Pusher's Pile Adventure
Developer(s) APIM Group, Inc.
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo IC
Genre(s) 2D Platformer
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan TBA 2011
25px-Flag of USA TBA 2011
25px-Flag of Europe TBA 2011
25px-Flag of Australia TBA 2011
Mode(s) 1 Player Adventure mode
Age Rating(s) ERating3RatingUSK6OFLC-GCERO A
Media Included 3DS Card, IC Mini Disc

Pusher's Pile Adventure is a game earlier announced at late 2009, finally being officially confirmed in 2011. It's a 2D Platform adventure starring Pesh, who has to battle against Oldton, who tries to take over the world by using the Hazzies.


It's a normal 2-dimensional sidescrolling platformer. In a level, Pesh has to venture through obstacles to reach the goal: a Giant Wall, with a Pushy next to it. Pesh has to jump on the Pushy and must tap repeatedly the A Button. If Pesh wants to continue in the level, he can hop off with the B Button.

Robots and other enemies in the game can be defeated with various manners: At first, the jump. Pesh can stomp some foes to defeat them. He can also use his sword(s) to defeat them. Rarely, Pesh cannot defeat with either manners. What he can use instead, is one of his shields to defend himself.

Pesh has three kinds of Gears at the beginning of the game: a Sword, a Shield, and a set of Boots. On the Map, Pesh can decide which Gears he wants to equip, if getting more than what he got first. However, he must have a sword, a shield and a set of boots equipped. There are also Special gears, which are completely optional to use.



  • A - Jump
  • B - Use Sword
  • X - Use Special (if mentioned/possible)
  • Y - Use Shield
  • C-Stick/D-Pad - Move Around
    • Left/Right - Go left/right
    • Up - Look up
    • Down - Duck
  • L/R - Move screen


  • A - Jump
  • B - Use Sword
  • X - Use Special (if mentioned/possible)
  • Y - Use Shield
  • Circle Pad/D-Pad - Move Around
    • Left/Right - Go left/right
    • Up - Look up
    • Down - Duck
  • L/R - Move screen




  • Robunt - Common robot soldiers. Can be defeated with a stomp or a stab.
  • Cagebot - Holds Niceys. It should be destroyed to free the Niceys inside.
  • Hazzy - The evil counterpart of a Nicey. Flies around, but can be defeated with one hit from your sword.
  • Androdent - Looks like a computer mouse. Defeat one, and a lot will appear at once, which can be protected with a shield.
  • Frifle - A robot that shoots fire. Fire can be shielded, and robot can be defeated with a stab or stomp.
  • Bloombot - Looks like a flowerbed, but is actually a robot with spider-like legs! Reveals his real identity when coming too close.
  • Flameclover - A three-petaled clover set on fire. Unless you know how to extinguish it, it's unbeatable.
  • Carpbot - A fish-like robot that have three variable colors depending on location - A green variant for forest lakes, a cyan one for polar oceans and a yellow one for tropical seas.
  • Smooch-Me - A robot that looks like a flying set of lips. It absorbs Pesh's health by clinging on him and kissing him.
  • Buzzy - A fly-like robot that can throw his two wings like a buzzsaw's blade. When doing that, he's temporarily incapable to fly, so he moves on his wheel then.
  • Opossnake - A serpent that has clinged on a branch of a tree with its tail. The only way to distinguish it from a liana is his head, that can be cut off to defeat it.
  • Spook-Kin - A ghost that will attack Pesh by swooping down.
  • Pump-Kin - A ghost with a pump, that pumps up a pumpkin-like balloon. The balloon can bounce Pesh away, but can be popped with a stab. If that happens, the ghost will attack Pesh repeatedly.
  • Tack-Kin - A ghost that throws tacks to Pesh. As it throws them so fast and so much, Pesh can only defeat it by shielding himself and counterattacking it.


  • Feather - Collecting one hundred of these, and Pesh gets an extra life.
  • Pushotoken - Can be used to buy items.
  • Pushy Emblem - Serves as extra life.
  • Turbo Lettuce - Pesh's speed increases whenever eating one of these. The effect suspends when quitting or completing a level.
  • Slo-Go Cabbage - Pesh's speed decreases whenever eating one of these. The effect suspends when quitting or completing a level.
  • Spitz-Spritz - Pesh gains invincibility, but he moves like he became dizzy.
  • Super Drink - Replenishes Pesh's health.
  • Power Watch - Immobilizes every single enemy for a small time.
  • Bio Page - A collectible that holds information of a certain character or enemy that can be read in the Bio Book.
  • Pesh's Record - A part of Pesh's music collection. In this game, it holds game music of Pusher's Pile Adventure that can be listened at the Sound Test.
  • Game Drive - A Floppy Drive that holds data of a Minigame, that can be played at the Game Hall.


Pesh always has gear that he can use to go through certain levels. He can change gear on the Map.

  • Swords - Pesh can choose which sword he wants to use.
    • Push Dagger - Standard Gear. Can only stab.
    • PushoSword - A sword that can be used for slashing, but not stabbing. It also has a longer range.
  • Shields - Pesh can choose which shield he wants to use.
    • PushoShield - Standard Gear. Can only be used to protect. You can also walk with it while shielding.
    • Magic Gridiron - A fence that can be used to push large things easily, but cannot defend at all.
  • Boots - Pesh can choose which set of boots he wants to use.
    • Standard Shoes - Standard Gear. Can only stomp. Can be used to jump high.
    • Winged Boots - A set of boots that can be used for both fast running and far jumping, but it doesn't let you jump high.
  • Special (Optional) - Pesh can wear all of these gears at the same time. He might unlock them at a later point. They all have something special, and are completely optional to choose.
    • Lucky Charm - All of Pesh's actions are doubled. He jumps twice as high, does twice as much damage, but also take twice as much damage.


W0 - Pushopolis

Level Information Collectables Nicey Emblems
0 Path to the Forest The Tutorial level. Pesh will learn here the basic controls and receive his Push Dagger and PushoShield. Push Dagger (Gear)
PushoSword (Gear)
World Pushopolis (Pesh's Record)
Pushopolis Streets (Pesh's Record)
Cagebot(s): 1
Feather Amount: 120
Time Record: 0:58

W1 - Beautybloom Forest

Level Information Collectables Nicey Emblems
1 Women Pansy Flowers What a flowery level to begin with. Watch out for Bloombots! Pesh (Bio Page)
Forest Enemies 1 (Bio Page)
World Beautibloom Forest (Pesh's Record)
Blossom Breeze (Pesh's Record)
Cagebot(s): 3
Feather Amount: 200
Time Record: 1:10
2 Lianas and Snakes This level takes place in a jungle-like location. It features Lianas and Oppossnakes Forest Enemies 2 (Bio Page)
Vincent Eggie (Bio Page)
Pusher's Pile Adventure (Pesh's Record)
Vine Swinger (Pesh's Record)
Cagebot(s): 3
Feather Amount: 205
Time Record: 1:13
3 Fir of Fury Takes place on the branches of giant firs and pines. Oldton's Bots 1 (Bio Page)
Pashie (Bio Page)
What To Do (Pesh's Record)
Pinecrafting (Pesh's Record)
Cagebot(s): 3
Feather Amount: 190
Time Record: 1:20
4 Treetop-10 Countdown Pesh is here atop the very forest! And in this level, Pesh is literally going downhill. Or specifically, down-tree. Stump (Bio Page)
Pushy (Bio Page)
Stump Says (Game Drive)
Canopy Slide (Pesh's Record)
Cagebot(s): 3
Feather Amount: 200
Time Record: 1:15
B A Rose with Thorns Rosie Redburn is fought here! She'll use her fire arm to burn you down. N/A Cagebot(s): 1
Feather Amount: 30
Time Record: 1:00
Birds of Dismay In this field-like bonus level, Pesh can ride Hawks. Watch out for Finster Falcons. Lucky Charm (Gear)
Hawk (Bio Page)
Forest Enemies 3 (Bio Page)
Rosie Redburn Rampage (Pesh's Record)
Winged Wonder (Pesh's Record)
Cagebot(s): 3
Feather Amount: 210
Time Record: 2:00

W2 - Trio Lake

Level Information Collectables Nicey Emblems
1 Lake It or Not Pesh receives his PushoSword here. Quite needed, in the lake he needs to dive is a lot of weed that blocks his way. PushoSword (Gear)
Rosie Redburn (Bio Page)
Water Enemies 1 (Bio Page)
World Trio Lake (Pesh's Record)
Pondering Fish (Pesh's Record)
Cagebot(s): 3
Feather Amount: 250
Time Record: 2:10
2 Sunken Caverns Takes place in an underwater abyss. Pesh will meet up quite some chilly creatures at the end. Water Enemies 2 (Bio Page)
Oldton's Bots 2 (Bio Page)
Setting Up (Pesh's Record)
Divine Diving (Pesh's Record)
Cagebot(s): 3
Feather Amount: 300
Time Record: 2:13
3 Floe Season This level gives Pesh a cold welcome, with a set of freezing foes. Ice Enemies (Bio Page)
Helpful Items (Bio Page)
Librarian (Pesh's Record)
Sherbet Skate (Pesh's Record)
Cagebot(s): 3
Feather Amount: 290
Time Record: 2:30

W3 - Dessert Desert

W4 - Vulkénohw Valley

W5 - Mixed Meadows

W6 - Oldton's Lab


Accessible from the Main Menu, this is a collection of bios, music and minigames.

Bio Book

Across several levels, Bio Page are scattered. Collect one and a page has been added to the Bio Book.

Sound Test

Aside from the Niceys being kidnapped, Pesh's Records have been scattered all over the place for some reason. Get a record back, and a new song can be played in the Sound Test.

Game Hall

One can not know how many games have been lost. In Pesh's adventure, six Game Drives were lost. Finding one, and it'll be brought back to the Game Hall, where players of this game can play Minigames.


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