Purple Guy
Purple Guy's basic appearance
Full Name Purple Guy
Gender Male
Species Shy Guy
First Appearance Neverworld The Second (major appearance)

Purple Guy is the signature character of Purpleverse Inc.. He makes an appearance in most titles by the company, and is generally portrayed as a heroic character. He made his first major appearance as character in Neverworld The Second.



Purple Guy will appear in the upcoming game Trinity, alongside Unten and Toad.

YoshiEgg & Bloop: Shades of Purple

Purple Guy also appears in the upcoming Purpleverse Day 2010 game, YoshiEgg & Bloop: Shades of Purple as one of the main playable characters. This game introduces Purple Guy's nemesis, Scythe Guy, and gives Purple Guy a backstory.

Dark Purple

Purple Guy appears as a playable character in the upcoming Dark Purple, a game by Black Diamond Games.

Purple Beary Bros.

He is an NPC in Purple Beary Bros. where he arms you with the Purple Sword and the first power ups of the game.

Nightwolf Purple Platinum

Purple Guy appears in the game Nightwolf Purple Platinum as a playable character once you enter the "Purpleverse" half of the game.

Mario Party 11

Purple Guy appears as a playable character in Mario Party 11. He is working with Brigade Toad and the best thing he can do is control the dice to land on a number he wants either a person is playing as him or a computer is playing as him.

Neverworld Rift

Purple Guy will appear in Neverworld Rift. Little is known about his role at this time.