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Developer(s) Pyro Enterprizes
Console Type Home Console
Subtype(s) Pyrohedron Deluxe Edition
Detachable touchscreen

The Pyrohedron is a gaming console created by Pyro Enterprizes with design assistance from Nintendo. It is designed to be similar in structure to the Playstation 4 or V2, lacking any central gimmick and simply focusing on high-quality software over hardware. In addition, it also aims to bring many PC gaming qualities to the console market, such as allowing software modding (even possessing a store for mods specifically), built-in streaming capacity, and a Steam-like market to allow more developers to share their games with the world.

It was released in mid-2022 and was launched with three first-party titles- Heroforce, Mythikal, and Eclipsa- as well as several third party releases. Reviews praised the console for bringing quality software to consumers and for its relative low price point compared to similar products, but was criticized for not standing out much due to its lack of gimmicks and simply being a "plain console".



The physical console of the Pyrohedron is a typical rectangular shape, approximately the size of a PlayStation 4. It appears as a simple block like most modern consoles, with a disc drive in front as well as buttons for Power, Eject Disc, Reset, and Connect, a feature which connects the console to the nearest accessible WiFi source.


One corner of the console is not made of the metal that the rest of the console is, but is made of clear plastic with the Pyro Enterprises insignia on it. This corner of the console switches between various colors at certain times:

  • Light purple: Startup
  • Orange: Friend request received/accepted/message from friend
  • Yellow: Group request received/accepted/group-wide message
  • Light blue: Present received
  • Green: System update/game update required
  • Flashing red: Controller low battery


The Pyrohedron controller is very similar in shape to a Playstation or Xbox controller, but is sleeker and closer in design to a Wii remote.


On the left side of the controller is a 3DS-like circle pad (known in games as the L-pad) PHLStick.png, a d-pad PHDPad.png, and a bumper PHLBumper.png and a mouse-like scroll wheel PHScroll1.png, known as a "Scroll Bar". The right side has a set of four circular buttons buttons that form a square listed as the Alpha PHAlphaButton.png, Beta PHBetaButton.png, Delta PHDeltaButton.png, and Omega PHOmegaButton.png buttons (or the Command Buttons), another circle pad (referred to as the R-pad) PHRStick.png, and another bumper PHRBumper.png and Scroll Bar PHScroll2.png.

The center of the controller has three more buttons, two of which are ellipses labelled Start and Select, the third being a larger button that simply has the Pyro Enterprises insignia, known as Home PHHome.png. Start and Select have a variety of uses per game, though Start is usually used to pause the game and Select usually cycles through an option of some kind. Home pulls up a small menu when pressed, which enables users to return to the main menu, activate one of several streaming apps, or deactivate the console.

On top of the controller is a variety of slots, including a headphone jack, charger inlet, and a connection slot for the detachable 8"x5" touch screen.




This pretty much acts exactly like how you think it would on a console. You can surf the web, search stuff on your choice of browser, or even edit on Wikia via a modified source editor.

Pyrohedron eStore

A digital market akin to the Nintendo eSHop. The eStore is divided into three categories: Games, Trials, and Updates.

  • Games is full of normal games and apps, ready to purchase if you want to.
  • Trials offers limited-use or limited-time demos of most games in the Games section; they cost nothing and are good to see if a game is right for you.
  • Updates contain just that; DLC and updates for other games. You will not be able to purchase from the Updates section unless you have one of the apps or games within.

A list of games that can be purchased can be seen here.

List of Games

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Bundles by Pyro Enterprizes

  • Pyrohedron Basic Set: $169.99
    • Pyrohedron
    • 2 Pyrohedron Controllers
    • HDMI Cable
    • Charging Cable for Pyrohedron Controller
    • Touch Screen
    • 1 KB
  • Fighter Bundle Set: $224.99
  • Splashdown Set: $199.99
    • Everything from Basic Set
    • 1 Orange Splatoon Pyrohedron Controller
    • 1 Blue Splatoon Pyrohedron Controller
    • 3 KB
    • Splatoon: Splashdown pre-installed
    • Agent 8 Byte
    • Octalia Byte
  • Decidedly Different Bundle Set: $269.99
    • Everything from Basic Set
    • 2 Cobalt Pyrohedron Controllers
    • 3 KB
    • Undertale Remastered pre-installed
    • The Binding of Isaac: Baptism pre-installed
    • StarFall Free Download Code
    • Frisk Byte
    • Papyrus Byte
    • Isaac Byte