Pusher's Pile series
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Developer(s) APIMGroupLogoSmall
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Genre(s) Puzzle, Platform, RPG
Spinoff(s)  ??
First Game Pusher's Pile
Most Recent Game  ???
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The Pusher's Pile series is a game series starring Pesh. Their first game is the game with the same name as the series, which was a puzzle game.

Main Characters


  • Pesh - The hero of his home place, Pushopolis. He is trying to defend his own place.
  • Pashie - The attractive girlfriend of Pesh. She tries to defend Pushopolis as well.
  • Stump - A friend of Pesh, and a Stawmp. Hero of Stompton.
  • Stampette - The girlfriend of Stump, and also a friend of Pesh and Pashie.


  • Vincent Eggie - Shopkeeper who supports Pesh. A very nice man.
  • Justin Time - Caretaker of the Time House, the timezone source of Pushopolis. He always forgets his engagements, and always appears 1 second before it begins.
  • Patreocla - Leader of the Dessert Desert region in Conatia.
  • Rob Fyuss - An obnoxious fan of Pesh who aids him through parts of Pusher's Pile Adventure 2. He's known for saying very obvious things.
  • Trixie Pixel - Owns the Arcade in Stompton, though she's a teenager. She first appears in Pusher's Pile Adventure 2.
  • Dudebro - A kangaroo who travels around many places in the universe. He aids Pesh in Pusher's Pile Adventure 2 at some point.
  • Flare the Fire Girl - A literally hot girl that resides in Vulkénohw Valley. She has been hypnotized by Oldton in Pusher's Pile Adventure.


  • Professor E. Vil Oldton - The wicked professor who's the main villain. He wants to use the Hazzies to wreak havoc in city. Awkwardly, he didn't appear in the series' first game.
  • Mega Hazzy - The leader of Hazzies. Sometimes works for E. Vil Oldton.
  • Tommy Termin and Tina Termin - A duo of robots, made to aid Oldton and defeat Pesh.


  • Besh - Pesh's rival who cares more for mullah than the lives of people
  • Bashie - Girlfriend of Besh and Pashie's rival. Thinks she's the most beautiful person and acts arrogate.
  • Rosie Redburn - A living rose creature that is actually not an enemy, but usually gets tricked by Oldton that Pesh is the enemy, thus being a recurring boss anyways.


  • Paul Lussion - A living blob of oil. He's a creature cursed by the Haz, and recently discovered by Oldton. His duty is to pollute all the oceans of the World.
  • Deanie the Djinn - An evil genie who was freed by Oldton to capture Patreocla and prevent Pesh from saving his folks.
  • Grand-Kin - The leader of the Spook-Kin family.

  • Sniff the Snow Man - A snowman who has a terrible cold. He hates everything in the world.
  • Vanna Ace - A female Pouchet who hails over the Crazing Casino. Why she's antagonizing Pesh is yet unknown.


  • Pouchettes - Pesh's own species. The normal kind of residents of Pesh's world.
  • Niceys - Always bring good deeds to people, and gives those to them.
  • Pushies - These has the ability to bash on everything with enough power to push something. There are many subspecies, included only one that is evil.
  • Hazzies - These wreak havoc to Pushopolis. Needs to be defeated, it's the city's main problem.
  • Stawmps - Sub-species of the Pouchettes. They have a blockier face and they stamp more than they step.
  • Stompies - They can kick anything, they even stomp. They have a build-in cannon, which they use to shoot Niceys.


  • The Nic - A powerful god, said to have created Pesh's world and all its good lifeforms.
  • Nnai-Sii - The goddess of the Niceys. Her beauty represents her kindness. She often helps Pesh.
  • The Hazz - The god of the underworld, and the Nic's brother. Created all evil lifeform and undead.
  • Heh-Zii - The god of the Hazzies. Debated to be the brother (and polar opposite) of Nnai-Sii. Often obstructs Pesh's path.



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