time.
Abyssal Confinement
Performed with a Superstinger input using the Secondary Attack button. A small puddle of darkness opening up in front of him, Lox snaps his fingers as a claw made of Daemon Chains emerges from it, crushing all enemies in the nearby area. Holding the button allows the player to move the puddle further away from their position, extending the attack's reach.
Daemon Chain Meteor
Performed by holding both Attack buttons in the air. Lox will point his finger upwards and summon a massive ball of chain that grows to incredible sizes over time. Once at maximum size, he will throw the meteor downwards at an angle, crashing into the ground and lashing out with Daemon Chains at the impact site, dragging all enemies into the epicenter like a black hole and binding them. The meteor has a hitbox as it is being formed, letting the player juggle foes trapped in the hitbox.
Daemon Dash
Lox's Dash is visually embellished by chains trailing behind him. Ramming into an enemy while Dashing will cause him to flip off of them, binding them instantly.
Scientific Savior
Difficulty: ✦✦✧
Malphea Kiurala is a woman with a storied past, having built up the biological research firm Hextermina Labs in her attempt to open the doors to a brighter future. Wishing to understand the truth behind her mysterious biology and powers, Malphea used her company to form the Boundless Tournament, before her seedier experiments came to light and resulted in her incarceration. Having been freed by Nyxiel and Sarin, the latter being a genetic experiment of Malphea's that now considers itself her daughter, Malphea is tasked with using both her mind and her might in order to ensure the downfall of Tiera... it's one way to achieve that bright future, at least.
Just because Malphea is primarily a doctor and scientist doesn't mean that she's not a valuable asset on the battlefield. Her kit is very basic at first glance, consisting primarily of simple punches and kicks that don't necessarily deal the best damage, but have surprisingly high knockback when used as finishing blows. Her passive ability, however, causes fireballs to appear upon using certain moves, which act as lingering hitboxes. Malphea is able to force these balls of flame to fly into her target on command, letting her use them as area control or in order to juggle an enemy she has launched. Using these long chains of attacks, Malphea is able to fill up her Drive Bar quickly, letting her unleash her true damage potential. If the player can't take advantage of her traps, however, she can flounder in situations where she's more helpless than expected.
Malphea possesses a Drive Form: Perfect Form.
Notable Abilities
Yokai Flame
At the end of her basic combo, dash attack, aerial attacks, and after a dash or a dodge, Malphea will spawn a fireball into existence. Contact with these flames harms enemies, and by using her own attacks, Malphea can kick these balls forward as projectiles that carry momentum and bounce off of objects and enemies. Pressing the Secondary Attack button causes all fireballs to home in on the nearest enemy, or if Malphea is locked on to a target, home in on said target.
Cross Blast
Performed by holding and releasing the Secondary Attack button. All currently existing fireballs will glow white-hot before detonating with an X-shaped explosion, dealing massive damage. Can leave the player vulnerable during the charge period, but the resulting damage from the large detonations can leave even the largest enemy clusters in shambles.
Rocket Dive
Performed using a standard Stinger input. Malphea will wreath herself in flames and dash forward, launching anything she hits into the air. Acts as an ideal setup for juggling and aerial combos, but the dash itself has a degree of startup that makes it dangerous in certain situations.
Burning Heart
Performed using a Cyclone input in midair. Malphea will perform a midair spin wreathed in flames, which fires small fiery projectiles in all directions. Good for clearing space and hitting multiple enemies quickly, building up Malphea's Drive Bar swiftly.
Perfect Form
Difficulty: ✦✦✧ - Drive Cost: 2 Bars
Malphea's Drive Form, Perfect Form represents the side of her birth that hails from the divine. Once a tool of destruction and domination that the scientist attempted to repress, she now embraces its strength after learning the truth behind her past and family. Perfect Malphea has drastically increased power in comparison to her normal state, but her aerial juggling ability has also improved considerably, letting a skilled player keep an enemy airborne indefinitely as they pummel them with powerful attacks.
Intense Flame
In Perfect Form, all of Malphea's Yokai Flame fireballs turn a strange fuschia color and increase in size, burning more intensely. These fireballs deal more damage than normal, and also act as multihit attacks, both on contact and upon hitting enemies as projectiles. The projectile variants of the Intense Flame stagger their hits, meaning that enemies are kept airborne for much longer.
Burning Soul
Performed by holding down both attack buttons. Malphea charges up fiery energy around herself and calls forth all fireballs currently on the field. These fireballs will begin to orbit around her as damaging hitboxes, preventing enemies from getting too close without taking damage.
Toxic Love
Difficulty: ✦✦✧
Sarin is a being who defies the laws of nature itself. Being forged from Malphea's experimentation with genetic material in the search to create life, Sarin began its existence as just another failed experiment, nothing more than a pile of toxic waste that was disposed of. However, Sarin soon grew a consciousness and took on a form modeled after Malphea's lover, desperate to spend time with the one they saw as their mother. After fighting in both the tournament she funded and breaking her out of jail, Sarin sees the conflict against Tiera as a means to finally prove themselves to their mother.
As her name and body makeup would suggest, Sarin's kit revolves primarily around the use of poison. Both her melee and ranged options are weak, but strike rapidly and are capable of building up a poisonous debuff on opponents that bypasses armor and defenses. Her mobility is nothing to scoff at, either; building up enough poison on an enemy places a debuff called Tagged on them, which allows her to leap to their position with a powerful homing attack at a moment's notice. Playing with Sarin is all about the waiting game, using her poison effect to deal the bulk of her damage and using her high mobility to get out of clutch situations.
Sarin is capable of Flowdashing.
Notable Abilities
Blast Spray
Sarin's Secondary Attack button is entirely dedicated to use of her Blast Spray can, which acts as her bread-and-butter ranged attack. Shots from the Blast Spray rack up the poison debuff quickly, and enough shots in rapid succession are able to break open an enemy's guard and Tag them as well. Tapping the button creates a shotgun-like blast that deals increased damage and knockback, ideal for a finishing blow or getaway tool, while holding the button creates a long-range stream of shots that act as a form of machine gun. Blast Spray attacks drain the Drive Bar when used.
Arrow Dive
Performed using a Superstinger input. Sarin will transform into a graffiti-like arrow and leap upwards in a quick arc, splashing down onto the ground with a large AoE explosion of poison. This attack deals considerably more damage to Tagged enemies and will home in on them; if multiple Tagged enemies are around, Sarin will leap towards the one she has locked onto, or onto the nearest one if the player has not locked on. This lets the player create chains of Arrow Dives.
Puddle Form
Performed when Flowdashing. Sarin reduces her body into a puddle of toxic sludge, capable of moving fluidly along surfaces and reducing the size of her hitbox. Contact with this form harms enemies slightly, making it a unique option for both traversal and evasive maneuvers.
Feral Bloodseeker
Difficulty: ✦✦✦
Ridley Evans was once a mild-mannered woman who was college roommates with Malphea Kiurala. Eventually sharing a relationship that reached beyond the platonic, the couple's sweet life came to a screeching halt when Ridley was diagnosed with a rare blood-based illness that threatened to take her life. In spite of everything Malphea did, nothing could stop her infection, and the heartbroken scientist eventually deemed the one she cared about medically dead... However, years later, the cryogenically preserved Ridley emerged from stasis, her memory largely erased from years of inactivity and her body a shambling wreck. Seeing a need to take vengeance, she dedicated herself to the destruction of Malphea, who she only remembered for sealing her away- now, however, her feral rage must be turned to defeating Tiera.
While Ridley's basic combat style- a rushdown character capable of dealing massive amounts of damage in a short time span if played correctly- is not necessarily difficult to grasp for newcomers, her unique quirks make her very challenging to master. The bulk of Ridley's strongest techniques require the use of her own blood, and as such, expend her health to use rather than her Drive Bar. Playing as her requires mastery of the balancing act her kit possesses, expending health with her strongest attacks while healing off the damage with her weak basic attacks or through her Blood Rush technique.
Ridley possesses Superstrength and is capable of Flowdashing.
Notable Abilities
Bloody Reign
Ridley's Secondary Attack button is dedicated to the use of her large mechanical cannon, which utilizes her own blood to create shotgun-like bursts of energy that shred through enemy health and defenses. Bloody Reign can be weaved in and out of her basic combos and attacks with ease, and by holding down the button, the player can charge the attack to have even greater power and size- at the cost of more health. Bloody Reign cannot kill the player, always leaving them with 1 HP, but the move cannot be charged in this instance.
If Ridley kills an enemy with Bloody Reign, a button prompt appears as time slows to a crawl. If the player managed to hit this button prompt, Ridley will dive into the enemy and rip out one of their organs, crushing it to absorb their blood. This completely heals Ridley, but the timing gets progressively harder the longer a fight draws on.
Performed by using a Stinger input in midair. Ridley will drop to the ground with a sweeping kick that resembled a guillotine, smashing anything directly in front of her. A good air-to-ground mobility option and means of opening up enemies to attack.
Blood Rush
Performed by holding the Secondary Attack button while guarding. Ridley enters a charging stance and begins draining her Drive Bar in order to restore health. More cost-efficient than Raune's Focus, but slower and riskier depending on the situation. Crucial for keeping Ridley in the fight.
Neon Sharpshooter
Difficulty: ✦✧✧
Born Darian Palaso, heir apparent to the Palaso real estate empire, this agent of the organization formerly known as SYNDERS joined up after a falling out with their family over personal issues with their body. Dalia has served the group faithfully for years, using her ability to control and generate neon energy to become an arrogant and dominating sniper-like assassin to carry out the orders of her leader. With Katarina gone and SYNDERS demolished with her loss, however, Dalia is confined under the care of the Iliad Organization as they fight to retake the world. Dalia wants nothing more than redemption... But are her captors willing to provide?
Dalia is one of the game's simpler characters, having an emphasis on basic melee combos which are augmented by her neokinetic abilities. All of her attacks fire off sparkling beams of light with incredibly long range, letting her chip away at foes regardless of distance. This makes her ideal for knocking aerial foes out of the sky or acting as an anchor character when facing larger enemies, relying on her teammates to swoop in and assist. The biggest thing to keep in mind when playing as Dalia is to focus on prioritizing targets to chip them down quickly. While she has some tools to deal with crowd control and AoE damage, she's much better built to take on singular foes.
Dalia is capable of Flowdashing.
Notable Abilities
Sliding Stinger
Performed with a basic Stinger input, though can be aimed in any direction. Dalia will perform a slide on the floor in the chosen direction, gaining temporary i-frames and sliding under attacks. As she slides, she rapidly fires forward or at her targeted enemy, dealing rapid chip damage. Good tool for approach or evasion.
Performed with a basic Cyclone input. Dalia sweeps her arm forward, firing off a wave of neon blasts in an arc in front of her. This is Dalia's best tool for dealing with groups of enemies and has decent strength, but has a bit of startup lag before she fires.
Performed with a basic Charge input. Dalia points upward, gathering a ball of energy on the tip of her finger before firing it forwards. Can be woven into the middle of any combo string and deals heavy damage, shattering enemy guard and staggering most foes in a single strike.
Vapor Wave
Performed by pressing the Secondary Attack button. Dalia blows forward a fine mist that travels forward in a wave-like motion, knocking over enemies and dealing minor damage. If the wave is shot with a neon bullet, it explodes for heavy damage. Using Stinger and Cyclone inputs can influence the direction that the mist takes.
Iron Soldier
Difficulty: ✦✧✧
Elton Hask is a man with a rough, sordid past. Formerly a Harenmarcan soldier who fought in multiple wars, the man was thrown out into poverty when the conflict was over, with nary a shred of credibility or recognition to his name. SYNDERS, however, managed to give him so much more than those- it gave him a mission, a purpose, and even a devoted and caring lover. Hask has fought against the Iliad Organization repeatedly in his efforts to bring about Katarina's vision for world peace; his mission to bring about a better and more caring world has not stopped with Tiera's awakening, and even now, he fights for a better reality. Will the wartorn soldier be able to make peace with the land he once attempted to raze? Or will his fate as a villain be sealed for good on his deathbed?
Hask is an aggressive, tanky character built upon charging into battle haphazardly, generating superarmor to shrug off blows and shredding through enemy defenses to draw aggro and soften up anyone who comes near. While his mobility is lacking, and he lacks ranged combat abilities, his skill in tanking through enemy blows makes him an incredibly useful and viable party member, giving him unique defensive options that no other character possesses. In addition, his basic attacks tend toIt is up to the player to put these heavy duty skills to the test in whatever way they see fit...
Hask possesses Superstrength.
Notable Abilities
Burst Impact
Performed with a basic Stinger input. Hask dashes forward with a large blade of iron formed around his hand. If he collides with an enemy, he freezes in place as the blade explodes into a massive flurry of iron spikes, which deals incredible damage and knockback. Has extended endlag if the move does not hit a target, and Hask can be knocked out of the dash if he takes strong enough damage.
Iron Spire
Performed with a Charge input in midair. Hask extends a large pillar of crystal from his hand at a downward diagonal angle. If this move strikes an enemy, Hask will deal heavy damage to them before throwing them away. If the move misses an enemy, Hask will be lodged in place, and can swing around to alternate locations using the pole to parkour.
Metalhead Mode
Performed by holding down the Secondary Attack button for a short time. While holding down, Hask flexes his muscles before coating his body in metal. In this state, he has permanent superarmor, letting him shrug off damage; the amount of HP the armored shell possesses scales with the player's level. If the player performs a Drive Form input while in Metalhead Mode, the armor will break in a large explosion, the damage being dependent on how much HP the shell had remaining.
The summoning process slowly consumes a full Drive Bar before activation; if the player is hit out of the activation, the cost will be refunded.
Shell Burst
Performed by pressing the Secondary Attack button after an Ukemi. Hask will grow massive spikes of metal and extend them far beyond the reaches of his body, striking everything in a wide radius of him with heavy damage. Automatically puts Hask into Metalhead Mode for a shorter time.
Frigid Goliath
Difficulty: ✦✦✧
Nobody is truly certain of the past of Itoki Takana, a woman who has been the heavy-duty enforcer of SYNDERS for years. All that can be gleaned from this Shianese woman is that she has had a rough and abusive past prior to joining up with the organization, as evidenced by the numerous scars across her body and her issue with both opening up to and controlling affection for other people. Rarely speaking, Itoki is the organization's silent killer, only speaking her mind during absolutely crucial moments. With SYNDERS gone and its leader fueling a divine monstrosity, Itoki has more or less gone completely silent... but that doesn't mean her desire to save the world from ruin is dampened. Even with the Iliad Organization seeing her as more of a threat than an ally, she will put all of her immense strength to the test as she enters the heat of combat.
While Itoki seems like a heavier character at first glance, owing to her massive amount of strength and slower-paced moveset, she's actually an incredibly fearsome and agile force. This is largely due to the ice-based nature of her powers; many of her attacks allow her to create patches of ice on the ground, letting her move at increased speed and gain limited superarmor as she skates. Logically, these attacks can be used to freeze enemies as well, making them immobile and open to counterattack. Her largest combat weakness is the lack of defensive options she has aside from the skating superarmor- coupled with her slower attack speed, this puts Itoki in a situation where she possesses multiple weak spots in her animations that players must take care of.
Itoki possesses Superstrength.
Notable Abilities
Frost Choke
Performed with a basic Stinger input. Itoki charges forward, her mechanical hand engulfed in freezing smoke as she attempts to grab an enemy. If the attack lands, she blasts them with a frigid burst of energy before slamming them onto the ground, staggering them. Missing covers the area around Itoki in icy patches.
Frost Slider
Performed with a basic Superstinger input. Itoki launches an icicle forward as a projectile, piercing through foes. Capable of freezing enemies on low health. The icicle leaves behind icy patches over the course of its trajectory, creating a linear path to help Itoki get from point to point. If the icicle collides with a wall, it breaks and creates a larger patch of ice around the impact site.
Circle of Ice
Performed with a basic Cyclone input. Itoki stretches her arms outward and spins, spraying the area around her with bursts of icy smoke. Deals little damage and knockback, but has a high chance to freeze enemies. Covers the area around Itoki in ice, giving her a get-out-of-jail option in case of emergency.
Performed by holding backwards in midair and pressing the Primary Attack button. Itoki will throw two large icicles in front of her at a diagonal angle, crashing to the ground and dealing heavy damage on impact. The icicles leave large icy patches once they hit the ground or an enemy. Good for spacing out opponents.
Performed by holding down the Secondary Attack button. Itoki will begin glowing light blue and have icy vapor emitting from her gauntlets constantly while held down; in this state, all of her attacks and movement spread icy patches, and her movement while inside them is much swifter. COnstantly drains Drive Bar while held.

Unlockable Characters

The unlockable cast of Breach not accessible from the game's start, these characters require additional work to become playable. Many of these characters, being crossovers from other Pyro Enterprises media not directly tied to the Pyroverse: Breach storyline, can be fast-tracked if data from their respective games are detected on the console.

Lost Swordmaster
Difficulty: ✦✦✦
Unlocked by defeating Toronova.
Osuna Meadows is the most recent of the Iliad Organization's agents, having been inducted seemingly as a means of pushing her out of her previous workplace. Since her arrival, however, the swordswoman has been putting all her efforts into uncovering the secrets of the SYNDERS organization, culminating in her sacrificing herself in order to save her friends from Tiera's awakening. Having recently been freed from servitude underneath the mad goddess, Osuna has been empowered by exposure to Bynde's legendary weapon, the Seeker's Blade, and has had her power dramatically increased as a result. With her spirit and determination rejuvenated, Osuna is ready to lead the charge against her former captor.
Osuna's primarily ability is the power to summon strange spectral blades, an ability seemingly derived from her past as a paranormal investigator. These blades can be commanded to fly in different formations, essentially giving her four greatly different variations on her base moveset based on how they are commanded. Osuna's base moveset relies only on a single sword, but her unique Concentration Gauge allows her to focus on summoning mid-battle, causing more and more to spawn until she hits an upper limit or takes damage. Battling as Osuna is a delicate dance, weaving around your enemy's attacks before retaliating and growing ever stronger.
Notable Abilities
Concentration Gauge
Located underneath Osuna's Drive Bar is a glowing white gauge known as the Concentration Gauge. The more this gauge is filled, the more swords Osuna summons at any given time, augmenting her moveset according to her current Stance. The Concentration Gauge can be filled by dodging attacks, landing attacks successfully, standing idly, or walking while locked onto an enemy. Conversely, the gauge empties upon missing an attack, taking damage, or running for too long.
Concentration Burst
By performing a Drive Form input at any time, Osuna will quickly channel energy and fill the Concentration Gauge to the maximum capacity. Costs a full bar of the Drive Bar.
Spectral Sight
Performed by holding the Secondary Attack button. Osuna's blades glow blue as the environment's color fades, displaying the attack trails of enemies. Dodging an enemy in this state leads to a large amount of Concentration being accumulated, and the quick dash can be cancelled into unique finishing moves based on the current Stance. Getting attacked in Spectral Sight causes all of Osuna's swords to fire off as homing projectiles towards the target.
Combat Stances
Osuna has 4 different combat stances, shown next to the Concentration Gauge using a letter. Stance can be switched by holding down the Secondary Attack button and hitting the right stick in a cardinal direction. While each stance is relatively similar at low Concentration, their unique properties begin to show as the gauge develops- additionally, stances become staler the more attacks Osuna hits with one, reducing damage output, encouraging players to switch constantly.
  • Zweihander Stance has each sword connect to each other, eventually forming into a single gigantic fused sword. This stance has very slow attacks, but immense power and an incredible hitbox size which makes it useful for immense AoE pressure and crowd control.
  • Orbital Stance has the swords float around Osuna akin to a fighter jet squadron, her attacks firing off the blades as homing projectiles every time she attacks. Though this stance has the best range by far and the projectiles are guaranteed to strike the target, ideal for evasive foes, the attacks themselves do not have a lot of power or hitstun, and Osuna's own close-ranged attacks are reduced to basic slaps and kicks.
  • Chain Stance has the blades follow each other in a trail as Osuna swings them akin to a chain. The fastest stance in terms of attack speed, it is good for racking up damage quickly, making it one of the most well-rounded stances. Its flaws lie in defense, as it's easy to get carried away attacking and avoid dodging an attack- additionally, its attacks are very horizontal, making it a bad anti-air attacker.
  • Shield Stance has the swords orbit around Osuna's body as a defensive measure; her attacks often involve punching forward in a drill-like formation to strike at close range. The shortest-ranged stance, its power and defensive capabilities are undeniably incredible, but its lack of distance can make some fights difficult.
Performed with a Cyclone input using the Secondary Attack button. Exhausting all of the Concentration Gauge, Osuna summons a ring of blades around her that deal damage to anything they touch for a short time. If the player is locked on to an enemy, the ring will instead spawn around them, following the same rules before converging on the target for heavy damage.
Sunset Maiden
Difficulty: ✦✦✦
Unlocked by reaching Floor 50 in Palacio de Sol or having completed Sunset Maiden save data present on the console.
A mysterious woman found by the Godslayers deep in the catacombs of Palacio de Sol. Little information could be gleamed from her, but the strange woman Malya appears to be a former resident of the ruin with a deep connection to its history, having aged very little over the course of thousands of years. Accompanied by an array of ancient technology and weapons, as well as a strange floating sprite named Wisp which she seems to despise, Malya accepts the team's call for assistance and joins the fight as she adjusts to the strange new world she has finally resurfaced into. What secrets will finally be unsealed at her hand?
The bread and butter of Malya's kit is her ancient bow, Curselight, which fires highly dangerous beams of ethereal energy at her foes. Mapped to the Secondary Attack button, Curselight's moves rely on Malya's Drive Bar and can be woven in and out of combos with ease, giving her an advantage at range or when dealing with clusters of enemies. While she is a fragile glass cannon sort of character, this is mitigated by Wisp, who periodically rams into enemies, stealing HP that it can then return to Malya or her allies to keep them alive. Playing as Malya effectively requires the player to battle on three fronts: striking with white-hot melee attacks to build up Drive, keeping track of Wisp's position, and lining up the best shots possible with Curselight.
Malya is capable of Flowdashing.
Notable Abilities
A passive skill that takes effect whenever Malya is in the party. The mysterious sprite-like entity known as Wisp overs around the player, occasionally swooping down at enemies to attack. This attack steals a small amount of HP and Drive energy from the target, causing Wisp to glow brighter the more times he succeeds in striking the opponent. If the player attacks Wisp, he will drop the collected HP and Drive, and picking it up will recover the player's gauges. Wisp has a cap on how much energy he can store, with this cap being signified when he turns bright red.
By holding down the Secondary Attack button, Malya enters a third-person state where time slows down as she summons Curselight to her side. In this state, aiming the reticle that appears over an enemy will tag them, with the player being able to tag a total of 15 targets at a time- enemies can be repeatedly tagged. Upon releasing the button, Malya unleashes homing arrows of light which home in on every target she tagged. Using this move consumes a lot of the Drive Bar, but the targeting can be canceled out of by dodging rather than firing.
Burst Cancel
Performed by pressing the Secondary Attack button in the middle of a combo. Malya will interrupt her basic attack string using a beam from Curselight, which acts as a hitscan attack and strikes the opponent almost instantly. Good for following up on an enemy you have knocked far away with a launcher. Uses a little bit of the Drive Bar.
Stressor Charge
If the player performs Burst Cancel but holds down the Secondary Attack button, the charge will be stored, indicated by Malya's body taking on a golden glow. When the button is released, Malya will fire out a bright blue bolt of energy that explodes on contact- the nature of this move means that it can be used any time mid-combo and an explosive finisher or mixup tool. Uses a bit more of the Drive Bar than Burst Cancel.
Omega Wave
Performed with a Stinger input using the Secondary Attack button. Malya fires off a barrage of blade-like beams directly forward, which have the capacity to juggle enemies. Incredibly dangerous if all the beams hit, this move is good for breaking through guards as well as setting up juggle strings and striking groups of enemies from afar. Malya can turn slightly to either side while firing the barrage. Uses a fair bit of Drive Bar to perform.
By moving the opposite direction of an enemy after a Ukemi, Malya will perform a graceful backflip, launching herself high into the air. The backflip itself has many i-frames, making it a useful escape option, but pressing the Primary Attack button mid-Backflip allows her to perform a powerful and precise Divekick that deals major damage and knockback.
& Dainamech
Difficulty: ✦✦✦
Unlocked by reaching defeating 9,999 enemies or having completed Kotomo save data present on the console.
A young man from another dimension, accompanied by a strange golem-like creature he refers to as Dainamech around others and as Ren in private. Though he refuses to explain his background to the Godslayers, the power present in both Dainamech and the strange pendant around his neck are undeniable, leaving Nyxiel to ponder the mysteries of the strange world he appears to have come from. Desiring to prove himself the very best- as well as fulfill the strange voice in his dreams that tells him he has the makings of a hero- Blade agrees to join with the heroic team and fight off Tiera's forces.
Despite his edgy, offputting lone wolf personality, Blade actually builds his entire fighting style off of the concept of teamwork. While his own simplistic punches and kicks barely do any real damage, Dainamech fights alongside him at all times, and the player is able to control both to either concentrate damage onto one source or to split up the offensive. Inversely, however, Dainamech's strong attacks do not build up any of the Drive Bar at all, while Blade's own weak attacks are some of the best at generating Drive in the entire game. With Dainamech's ability to remain active while performing certain actions even when Blade switches out, and Blade's ability to generate massive amounts of Drive quickly, he becomes a useful asset in any team composition.
Blade possesses Superstrength through the use of Dainamech as well as a Drive Form: Heavenly Form.
Notable Abilities
Controlling Dainamech
Dainamech floats alongside Blade at all times, and will automatically lock on to enemies as designated by a golden circle that overlaps the traditional targeting notation/healthbar. Holding down the Secondary Attack button allows the player to move Dainamech freely inside a wide circle around Blade's body, as well as allowing access to four Special Moves that run off cooldowns. Tapping the button causes Dainamech to rush whatever enemy he is aimed at, automatically pursuing them with his own attacks; tapping again recalls him. While Dainamech is pursuing an enemy, he can take damage and be knocked down, forcing him back to Blade's side. While performing a Special Move or pursuing an enemy, Blade can switch to another character while Dainamech remains active.
Crystal Sword
Performed by holding Secondary Attack and pressing X. Dainamech will summon a large crystalline sword, spinning in place before sweeping upward in a rising sword strike. The spin attack portion of the move gathers up enemies and draws them in with multi-hit damage, with the final strike launching them upwards. Cooldown of 20 sec.
Geo Storm
Performed by holding Secondary Attack and pressing Y. After charging for a second, Dainamech summons a quickly rotating ring of sharp stones around it, which stay in place for 15 seconds and deal rapid damage to anything in close proximity to Dainamech. Cooldown of 30 sec.
Astral Ray
Performed by holding Secondary Attack and pressing A. Dainamech charges energy in its central core before firing it out in the form of a laser that sweeps forward, resulting in explosions appearing in the beam's path that deal heavy damage. Cooldown of 25 sec.
Thermal Trap
Performed by holding Secondary Attack and pressing B. Dainamech summons a large smoldering rock and smashes it downward, planting it in the ground. After 3 seconds, this rock detonates, damaging everything nearby. If performed in the air, Dainamech will have a hitbox as he descends. Cooldown of 15 sec.
Performed by holding Secondary Attack for a certain amount of time without moving Dainamech or performing a Special Move. The circle barrier around the pair visible shatters as Dainamech acts as it chooses, hunting down enemies all on its own without direct command from the player. Good for getting time to recuperate safely or for switching to another character. After 10 seconds, Dainamech will take a short rest before either returning to Blade or despawning.
Heavenly Form
Difficulty: ✦✦✦ - Drive Cost: 3 Bars
Blade's Drive Form- rather than using the energy to improve his own abilities, Heavenly Form uses the power of Drive to augment Dainamech, making it even more powerful and further symbolizing the bond the two have between each other. While Blade does not change at all in Heavenly Form, Dainamech gains massive stat boosts in practically every single category, becoming a true force to be reckoned with. Don't count Blade out of the action just yet- the amount of Drive he builds up with his attacks can help keep Heavenly Form active for much longer if he remains in the fray!
Last Stand Dainamech
While in Heavenly Form, Dainamech has constant superarmor that cannot be broken, preventing him from being knocked down. His tackle is also much faster and deals more damage, letting him blitz between enemies at high speed to deal heavy damage.
Heavenly Sword
An upgrade to Crystal Sword, this variant of the move has enhanced strength, extended reach, and finishes off with a massive explosion of light energy rather than the upwards slash attack. An amazing crowd-clearing tool.
Brilliant Beam
An upgrade to Astral Ray, this variant of the move becomes much larger and deals more damage, dropping the trail of explosions in exchange for becoming a much more powerful ranged weapon. Can sweep up multiple foes in the blast if aimed correctly.
Ghost Warrior
Difficulty: ✦✦✧
Unlocked by defeating 100 enemies with offensive items or having Skullpunk save data present on the console.
The Fantasma is a ghostly being hailing from a world long abandoned by Tiera, a place where the dead roam through the afterlife peacefully in a land known as Muertopia. This being, like all other Fantasma, is typically more occupied with simplistic teenage ideals of fun and excitement, spending its afterlife playfully feuding with its kind in intense battles involving the use of spectral flame. When push comes to shove, however, their skill with the strange weaponry that fuels their battles helped them fend off the spirits known as the Alebrije... and with the whole universe, even the departed, being threatened by Tiera, it's about time they join the Godslayers as well.
The Fantasma plays entirely differently form any other character in the game; rather than playing like an action game character, they take to combat utilizing third-person shooter controls, being the only character who utilizes gyro camera controls outside of dedicating aiming modes. They're not a true combo-oriented character at all, but the player is still encouraged to rack up streaks of enemy defeats and use the fire spread by their attacks to charge up their Drive Bar and boost their mobility. Though they're one of the most unorthodox characters in the entire game, if used well, they can be an amazing offensive powerhouse and can rack up damage on larger targets incredibly fast. They're also exceptional when you have a good teammate to back them up and run defense- just like their home universe!
Notable Abilities
Relic Shot/Firing Modes
The Fantasma wields the ancient weapon known as the Relic Shot from Skullpunk's singleplayer Warrior Mode, and rather than possessing a normal attack, the Primary Attack button serves as a means to fire the weapon and shoot flaming projectiles at the enemy. Defeating an enemy or missing the target leaves patches of flame on the ground, which deal damage over time to enemies and increase the player's movement speed, refreshing their Dash constantly.
Tapping the button allows for burst fire, while holding the button enters an automatic firing mode. Burst fire is more accurate and possesses longer range and impact, while automatic fire is good for spreading flame or racking up close quarters damage. Firing the gun too long can lead to it overheating, as displayed by a flashing red HP meter, and in this state, the player cannot attack outside of using Cross techniques.
The Fantasma's Secondary Attack button is dedicated to the Vacuum and Burst techniques, which enable them to control space using wind power. Holding down the button creates a small vortex of air out of the barrel of the Relic Shot which sucks up energy-based projectiles and flame on the ground to charge the player's Drive Bar, as well as cool down the Relic Shot and reduce overheating. If the player catches a non-energy-based projectile in the vortex, it will become lodged in the barrel of the gun, letting the player fire it back at maximum velocity for heavy damage.
Tapping the button triggers a Burst, which is a massive cone-shaped blast of wind that can push enemies away. The size of a Burst is dependent on how much the gun has heated, with larger Bursts having the ability to stagger large groups of enemies at once.
Subweapon Switch
Using the D-pad, the player is able to select one of four subweapons that can be utilized by pressing the controller's left bumper. Subweapons use a lot of heat, but can be very useful given various circumstances.
  • Flame Grenade- a grenade-like subweapon that can be thrown in an arc and detonates soon after hitting a surface, bursting into an explosion of flame. Holding the button cooks the grenade, letting it explode on impact.
  • Proxi Bomb- a C4-like subweapon that sticks to objects and enemies and detonates soon after something enters its radius. Less damage than the Flame Grenade, but higher range and knockback. Can be remotely detonated.
  • Sparkle Grenade- a firework-like subweapon that can releases a trail of sparks through the air as it flies, releasing a larger cloud upon impact with a surface. These sparks deal impressive damage over time and can be ideal for crowd control, though they do no direct knockback.
  • Skyrocket- a rocket-like subweapon that takes off into the air after hitting a surface, carrying nearby enemies upwards with a multihit attack before exploding. If the initial rising hitbox misses an enemy, the rocket will aim towards the nearest enemy at peak height and flip around in the air to dive at them, exploding.
Special Attack
Each Subweapon has an associated Special Attack, which costs 2 full bars of the Drive Bar to utilize and can be triggered by pressing the Drive button. Each Special Attack has uniquely powerful abilities and can be incredibly impactful in the right situation.
  • Char Bomba- a massive bomb that is thrown in an arc like a massive Flame Grenade after a short delay. Mash all buttons upon summoning to inflate the bomb, making it stronger and hit enemies in a larger blast radius, as well as increasing the size of the patch of fire it leaves behind.
  • Ring of Fire- the player summons a ring of skulls around them that erupt into a tall pillar of flame, which damage enemies heavily on contact. The pillar is immune to damage and blocks projectiles, letting it be used as a safe place of respite, or can instead be placed directly in a cluster of enemies to release maximum damage.
  • Rocket Rider- the player pulls out and begins riding on a large rocket that moves quickly and deals damage on contact. After a short time period, the rocket explodes in a large burst of flame. The attack can also be cancelled early by jumping off, which causes the rocket to fly straight forward and explode on impact.
  • Burst Cannon- a massive gun that can be aimed before the player fires with Primary Attack. Upon firing, the cannon releases a spiralling gust of wind and flame that travels forward, piercing through cover and guards and sweeping up enemies in its wake before exploding.
Soul Ball
If the Fantasma dies, they will revert to a small orb-like state in which they can roll around to avoid damage. While existing as a Soul Ball, the player will slowly lose their Drive Bar until resurrecting and gaining temporary invincibility. Every subsequent resurrection reduces the amount of HP that they revive with, and getting hit in Soul Ball state will instantly kill the player. If the player depletes their Drive Bar or dies without having any, they will die without entering Soul Ball mode.
God Gunner
Difficulty: ✦✦✦
Unlocked by hitting 12 hours total playtime or having completed Ammomancer save data present on the console.
The mysterious gunslinger known only as the Ammomancer hails from a universe abandoned by Tiera, a medieval world which fell to darkness when a mighty evil slew the four heroes meant to stand against it. The blacksmith father of one of the heroes, distraught and seeking revenge, took it upon himself to forge his world's first firearm and take on the identity of the Ammomancer. Under this guise, he sought to cleanse his world of evil, making a multitude of sacrifices along the way. He returns to save another world from evil, and even though he has arrived in a world in which his gun is no longer unique, there's no better sharpshooter in reality than him.
While most 3-Star difficulty characters are marked as such due to their expansive and complex moveset, the Ammomancer is marked as such for the precise reflexes needed to truly master him. Rather than possessing any form of direct attack, the gunslinger uses the power of the Goddess Shell around his neck and his thick cloak to parry attacks, building up his Bullet Gauge under his HUD. Once the gauge has built up enough, the Ammomancer can headshot an opponent to instantly kill it- the more HP an enemy possesses, the more the gauge must be built up, meaning that coordination with teammates to take down enemy HP can be truly crucial. While the Ammomancer's inability to fight back traditionally may seem like a hinderance, truly mastering his unique set of skills will lead to throngs of enemies dead at your feet.
Notable Abilities
Cloak Parry
Any input utilizing the Secondary Attack button will cause the Ammomancer to throw his cloak forward, parrying any attacks that strike it and bouncing back non-energy projectiles. Parrying an attack in this manner will fill the Bullet Gauge. Inputting Cyclone, Stinger, and other inputs cause the hitbox for the parry to reach in those directions.
Goddess Time
Holding down the Secondary Attack button slows down time for everything but the Ammomancer, including teammates, while slowly draining the Drive Bar. Releasing the button snaps time back to normal and has the Ammomancer perform a Cloak Parry. Ideal for newcomers who need to become comfortable with parry timing, or for situations where you merely need to step away.
Final Shot
Performed by hitting the Primary Attack button. The Ammomancer quickly draws and fires at an enemy they have targeted, killing them instantly. Requires Bullet Gauge to perform- the more health a target has, the more gauge is required to perform a Final Shot.
Cross Slide
As the Ammomancer lacks traditional attacks, summoning him for a Cross Attack or Cross Rush will have him slide across the ground as a unique attack. This slide knocks enemies up into the air, setting them up for a follow-up attack chain.
Titan Keeper
Difficulty: ✦✧✧
Unlocked by collecting 25 total Intelligence Cores or by having Titan's Legacy save data present on the console.
A small girl hailing from yet another timeline abandoned by Tiera and left to rot. Human society having dwindled to a primal state, the diminutive Mouse managed to reactivate one of the long-dead protectors of her race- the mechanical giant known as Titan-01- and accompanied it on a quest across the world, maintaining and caring for it as it protected her. Now inseparable, the girl and her robot find themselves being called to another world to aid in its protection as well, putting Mouse in the greatest battle of her life. Will either of the two be able to survive?
Mouse is a diminutive character with a focus on agility and speed over power, fighting with only a measly wrench as her weapon. While she can evade attacks and traverse ground easily, she takes more damage from attacks than most characters and cannot put up much of a fight herself, relying on her teammates to aid her in combos that she uses her skills to set up. Ultimately, this is personified in her use of Titan-01, who requires Drive Bar to summon- this titanic robotic ally becomes the bulk of Mouse's damage, attacking enemies autonomously and helping out with combos even more than usual. On the whole, Mouse is a very bipolar character, and one which takes considerable mastery to perfect... even among other duo-themed characters.
Mouse is capable of Flowdashing and possesses a Drive Form: Titan-01.
Notable Abilities
Wrench Flip
Performed with a basic Stinger input. Mouse dashes forward, flipping in a circle with her wrench. This attack is good for breaking shields and launches enemies upwards, setting them up for an aerial combo.
Wrench Spin
Performed with a basic Cyclone input. Mouse spins around in a circle, striking anything nearby with her wrench. High stagger power and knockback, making it useful for clearing space or hitting large crowds of enemies.
By holding down the Secondary Attack button, Mouse will pray to summon Titan-01, charging her Drive Bar while she does so. Praying reduces her movement speed and prevents her from attacking, making her more vulnerable, but this wonderful ability becomes viable for any team composition. Filling a bar causes a burst of energy around Mouse that stops the charge and knocks away enemies.
Difficulty: ✦✦✧ - Drive Cost: 4 Bars
Taking the form of a traditional Drive Form, the powerful cybernetic protector Titan-01 is summoned forth when Mouse manages to obtain the energy required to pull him out from the aether. A massive offensive force, Titan-01 is one of the most powerful beings in the entire game, automatically striking at enemies with his extending limbs and eye beams. The might of this Titan is a true force to be reckoned with, and can be a valuable asset to any team. While Titan-01 cannot truly die, the Drive Bar is reduced if he is attacked, so be wary of how much damage he is taking!
Explosive Entrance
When summoned, Titan-01 will explode out of a nearby surface to begin his assault, be it through a wall or floor. Enemies near his appearance point take heavy damage and are sent flying. Additionally, certain walls can be brought down with this technique to reveal hidden secrets or shortcuts.
Eye Beams
On top of his basic punching and kicking attacks, Titan-01 possesses powerful eye lasers which begin aimed at his feet before being sent forward as he looks up. Having infinite range and high power, these lasers are the strongest move in the titan's arsenal, though they are more suited to a combo finisher than something to keep one going.
Manual Control
While Titan-01 is typically controlled by the AI, by dashing into him with any character, the player is able to take manual control and use his skills for themselves. Punching and kicking are handled by the Primary and Secondary Attack buttons, respectively, and Eye Beams can be triggered through the use of a Stinger input with the Secondary Attack. While this prevents Titan-01 from joining in on player-lead combos, it lets the player focus down targets more specifically, and also allows the mechanical fighter to act as a shield to defend the player's own HP.
Nichi Saiba
Agent of SHOUJO
Difficulty: ✦✦✧
Unlocked by completing 10 Rescue Missions or by having SHOUJO save data present on the console.
Nichi Saiba- a teenage girl hailing from a parallel universe close to that of the Pyroverse's Earth, and a normal kid who's just a little bit of a comic aficionado. Or so most suspect- in reality, she is a member of the military organization SHOUJO, the world's greatest weapon against the alien force known as the Garox Alignment. Using her bio-mechanical suit's immense power to defend the world, she nevertheless failed- not at the hands of the Garox themselves, but a cruel and unforgiving Tiera who abandoned her world and story before they could ever truly begin. Emerging in this parallel world thanks to the help of Nyxiel- and wielding a more advanced XV version of her Jet Armor- Nichi vows to save this world to make up for the one she could not.
The Jet Armor XV built into Nichi's body grants her complete and utter mastery over the air, granting her massive amounts of propulsion and speed through the absurdly large turbine engine system sticking out of her back like a jetpack. Her combat potential relies on the use of this armor's unique skills, dashing between enemies within a split second or pursuing enemies through the air at lightning speeds. Her biggest issue is projectiles, as she lacks any real ranged options and strong projectiles can knock her out of her dash; just be sure to close the gap as quickly as possible, or have a teammate help out instead!
Nichi possesses Superstrength and is capable of Flowdashing.
Notable Abilities
Jet Gauge
Nichi has a small blue bar under her Drive Bar at all times- this is her Jet Gauge, which fills up as the player holds down the Secondary Attack button. Upon release, Nichi dashes forward or towards a targeted enemy at high speeds, the distance based on how full the gauge is upon release. The Jet Gauge can be charged during Nichi's basic attacks to be released at will.
Jet Cracker
Performed by pressing the Secondary Attack button mid-dash. Nichi pushes both her palms forward and releases a chain of explosions in front of her, dealing heavy damage. This completely nullifies all her forward momentum, letting her cancel her Jet Dash. Tapping the button again while holding a direction preserves the remaining momentum from the dash, letting Nichi readjust her flight path.
Hornet Kick
Performed with a basic Stinger input. Nichi lunges forward with a short hop, striking forward with a swift kick. Hitting a target directly with the tip of Nichi's foot deals heavy knockback and can be used to stagger enemies, and the small hop lets her avoid ground-bound attacks.
Grappler Punch
Performed by holding forward and hitting the Primary Attack close to an enemy. Nichi will grab them, charge energy in her turbines, and perform a strong punch to knock them away. Being a command grab, this attack will pierce guards.
Jet Swirl Extrema
Performed by pressing the Secondary Attack button after grabbing an enemy with Grappler Punch. Rather than punching the foe, Nichi will swirl up into the sky, performing a massive loop-de-loop before slamming her foe into the ground, dealing massive damage. Can be charged for greater impact. Deals damage to foes Nichi hits during the loop and in an AoE splash around the impact site.
XV Afterburn
Performed by mashing the Secondary Attack button until the Jet Gauge turns red. The Jet Gauge will charge faster for a short time, Nichi's attacks will automatically cause her to dash towards the nearest enemy for an extensive chain attack, and she deals double damage. The Drive Bar drain over time while in this state, ending after a full bar has been drained.
Gentle Siren
Difficulty: ✦✦✧
Unlocked by swimming a total of 100m or having Siren's Sonata save data present on the console.
Dew is a strange creature known as a Nadir, which are notable for both their curious nature and their impeccable singing voices. Dew herself is a very gentle creature, having undergone a quest of her own to protect her people from an ancient song- the Siren's Sonata- which could have brought her world to ruin. Despite all this, Dew is but a simple pacifist, something she must now put aside in order to help defend the world she has been called to save. Can such a creature truly make a difference in the battle against Tiera?
Dew is a character built around elaborate movement techniques and evasion, true to her source material being all about swift and flexible underwater mobility. Unlike most characters, Dew can perform all of her attacks and abilities while moving, making her ideal for baiting out attacks or keeping up offense while remaining on guard and evasive. This is compounded by her ability to set up Whirlpools, which allow her to instantly teleport to a fixed position in order to keep a combo going or leap out of harm's way in an pinch. Additionally, Dew serves as one of the most effective full-party healers in the game, being the primary use for her Drive Bar. Despite all of these incredible qualities, Dew severely lacks direct defensive options, so being punished for overly aggressive play can hit a lot harder than with most other characters.
Dew is capable of Flowdashing.
Notable Abilities
Fluid Combat
Dew does not lose momentum when attacking, letting her stay constantly mobile as long as any direction is held. Returning the movement stick to neutral rapidly causes momentum to decay.
Performed by pressing the Secondary Attack button. Dew emits a small chiming sound as a waterspout emerges nearby. If the player is locked onto an enemy, it will spawn underneath them; if not, it will spawn a short distance in front of Dew instead. Whirlpools can be teleported to by performing Dolphin Dive, which will cause her to burst out of it in a leap that damages enemies.
Dolphin Dive
Performed with a basic Stinger input. Dew leaps forward in an arc through the air, redirecting her momentum and damaging everything in her path with a multihit attack. If a Whirlpool is active, Dew will warp to its position before jumping. Tapping Secondary and Primary attack in repeated succession allows Dew to jump repeatedly in a chain, dragging enemies alongside her. Jumping out of a Whirlpool also leaves behind a small waterspout.
Geyser Blast
By holding the input for a Dolphin Dive, Dew can force the Whirlpool to erupt into a powerful lingering geyser that deals multihit damage and traps enemies within it. Dew can ride up the geyser to reach the air, pursuing foes trapped inside or using it to platform around. The geyser remains active for 10 seconds.
Performed by holding both attack buttons. Dew sings a short song, causing the area around her and all waterspouts left behind by Dolphin Diving to glow a faint sea green. The player will be constantly healed by standing inside these areas, regardless of what character they are. Uses up 2 bars of the Drive Bar. The healing areas will remain active for 12 seconds.
Heart of Void
Difficulty: ✦✦✧
Unlocked by defeating a total of 25 Bosses or having Voidmaw: Beyond Hope save data present on the console.
An artificial creature forged from the essence at the heart of a black hole by the mysterious scientist known as Doc Obsidian, the entity known as Maw is a highly dangerous assassin who defies the very rules of physics and logic. Possessing a multitude of terrifying abilities, such as invisibility, teleportation, and the power to take on the appearance and attributes of whatever is consumed into her endless void of a stomach, Maw was utilized as a weapon to retribution by its creator. Now called t protect the world, Maw is left without the stern guiding hand of Obsidian, and while its possible to use her as a tool of protection... without suitable control, she may devolve back into the destructive black hole she was forged from.
True to her nature as an assassin, Maw is one of the game's few stealth fighters, capable of turning herself invisible in order to attain one-hit stealth kills on enemies. She can also absorb weakened enemies in order to temporarily copy their characteristics and fighting style, which serves as an alternative form of stealth. In direct combat, however, Maw still possesses a great offensive toolset, having quick teleportation-based strikes and the ability to drag enemies directly to her position. Her biggest weakness is range, having only one ranged attack that takes a substantial amount of time to charge.
Maw possesses Superstrength and is capable of Flowdashing.
Notable Abilities
Huntress of the Void
If Maw strikes an enemy from behind while they do not notice her, she will stab them in the back, defeating them instantly. This creates a loud sound that can alert other enemies, so choose your targets carefully!
By holding down Secondary Attack, Maw will turn completely invisible. Enemies will not see her while invisible, and enemies that have already spotted her will instead track her last known location and then spread outward to search for her. Getting hit while invisible stuns Maw and removes the invisibility. Slowly drains Drive Bar while active.
Getting an enemy to low enough health with Maw will result in a Secondary Attack prompt to appear over their head. Pressing the button will cause Maw to leap over and absorb them, taking on their appearance and abilities. This absorbed enemy also acts as an extra buffer of health, preventing her real health from being damaged until it is destroyed or manually shed by pressing Secondary Attack again.
Performed with a reverse Stinger input. Using the power of gravity, Maw drags any enemies in a large cone in front of her immediately in front of her, staggering them in the process. Exceptional combo-starting move and good for interrupting attacks from weaker enemies.
Void Beam
Performed ny holding down Primary Attack. Maw will charge up incredible levels of energy in her mouth, indicated by a red glow at max charge. Upon releasing, Maw will fire a powerful beam of radiant energy directly forward, dealing massive damage. Can be buffered into at any point in her basic attack string. Getting hit while charging releases the energy in a dome shape around Maw as a counterattack.
Unit 6
Robot Servant
Difficulty: ✦✦✧
Unlocked by collecting 10,000 Materials or having 404 data saved to the console.
Guided by the artificial intelligence known as Mother Ai, Unit 6 is a robotic lifeform tasked with fixing environmental disasters and helping assist with cleanup. Shockingly, Unit 6 hails from Fera and Lucius's time... from Earth itself, long after it was abandoned by humanity to travel among the stars. This has lead to strange emotions from Lucius and the other heroes from Coronite when around Unit 6, as if its presence is a reminder of their lost comrade. Regardless of this, Unit 6 and his guide offer all of their power to help avert the disastrous future that may overwrite their own, perhaps even saving Earth from the fate it suffers in their own timeline...
Though rather simple on its own merits, Unit 6 has an absurd amount of depth owing to the assistance it is given by Mother Ai. On a surface level, Unit 6 is a simplistic fighter, relying on extending arms and limited machine-gun fire to attack foes. This moveset is rather weak, nearly incapable of taking on the game's strongest foes. As it defeats enemies, however, it is capable of absorbing chunks of Data by using its Scan move, which augments them with both armor and weaponry associated with the fallen foe. The more Data Unit 6 collects, the more powerful it becomes, but be wary in the heat of combat- while this armor can shield against damage, getting hit by a strong move will knock some of it off, reducing both offensive and defensive capabilities. Additionally, Unit 6 can harness Mother Ai's terraforming abilities by spending Data, letting them create walls and other platforms at will to control the battlefield as they see fit.
Unit 6 possesses Superstrength.
Notable Abilities
If Unit 6 manages to stagger or defeat an enemy, small blue chunks will fly off of their body, referred to as Data. By holding and releasing the Primary Attack button, Unit 6 will use Scan, opening up their chest to release a ring of blue light which knocks away enemies around them and siphons all Data in the blast radius into their core. As the player collects Data through this process, Unit 6 will gain increasing layers of armor, which provide them with percentile-based damage reduction up to 60% negation alongside increased physical strength and hitbox size. If Unit 6 takes excessive damage while armored, it will shatter, reducing his armor coverage significantly.
Defeating certain foes also drops Red Data, which can be Scanned to provide Unit 6 with extra moves themed after the specific enemy. These extra weapons are mutually exclusive, replacing each other when obtained, and will also drop when armor is lost.
Arm Flail
Performed by tapping the Primary Attack button in midair without holding a direction. Unit 6 spins its arms around like a windmill rapidly, dealing two quick hits. Very quick and easy to link into other moves.
Performed with a Superstinger input. Unit 6 quickly lashes its arm out in an extending punch, pulling it back and dragging enemies along with it. Good for getting foes into attacking range. Pressing the attack button again while the arm is out has Unit 6 fire a machine gun round of its hand, retreating back without dragging in foes. This alternative attack is ideal for keeping foes at bay or juggling them.
Machine Spread
Performed with a Cyclone input. Unit 6 opens up its chest and jumps into the air, firing a machine gun as it spins around wildly. Good for AoE crowd control and staggering foes, and can be converted into an aerial attack almost immediately. As it can strike multiple targets, it's also ideal for building up Data quickly.
Armor Shatter
Performed by pressing Primary Attack and Dash as soon as Unit 6 is knocked back into the air. Flipping around to recover, Unit 6 dives towards the enemy that struck them along with the pieces of armor that have been knocked off, slamming directly into them in a massive burst. Shatters all of the player's armor, dealing more damage the more armored they were.
Mother's Guidance
Performed by holding Secondary Attack. Time slows down as a large reticle appears on the ground, which can be moved with the movement stick. Pressing the Primary Attack button in this state causes a meteor to fall from the sky, dealing explosive damage on impact and dropping slight amounts of Data. Releasing Secondary Attack causes a large stone spike to erupt from the center of the reticle, which can be attacked by player characters in order to launch the stone shards in any direction akin to a shotgun. The Drive Bar drains while time is slowed down, and also utilizes 1/6 of a stack in order to summon a meteor.
Tempora Tsuki.png
Chronal Crusader
Difficulty: ✦✦✧
Unlocked by having Tempora: Killing Time save data on the console.
This mysterious young woman hailing from a splinter universe is Tsuki, a young mage in training. Hoping to use her magical prowess to act as a healer, Tsuki's life was then turned around when a mysterious time-manipulating mage arrived, freezing her girlfriend Hinoiri in space-time after she summoned a mysterious parasitic organism known as a Tempora. Wielding this sword-like creature, Locust, Tsuki set off across space and time in order to free the one she loves from her blight... and in the process, she has arrived in the battle against Tiera. Though this is a potentially life-threatening event for everyone, and Hinoiri's fate is unknown, Tsuki is still determined to help her newfound friends... after all, she has all the time in the world.
Tsuki carries much of her general gameplay from her debut in Tempora: Killing Time, acting as a fluid and mobile swordfighter with a wide variety of magical techniques and time manipulation abilities to set her apart from the rest of the roster. Alongside her Drive Bar, which is utilized for her powerful Overclock techniques, Tsuki possesses an MP Meter, which governs the use of these magical skills. As a result, Tsuki's gameplay becomes an interesting balancing act of managing multiple resources, taking advantage of the massive of options she has at any given time. An unskilled Tsuki player may have trouble figuring out what to do with this massive library of tools, but a skilled one can wreak untold havoc on the battlefield.
Tsuki is capable of Flowdashing.
Notable Abilities
MP Meter
Unique to Tsuki is a blue gauge known as the MP Meter. This meter acts as a resource meter for Tsuki's magic spells, draining upon use. The MP Meter has a base of 100 points- when exhausted, it will turn purple, begin flashing, and slowly refill. This state is referred to as MP Recharge- it prevents Tsuki from using any magic while active, but instantly refills all MP when it is finished.
Ability Menu
While holding down Secondary Attack, a small heads-up menu appears in the bottom-left corner of the screen known as the Ability Menu. The player can scroll up and down on the Ability Menu to select one of the Spells or Overclocks displayed on it and use the skill by releasing the button. Tsuki is still able to attack and dodge while the Ability Menu is open.
Magic Spells
A list of spells that Tsuki can cast from the Ability Menu.
  • Mend - All MP: Tsuki's bread and butter as a healer. Instantly restore a chunk of both Tsuki and the party's HP, with priority going to Tsuki. Its speed makes it superior to healing with items, and it's totally renewable, but it immediately puts you in MP Recharge upon use.
  • Twister - 10 MP: Whip up a small tornado around Tsuki, slashing at surrounding enemies to hit them multiple times and deal Wind-elemental damage. You can move around slightly while performing this move, so try using it when you wanna reposition mid-combo without dropping your offensive.
  • Droplet - 16 MP: Conjure an enormous sphere of water above a distant enemy before dropping it down on them. The spell inflicts Water-elemental damage and leaves the target soaked, which makes them weaker to electricity and vulnerable to various other effects.
  • Envenom - 12 MP: Shoot a glob of toxic sludge straight forwards like a bullet, dealing Shadow-elemental damage. The spell is capable of poisoning foes, dealing additional damage over time.
  • Plasma - 30 MP: Form a ball of electricity in front of you that pulls in surrounding enemies with tendrils of lightning to deal Electric-elemental damage.
  • Crystal - 60 MP: Form ice into armored plating on Tsuki's body. This armor causes weaker attacks to bounce off of you and reduces the damage you take from all sources. Can be shared with allies by switching characters while the armor is up.
A list of time-manipulating Overclock moves that Tsuki can cast from the Ability Menu. Instead of MP, Overclocks utilize the Drive Bar.
  • Freeze - ??? Bars: Completely freeze time for a few seconds, halting all enemy movement while letting the player act freely. This Overclock requires 3 units on the Drive Bar to use, but it won't immediately drain this energy. Instead, while time is stopped, the Drive Bar will rapidly drain away. The more Drive you have stockpiled, the longer you can freeze time for.
  • Rewind- 1 Bar: Dodge through time, moving backwards into a previous position while ignoring all obstructions. This also reverts your status to whatever value it had in that position, though your HP and MP cannot be reduced below their current values. Affects both Tsuki and the party, but does not rewind the Drive Bar, leaving that as it was when Tsuki used Rewind.
  • Accelerate - 1 Bar: With a quick burst of temporal power, abruptly accelerate the aging of enemies near your target, making them slower and weaker with age. This can also speed up the damage they take from poisoning, instantly rust wet weaponry, spoil items and plants, and more.
  • Bubble - 2 Bars: Create a bubble of distorted time either in front of Tsuki or around a distant foe. Enemies and projectiles (regardless if they originate from the player or from enemies) inside the bubble will be slowed down significantly. Allies summoned with a Cross Attack will also slow down when inside the bubble, allowing for unique setups.
  • Loop - 2 Bars: Summon a ring of Locust duplicates that spin around Tsuki in a constant hitbox, acting as both an offensive and defensive tool. The ring constantly stays orbiting around the user, even if they switch to another character.
  • Parallel - 3 Bars: Summon a version of Tsuki from another timeline to briefly join the fight, functioning similar to a longer-lasting Cross Rush. The parallel Tsuki will mimic your actions while present, but can also be commanded to fight independently. The player is still able to switch characters and perform their own Cross Attacks and Cross Rushes while the parallel Tsuki is active.
Float Dodge
If Tsuki manages to dodge an enemy attack at the very last possible second, time will slow down, triggering a Float Dodge. Aside from awarding extra Drive Bar energy, this also presents a valuable opportunity to deal heavy damage to the target via a counterattack.
Sting Attack
When the standard Cross Attack prompt appears while Tsuki is fighting, the player can instead elect to press the Secondary Attack button. This will trigger a Sting Attack, a powerful and wide-ranged attack variant in which Tsuki is flanked by multiple temporal copies of Locust. As well as acting as a powerful offensive maneuver, using a Sting Attack awards extra Drive Bar energy.
Tempora Eclipse.png
Mysterious Hunter
Difficulty: ✦✦✦
Unlocked by having Tempora: Killing Time save data on the console.
A mysterious individual who has been pursuing Tsuki throughout time and space along her journey to save Hinoiri. Eclipse's motives are unknown, but they wield a Tempora weapon strikingly similar to that of Locust, and they do not seem to be affiliated with the Timekeepers that Tsuki has tasked herself with hunting down. At the very least, they seem to have a kind, sympathetic soul, electing to halt their pursuit of Tsuki in order to aid in the battle against Tiera. What secrets will be uncovered about their goals or identities?
In some ways, Eclipse acts as a parallel character to Tsuki, relying on the same mechanic and list of time-controlling Overclock abilities. However, Eclipse is a much heavier character than Tsuki, relying much more on grappling and close-range moves and lacking Magic skills or an MP Meter like Tsuki has. Instead, Eclipse possesses the ability to turn their weapon's parasitism against their foes, absorbing both their life and will, forming basic enemies into allies that they can manipulate or gaining buffs by draining the life force of larger foes. Reckless and aggressive play is all but encouraged when playing as this space-time marauder! Just be wary of your health- while Eclipse's Drive Bar passively fills up the more damage they have taken, there's plenty of opportunities for things to go sour if you let this massive amount of power get to your head and end up taking excessive damage.
Eclipse possesses Superstrength.
Notable Abilities
Chrono Charge
Eclipse's Drive Bar passively increases over time when they are damaged. The rate at which energy accumulates is tied to how much damage they have taken, functioning based off of percentage of maximum HP lost rather than the numeric amount of HP lost. Chrono Charge only functions when Eclipse is the active character.
Ability Menu
While holding down Secondary Attack, a small heads-up menu appears in the bottom-left corner of the screen known as the Ability Menu. The player can scroll up and down on the Ability Menu to select one of the Overclocks displayed on it and use the skill by releasing the button. Eclipse is still able to attack and dodge while the Ability Menu is open.
A list of time-manipulating Overclock moves that Eclipse can cast from the Ability Menu, which utilize the Drive Bar.
  • Freeze - ??? Bars: Completely freeze time for a few seconds, halting all enemy movement while letting the player act freely. This Overclock requires 3 units on the Drive Bar to use, but it won't immediately drain this energy. Instead, while time is stopped, the Drive Bar will rapidly drain away. The more Drive you have stockpiled, the longer you can freeze time for.
  • Rewind- 1 Bar: Dodge through time, moving backwards into a previous position while ignoring all obstructions. This also reverts your status to whatever value it had in that position, though your HP and MP cannot be reduced below their current values. Affects both Eclipse and the party, but does not rewind the Drive Bar, leaving that as it was when Tsuki used Rewind.
  • Accelerate - 1 Bar: With a quick burst of temporal power, abruptly accelerate the aging of enemies near your target, making them slower and weaker with age. This can also speed up the damage they take from poisoning, instantly rust wet weaponry, spoil items and plants, and more.
  • Bubble - 2 Bars: Create a bubble of distorted time either in front of Eclipse or around a distant foe. Enemies and projectiles (regardless if they originate from the player or from enemies) inside the bubble will be slowed down significantly. Allies summoned with a Cross Attack will also slow down when inside the bubble, allowing for unique setups.
  • Loop - 2 Bars: Summon a ring of weapon duplicates that spin around Eclipse in a constant hitbox, acting as both an offensive and defensive tool. The ring constantly stays orbiting around the user, even if they switch to another character.
  • Parallel - 3 Bars: Summon a version of Eclipse from another timeline to briefly join the fight, functioning similar to a longer-lasting Cross Rush. The parallel Eclipse will mimic your actions while present, but can also be commanded to fight independently. The player is still able to switch characters and perform their own Cross Attacks and Cross Rushes while the parallel Eclipse is active.
Parasite Dart
Performed with a basic Stinger input. Eclipse darts forward with her weapon, stabbing it forward and impaling it into foes. If the button is held down during this state, she can drain an enemy's health, slightly restoring some of her own, and finishing off with a powerful slash when the button is released. If Eclipse kills a smaller enemy by draining its health, it will become Parasitized and act as a zombified ally; in contrast, killing a larger enemy by draining their health will result in a stat boost based on the enemy type.
Parasitized enemies will normally act and fight on their own whims, but if the player locks onto a target, they will focus and prioritize attacking the same target. Eclipse is also capable of petting Parasitized enemies by standing next to them for a short time, which gives them extra Drive Bar energy.
Performed by holding down both attack buttons. Eclipse enters a zoomed-in camera mode where time slows down slightly, letting the player move the camera around and highlight a target. When the Primary Attack button is released, time will resume, and Eclipse will dash over to the selected target and strike them with a powerful slash attack. Killing an enemy with this move restores a substantial amount of HP, with even more being given alongside a boost to all stats if the target is a Parasitized enemy. While the slash costs 1 stack of Drive Bar to use, the slowed time is completely free, and using this to reorient yourself is a valid tactical maneuver.
Float Dodge
If Eclipse manages to dodge an enemy attack at the very last possible second, time will slow down, triggering a Float Dodge. Aside from awarding extra Drive Bar energy, this also presents a valuable opportunity to deal heavy damage to the target via a counterattack.


The world of Pyroverse: Breach is divided up into 12 distinct Zones, large portions of the planet that have been cordoned off by Tiera's forces as standard country borders fall and crumble. Each Zone acts as a large playable area, each forming a sandbox environment filled with both collectibles to obtain and Feyveins to locate. Each Zone is also filled with unique architecture tied to each region's culture, though the coming Cataclysm has rendered much of these areas more devoid of life.


Zone List

Orenia Battle Level 1 Boss: Verse I,
The Unyielding Conqueror
This coastside city used to be among the most populated in the world, a center for commerce and prosperity that attracted many a visitor on a yearly basis. That dense population is perhaps the reason that Orenia was the first nation to be directly attacked by Tiera's, hoping to use the civilians in the area to bolster her own army. Once a pristine seaside city, Orenia is now flooded, the ruined remains of buildings floating in high water as hostile troops roam the area.
Harenmarc Battle Level 2 Boss: Alaknirajan,
The Frost Sentinel
This northern wintry nation has faced its fair share of hardships over the years, from harsh weather phenomena to warfare, yet Tiera's conquest is the first to truly shatter its defenses. Gone are the great monuments of industry, as sad, snow-covered mounds of metal dot the landscape now patrolled by Tiera's army. Rumors of a resistance force being spearheaded by the ruler of nearby Mintleheim, Queen Hildegard, dart across the countryside...
La'Neqa Battle Level 2 Boss: Inshala,
The Devouring Serpent
An arid desert nation said to be the birthplace of human civilization itself, La'Neqa is home to both ancient, monolithic ruins of a bygone era and the equally titanic skyscrapers that signify its wealth and prosperity- as well as its thriving casino business. All of this has ground to a halt after Tiera's invasion, however, and as humakind crumbles, the uncaring sands have begun to swallow up the once-great nation, a fate that soon may befall the whole world if the goddess is not stopped.
Sicory Battle Level 2 Boss: Exegesis,
The Holy Scribe
Formerly a nation priding itself on agriculture and rustic architecture, the loss of human life has turned the nation of Sicory into a tragically empty and quiet landscape. While the sunsets are just as beautiful as they've always been, there's something all the more somber to them now that nature has begun to reclaim the nation's fields and villages, and with roaming bands of enemies to watch out for, it's become far more hostile than the peaceful farm country it once was.
Floranum Battle Level 3 Boss: Verse II,
The Conqueror's Brood
Floranum is an island torn by strife in the past, with class warfare and poverty inciting a multitude of conflicts that heavily contrast the nation's beautiful, dark architecture. These winding halls and cathedrals, once home to so many different people from all walks of life, now feel much emptier after the invasion, and have turned from simply awe-inspiring to potentially dangerous and life-threatening... There could be foes around every corner.
Chiqutl Battle Level 3 Boss: Abthian,
The Devout Congregation
It's not a stretch to say Chiqutl was one of Earth's proudest nations, a veritable metropolis that acted as the planet's center of commerce and was known worldwide for its work-centric and on-the-go citizens. However, what was once a shining beacon of progress and the home of the Iliad Organization's headquarters is now yet another tarnished blight on the face of the planet, its high population density meaning that it is now swarming with enemy troops.
Ceralis Battle Level 3 Boss: Chalis,
The Keeper of Desire
Ceralis is a nation almost entirely built off the back of technology- in fact, the country has even used floating platforms off its coast to artificially increase its own landmass. Becoming a major power and goods supplier to the entire world, it's not a surprise to see that the nation falling into Tiera's clutches has negatively impacted every other nation as a result. Tampering with the hardware has also lead to a sudden influx of thunderstorms across the country.
Equilibra Battle Level 3 Boss: Rayna and Umbra,
Sisters from Beyond Time
Equilibra is a simple nation with a long and cherised history, supposedly being the land in which two twin heroes who saved the planet from an ancient evil were born. While the legend may or may not be true, remnants of the opposing factions who allegedly supported each hero can be found dotted across this land's mossy, rocky landscape. Perhaps with this legend as inspiration, our heroes will be prepared to defend the world from another threat...
Noctur Battle Level 4 Boss: Mokasha,
The Monk of Blades
Noctur is famed for both its splendorous architecture and for the stormy weather caused by the mountains surrounding the country, giving it the moniker of the Kingdom of Rain. While this dazzling, glamorous nation was once known for its impressive military might and wealth, none of it could stand against the onslaught of Tiera's wrath, leaving Noctur a shadowy shell of its former self. Many of the enemies here still retain the intensive swordsmanship they knew as humans, so beware their immense strength.
Najani Battle Level 4 Boss: Numinis,
The Titan's Blade
A jungle nation prized for its verdant wildlife and plentiful fauna, as well as the uniquely vibrant culture that the country's environment enables to prosper in such a hostile location. Unfortunately, it's a culture that's being stomped out day by day, with large portions of the rainforest having been destroyed in Tiera's mad conquest of the planet.
Shiansu Battle Level 4 Boss: Verse III,
The Conqueror's Rage
A small yet mighty island nation that lived in isolation for many years, growing to become a people shockingly distinct from much of the rest of the world in terms of culture and technology. The towers piercing into the heavens were once a sign of progress and innovation, but now only serve to make this nation an even more intimidating area to explore and traverse. Be brave, and stay off the streets.
Crypta Battle Level 4 Boss: Naga,
The Reborn Feyserpent
This little cluster of tropical islands is the place where Quetz was born, and where a previous fairy by the name of Naga arrived at Tiera's command to attempt to destroy the planet. Now revived by her mother's magic, the rampaging monster has ravaged the island chain, causing the massive volcano in the center to erupt and filling large portions of the island with flame. Help the harpy-go-lucky hero save her home from this ancient evil!
Palacio de Sol Battle Level 1-5 Boss: Sol,
The Ancient Sentience
An ancient ruin in the middle of the ocean, once home to a civilization of brilliant thinkers before its eventual decay and ruin due to their own experiments. Though Nyxiel unearthed the lifeless form of Masquera in the upper levels of the ruin, the true depths of the palace have yet to be explored.
Palacio de Sol is a unique area that acts as a sort of ultimate combat challenge, facing the player with wave after wave of enemies as they descend further and further down. Feyveins are provided every 15 floors out of the combined 100, but these are unique in that they record the player's health and Drive bars whenever used; warping to one from Via Spectrum will set the player's stats to the best recorded level, incentivizing the player to replay the earlier floors and perfect their run. The lower levels of Palacio de Sol are incredibly challenging, but if you delve far enough, riches- and possibly new allies- are yours to gain.



Obtained by defeating enemies Minor collectible
Short for Gene- with the collapse of much of humankind's structure, traditional currency has gone out the window. The team needs resources, however, so the genetic makeup of Tiera's forces should do nicely, considering they drop it like crazy when defeated. Used as the primary currency in Timeline Plaza.
Common Material
Obtained by defeating enemies Minor collectible
Strange material which cannot easily be described, seeming to fluctuate between various states of matter. Its unique properties make it incredibly useful for forging and blacksmithing, and it acts as the resource cost for the Forlorn Swordsmith's upgrades.
Rare Material
Obtained by defeating enemies Minor collectible
More of the strange, unknowable material, this variant fluctuates even more than normal, making it even more malleable and useful. As the name implies, its rarer than other materials, and is used in more powerful upgrades.
Premium Material
Obtained by defeating enemies Minor collectible
This incredibly rare material defies the laws of nature itself; could it possibly be divine in origin? Only dropped by the most powerful of foes, Premium Material is used in the most powerful upgrades the Swordsmith has to offer, and obtaining it is a feat in and of itself.
Research Notes
Obtained through exploration Major collectible
Notes hastily scribbled by human scientists about the nature of Tiera's servants and how they operate, their authors seemingly long vanished or slain. Obtaining enough of these out in the field will level up Malphea's Lab, increasing the variety of items she has to sell and passively increasing the healing power of all her medicine.
Obtained through exploration Major collectible
Some perfectly good food, gone to waste after many humans have gone into hiding. Well, might as well put it to some use! Collecting enough Ingredients will increase the repertoire of meals that Bubba is able to cook for the player, letting them augment their stats even further. It also passively increases the buffs received by meals slightly, though not the duration of the buffs.
Intelligence Core
Obtained through exploration and fighting Prime enemies Major collectible
This valuable core contains information about the location of one of Tiera's commanders, the Chosen Four, as well as about their defenses. You will need to collect about 10 of these in order to locate one of them and be able to challenge them- and you can't take down Tiera without defeating her commanders first.


Medicine Malphea's Lab Lv. 1
300 G
A simplistic on-the-go medicine developed by Malphea for healing battlefield wounds. Recovers a small amount of health.
Medicine L Malphea's Lab Lv. 2
1000 G
An improved version on the basic medicine that's proved itself to be more effective at quick recovery. Recovers a decent amount of health.
Medicine XL Malphea's Lab Lv. 3
5000 G
A massively improved medicinal formula that's certain to get you back on your feet in no time! Recovers a large amount of health.
Drive Enhancer Malphea's Lab Lv. 2
1500 G
A supplement designed to re-energize and invigorate the person who takes it. Restores a small amount of Drive.
Drive Enhancer L Malphea's Lab Lv. 3
3000 G
An improved version on the Drive Enhancer formula means that you'll get back in the action even quicker than before. Restores a decent amount of Drive.
Drive Enhancer XL Malphea's Lab Lv. 4
6000 G
One pop of this miracle pill and you'll feel all of your power returning to you! Restores a large amount of Drive.
Panacea Malphea's Lab Lv. 3
10000 G
The ultimate recovery medicine, the Panacea completely restores all of the player's HP and Drive. Use it only in dire circumstances!
Invulin Malphea's Lab Lv. 2
3000 G
A miracle pill that grants permanent superarmor and increased defense for 15 seconds, giving a defensive boost in the harshest situations.
Invulin L Malphea's Lab Lv. 4
9000 G
A more powerful and effective dose of Invulin. Instead of boosting the time in which the effect lasts, this improved medicine makes you outright invincible for 15 seconds, boosting the defensive capabilities.
Dieback Malphea's Lab Lv. 4
5000 G
Short for "diebackicin", this wonder drug is automatically popped upon defeat, giving you an extra surge of HP to let you keep fighting on! Be wary, however, as each subsequent Dieback pill restores less and less HP upon revival.
RYO Vending Machine
500 G
Cherry-flavored energy drink that packs a punch on the go, perfect for any self-respecting hero figure. Provides a temporary boost to Attack when consumed.
plat•num Vending Machine
500 G
Sparkling mineral water hailing from Shiansu, this crystal-clear drink never loses its luster. Provides a temporary boost to Defense when consumed.
Bloody Sunshine Vending Machine
500 G
Dark coffee in a can that's just as dark and ominous-looking. One of Nyxiel's friends got her into the flavor. Provides a temporary boost to Speed when consumed.



Mist Lv. 1
10% Boost to All Stats for 1 Day.
100 G
Nothing better than starting your day with a cup of Mist, Earth's greatest pick-me-up! Consisting of a blend of whole milk, molten dark chocolate, and cinnamon, it's got the rich creaminess and hint of zing that plenty of people need to kickstart their morning. It only provides a small stat boost, but it's cheap, easy, and convenient if you don't want to spend time thinking about the benefits of more nuanced tastes.
Stuffed Mealflower Lv. 1
20% Boost to Defense for 1 Day.
400 G
Chiqutl is a busy nation that's always on the move, so to compensate, a lot of their food is designed to be carried while walking. The Mealflower is no exception, being lettuce leaves wrapped in a cone shape around various toppings such as meat, cheese, and other vegetables. It's healthy and convenient!
Hemolion Stew Lv. 1
20% Boost to Attack for 1 Day.
400 G
The harsh, wintry lands of Harenmarc are averse to growing any kind of grain or vegetable product, so they've become the most carnivorous country on Earth, making sure to use absolutely every part of the animal. Hemolion Stew is an example of this, being a thick, soupy broth infused with animal blood and fat. It may seem gross at first, but it's very hearty and filling, and is sure to give you that warm cozy feeling when you eat it.
Seared Forest Sandwich Lv. 1
20% Boost to Speed for 1 Day.
400 G
An Orenian food consisting of spinach, basil, and the olive-based condiment aschem placed on a sandwich with white cheese. Bubba made sure to pan-sear this one for extra crispiness, and the result is a chewy, gooey, and shockingly healthy sandwich that puts a real kick in your step! Served with a side of homemade kettle chips.
Cerulla Lv. 1
15% Boost to I-Frame Duration for 1 Day.
500 G
Sicorian snack foods that have basically become staples of worldwide cuisine. A cerulla stick consists of a thick breadstick that's been wrapped around a core of tomatoes and an herb blend before being baked at a low heat. When served warm, the resulting internal sauce makes for a nice, tasty core to this common appetizer.
Pidra Roll Lv. 1
15% Boost to Superarmor Duration for 1 Day.
500 G
A Najani dish consisting of a thin, flat piece of bread, topped with meat and ketchup, rolled up, then sliced into circular pieces. It's densely packed and very flavorful, making the resulting rolled slices a shockingly filling delight! Bubba, always considerate, has provided a selection of savory sauces to dip the rolls in.
Auran Bowl Lv. 1
20% Boost to All Stats for 1 Day.
700 G
The Auran Bowl hails from the Equilibra region, supposedly the creation of a long-gone religious order in order to give their acolytes a healthy amount of all the basic food groups. It consists of a hollowed-out bread bowl given a lining of cheese, then filled with a broth containing meat and vegetables and served with a side of strawberry dessert. Nothing more warm and wholesome this side of the planet!
Milk Shot Lv. 1
Palette Cleanser- Alters existing stat buffs from Meals.
150 G
A simple shot glass full of skim milk. It's cold, refreshing, and good for cleansing the palette. Taking a Milk Shot does nothing if you haven't already had a meal, but if you have, it'll reduce the buff's duration down to a single day while doubling its effect. If you really need to have the maximum boost possible for a single day, a Milk Shot could come in handy.
Takamolito Burger Lv. 2
40% Boost to Attack for 1 Day.
1500 G
A traditional meaty burger with inspiration taken from ancient Chiqutlan tradition. The thick turkey patty is slathered in a mixture of barbeque sauce and spicy scorpion sauce, then topped with sliced Chiqutlan red peppers and diced tomato. While it's incredibly spicy, the patty is blended with cheese to cut the sting just a little. One of Bubba's favorite dishes!
Shianese Reverse Dumplings Lv. 2
20% Boost to Attack for 3 Days.
1700 G
While the common perception of a dumpling is meat or vegetables wrapped around a layer of dough, this Shianese delicacy is just the opposite, being rice and vegetables stuffed inside a meatball before being cooked in a traditional stone oven. The interior soaks up juice from the meat and veggies very well, forming a flavorful core that truly packs a punch! Traditionally served with a thin tomato-based broth.
Orenian Crispburger Lv. 2
40% Boost to Defense for 1 Day.
1500 G
Though the thin patty may be lean, that's about the healthiest part of this incredibly crunchy burger. The bun is double fried and given a crispy coating, the Sicorian cheese is sizzled to a dry, tangy crisp, and it's topped with both fried pickles and onion rings before being given a healthy spread of sour cream and chives. Naturally, it comes with a diet soda- for the health-conscious.
Bubba's PB&J Lv. 2
20% Boost to Defense for 3 Days.
1700 G
A simple sandwich consisting of peanut butter and grape jelly, served with a side of kettle chips and a tall glass of water. Nobody on the team had ever even heard of someone attempting to combine these flavors, but apparently it's a common staple in Vessa's reality, and she was the one to initially suggest it to Bubba. He's allegedly mad he didn't get to cook or fry part of this meal...
Naharen Platter Lv. 2
40% Boost to Speed for 1 Day.
1500 G
Naharen is a thick, crunchy bread baked in the desert nation of La'Neqa, having a beige hue and being blended with spinach. The most common use for naharen in food is as a vehicle for dips and cheese blends, which often tend to be chilled to stay cool in the desert heat. This circular platter of naharen comes with a wide variety of cheeses and dips, letting you sample whatever flavors you prefer.
Fishbite Stew Lv. 2
20% Boost to Speed for 3 Days.
1700 G
A strange dish that'll really put the pep in your step, Fishbite Stew was served to military officers in the Cesserx navy. It's a bizarre blend of chicken broth, assorted vegetables, chopped fish, and vinegar, something that gets a lot of nutrients in but has the weirdest fishy taste you will perhaps ever experience. At least you get some complementary breadsticks...
Peach Immunitea Lv. 2
Status Resistance Doubled for 3 Days.
2000 G
Fragrant tea blended together from a variety of herbs found across the world, from Shiansu to Equilibra. While the result just looks like slightly cloudy water and doesn't have much of a scent, its packed with enough antioxidants to render you resistant to nearly any malady... or so they say. This batch has been mixed with peach juice, which gives it both a fruity flavor and a more appealing sunset color.
Fried Chida Chicken Lv. 2
Dash Distance increased by 50% for 3 Days.
2000 G
Some classic, all-natural, home-cooked fried chicken. Under no circumstances are you to inform Quetz of what that actually entails. It's not just normal fried chicken, though, as its crunchy exterior is in fact made of the delectable condiment chida! Comes in both paler mild flavors and orangier strong flavors, the cheesy tang growing the more color the coating has. Served with assorted fruits.
Captain's Nest Lv. 3
40% Boost to Attack for 3 Days.
5000 G
This classical Orenia dish originates from maritime cuisine, when food was scarce and about the only thing around to eat was potatoes. A modern classic derived from this seatime treat, a Captain's Nest consists of thinly sliced fried potatoes nested in a wreath alongside a special dipping sauce made with tomatoes, mayonnaise, and special pink salt. It's one of Bubba's favorite dishes!
Overload Pasami Lv. 3
75% Boost to Attack for 1 Day.
7500 G
The pasami is a staple of cuisine across the entire planet- who knew that the simple Sicorian dish made of two thin pieces of dough, pressed tightly around a core of sauce and cheese, would be so widely beloved by families and college students from all walks of life? This special pasami is absolutely massive, being stuffed with tons of fresh vegetables and other condiments. Of course, its also loaded with scorpion sauce. Eat at your own peril.
Golden Ghost Sandwich Lv. 3
40% Boost to Defense for 3 Days.
5000 G
A sandwich taking inspiration from Harenmarcan cuisine, while slathering a whole lot of greasy toppings and condiments all over the whole thing. The Golden Ghost Sandwich consists of assorted meats, chopped finely into chunks and slathered with barbeque sauce, savory Orenian Gold sauce, and a melty gooey cheese blend before being topped with a smattering of pickles and placed in a thick sourdough bun. It's chewy, gooey goodness!
Ebon Noodles Lv. 3
75% Boost to Defense for 1 Day.
7500 G
Shianese-inspired cuisine which takes an unexpected twist, taking the ink of undersea lifeforms and incorporating it into the dough of the noodles. The result is shockingly tasty, and it's served in a traditional noodle broth with a hint of lemon added to accentuate the fishy taste. Can be eaten with a fork or with the rake-like implement used in ancient Shiansu, colloquially referred to as a spikestick.
Frost Ring Lv. 3
40% Boost to Speed for 3 Days.
5000 G
The most common cold dessert on Earth, the Frost Ring is a cold, tasty treat adored by children the world over. Consisting of frozen cream shaped into a ring before being dunked in a thick layer of chocolate, this Chiqutlan delight is easy to carry around and eat while walking! Both the ice cream itself and the chocolate coating can be touched up with a variety of flavors.
Citra Sundae Lv. 3
75% Boost to Speed for 1 Day.
7500 G
This citrus-themed ice cream treat's an absolute delight! It starts off with a slice of vanilla cake with orange-flavored frosting, then it's topped with orange slices and a scoop of vanilla ice cream; a drizzle of orange-flavored syrup, dollop of whipped cream, and chocolate sticks add in the final hint of pizzazz that makes this sundae so beloved!
Fesevari Platter Lv. 3
50% Boost to I-Frame Duration for 1 Day.
6000 G
Fesevari is a La'Nequan dish consisting of roasted turkey, cut into strips and served inside a pocket-like pillow of bread. Though it's simple and enjoyable enough on its own, fesevari really shines when other toppings are included, and Bubba's thankfully gone out of his way to provide a selection of sliced peppers and other vegetables to insert alongside the meat. Try dipping it in the spicy broth!
Irradiated Pidra Lv. 3
50% Boost to Superarmor Duration for 1 Day.
6000 G
The classic pidra roll is simple enough, but the Irradiated Pidra is something else entirely. Swapping out the simplistic ketchup for a blend of scorpion sauce and the neon green condiment nuqite, resulting in an incredibly spicy and intensely-flavored snack. It's fair to say that this food is less common amongst the general populace than it is people making challenge videos on social media, but if it'll help the war effort...
Chef's Choice Lv. 3
Effects and Duration Unknown.
5000 G
Sometimes it's hard to remember that the chef who's providing all your meals is an alien gourmand who's served hundreds if not thousands of people across the years. Then you ask him to surprise you. The resulting dish, resembling a strange monochrome cake with silvery crystals emerging from it, is a bit of a gamble depending on when exactly he throws it together- some times it'll be disgusting, and other times it'll be the most delicious thing you've ever experienced.
Hyperion Steak Lv. 4
75% Boost to Attack for 3 Days.
15000 G
A sizzling hot steak doused with Bubba's own flame breath, seared to a beautiful brown. The steak is topped with the green flaky condiment tjag as well as a healthy drizzle of lime juice, giving it a bitter and vaguely sour taste that complements the steak's juicy, savory flavors well. Top it with some potatoes and greens and you've got yourself a very well-rounded meal!
Spice Grenade Lv. 4
100% Boost to Attack for 1 Day.
15000 G
This Chiqutlan dish consists of a fried and breaded chicken breast, stuffed and filled with a menagerie of spices, peppers, and other vegetables. Like other Chiqutlan dishes, the spice grenade is designed to be eaten on the go, often being served in a napkin as a holder and garnished with some additional sauces. In Bubba's kitchen, however, this simple dish has been taken up to a new level of culinary expertise, served on a platter with spicy cheese sauce and a whole array of garnishes.
Mealflower Bouquet Lv. 4
75% Boost to Defense for 3 Days.
15000 G
The standard mealflower is perfect for a businessman on the go, but it's not going to feed an entire family- nor the growing forces fighting against Tiera. Thats where this bouquet comes in, being a massive collection of stuffed mealflowers for a large gathering to pick up and enjoy as they please.
Mintleheim Delight Lv. 4
100% Boost to Defense for 1 Day.
15000 G
A legendary meal crafted by the people of Mintleheim, the less harsh but equally snowy relative of Harenmarc. The national food of the entire country, the Mintleheim Delight is a large bread roll stuffed with meat and apples, then baked and garnished with a hint of cinnamon. Though expensive, this massive treat is a staple around the holidays, and packs a lot of flavor into a single package.
Galitani Bowl Lv. 4
75% Boost to Speed for 3 Days.
15000 G
Galitani is a true blend of world cuisine, taking traits of Shianese, Sicorian and Orenian cooking and merging it all into a single dish. Aggressive and repeated kneading techniques have resulted in the creation of a very spring, chewy pasta dish that takes on a spiral shape, which is then served in a cheesy sauce and topped with herbs, bread crumbs, and fried cubes of tomato. It's a warm, gooey dish that just shows how important teamwork truly is- and it's healthy to boot!
Volcanic Cake Lv. 4
100% Boost to Speed for 1 Day.
15000 G
A Volcanic Cake is a massive mound of chocolate cake sculpted in a conical shape, decorated with various flavors of ice cream and chocolate decorations. Volcanoes are actually symbolic representations of love in Earth society, and this cake aims to recreate that symbolism by unleashing a sea of hot fudge or ice cream when cut into; as a result, this dessert is often served at marriages and other such unions of love. In this case, it could be said that the cake instead represents the bonds of the team... It's also just plain old delicious!
Bone Blaster Lv. 4
Double I-Frame Duration for 3 Days.
17500 G
Harenmarcan warriors were known to be partial for this dish in ancient times, a variant on classic prime ribs that's designed to wring every last ounce of nutrition out of the meal. The ribs skewer through the garnished meat itself, and the bone marrow has been stuffed with other forms of flavoring and torched thoroughly by Bubba's fire powers. It's wartime, kiddos- you're going to need to eat every last bite.
Owl Oyster Platter Lv. 4
Double Superarmor Duration for 3 Days.
17500 G
Owl Oysters, so called for the infinity-shaped patterns on their shells, were once an invasive species that propagated across much of the Orenian coast. Instead of exterminating them, it was decided that the better option would be to simply begin using them as a food source, stuffing their shells with cheeses and vegetables to unleash the flavor locked inside the oyster itself. Decades later, this dish is still a favorite of many Orenian families.
Herbal Immunitea Lv. 4
Status Effect Immunity for 3 Days.
17500 G
Unlike traditional Peach Immunitea, Herbal Immunitea is blended together with a variety of herbs and spices from across the entire planet. It's a true symbol of just how far humankind can come when they band together with the intent of healing each other... and it tastes absolutely delightful too!
Ultimate Delicacy Lv. 5
50% to All Stats for 1 Week
30000 G
They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but this dish is so glorious that you can barely see it through the blinding, shimmering light it emits. Nobody's ever explained what exactly it is, only that it's the most delicious thing they've ever eaten. Bubba claims this meal is his ultimate masterpiece, his pride and joy, his magnum opus- go ahead and try it!


The Via Spectrum location known as the Underbelly is host to a myriad number of arcade games, the majority of which act as distractions in order to give the player a bit of relaxation time from the main game. Many of these arcade attractions offer in-game rewards such as G and Materials, and can be played online for inter-player interactivity.

Bear! Tiger! A classic arcade platformer inspired by Q*Bert and Bubble Bobble. Players control a small yellow creature of unknown origin as they navigate a slowly ascending tower, moving left and right to collect items and avoid enemies. Rather than jumping, the player can press A to fire off a grappling hook diagonally, which can pull the main character up to platforms. The platform layout is randomized upon startup, and the end goal is to simply rack up as many points as possible before dying.
Points are awarded over time as the player ascends, as well as for collecting star-shaped powerups and striking enemies from below with the grappling hook. Occasionally, a rotating arrow power up may appear, which causes the screen scroll to temporarily reverse and double point gain for a limited time. Points upon death are converted to G at the rate of 1,000 points to 1 G.
Bashing Brothers A competitive arcade game inspired by Joust and Super Smash Bros., this game features primitive graphics and features up to four players on a simple sidescrolling screen, which has left and right borders that loop akin to Balloon Fight. The players are capable of using A to jump and B to perform a basic attack, which deals damage to each player's 5 HP; landing on top of an opponent also deals damage. While all characters possess a basic punch attack, items such as hammers, bombs, and swords may also spawn on stage, which augment this attack to have more range, deal more damage, or act as projectiles. The ultimate objective is to be the last man standing. Before battle, the player is also able to choose a hat for their simple character, which augments their stats.
  • The Viking hat causes the player to deal more damage upon landing on an opponent.
  • The Feather hat allows the player to run faster.
  • The Propeller hat allows the player to double jump.
  • The Anvil hat provides the player with superarmor, preventing them from being knocked back when damaged.
  • The Headband hat lets the player throw melee items instead of swinging with them.
    All players are rewarded with G and Materials based on how well they perform.
Nexatron A simplistic racing game utilizing vector graphics, Nexatron challenges 8 racers to complete 3 laps of a dangerous and deadly course. The player can use A to accelerate and B to reverse, utilizing the left stick to turn their boat-like vehicle, and the left and right bumpers can be used to perform quick melee bashes to either side in order to throw off the other racers. Hitting pink spike balls will cause the racer to spin out, while passing over yellow arrows will provide a boost of speed.
The race ends when all players complete 3 laps, and everyone is awarded G and Materials based on their placement in the race.
Gelly Time Inspired by falling block puzzle games such as Tetris Attack, Puyo Puyo and Bejeweled, this game features a heavy fantasy anime aesthetic and can be played with 2 players. Each player is provided a 9x11 grid which has a red line at the top and a blue line three rows from the top, with each grid being filled up multiple rows of colored blocks at the start of every match. Similarly to Tetris, a plus-shaped construct made up of varying color blocks falls from the top of the grid periodically, and the player is able to move its position with the left stick or D-pad and rotate it with A and B; pressing Up on the stick or D-pad causes the shape to fall quickly. If four blocks of a similar color connect, they will disappear, and if set up properly, this can lead to a long chain of combos. Getting high combos will cause grey garbage blocks to fall on the opponent's grid, which can only be destroyed by making a match-four near them.
Clearing enough matches fills up a rainbow-colored meter to the side of each player's grid; when full, a Star Gelly of a random color will be included in the next plus shape, and a match made with this block will delete all of the same-colored block on the grid. The ultimate goal of the game is either to clear everything above the blue line or to have your opponent overflow and place blocks above the red line. The winner receives a large bounty of G and Materials.
Cavalcade A simple card game that can be played with up to four players. A deck of cards is split up between all four competitors, including 2 joker cards, and play begins with whichever player holds the 3 of Diamonds. Play goes clockwise, with the starting player throwing down a card and the next player choosing whether or not they want to get rid of a higher card- 2s act as the highest standard card, with jokers being able to act as any number the player desires and the 3 of Spades being higher in value than a joker. Playing an 8 ends the turn and lets the one who played the card begin the round anew, as does going a round without anyone able or electing to dispose of a card. Cards can also be played in pairs or groups of three, in which instance other players will have to respond in turn when playing. If a player possesses and plays all four suits of the same card at the same time- or three suits and a joker- they will trigger a Cavalcade, which reverses the value of cards and forces everyone to play card number in reverse unless a second Cavalcade is triggered.
The ultimate goal of Cavalcade is to get rid of all of your cards, play continuing until only one person has cards left. All players receive G and Materials based on their ranking.
Claw Machine A standard claw machine that takes G in exchange for the chance to grab capsules containing a wide variety of prizes, ranging from Materials and items to more rare treasures. Nothing more complex than that!

Momentum Mori

The hidden game accessible through the mysterious Unknown Machine, Momentum Mori is unlike all other arcade games accessible in the Underbelly, and instead hides dark secrets within its digital halls. Momentum Mori is a 2D sidescrolling platformer featuring Retron, whose unorthodox digital-organic nature allows him to log in to the Unknown Machine and access its contents. In the game proper, Retron is controlled with either the left stick or D-pad, can jump with A, and can swing his sword by pressing B; his sword swing can be directionally influenced, and he can swing in all four cardinal directions. Holding down B allows Retron to increase the size of his sword, similarly to the main campaign, and pressing both A and B at the same time causes Retron to throw his sword as a projectile, the size and power varying based on how big it has grown.
Momentum Mori has a total of 10 stages, and the player is given 5 lives per in-game day to play each and attempt to make their way to the end. Each stage is frought with various dangers and enemies that Retron will have to overcome, being capable of taking 5 hits before death without recovery through the use of a healing Heart item. When defeated, enemies may drop G, Materials, and other items that are added to the player's inventory in the main campaign. The end of every stage has an 8-bit version of one of the campaign's zone bosses, and defeating them clears the stage. If the player runs out of lives, they are prevented from playing any more, and the day is officially ended. Clearing a stage saves progress, meaning the player does not have to replay stages they have already cleared unless they wish to grind for more rewards. Upon clearing the final stage and viewing the unlocked cutscene, the game's true ending is officially accessible.


The roster of enemies that the player will have to deal with on their quest to save the universe. Listed in order of chronological appearance throughout the game world.

Threat Level - 15%
The grunt trooper of Tiera's army, a Disciple is a human being who has been exposed to the divine substance Feyblood and transformed into an insectoid being clad in glistening ivory armor. Slaves to her will, Disciples are among the most common threat that the player will come across in their quest to free the world from Tiera's dominion. They come wielding a variety of weaponry, which changes how they fight; while most are seen carrying Gunblades, granting them average melee and ranged capabilities, they can also be seen wielding massive Gladius broadswords, agile Claws, or long-ranged Bowguns, which influence how they attack the player.
Threat Level - 30%
A more advanced, powerful version of the Disciple, draped in blue cloth. The Crusader's strength and ferocity in battle are only matched by its loyalty to the goddess that created it. The Crusader wields both a Gladius sword and a larger Gunblade, which it utilizes in tandem to bring a deadly amount of offense to any encounter. Its AI is more intelligent than the Disciples, being able to accurately dodge incoming strikes and retaliate with a sword slash. This changes when the Crusader reaches half health, its weapons breaking as it turns feral and shows its hidden additional pair of arms. Now more aggressive, the warrior will rush down the player, swiping at them and attempting to grab them for a chokeslam attack.
Threat Level - 10%
An Aspect is a strange pyramid of color-shifting crystal, housing some form of magical sigil within its center. Seemingly a piece of Tiera's will itself, Aspects act as support enemies, often being found in the company of more powerful allies such as the Crusader and hovering around them. Aspects attack with a wide array of projectile attacks, including rapid-fire barrages and waves of unblockable magic. Their health is quite low, so they can be taken out easily on paper, but in the heat of combat, one might require more strategy than normal to strike them out of the air.
Threat Level - 25%
A cloaked figure whose head is obscured inside hue-shifting crystal, the Priest acts both as moral support for Tiera's troops as well as a means to convert more humans into joining her forces. Under normal circumstances, the Priest hovers around the edges of the battlefield, firing away at the player with projectiles or casting healing magic on its allies. If, however, the player strikes at the crystal enough to break it, their true face is revealed- a shriveled six-fingered hand with an eye in the center. At this point, Priests become far more aggressive, firing intensive waves of magical projectiles around the vicinity.
Threat Level - 40%
This feminine enemy is often found rooted to the ground with thick bindings, its mouth obscured by ivory plates. When it spots an enemy from a distance, it opens its mouth and begins charging energy, unleashing a long-lasting beam of divine power when fully charged. It is no slouch up close either, being able to unleash tentacle attacks with shocking levels of power. Their greatest weakness is their immobility, leaving them unable to dodge or avoid most attacks- don't think they're just sitting ducks, though!
Threat Level - 60%
Wrapped in an ivory shell, the flying entity known as the Sacrament is a dangerous foe who strikes at those who oppose its creator from the skies. Not content with merely firing off waves of magical projectiles, it can also charge up energy within itself and launch at the player like a bullet, dealing heavy damage. Most fearsome of all is its ability to latch onto the player with an energy tether, slowly stealing away their Drive Bar!
Threat Level - 75%
The Vindicator is a highly agile creature taking on the form of a skeletal canine, blue fire burning within its chest. Vindicators are powerful combatants, darting to and fro across the battlefield before lunging with a claw swipe, body blow, or intensely powerful fire breath attack. Be wary when it rears its head back, or else you may be hit with its guard-shattering howl attack.
Threat Level - 50%
A spectral creature that emerges from the ground, resembling the nervous system of a human being- perhaps this is the template which Tiera wishes to rebuild her ideal race? Sigils only possess one hit point and are entirely immobile, but they are still major threats; they tend to come in large clusters, and fire intensely powerful lasers that can deal major damage if they hit. While the beams can certainly be dodged, it can be tough to do so in the heat of combat, so try to beat any Sigils as they pop up!
Threat Level - 100%
The stealth operatives of Tiera's army, the Insurgent moves across the battlefield at inhuman speeds, circling their opponents before dashing in for a melee strike with one of their oversized armblades or charging up a blade beam. Countering or using a Ukemi on their attacks leaves them open for a long time, but the timing is tricky to nail down... However, if you can set up a sneak attack from behind to disorient them, that can also break their stance and leave them open.
Threat Level - 95%
Designed to destroy structures and destabilize the land itself, the Harbinger is a snake-like enemy which burrows through the ground, lashing out in difficult-to-dodge ways and firing scorching hot beams of plasma from their mouths. They are nearly impossible to hit while burrowing through the ground, but using any kind of grabbing attack can hurl them up onto land where they are more vulnerable. Projectiles or uppercut-style attacks are also effective at uprooting these deadly opponents from their hiding places.
Threat Level - 150%
A massive biomechanical titan with two large floating arms, the Champion serves its goddess dutifully with a wide array of weaponry, ranging from a titanic sword to miniature missile launchers and black hole cannons. They are capable of blocking almost any head-on attack, so repeatedly striking them until their guard shatters or blindsiding them is almost a necessity. A powerful foe, Champions are almost always fought alone, though they may have Aspects or Sacraments fighting alongside them.
Threat Level - 75%
Weak-willed two-dimensional specters that exist to serve Toronova, the Chosen Judge. Juries are generally passive until directly provoked through attack, in which instance they will all congregate to attack the player with their long-reaching arms. Though easy to defeat on their own, the Juries will keep on coming, making stealth a more viable option for players who cannot take the swarm head on.
Threat Level - 125%
Incredibly loyal servants of Tiera, the Devouts wield the pinnacle of the Disciple's gunblade weapons, utilizing a hybrid of a naginata and a sniper rifle/rocket launcher. All of their attacks, be it the fiery swings of their blade or the massive explosive projectiles they launch from the ends of them, have incredible AoE damage and are hard to escape properly if trapped in a corner- with this in mind, however, a skilled player will be able to manipulate a Devout into striking down other enemies with the explosions, clearing out space to battle.
Threat Level - 100%
Notable for their strange crescent-shaped helmets, which house a glowing orb which appears to grant them omnidirectional vision, Raptures are aerial archers who fly through the sky and unleash searing bolts of energy through the sky at mach speed. They're incredibly agile, and their aerial nature means that you either need plenty of agility, a grappling more, or projectiles of your own to deal with them efficiently. Of course, they have one glaring weakness... Their projectiles can be affected by Ukemi, reflecting them back to sender and knocking the Rapture to the ground.
Threat Level - 200%
One of the mightiest of all basic enemies, the Icon is a massive four-armed behemoth that's so large it's often mounted by artillery platforms or other smaller enemies. Though slow, its physical attacks are immensely powerful and cover a massive area, and if its target is at a distance, it will curl up into a ball and rush towards them at relatively high speed. If it's mounted by enemies or a platform, the player can strike the harness on their chest to snap this off, reducing its firepower and ranged capabilities while also making whatever was riding it more vulnerable. They're also so large that one can Flowdash up their bodies- use this wisely!
Threat Level - ???%
A unique enemy located in the options of the game's training area, the Dummy is a simplistic orb-headed mannequin-like creature that appears to be a creation of Inversim. Under normal circumstances, Dummies don't do anything, and are more or less sandbag-like foes designed to take hits and allow players to practice combos. If a Dummy is taunted at repeatedly, however, they will become enraged, and a multitude of Dummies will spawn to attack the player. In essence, Dummies share the weapons and abilities of Disciples, but are much stronger and smarter, and the player's goal simply becomes defeating as many Dummies as possible before they die in exchange for rewards and materials. This begs the question, however... If Inversim's most basic grunts have all this power, why is he so adverse to directly fighting Tiera?


Verse I
The Unyielding Conqueror
Threat Level - 50%
Boss of Orenia. Verse is comparable to a basic Disciple trooper, but is much more powerful and seems to have more of a personality, acting cocky and imposing when confronted with the player's forces. Rather than a generic Disciple weapon, Verse dual-wields a longsword and a strange claw-like gun, which it uses in tandem to attack with a variety of tricky moves comparable to basic inputs used by the player. While Verse I is a tricky first encounter, testing all of the basic combat mechanics, they're ultimately just the first stepping stone on the player's path to saving the world.
The Frost Sentinel
Threat Level - 70%
Boss of Harenmarc. A hulking soldier with large icy antlers and a weapon comparable to a hybrid gatling gun and chainsaw, Alaknirajan is one of the bulkiest of all bosses, lacking swift mobility but having plenty of superarmor and HP alongside considerable close-range offense. Of course, its icy weapon means that it's also capable of raining a literal hail of bullets from long range; the only solution is to play offensively, laying down the hurt any moment that you can.
The Devouring Serpent
Threat Level - 70%
Boss of La'Neqa. A massive serpent resembling a much more powerful- and voracious- version of a Harbinger, Inshala leaps in and out of the sand to strike at the player, occasionally taking to the skies for a powerful dive bomb attack. The inverse of Alaknirajan, Inshala requires players to approach defensively, using the Ukemi to parry its strikes and render the beast vulnerable for a brief but crucial moment. The various segments on its body are marked with sigils that fire off magical bullets and lasers; these segments can be destroyed individually with precise attacks, limiting the boss's firepower.
The Holy Scribe
Threat Level - 55%
Boss of Sicory. Exegesis is a strange mage-like creature with tentacle-like arms, capable of casting magic that takes a wide variety of forms and formations. It's incredibly frail, having rather low health, but is also incredibly mobile, teleporting and moving swiftly throughout the large church that is its arena. The name of the game while fighting Exegesis is mobility, testing the player's ability to navigate a treacherous environment while still avoiding the boss's bullet hell-like attack patterns.
Verse II
The Conqueror's Brood
Threat Level - 99%
Boss of Floranum. The original Verse defeated, Verse II is not the same as the original, rather being a cross between a direct genetic descendant and a clone of the original. Carrying a grudge against the player in particular, Verse II is effectively an optimized version of Verse I, wielding more powerful weapons and using more advanced techniques comparable to those used by some of the game's playable roster. Only a well-rounded player will be able to fight Verse II on even ground, mastering every technique they have learned so far.
The Devout Congregation
Threat Level - 110%
Boss of Chiqutl. Abthian is not a traditional warrior- instead, it takes the form of a helmet-like parasite intended to interface with Tiera's basic troops. The battle against Abthian, as a result, takes on the form of a horde battle against a multitude of Disciples and other basic enemies, with Abthian leaping between them and making its host body more agile and powerful. Abthian can always be tracked with its distinctly glowing red eye. If every single enemy is defeated, Abthian will trigger a hidden phase in which it spawns a Champion as its host, remaining on it until finally beaten.
The Keeper of Desire
Threat Level - 110%
Boss of Ceralis. A decrepit creature supporting itself with a long spear-like weapon, Chalis is a sinister and powerful opponent, snaking across the battlefield with unsettling movement and using its impressive range to keep the player out of attacking distance. The spear is also able to attract the lightning present all across Ceralis, letting the boss fire powerful lightning bolts and amplify its melee damage. Ceralis's greatest weakness is Flowdashing, which lets the player avoid its attacks more easily and also maneuver to its glowing weakspot on its back.
Rayna and Umbra
Sisters from Beyond Time
Threat Level - 150%
Boss of Equilibra. The specters of two sisters who once sought to protect the world, its current state has driven them to a sorrowful madness, and they now seek to attack any in their path- including our heroes. Fighting in tandem, Rayna and Umbra are both powerful spellcasters, attacking with various light and darkness-based spells. If one sister has fallen, the other will give up a portion of their HP to revive the other, making this a battle of attrition and strategic attacking.
The Monk of Blades
Threat Level - 200%
Boss of Noctur. An animalistic, four-armed warrior reminiscent of an ancient deity, Mokasha dwells at the top of an ancient temple and primarily fights utilizing bizarre curved swords. A multitude of these blades float around Mokasha like a barrier, being knocked away upon attack before being resummoned. The barrier only goes down when the boss unleashes them as a projectile or forms them all into a weapon formation; this moment is when the player is able to strike. Using a Ukemi on a thrown blade shatters it, permanently reducing the shield's power. At minimum shield power, however, Mokasha will turn more aggressive, wielding six blades at once in melee combat.
The Titan's Blade
Threat Level - 200%
Boss of Najani. Numinis is a titanic humanoid wielding a pair of spiked crusher weapons, its visage obscured under a hood save for a strange sigil-like eye. Numinis is incredibly slow, but its feet and legs are covered in heavy armor, rendering attacks mostly ineffective. Players will need to either use Flowdashing to navigate up to their exposed chest and arms, use Superstrength to hurl the environment at them for heavy damage, or use intensive damage from a Drive Form to eventually break the armor and render the legs vulnerable. Either way, Numinis is also a titan when it comes to physical strength, dealing incredible damage with all of its attacks. Stay away from those crushers!
Verse III
The Conqueror's Rage
Threat Level - 225%
Boss of Shiansu. Verse III was not meant to exist... It is a failed creation based off of the previous Verses, ignoring Tiera's command to exact vengeance on those it has dubbed its ancestors. Trading its longsword for a human katana, Verse has incredible speed, agility, and reaction time, making them more or less a duplicate of the player; they even possess a Flowdash and can enter their own version of a Drive Form after half of their health is taken away. Verse III is the ultimate trial for any decently skilled player before they take on the Primes... but, at the same time, it's also proof that Tiera's ideology of life not deserving free will cannot hold, even within her own troops.
The Reborn Feyserpent
Threat Level - 250%
Boss of Crypta. The sister of Corona who was once sealed away by the harpies before being defeated for good by Quetz has been revived, and now fights in her full monstrous form. Appearing to be a combination between snake and sea creature, Naga is incredibly agile, attacking with beams of light, crystal energy, and electricity before diving down in a spiraling attack. Naga's hide is largely impenetrable, so players much strike the vulnerable golden head; this may entail climbing or Flowdashing up their body to reach the weakpoint, a task which is not for the faint of heart as the serpent may ascend high into the air. A challenging boss to be sure.
The Ancient Sentience
Threat Level - 300%
Boss of Palacio de Sol. Found on the final floor, this eyeball-shaped machine is the AI that governs the entire city of Palacio de Sol, and the antagonist that made life a living hell for Malya. Sol remains stationary at the room's center at the battle's start, attacking with Sunset Prominence-infused lasers as well as gadgets located around the room and gravity field generators. Sunset Prominence being the same compound as Synergium Z and Feyblood, these attacks can infect the player, whittling their Drive Bar quickly. At half health, Sol will implant itself inside a humanoid body, and gain the ability to move and pursue the player as well as utilize gravity-enhanced melee attacks. This bonus boss is one of the most powerful in the game- be on your toes!

Prime Bosses

Chosen Slayer
Chosen One of La'Neqa - Threat Level - 150%
Corona hails from thousands of years in the future, when Tiera created her for the sole purpose of disrupting the Coronid civilization. Tasked with eventually wiping the planet out for being affronts to the goddess's will, she warped the Coronid people into forming a religion around her, in attempts to force them into making a sadistic sacrifice in her name. When her plan was found out by a younger Lucius, she turned feral and attempted to wipe out the entirety of the planet's people on her own, only to have Lucius sacrifice himself by entering cryogenic hypersleep alongside her. Decades later, she emerged from her slumber to instigate the events of Heroforce, forcing hundreds of races to battle over the power source lying at the center of the planet that turned out to be her. Defeated once more at the hands of Fera and Lucius, her consciousness was consumed by Tiera, only to be reborn after her mother's rebirth by proxy of Katarina's body. Now one of the goddess's Chosen Four, Corona spends her time rounding up and massacring any who oppose her with glee. Corona's boss fight is fought from all fronts, with the agile fairy using both crystalline blades for elaborate close-range combos and storms of crystal projectiles to create AoE hazards. Her ultimate game plan is to corner the player, bringing them to the brink of despair before finishing them off. The ultimate counter to her gameplan is staying far enough away from her blade combos to avoid the bulk of her damage- or, if you're feeling gutsy enough, tank through the crystal storms to cut straight to the chase and catch her off guard.
Corona True Form.png
True Form
Corona's Second Phase - Threat Level - 250%
After years and years in stasis, the internals of Corona's form dried up and became reduced to nothing but an ash-like dust. Still infused with her mother's divine will, however, Corona found herself taking on this cloud-like form when fighting against Fera and her allies. Though restored to her peak condition, Corona willingly chose to keep this ability in her rebirth, and fights at enhanced strength in her last stand against the player. Corona's true form is highly defensive by nature- consisting of a massive cloud of particles means the majority of physical attacks are nullified, despite her low physical resistance. The player must find alternative ways to deal damage as a result- the easiest of these is relying on magical or elemental attacks to attack her directly, or striking her central eye with a projectile in order to stun her and leave her open to attack. However, there are more nuanced methods with which she can be made vulnerable, such as freezing her, using Leica's Stasis Camera, or using a grappling technique to close the gap between the core and the player. In this form, Corona's attacks become much more physically-oriented, using her storm-like form to smash at the player with tendrils, spikes that emerge from the ground, or tornado-like vortexes. Her ultimate technique sees her bursting into a fine mist that covers the entire battlefield, from which a massive amount of spike-like projectiles begin to fire upon the player from all angles. Though dodging is simplest, performing an Ukemi on these spikes can launch them at Corona's core and end the attack prematurely.
Chosen Speaker
Chosen One of Ceralis - Threat Level - 200%
San-Sokeh is a relatively young member of the race of beings known as the Catalogers, a long-lasting race created by Tiera to keep watch and maintain order throughout the universe, cataloging life and its growth. San-Sokeh in particular grew up with close ties to the Terran government, and was there to witness the appearance of the planet Coronite as well as the subsequent war over it. Following Fera's initial vanquishing of Corona, San-Sokeh was contacted by the dying goddess, and fell deeply enamored with both her and her promises of power. Travelling through time itself, San-Sokeh did whatever he could to ensure the best outcome for Tiera's rebirth, luring potential host Katarina Omegance into the ultimate position for her revival. Ever since, San-Sokeh has been serving his goddess with the utmost faith, attempting to convince the remaining citizens of the planet of her power and glory. His boss fight relies heavily on the Cataloger's ability to move incredibly swiftly, as he tends to remain at a safe distance before dashing in, performing one of a wide variety of melee attacks, and then dashing back out of range at record speed. To fight him effectively, one must constantly keep up the offensive and close the gap, rushing in at every opportunity before he can back away; while he does possess some ranged options in the form of throwing bolts of light, these can be dodged with relative ease. Alternatively, players who are confident in their Ukemi skill can negate his attacks and throw him off his game, leading to powerful counterattacks.
Divine Wrath
San-Sokeh's Second Phase - Threat Level - 400%
Having been brought to his breaking point emotionally, physically, mentally- in all regards but faith- the divine power bestowed upon San-Sokeh by Tiera enters an overdrive state and transforms him from a cunning manipulator into a feral warrior. This transformation only serves to make him more menacing- he retains his incredible speed, but loses any sense of honor he once had, faking out his opponents through zigzag dash attacks and attacking from the air with attacks almost too swift to dodge. Even his basic melee strings have become more erratic, with varying timing as well as his additional two arms resulting in a multitude of mixups that make Ukemi and dodge timing much more challenging to pull off. He also possesses many more ranged techniques, including rapid-fire and charged energy bolts on top of a massive fireball-dropping technique; in addition, if he is given the opportunity to charge up enough energy, accompanied by a unique hand gesture and chiming sound, he is able to create a time-slowing pulse that enables him to get powerful hits in for free. Divine Wrath San-Sokeh, in short, is much more well-rounded than his previous form. For this reason, players will have to constantly stay on their toes and move around as much as possible, but also play more defensively than in the first phase, evading his attacks and then striking back with all of your might. Using Cross Attacks and Cross Rush to get your teammates in on the action is perhaps his greatest weakness; in his rage, San-Sokeh will focus on striking the player directly, so setting up traps or cross-up attacks with other characters or tools can trip him up and throw him into a more vulnerable position.
Lost Friend
Toronova's Guardian - Threat Level - 500%
Osuna Meadows, having been infused with the divine material of the Seeker's Blade and injected with the Feyblood coursing through Tiera's body, has been transformed into an instrument of destruction known only as the Executioner. Serving underneath the Chosen Judge, Toronova, the Executioner essentially acts as his bodyguard and muscle, taking the reigns of battle when he declines or feels he is unable to function effectively in battle. There has to be a way to break her out of this trance and revive the heroine within...
The Executioner is a highly agile opponent with immense strength, fighting primarily with her sword-like arms in a style almost resembling a dance or ice skating. She has incredibly long attack strings designed to keep the player dodging as opposed to focusing on offense, as while her attacks aren't the strongest, they can break through guards easily, and her most powerful moves can even break through superarmor. If her foes are at range, she instead switches tactics, using Osuna's ability to summon blades to great effect as a means of producing projectiles. These projectiles come in many forms and patterns, including rings that form around the player before constricting and large V-shaped waves that must be jumped over. When she's low on health, she can summon a ring of swords around her that deals chip damage on contact- stay away from her when this happens and keep zoning her out. Just keep up the pace with this challenging foe, and you can snap Osuna out of their trance!
Chosen Judge
Chosen One of Harenmarc - Threat Level - 100%
Mikhail Toronova has always been somewhat of a coward, hiding behind fear and subterfuge all his life to gain power and status. He once thought this would come to a head working at SYNDERS underneath Cevress Katarina, leading the charge for the formation of a new and brighter world- of course, when Tiera showed up, he threw her under the bus to join with the stronger party. Being selected as the Chosen Judge to place punishments on those who have wronged the goddess, Toronova now considers himself nearly divine himself; of course, when Osuna is freed from her role as Executioner, he is now faced with having to battle all on his own, something he is far less confident in. In combat, Toronova battles with his large scythe, his slow attacks having wide arcs with immense power. Though easy to dodge on the surface, the hitboxes are deceptively large, and if the opponent is caught by a single blow, a flurry of rapid follow-up strikes is sure to follow. A noted coward, Toronova prefers playing defensively, and while idle, he will deflect all projectiles fired at him by spinning his weapon. In order to strike him from range, the player must bait out an attack, then strike him while he is in the middle of his animation- if a projectile is powerful enough, it delivers heavy knockback to Toronova, sending him flying and dazing him. Toronova still retains his paralytic eyesight abilities- if his eye flashes, be sure to quickly dodge or suffer the consequence of getting inflicted with Paralysis. Fire a projectile into his eye in order to stun him, dealing massive damage!


  • The initial concept behind Pyroverse: Breach was to create a climactic game that utilized the notion of the universe's characters crossing over while avoiding the basic pitfall of a fighting game, which would feel unoriginal and not fit the vibe of teamwork and unity the author attempted to gain with the story. As a result, the game's central mechanics became centered around these core tenets, leading to the tag team combat and use of shared resources as well as a central hub area for social bonding.
    • The core values of teamwork also bled their way into the game's online functionality; much like Dark Souls and Death Stranding, the online gameplay is entirely supportive and lacks competitive elements, encouraging players to stick together and help one another as opposed to fighting against each other. Minor competitive elements were included in the form of the Arcade Leaderboards, featuring gameplay distinct from the game's core loop.
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