Pyro Enterprizes
Type of Company Video Games and Related Media
Founder(s) Pyrostar


Founded at/in January 6, 2011
Owner(s) Pyrostar
No. of Employee(s) Blazenight, BlazingWolfJanne, MrDjThompson, TheFoxyRiolu, Trainiax, TerrariaBoss, Crimson the Fandraxonian, AwesomeLuke
Subsidiaries LapisFire

Pyro Enterprizes is a company developed by Pyrostar to create fanon games and related content. While the majority of their games are on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, as well as their own console, the Pyrohedron, some games have been released for other consoles.

Their mascot was originally intended to be Sabi, but then switched to Fera due to being more liked by the creator and general wiki community, and represents the company in most Fantendoverse content.

Developed Articles


Anyone may sign up if they so desire. Simply add yourself to this list.



LapisFire is a smaller game company dedicated to game development on the Lapis Wiki. Run by largely the same development staff as Pyro Enterprizes.


Fusion Studios is a game company created by MrDJThompson (tbc), who later abandoned the company. It was adopted by Pyro Enterprises and made into a subsidiary, with all games and assets becoming its property (save TriggerBound, a game that had previously claimed by user CrunchTime420 (tbc)).

PCast Broadcasting

PCast Broadcasting is a television broadcasting firm partnered with Pyro Enterprises, and owner of the White Ark Channel. The White Ark Channel is a TV network designed to be similar to that of Cartoon Network, focusing on cartoons from a wide range of writers.

All users are able to write a show for the White Ark Chanel if they wish to!


Warxo is a now-defunct videogame development studio and console manufacturer founded in 1995, located in an unknown area within the United States West Coast. Warxo are the developers of the Muse system, though the project was ultimately cancelled for various reasons, and the company filed for bankruptcy shortly thereafter in 1997. The only game the company successfully managed to release was an obscure title known as Silent Shield, a tactical RPG launched on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1995.

Years later, Pyro Enterprises purchased the company's assets, relaunching the Muse console as well as the many undeveloped games for the system. In addition, a port of Silent Shield was created for the system in an effort to be authentic towards the original creators.

PyroVision Direct

As of February 23rd, 2015, Pyro Enterprizes also has a daily image in the vein of the Super Smash Bros. "Pic of the Day" program. However, PyroVision Direct images are not set on a specific game, and often change focus daily.

The original PyroVision Direct was cancelled July 14th, 2015. A reboot has been teased, but has not come to fruition yet.

See the archive here: Pyro Enterprizes/PyroVision Direct/Archive 1


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