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A male Pushy.

Pushies are rectangular species which act as platforms, appearing in the Pusher's Pile series. Pesh has a Pushy in the series' first game already, which was allowed to bring Niceys into a pile of Hazzies by bashing the pile and so pushing a row. A duty of a Pushy is as well to push something by bashing, and that's their basic ability, too. There are many kinds of Pushies.

Kinds and Subspecies

Normal Pushy

Normal Pushies, or just Pushies are the species itself. There is actually nothing in particular that is special about these ones. They are the most common kinds ever found, and appear in two forms, a Male type (light-green and cyan in a spiky pattern) and a Female type (pink and yellow in a wavy pattern). They also have a kind of gem on the surface.

Evil Pushy

Evil Pushies are Pushies that act as evil beings, and the basic choice of Pushy for characters with bad attitudes. Like Normal Pushies, there is nothing special about Evil Pushies, have a gem on the surface and have a male type (dark-green and navy in spiky Pattern) and a female type (dark-purple and dark-yellow in Wavy Pattern).

Storage Pushy

Storage Pushies look like wooden boxes and the basic choice of shopkeepers, clerks or other related people. Their special ability is to store everything in themselves, like they are real wooden boxes.



  • The male type of a Normal Pushy resembles some kind of platform used in the Super Mario Series. Originally, the cyan in this type would actually be white and not have a gem, but it was changed because it would look too much like a Mario platform.
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