Full Name Purple
Current Age 16
Location Newcunner Kingdom
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Katana
First Appearance Purple (Game) (2011)
Latest Appearance Star Smashers (2015)

Purple is a Dark Koopa, N.I.T. (ninja-in-training), and a hero in Newcunner Kingdom.


Purple was born to Mistis and Krop Shellchock on January 31, 1995. When he was 5, he was put in a Ninjitsu Training school, and after 5 years, learned the basics of ninjitsu. When he was 11, his parents went missing, and were found, dead, a year later. He was adopted by Ginourm's parents, and the two of them became the best of friends.

When he was 15, Tatan, and his army of Black Raiders invaded Newcunner Kingdom, and took over the land. Purple, Ginourm, and many other citizens, including his two other best friends, Koopette and Damien Havelhart, were taken captive, and sent to Mishap, 700 miles north of Newcunner. The four were rescued by the mage, Timey, and were able to save the Kingdom.


Purple, despite being very brave, is also quite shy, especially around new people. He cares deeply about his friends, and at times can be very overprotective. He is known to take challenges, and is known to hold grudges on people that try to hurt his friends.

He shares a great bond with Ginourm, Koopette, and Damien, and would never let anything hurt them.






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  • Purple was first created December 2006, but never actually appeared until 2009, and never received his own game until 2011.
  • Purple originally had a neckband like the original Koopa Bros., but was eventually removed to give him a more innocent look.




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