Purple Wisp
Wisp Purple
A Purple Wisp called Frenzy.
Item Type Frenzy
Kind of Item Nega-Wisp
Latest Appearance Sonic Colors (Wii Version)
Makes transform Sonic into a big purple monster that destroys everything and it grows.

Purple Wisps (also known as Frenzy Wisps) are purple Wisp aliens from Sonic Colors that contain the element of Frenzy. They are one of the few Nega-Wisps, having their Hyper-go-on energy drained, the other one being Violet Wisp. Despite this, they can be used like any other Wisp can. However, in Kirby Colors, they are enemies.

Fanon Appearances

Sonic Generations 2

Frenzy Wisps appear in Sonic Generations 2 and can be used by Sonic in Starlight Carnival.

Mario & Sonic Grand Prix

Purple Wisp appears in Mario & Sonic Grand Prix as a rare item.

New Super Koopa Bros. Wii

The Purple Wisp also appears in New Super Koopa Bros. Wii, where Sonic uses one and transforms into the Purple Frenzy to suck in and eat Mega Mario and the Mario Car. The Purple Wisp is also seen in the end credits and as a new usable item by the Koopa Troop. When used, the Koopa Troop turns into the Purple Frenzy, allowing them to eat anything in their way. It even eats boss battles, defeating them in one hit. After the player eats the boss, the player gets to move onto the castle that doesn't have the boss.


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