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Clear Adventure Mode with UrinatingTree.
Clear Adventure Mode with UrinatingTree.
|[[File:Shaquille-ONeal-CAVS-psd31437.png|200px]]'''#53 Shaquille O'Neal'''
'''#53 Shaquille O'Neal'''
|Shaq is a powerful fighter with multiple strong suits. He has high physical power, above average speed, and a great air game. He can attack by throwing basketballs and by slam dunking balls onto opponents' heads. He can also use Shaq-Fu to go hand to hand against opponents.
|Shaq is a powerful fighter with multiple strong suits. He has high physical power, above average speed, and a great air game. He can attack by throwing basketballs and by slam dunking balls onto opponents' heads. He can also use Shaq-Fu to go hand to hand against opponents.
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'''#85 2B'''
'''#85 2B'''
|Moveset description coming soon.
|2B is the main protagonist of the hit game ''Nier: Automata''. She uses many different attacks, from wielding her sword, to working alongside Pod 042, who fires bullets at enemies. She can also quickly dodge and counter attacks, as well as self-destruct, which deals massive damage to opponents, but also damages herself.
Win 10 battles as Mega Man.
Win 10 battles as Mega Man.

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The Purgatorial Mayhem series is known for its bizarre character roster, and Purgatorial Mayhem 2 is no exception. The roster contains 140 characters. 25 of these characters are available by default. 103 of these characters are unlockable. The game also contains a DLC pack with 12 new characters in it.

Starter CharactersEdit

Character Description

Corrin SSBUltimate (Female)

Corrin SSBUltimate

#1 Corrin

Corrin plays like their incarnation in the Super Smash Bros. series. They wield the sword Yato, and can also morph their arms and legs into weapons. Their greatest feat is turning into a water elemental dragon.
Ellen Ripley

#2 Ellen Ripley

Lieutenant Ripley is the first newcomer to be revealed for Purgatorial Mayhem 2. She carries a large arsenal of guns, including flamethrowers, auto-tracking Smartguns, and pulse rifles.

#3 Alita

Alita is a female cyborg known for her fighting prowess. During battle, Alita can switch between two fighting styles. One style uses his skills in Panzer Kurst, and the other uses her swordfighting abilities.

#4 Gordon Ramsay

On Gordon Ramsay's shows, he is investigative and has no trouble thinking of criticism. In Purgatorial Mayhem 2, Ramsay is defensive and has no trouble executing a counter. He can also weaponize cooking tools and utensils, as well as using a hunting rifle and fishing rod, as he has hunted and fished on TV before.
Simon SSBUltimate

#5 Simon Belmont

Many of Simon Belmont's attacks make use of his signature holy whip, the Vampire Killer. He also makes use of a wide variety of Castlevania sub-weapons; including daggers, crosses, holy water, and battle axes.

#6 Inuyasha

Inuyasha's main method of attack is his sword, but it's not his only method. He can also solidify his blood and throw it as bladed projectiles. His most powerful attack is his Meido Zangetsuha.

Inkling SSBUltimate

Inkling SSBUltimate (Male)

#7 Inkling

With the large amount of weapons in Splatoon, the Inklings are at no shortage of attack options. They can use their Splattershot, Splat Roller, Splat Bombs, and various other attacks. Their strongest weapon is the Killer Wail.

#8 Deadpool

Deadpool's attacks range from slashing with his two katanas to firing at opponents with his two guns. He also has a unique attribute to him; his health will slowly increase over time through his healing factor. His strongest attack has him break the fourth wall; playing with the numbers on the characters' damages percentages to heal himself and damage opponents.

#9 Leon S. Kennedy

Leon is a former rookie police officer of the RPD. He attacks with multiple guns, as well as flash grenades. He also has a grappling hook that can be used to recover and to bring opponents closer to him.

#10 Jo Frost

After dealing with bad parents and bratty kids, Supernanny has found new opponents, and this time, she's getting physical. She can use an umbrella for melee attacks, summon a bus that drops off misbehaved kids, and use weaponized versions of her timeout punishments.
Ness SSBUltimate

#11 Ness

Ness makes use of the PSI powers that he and his companions use in Earthbound; such as PK Fire and PK Flash. For straightforward melee attacks, he fights with a yoyo and a baseball bat.
Conan O'Brien by Gage Skidmore 2

#12 Conan O'Brien

Conan is a balanced character whose primary attack is swinging a microphone around like a whip. Many of Conan's other attacks are references to skits and characters from Late Night With Conan O'Brien.

#13 Avril Lavigne

Avril sacrifices low attack power for high speed and combo potential. Her appearance in Purgatorial Mayhem 2 is based on herself from the early 2000's. Her attacks, such as shooting spray paint and charging on a skateboard, compliment her style from back then.

#14 George Washington

George Washington attacks with weapons and tactics that reflect the American Revolutionary War. He fires a musket and summons Revolutionary War soldiers. Other attack methods he uses include biting with his wooden teeth and planting cherry trees, then chopping them down. He can also ride a horse, providing an increase in speed and attack power.
Joker SSBUltimate

#15 Joker

Joker is a stealthy fighter who wields a knife and a gun. He can also cast Eiha by snapping his fingers. If he has taken or dealt enough damage, he will summon his Persona; Arnese. When Arsene is active, Joker's attacks will increase in power.

#16 Bartolo Colon

Bartolo Colon is one of the oldest active MLB players as of 2019. In Purgatorial Mayhem 2, his primary weapon is a baseball bat. He can also use pitching machines for projectile attacks.

#17 Mr. Met

Mr. Met was the first official MLB mascot, making his debut in the early 60's. Nowadays, he has made history as one of the most recognizable sports mascots. He is the ranged fighter to contrast Bartolo Colon's close-range playstyle. Mr. Met attacks primarily with a modified cannon constructed from a pitching machine and a T-shirt cannon.
Ruby Rose Japan

#18 Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose is a Huntress and the leader of Team RWBY. She attacks with Crescent Rose, which functions as both a close-range and long-ranged weapon. She can also use Petal Burst to run at very high speeds.

#19 Cuphead

Cuphead excels at ranged combat, but not so much at close combat. He makes use of multiple finger gun styles, such as Peashooter, Chaser, Spread, and Roundabout. He can also use his Super Arts to aid him in battle.
Pit SSBUltimate

#20 Pit

As the captain of Palutena's guard, Pit is no stranger to combat. His primary weapons are his twin blades, which he can also use as a bow and arrow. He also makes use of many powers and weapons from Kid Icarus: Uprising.

#21 Eric Cartman

Cartman is a slow but powerful fighter. Many of his attacks reference different episodes of South Park. However, he can also transform into The Coon, who reappears from South Park: The Stick Of Truth. His strongest attack, Crossfire, has him summon Jesus Christ, who fires a gun at opponents.
Kim Possible

#22 Kim Possible

Kim uses all sorts of technology in her moveset. She can use projectile weapons, evade attacks quickly, and recover with a grappling hook. She's no slouch in close combat, either. Her weakness is that she's lightweight and easy to knock out.

#23 Captain Lou Albano

Moveset description under construction.
Snake SSBUltimate

#24 Solid Snake

Snake plays very similar to his incarnation from Super Smash Bros. He attacks with grenades, C4s, and close combat. He also has some new moves at his disposal, such as the Stun Knife and other stealth-based moves.

#25 Edd

Edd and the rest of the Eddsworld gang have arrived in Purgatorial Mayhem 2. His primary weapon is a shotgun, but he can also use Coca-Cola and Mentos to attack. He is more balanced stats-wise than Matt, Tom, and Tord.

Unlockable CharactersEdit

Character Description
Matt Hargreaves

#26 Matt

The four members of the Eddsworld gang have similar movesets. However, they all have different strengths, with Matt's being defense. Matt occasionally fights with weaponized carnival toys, including Little Tom.

Clear Arcade Mode with Ed.

Tom Eddsworld

#27 Tom

Tom is more offensive than defensive. He fights by swinging Susan, his bass guitar. He can also use a pineapple launcher, which was inspired by his father being portrayed as a pineapple.

Clear Adventure Mode with Ed.


#28 Tord

Tord offers a rushdown playstyle when compared to Edd. While the rest of the Eddsworld gang tends to use shotguns, Tord has a much larger arsenal of guns at his disposal. He can also enter his giant robot for stronger but slower attacks.

Win 10 battles with Ed.

Bayonetta SSBUltimate (Classic)

#29 Bayonetta

Bayonetta is back, but this time, she's heavily changed from her Smash Bros. moveset. She still uses some of her old attacks, such as Witch Time and Bats Within, but can also use new attacks, such as using multiple weapons from her home games. Some of her moves, such as Wicked Weaves, are completely different from what they used to be.

Win 35 total battles.

KingDedede SSBUltimate

#30 King Dedede

King Dedede's weapon of choice is - surprise - his massive sledgehammer. He can also activate jets and rocket launchers in the hammer, throw Gordos, jump incredibly high, and inhale opponents. A new technique of his is temporarily upgrading his mallet to Grand Hammer, increasing his attack power.

Win 25 battles with Nintendo characters.

Ben Shapiro 2018

#31 Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro's moveset isn't based on his actual commentary. Instead, it is based on satirizations of him, and memes from all across the political spectrum. He can use Bench Appearo, a magic spell that summons falling benches. He can also attack with laser eyes and with an Infinity Gauntlet.

Taunt 50 times during battles.


#32 Dr. Phil McGraw

Dr. Phil doesn't do the attacking himself. Instead, he summons different guests who have appeared on his show. These guests have attacks that reflect their appearances on Dr. Phil's show; such as the Fortnite-addicted boy who scared his mom using video game weapons. His strongest attack contains a trial-based cinematic based on his experience as a jury analyst.

Win 10 battles as Gordon Ramsay.


#33 Zero

Zero is a Maverick hunter and a freedom fighter. In combat, he tends to use his Z-Saber, but he can also use his Zero Buster for ranged attacks. That's not even scratching the surface of his abilities once you count the weapons he gains from defeated Mavericks.

Win 10 battles as Leon S. Kennedy.


#34 UrinatingTree

UrinatingTree is a YouTuber who makes memes and rants about American sports teams. His attack methods include summoning tree roots from the ground, throwing sports balls, and a "jinx" counter. His strongest attack is Tank Bowl, in which tanks storm the field and fire at the opposition.

Clear Arcade Mode or Adventure Mode with both Mr. Met and Bartolo Colon.

Ryu SSBUltimate

#35 Ryu

Ryu is one of the most iconic Street Fighter characters, and with his appearance come his signature moves. He can use his classic moves, such as the Hadouken, Tatsumaki Senpukyaku, and Shoryuken. He can also use Focus Attacks, which take long to activate, but will stun any opponents.

Win 70 total battles.

Jotaro Kujo Stardust Crusaders

#36 Jotaro Kujo

Jotaro is already a powerful fighter without his Stand, and Star Platinum makes him even better. When Star Platinum is activated, Jotaro gains increased strength and speed. He can also unleash a fast flurry of punches, as well as stop time.

Win 10 battles as Inuyasha.


#37 Dunkey

Dunkey uses various attacks from the games he has played, such as Super Mario Bros. 2, Skyrim, and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. He can also run quickly on all fours and kick like a real donkey. Overall, Dunkey has high defense, alongside moderate attack and speed.

Win 50 battles as video game characters.


#38 Blue Guy

Blue Guy (conjectural name) is a character from an early 2000's Flash animation. In the short, he would innocently sing the alphabet song, then subvert the song at the end while cussing and flipping the viewer off. Blue Guy's signature attack reflects this video. He sings the alphabet song, and then flips off and cusses at opponents with bursts of magical energy.

Clear Adventure Mode with all 25 starting characters.


#39 Hakan

Hakan is a Turkish oil wrestler from the Street Fighter games. True to his origins, he is a hard-hitting fighter with very strong throws. He can also cover himself in even more oil, making his throws deal more damage.

Clear Arcade Mode or Adventure Mode as Ryu.

3d porky render by machriderz-d5h8arv

#40 Porky Minch

Porky Minch fights inside of his spider tank. He can jab with the tank's legs, summon exploding Porky drones, and release poisonous gas. When he's airborne, he can hover in midair and shoot lightning downwards. While he is very defensive, he is also slow.

Clear Arcade Mode or Adventure Mode as Ness.

Dio Brando

#41 Dio Brando

While not being a moveset clone of him, Dio is still mechanically similar to Jotaro. He's already a heavy hitter, but this only increases with The World activated. Dio can also stop time, just like Jotaro. Dio does have a big-name original move: his Road Roller.

Win 10 battles as Jotaro Kujo.


#42 Steve Harvey

Steve Harvey has all sorts of unique attacks. Some of them are based on famous Family Feud moments, such as throwing gerbils and using the "wrong answer" buzz as a counter. Others are based on notable Ask Steve moments. He can also throw his microphone as a boomerang.

Clear Arcade Mode or Adventure Mode as Dr. Phil McGraw.


#43 Jill Valentine

Jill Valentine uses similar weapons to Leon S. Kennedy, but is otherwise a unique and versatile fighter. She can use a stun gun, a grenade launcher, and a grappling hook. She can also summon zombies and crows, which will go after opponents, but might also go after Jill.

Clear Arcade Mode or Adventure Mode as Leon S. Kennedy.


#44 Bo Burnham

Bo Burnham is a quick fighter whose attacks reflect some of his comedy skits. He can summon a crocodile who bites opponents and occasionally spits out Andy The Frog. He can also go into "left brain" mode, giving him increased defense, and "right brain" mode, giving him increased offense.

Clear Arcade Mode or Adventure Mode as Conan O'Brien.


#45 Xenomorph

The Xenomorph is a fast fighter with a rushdown play style. It can attack with its claws, spit acid, or jab with its tail. It can also summon Facehuggers to attack opponents.

Clear Arcade Mode or Adventure Mode as Ellen Ripley.


#46 Hayley Williams

Even though Purgatorial Mayhem 2 has a roster known for strange techniques, Hayley fights with a straightforward style. She is a balanced brawler who has far more close-ranged attacks than far-ranged ones. She can also easily dodge attacks, referencing how she runs and jumps around while performing live.

Clear Arcade Mode or Adventure Mode as Avril Lavigne.


#47 Mr. Rogers

Moveset description under construction.

Win 5 battles through Sudden Death.

Danny devito by gage skidmore 2676

#48 Danny DeVito

While previous Purgatorial Mayhem games based DeVito's fighting style purely on Frank Reynolds/The Trashman, Purgatorial Mayhem 2 focuses more on the actor himself by giving him attacks based on his other roles. While he still keeps his Trashman attacks, other characters, such as The Penguin and The Lorax, are also used for move inspiration.

Clear Classic Mode or Adventure Mode as Captain Lou Albano.

ChainChomp SSBUltimate

#49 Chain Chomp

The Chain Chomp is a tank who, to compensate for its terrible air game, has an excellent ground game. It can charge and roll forwards, gnaw on opponents, and bounce around. It also has attack based on Chain Chomp subspecies. It also screams "damn it!" as its taunt, which is an inside joke originating from a CollegeHumor video.

Battle on stages from video games 20 times.

Sig-4276150.jenny wakeman by liracrown-d9kemwm

#50 Jenny Wakeman

Although she's a robot, Jenny Wakeman is an everyday teenage girl at heart. That said, she's not afraid to show her true power on the battlefield. She can fire energy blasts from her hands, fly with rocket boots, and use all sorts of weapons. Jenny is a balanced fighter who can handle any opponent.

Clear Arcade Mode with 15 different characters.


#51 Steve Irwin

Moveset description under construction.

Battle on the Amazon Rainforest stage 10 times.


#52 Wayne Gretzky

Gretzky is a fast fighter who can easily dish out damage. His primary attack method is bashing with his hockey stick, but he can also launch pucks at opponents. He can even kick with his skates for a very close-ranged attack option.

Clear Adventure Mode with UrinatingTree.


#53 Shaquille O'Neal

Shaq is a powerful fighter with multiple strong suits. He has high physical power, above average speed, and a great air game. He can attack by throwing basketballs and by slam dunking balls onto opponents' heads. He can also use Shaq-Fu to go hand to hand against opponents.

Clear Arcade Mode with UrinatingTree.

DC Star Butterfly

#54 Star Butterfly

Star Butterfly uses her Royal Magic Wand to attack, using strange but effective spells such as the Narwhal Blast, the Tiara Tornado, the Starfish Tsunami, and the Rainbow Blast. She can also summon her Creations to aid her in battle.

Win 25 battles as western cartoon characters.

Sol Badguy

#55 Sol Badguy

As a character who originated from a fighting game, Sol Badguy carries his classic moveset with him. He can use his signature attacks, such as Gun Flame, Volcanic Viper, and his signature weapon, the Fire Seal. Not only does the Fire Seal work as a close ranged weapon, but it can also shoot lasers.

Win 10 battles as Zero.


#56 Hulk Hogan

As controversial as he is nowadays, Hogan was still a wrestling legend in the 80's. He attacks with his brute strength and specializes in grappling. While is ground game is very strong, his air game is moderate and his speed is slightly below average.

Win 150 total battles.



#57 Pepito and Juan

Pepito and Juan are the creations of DeviantArt user Quetzalcoatl2k. While they started off as MUGEN fighters, they were also the titular characters of the Pepito and Juan webcomic. In Purgatorial Mayhem 2, the two share a character slot and can tag out. Pepito is a middleweight who uses all sorts of weapons in his moveset. Juan is a lightweight who mainly relies on speed to win.

Win 10 battles as Blue Guy.

Danny Phantom1

#58 Danny Phantom

Young Danny Fenton was just fourteen when his parents build a very strange machine. After accidentally activating the Fenton Portal, Danny gained ethereal powers. He can turn invisible, fly at very fast speeds, and fire blasts of ghostly energy. He might be lightweight, but he's no weakling.

Clear Arcade Mode or Adventure Mode as Jenny Wakeman.

Sterling Archer Standing POSE

#59 Sterling Archer

Sterling Archer is said to be the world's deadliest spy. He is skilled in melee combat, firearm usage, archery, and usage of some explosive weapons. When it comes to statistics, Archer is a defensive fighter who is unpredictable when fighting against.

Win 10 battles as Solid Snake.


#60 Vinny

Vinny is a YouTuber and Twitch streamer, and is known as the main man of Vinesauce. He attacks by using various attacks from the video games he has played. He can also summon corruptions to wreak havoc on the battlefield.

Win 10 battles as Dunkey.


#61 Black Panther

Black Panther is a stealthy and agile fighter hailing from Wakanda. For his most basic attacks, he fights with his vibranium claws. For ranged attacks, he throws vibranium daggers. He can also cling on and climb up walls.

Clear Adventure Mode with 45 different characters.

Mega Man SSBUltimate

#62 Mega Man

With the weapons of over 80 enemy Robot Masters at his disposal, Mega Man is one of the most versatile fighters in the game. He can fire projectiles with the Mega Buster, block attacks with the Jewel Satellite, freeze enemies with the Ice Slasher, and use the Slash Claw and Flame Sword for melee attacks. And that's just scratching the surface of what he can do!

Clear Arcade Mode or Adventure Mode as Zero.


#63 Caesar

Caesar is the main protagonist of the Planet of the Apes reboot trilogy. As a chimpanzee with a genius-level IQ, he can maneuver his way out of many situations in combat. He is an expert acrobat with high strength and speed, and he's not a stranger to fighting with a shotgun. His strongest attack has him command his Ape Army to attack.

Win 225 total battles.

Macho Man Randy Savage

#64 Macho Man Randy Savage

Moveset description under construction.

Win 10 battles as Hulk Hogan.


#65 Popeye

This classic cartoon hero is back in action. Popeye can attack with exaggerated punches, which hit hard, but take time to charge. He can also throw anchors, as well as eat his signature spinach to gain a temporary boost in power.

Win 50 battles as western cartoon characters.


#66 Alexx Calise

Alexx Calise is an indie rock singer-songwriter, and she is also a Purgatorial Mayhem mainstay. Much like Hayley Williams, she is a balanced brawler, although her attacks are less predictable. She can also attack with her guitar, which deals more damage than her standard attacks.

Win 25 battles as musical artists.

Bowser SSBUltimate

Dry Bowser JoeTERender

#67 Bowser

With all of the games he's been featured in, Bowser is at no shortage of tricks up his sleeves. He can stick to the classics, such as breathing fire and using his shell for defense. He can also switch things up with newer attacks, such as those used in the Mario and Luigi spinoff series. Dry Bowser also appears as an alternate costume.

Clear Adventure Mode as King Dedede.


#68 Billy Mays

Hi, Billy Mays here! The king of infomercials fights by using weaponized versions of the products he famously advertised. He can trap opponents with Mighty Putty, slash with a DualSaw, shoot OxiClean from a hose, and smash with a Slider Station.

Buy 10 items in the Shop. After buying 10 items, this challenger will approach after you win your next battle.


#69 King Curtis

Curtis was a kid from North Carolina who appeared on an infamous Wife Swap episode in the early 2000s. Back then, he insisted he always get what he wanted; including being called "the king" and eating a diet of fried food. In Purgatorial Mayhem 2, he is a middleweight fighter who excels in close range combat.

Clear Arcade Mode or Adventure Mode as Jo Frost.


#70 Theodore Roosevelt

Moveset description under construction.

Clear Arcade Mode or Adventure Mode as George Washington.


#71 Masahiro Sakurai

Sakurai is the creator of the Kirby, Kid Icarus, and Super Smash Bros. franchises. He can summon pixelated Kirby and Kid Icarus characters to attack. He can also use his status as a game director to temporarily nerf his opponents' power. His strongest attack has him call on the Hype Train to charge into the battlefield.

Win 50 battles with characters who have appeared as playable Super Smash Bros. fighters.


#72 Jay Leno

Jay Leno is a pseudo-clone of Conan O'Brien, meaning that while he shares a few moves with him, he is mostly original. He also has a microphone whip, but his has less range and more power. For original attacks, he uses moves based on skits from The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

Win 10 battles as Conan O'Brien.


#73 Reggie Fils-Aime

Reggie is a businessman known for being the former COO and president of Nintendo Of America. His primary weapons are brass knuckles made to resemble Nintendo GameCubes. He can also use many weaponized Nintendo products, such as a Power Glove and an NES Zapper.

Clear Arcade Mode or Adventure Mode as Masahiro Sakurai.


#74 Hannah Montana

Moveset description coming soon.

Win 10 battles as Avril Lavigne.

MetaKnight SSBUltimate

#75 Meta Knight

Meta Knight is a mysterious masked swordfighter from the Kirby games. He attacks with his signature sword, Galaxia. He can also spin around with a Mach Tornado, fly and perform a Shuttle Loop, and warp for a sneak attack or for defense.

Win 10 battles as King Dedede.

Kirby SSBUltimate

#76 Kirby

While he may be small, pink, and cute, Kirby is a force to be reckoned with. He attacks by using the moves of his many Copy Abilities, such as Sword, Fire, and Hammer. He can also inhale other playable fighters and use some of their moves.

Clear Arcade Mode as King Dedede.


#77 Bob Ross

Bob Ross is known for being the host of The Joy Of Painting, but his moveset comes from something rather unexpected. Ross plays like his Smite incarnation, riding atop a tree monster. The tree uses earth magic and its roots to attack. Yes, really.

Clear Arcade Mode or Adventure Mode with Mr. Rogers.

SkinArt Chaac Default

#78 Chaac

Chaac, the Mayan god of rain, is one of over a hundred playable gods in Smite. Most of the attacks he uses revolve around his massive battle axe. The axe is no normal weapon; as it can also be used to conjure up damaging rain, lightning, and wind.

Battle on the Battlegrounds of the Gods stage 10 times.


#79 John Overdrive

John Overdrive is the name given to the playable Sunset Overdrive protagonist. (The name John was given to him in the game's trailer.) He has many unique weapons at his disposal, such as the One Handed Dragon and the Acid Sprinklers.

Win 10 battles as Inkling.


#80 Travis Touchdown

Travis Touchdown's primary weapon is his Beam Katana. While it is effective, it can run out of battery. When the katana's battery runs out, Travis switches his moveset to revolve around fistfighting and grappling. Of course, he can recharge it at any time.

Win 100 battles as video game characters.

Weird al yankovic

#81 Weird Al Yankovic

Just like his music, Weird Al's fighting style is incredibly varied. He can attack with his accordion, use attack that reference his songs, and use his Parody ability to copy the attacks of other fighters. He can also summon Beat It, his Stand in the form of Michael Jackson's spirit, from the King For Another Day tournament.

Clear Arcade Mode as Bo Burnham.


#82 Garbage Pail Kids

Adam Bomb returns from the original Purgatorial Mayhem, but he's changed a lot! He now pilots a mech made to look like a dumpster, alongside Split Kit and Buggy Betty. The mech can slash and jab with claws and drills, as well as shoot flames.

Clear Arcade Mode or Adventure Mode as Blue Guy.


#83 Joel

Much like fellow Vinesauce streamer Vinny, Joel's attacks are based on famous Vinesauce streams. His weapon of choice is a flaming sword, much like a cursor he used. He can summon the computer viruses from the Windows Destruction streams, use wrestling moves, and use attacks referencing knockoff games and ROM hacks he has played.

Win 10 battles as Vinny.

Lucas SSBUltimate

#84 Lucas

Lucas has gone from a pseudo-clone of Ness to his own character. He uses more PSI-based moves then Ness, and he even has some completely different attacks, such as PK Freeze. He also brings new attacks, such as PSI Love Omeega.

Win 10 battles as Ness.

YoRHa No.2 Type B

#85 2B

2B is the main protagonist of the hit game Nier: Automata. She uses many different attacks, from wielding her sword, to working alongside Pod 042, who fires bullets at enemies. She can also quickly dodge and counter attacks, as well as self-destruct, which deals massive damage to opponents, but also damages herself.

Win 10 battles as Mega Man.


#86 Homer Simpson

Homer is a bulky heavyweight fighter whose moveset is a bit more varied than one might think. He can throw powerful punches, body slam opponents, and throw cans of Duff beer. He can also increase his size and damage output, similar to a skill he can use in Lego Dimensions.

Clear Arcade Mode or Adventure Mode as Popeye.

Pokken Chandelure

#87 Chandelure

Chandelure is a Ghost/Fire type Pokémon known for luring in victims and stealing their souls. Chandelure's moveset takes inspiration from Pokken Tournament. It can blast fire, use souls to attack, and punch with its arms. Its most powerful attack involves stealing the opponent's soul.

Battle on the Poké Floats stage 10 times.

Mgs solid raiden

#88 Raiden

Moveset description coming soon.

Clear Arcade Mode or Adventure Mode as Solid Snake.


#89 Konata Izumi

Moveset description coming soon.

Win 25 battles as anime characters.

Luigi SSBUltimate

#90 Luigi

Luigi has received an overhaul when compared to his Super Smash Bros. incarnation. He now uses multiple attacks with his Poltergust. He has also use techniques from the Mario and Luigi games, such as his hammer and his Thunderhand.

Battle on the Rainbow Road stage 10 times.


#91 Juliet Starling

Juliet Starling is a middleweight fighter who can dish out heavy damage with her chainsaw. She can use it for melee attacks as expected, but there's much more to her. She can also use techniques such as Chainsaw Dash and Chainsaw Blaster, as well as use cheerleading techniques for combos.

Win 10 battles as Travis Touchdown.


#92 Invader Zim

Zim's moveset is mostly based on his appearance in Fortresses of Light. He can use his Irken PAK to jab with four spider legs, blast off with jets, and use the organ harvester to attack. He can also set up lawn gnome turrets. While he is versatile, he is lightweight, and his attacks don't deal that much individual damage.

Win 10 battles as Jenny Wakeman.


#93 David Bowie

Much like his outfits and his stage personas, David Bowie's attacks are quite flashy. He is a middleweight who excels at close combat, wielding a bowie knife as a weapon. He can also attack by flamboyantly dancing.

Win 50 battles as musical artists.

Gf bill cipher render by markellbarnes360-d9zq5kt

#94 Bill Cipher

Bill Cipher's attacks and techniques come from his home show as well as his appearances in Fighters of Lapis. He can shoot lasers from his eye, summon nightmares, create barriers, and use attacks that warp reality. Although he has a wide variety of powers, his biggest flaw is that his light weight makes him easy to launch.

Clear Arcade Mode or Adventure Mode as Star Butterfly.


#95 Shantae

Shantae uses her signature hair whipping for her most standard attacks. The most impressive thing she can do, however, is use her transformation powers. She can become a monkey, a harpy, and an elephant at will. She can also summon fireballs and Storm Puffs to attack.

Clear Arcade Mode with 45 different characters.

Smashified Kumatora

#96 Kumatora

Kumatora's PSI powers are more varied than those of Ness and Lucas. She can control fire, ice, and electricity with her mind. She can also create PSI blasts, attack with brainwaves, and dish out powerful punches with the Glove Fist.

Win 10 battles as Lucas.


#97 Shoe0nHead

Shoe0nHead is a YouTuber known for being a liberal who critiques more radical sects of liberalism, such as TERFs. However, she recently has been dabbling in serious political videos as opposed to political comedy. Many of her attacks reference her videos, and she can also summon the plush bird with a knife, a Twitter meme she often uses.

Win 25 battles as YouTubers.


#98 Deoxys

Deoxys is a legendary Pokémon known for its four forms; Neutral, Attack, Defense, and Speed. Deoxys uses many powerful Pokémon moves in Purgatorial Mayhem; most of which are Psychic-type. It can also switch between its forms, which impact its stats.

Clear Arcade Mode on the highest possible difficulty.

Predator (Mortal Kombat X)

#99 Predator

Predator's moveset is based on its appearance in Mortal Kombat X. It can turn invisible, attack with Smart Discs, jab with its clawed gloves, use many melee weapons, and shoot a cybernetic gun. It is rather large for a character with a combo-based playstyle.

Win 10 battles as Xenomorph.


#100 Smokey Bear

After his introduction during the end of World War II, Smokey has become one of the most iconic American mascots. In Purgatorial Mayhem 2, Smokey attacks with a shovel and with a hose. He can also unleash his animal instinct and swipe with his claws.

Win 10 battles as Mr. Met.


#101 Faith Connors

Faith is the protagonist of Mirror's Edge. While she doesn't usually have weapons, she is a quick brawler who can use parkour to escape enemy attacks. When things get desperate, she does equip and use firearms.

Win 10 battles as Juliet Starling.


#102 Kratos

Kratos is a powerful character who can easily dish out damage. His attacks revolve around various God of War weapons, and his moveset is based on the one he used in PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale. His attacks include, but are not limited to, Wings of Icarus, Blade of Olympus, and Bow of Apollo

Win 150 battles as video game characters.

Stone Cold Steve Austin pro

#103 Stone Cold Steve Austin

Moveset description coming soon.

Battle on the Deathmatch Ring stage 10 times.

Shulk SSBU

#104 Shulk

Shulk's Vision ability allows him to see into the future. In combat, he uses this move to predict the opponent's next move and deliver a counter. Shulk also uses the Monado, which he can not only just use as a sword, but also to change his strength, speed, and defense.

Win 10 battles as Corrin.

Jack Cayman Anarchy Reigns

#105 Jack Cayman

Jack Cayman is a heavyweight fighter whose attacks mainly revolve around his chainsaw. He can attack with his two-bladed Gator Tooth, or attack with a standard chainsaw. He also has his monochrome appearance from MadWorld as an alternate costume.

Clear Arcade Mode or Adventure Mode as Juliet Starling.


#106 Wendy

Wendy is the mascot of the Wendy's fast food chain. Her portrayal in Purgatorial Mayhem 2 is based on the Savage Wendy's memes and Twitter posts. She attacks with fast food, trash cans, and summoning flocks of Twitter birds.

Clear 15 missions in Missions Mode.


#107 Phil Swift

Phil Swift is a salesman known for advertising the Flex series of products, such as Flex Tape, Flex Glue, and Flex Seal. Since his debut on TV, he has gained a prominence in internet memes. He fights by weaponizing the aforementioned products. He also borrows some attacks from Billy Mays.

Win 10 battles as Billy Mays.


#108 Jaiden Animations

Jaiden is a YouTuber who uploads animations based on memorable moments from her past. In Purgatorial Mayhem 2, Jaiden is a lightweight fighter with a wide range of attacks. These attacks are based on her videos, and include throwing Poké Balls and summoning trapping robots resembling automatic hand dryers.

Win 100 battles as western cartoon characters.


#109 Luke Skywalker

Most of Luke Skywalker's moveset revolves around his lightsaber. He can use it to attack, obviously, but he can also throw it like a projectile, use it to reflect projectiles. He can also pick up and throw opponents through the power of the force.

Win 10 battles as Ellen Ripley.

Darth-vader-special-edition star-wars silo

#110 Darth Vader

Darth Vader is a defensive fighter thanks to his dark armor. Vader wields a dual-phase lightsaber and can use the force in many different ways, from creating barriers to choking opponents. He can also launch orbs of kinetite. While he is powerful, he is also rather heavy, and doesn't have the best recovery.

Clear Arcade Mode or Adventure Mode as Luke Skywalker.


#111 Joe Camel

Joe Camel was once a big-name advertising mascot, but that came to a halt after a controversy in 1997. After over 20 years out of the spotlight, Joe is back for more. He attacks with a bizarre-looking flamethrower that resembles a cigarette lighter.

Clear Arcade Mode as Mr. Met, Smokey Bear, and Wendy.

Unregistered Hypercam 3

#112 Unregistered HyperCam 2

Unregistered HyperCam 2 is a relic from the olden days of YouTube. It longs for the past, and does so by browsing old music videos wistfully. It attacks with red throwing stars, the CD sawblade on its arm, and a supersonic sound system. It's a shame that there's no place for it on today's internet...

Battle on the Windows XP stage 10 times.


#113 George Carlin

While he's new to the Purgatorial Mayhem games, George Carlin retains his moveset from The Mysterious Seven Project. He is known for his offensive comedy, which is the inspiration for his moveset. He attacks with napalm, silly putty, and the seven dirty words.

Win 10 matches as Bo Burnham.


#114 Emily Axford

Emily Axford is a writer, actress, and comedian, best known for her work at CollegeHumor. She uses unusual attacks based on CollegeHumor videos, such as using a math textbook as a spell book, and a modified Nerf gun that shoots real bullets.

Clear Adventure Mode as Bo Burnham.

MUA3 Wolverine

#115 Wolverine

Wolverine is one of the most popular characters, if not the most popular one, in Marvel's X-Men franchise. Most of his attacks revolve around him using his Adamantium claws. Much like Deadpool, Wolverine also has a healing factor.

Win 10 battles as Deadpool.

Mewtwo SSBUltimate

#116 Mewtwo

Mewtwo is a Psychic-type Pokémon with a savage heart. It can use all sorts of attacks, such as Disable, Shadow Ball, Psycho Cut, Confusion, Psychic, and Teleport. Despite its tall stature, Mewtwo is a lightweight who is easy to launch.

Win 10 battles as Deoxys.

Jack Frost Megami Tensei

#117 Jack Frost

Jack Frost is a demon from the Megami Tensei games who serves as the series mascot. Jack Frost uses all sorts of ice magic on the battlefield. He can throw snowballs, create ice blasts, freeze opponents, and create large light blasts.

Clear Arcade Mode or Adventure Mode as Joker.


#118 Joe Montana

Four-time Super Bowl champion Joe Montana is one of the most successful players in NFL history. True to his sport, he can not only run, but he has hard-hitting attacks. He can throw footballs, tackle opponents, and catch some (but not all) projectiles.

Win 10 battles as UrinatingTree.

Indiana Jones

#119 Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones is one of the most iconic characters in American cinema. As an archeologist, he has many items and weapons at his disposal. Jones can attack with his trademark whip, but to switch things up, he can set up traps, fire his revolver, throw grenades, and use hand-to-hand combat.

Win 10 battles as Luke Skywalker.

Ragna the Bloodedge (Centralfiction, Character Select Artwork)

#120 Ragna

Much like the other fighting game characters in Purgatorial Mayhem 2, Ragna uses mostly his classic moves. He can form the Black Beast's parts, drain the soul of his opponents, and use the Blood Scythe to attack. He can also use the Azure Grimoire to turn into the Black Beast itself.

Win 10 battles as Sol Badguy.


#121 Boba Fett

Boba Fett is a bounty hunter with many weapons in his arsenal. He can fly with his jetpack, giving him large amounts of aerial mobility. He can use blasters, light sabers, homing missiles, wrist gauntlets, and a grenade launcher.

Clear Arcade Mode or Adventure Mode as Darth Vader.

Gravity-Rush-2 09-21-15 Chara Kat

#122 Kat

Kat is a Shifter who can produce and manipulate gravity at her will. She can use her gravity manipulation to set up various attacks, such as Stasis Field, Gravity Kick, Spiraling Claw, Gravity Typhoon, and Micro Black Hole. She fights alongside Dusty, who she can merge with to enter Panther Mode.

Clear Arcade Mode or Adventure Mode as Kratos.


#123 Electivire

Electivire, the final evolution of Elekid, is an Electric-type Pokémon. It attacks with many Electric-type Pokémon moves, such as Thunder, Volt Switch, Thunder Wave, Electro Ball, and Thunder Punch. It has high attack power, but low speed.

Win 10 battles as Chandelure.


#124 Peter Venkman

Moveset description coming soon.

Win 5 Tournaments.


#125 Vince McMahon

The CEO of WWE has once again entered the ring. Vince fights in his Vince MechMahon form, which originated from a cancelled WWE fighting game. McMahon is a heavyweight grappler who can grab opponents and slam them to the floor. He can also deliver powerful punches, kicks, and elbow strikes.

Win 25 battles as wrestlers.

DC Ember McLain

#126 Ember McLain

Most of Ember's attack revolve around her techno-magical guitar. She can use it to create damaging soundwaves, laser beams, and flames. She can also float and teleport, as well as use her guitar as a speedy hoverboard.

Clear Arcade Mode or Adventure Mode as Danny Phantom.


#127 Dante

Dante is a demon slayer with a large variety of weapons. He can use Ebony and Ivory for ranged attacks, as well as use Rebellion for close-ranged swordfighting. He can teleport with Trickster style and become a dreadnaught with Royalguard style. His strongest attack has him enter the Devil Trigger and wield Sparda.

Win 10 battles as Bayonetta.


#128 Kiki

Kiki's moveset now contains references from her show's animated spinoff, Fresh Beat Band of Spies. She can use a jetpack resembling a hairdryer, a scooter, and two batons for melee attacks. She is also given new gadgets more appropriate for combat, such as pistols that also resemble hairdryers.

Clear Destroyed Freedom.

DLC CharactersEdit

Character Description
Garnet-NewGen 2

#129 Garnet

Garnet is the current de facto leader of the Crystal Gems. Garnet makes use of her gauntlets in battle, which she can use to deliver powerful punches, as well as launch like rockets. She can also use photokinesis and electrokinesis to attack.

#130 Johnny Knoxville

Johnny Knoxville is an actor best known through his work on Jackass. Most of his moves revolve around stunts from said show. These include charging in a shopping cart, fighting with taser guns and pepper spray, and riding a rocket across the battlefield.
Dwayne The Rock Johnson pro

#131 Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Moveset description coming soon.

#132 Mariya Takeuchi

Mariya's portrayal in Purgatorial Mayhem 2 is the same as that in SiIvaGunner's King For Another Day tournament. She can manipulate YouTube's algorithm, and on the battlefield, she weaponizes these powers. Her full moveset and fighting style is somewhat similar to Peach's in the Super Smash Bros. series.

#133 Dodger

Dodger is an actress and a YouTube gaming streamer who, while still making content, isn't as popular as she used to be. Her attacks are references to games she has either played or acted in skits based on. These include Undertale, Hollow Knight, Pokémon, Left 4 Dead, and even Dungeons and Dragons.

#134 Amaterasu

Amaterasu is a master of the Celestial Brush Techniques. She can use these techniques to aid her in battle, from basic Power Slashes and Cherry Bombs, to powerful Blizzards, Infernos, and Thunderstorms. However, if she uses her most powerful attacks too liberally, she will be drained of her powers, forcing her to fight like a mere wolf.

#135 Billie Joe Armstrong

Billie Joe Armstrong is balanced stat-wise, but he can still easily dish out damage. Many of his attacks are references to infamous live Green Day performances. These include smashing his guitar, throwing mud, throwing shoes, and delivering dropkicks, among other attacks.

#136 Morrigan

As with the other characters who originated from fighting games, Morrigan keeps her moves from Darkstalkers. Her classic attacks include Soul Fist, Cryptic Needle, Astral Vision, and the powerful Darkness Illusion. She doesn't use as many combos or special inputs as fellow fighting game characters.

#137 DJ Professor K

Professor K has a variety of moveset inspirations. Some of his attacks come from his playable iteration in Sega Heroes. Other attacks are borrowed from the playable characters of the Jet Set Radio games.
UMvC3 Chun-Li

#138 Chun-Li

Chun-Li is a quick brawler who keeps many of her moves from the Street Fighter games. Most of her attacks involve her signature kicking, such as Lightning Kick and Spinning Bird Kick. However, she can also switch things up with moves such as Kikoken.

#139 Scott the Woz

Hey all, Scott here! Scott the Woz is a YouTuber known for his comedic game reviews. His attack are based on the many "silly" Nintendo games he has played. His strongest attack has him team up with Vince Young for a chain attack.

#140 Pico

Pico is the star of a series of Newgrounds flash games, as well as the mascot of said site. In his home games, Pico is the "good guy with a gun" tasked with stopping "bad guys with guns". His arsenal of firearms is the basis of his moveset in Purgatorial Mayhem 2, although he can use other weapons, such as Molotov cocktails.
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