What happens when you take a lit match-stick and glue it onto a Raven Drone with flameproof armor? You get these. Try keep as far-away as possible and attempt to wear flameproof armor if possible.
Rebel Datalog, ???

Pyro Drones are Raven Drones which were designed to eliminate hostiles at close quaters using Fire. They are first seen in Segment 3:The Rebellion deeper in La Puc d'or Casino and Hotel. They are slightly stronger in Defense and Offense than Sentinel Drones though they make up for that with the close weapon range of the Flamethrower.


Pyro Drones are slightly larger than Sentinel Drones in apperance and have more heavy armor around their bodies. There heads are spherical and indent into the body and is not attached by a joint like other drones, but rather rotatates with magnets. They also have airtanks loosely attached to the back of their bodies, which if peirced by 2 stabs with a Butterfly Knife are punctured and make the flamethrower loose it's function.


Pyro Drones tend to ambush around corners or from behind, you can usually detect them as they do have a sound emulating compressed air escaping from gaps slowly. They will usually close in as they use their Flamethrower (Of which is mounted on their arm) and aim to constantly deal damage to the player with it.

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