Mario, you want a piece of me? 'Cause I'm collecting pieces from you!
Prince Pyotr Illych Koopa
Pyotr 3D.png
Pyotr's current look.
AGE 18
BIRTHDAY December 24
ZODIAC ♑ Capricorn
BIRTHPLACE Bowser's Castle
Morton Sr. (grandfather)
Bowser (father)
Ludwig (half-brother)
Lemmy (half-brother)
Roy (half-brother)
Iggy (half-brother)
Wendy (half-sister)
Morton Jr. (half-brother)
Larry (half-brother)
Bowser Jr.(little half-brother)
Lavora(older sister)
CLASS Villain
WEAPONS Magic Paintbrush

Pyotr I. Koopa is a big Koopaling, and his name is based off of Pyotr Illych Tchaikovsky, as most of the Koopalings' names are based off of musicians or celebrities.


Pyotr was originally nice until Roy came along and taught him to be evil. Now he likes to steal from his enemies, and sometimes works with Roy or Larry to steal something or fight the Mario Bros.


Bowser's Koopalings

He is a playable character in this game he is unlocked when you complete Lava Land with Roy. He has special powers in this game like flutter jump, head butt, steal power-up and even graffiti.

Bowser's Super Koopalings

Pyotr appears as a starter character with Lavora in this game and must work with her to save all the Koopalings and get Bowser's Big Book of Plans back! In this game, his special powers are magic (standard), stealing power-ups (super), and his paintbrush (mega).



Pyotr pretends to serve Bowser because he wants to take Bowser's spot some day.


  • Lavora- Friends (past), sibling rivalry (present)
  • Larry Koopa- Angry at him when he steals anything that he already stole
  • Dragonia Koopa- Plays with, helps, friend (thinks she is too young to be taunted)
  • Tim J. Koopa- Helps him collect rocks to hit Mario, likes playing "Rock War"

Bowser Jr.

Pretends to help him because of same reason as Bowser.


He often steals Mario's power-ups. (can be tricked if you have a Poison Mushroom in inventory).


Same as Mario, but he does not steal Super Leaves or Poison Mushrooms if you are Luigi.

Princess Peach

Serves (Bowser Jr. told him Peach was their stepmother).

Princess Daisy

Isn't fond of, but still helps because she is Peach's friends.


Likes riding him by stealing him from Mario or friends.


Likes squashing, even though they are Peach's servants.


Pyotr has a green Mohawk that covers one eye, apparently blue eyes, and a red shell. He is also a large Koopaling.


Aww, come on! Just one more coin! I've almost got 100!
Pyotr when he has 85-99 coins and the game ends , Bowser's Koopalings



  • In some games, if he is a boss, he is in a snow world, resembling the Nutcracker, which Pyotr Tchaikovsky wrote.
    • During the boss fights, if he is in a snow world, music from The Nutcracker might play.
  • In some games, if his boss battle is before Larry's, he may steal Mario's hat and won't come back until you battle Larry, due to the fact that Larry likes to steal things that Pyotr has already stolen.
  • In some games, the Koopalings or Bowser pronounce his name "Peter" because Pyotr Tchaikovsky was Russian.

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