Punch-Out!: VR
PunchOutVR Cover
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Developer(s) GacLogo1, Steli Logo
Publisher(s) FantendoHalf
Platform(s) Nintendo VR
Genre(s) Sports
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan TBA

Flag of the United States TBA

Mode(s) TBA
Age Rating(s) ERating

Punch Out!: VR Is a Virtual Reality boxing game for the Nintendo VR developed by both GamerAvenue Co. and Steli Entertainment which is the sequel to Punch Out!: Wii. Confirming revival of the Punch-Out!! series.


The game takes 2 years after the events of Punch Out!: Wii. Little Mac, now 19, had retired from boxing after sealing his place as the reigning champion of the World Video Boxing Association (The WVBA) and now lives in a 6 Story Apartment in Bronx, New York. He's still using the money from the tournament, is running out of it and he has no way to earn it. That is until Mac picks up the local newspaper, which states that the WVBA is having another tournament done and the prize money would be an immense 1,000,000 Dollars in cash. Motivated by the amount of prize money and how much he needs it, Little Mac calls Doc Louis  to inform him about the tournament and starts training.


The game uses the VR motion sensor to determine the movement of the player using it. The Sensors will detect the players movements which Mac will imitate. The game does limit the movement of the player's feet, However the solution for it was the fact that you can dodge punches by swaying to one side. The patterns again are unique for each bister to defeat them and are harder to execute with the motion sensors.

Competing Boxers

Minor Circuit

Image Name Description Rank Record
GlassJoe Glass Joe Hailing from Paris, France with a humiliating record of 1-99, Glass Joe is clearly the weakest fighter in the game, using weak jabs and uppercuts to try and dispatch Little Mac. 3rd 1-99 (1 KO)
Von Kaiser2 Von Kaiser Also known as the "German Steel Machine", Von Kaiser is a military veteran and Boxing mentor. After being defeated by his own students in a sparring match, he suffers emotional trauma because of that one humiliation. 2nd 23-13 (10 KO)
N/A Paul Pattington

A British gentlemen and somewhat experienced novice boxer, Paul Whattington generally spends time drinking afternoon tea as with many stereotypical British gentleman who is a postman when he's not sharpening his boxing skills. He is also one of the few newcomers to the series.

1st 15-7 (12 KO)
KingHippo King Hippo Self-proclaimed King of Hippo Island, not much is known about King Hippo, aside from the fact that he spends his days devouring all that he can eat and lounging around on his very own island. Champion 18-9 (18 KO)

Major Leagues

Ranked 5th: Hoy Quarlow - This guy is old... old. Feeble-looking. Wait are you sure this is cranking up the difficulty?

Ranked 4th: Great Tiger

Ranked 3rd: Don Flamenco

Ranked 2nd: John the Joey - A boxing kangaroo? Yes, it's John the Joey with his acrobatic leaps and dodges.

Ranked 1st (Champion): Disco Kid

Americas Leagues

This league takes place across the Americas, and features all bar Super Macho Man and Mr. Sandman. The league has 6 opponents to face like in the third league (World Circuit) in the original.

Ranked 5th: Bob Charlie

Ranked 4th: Hula Shaker - A Nepalese-American boxer from Hawaii but raised in the Nepalese mountains and thrived off American culture.

Ranked 3rd: Bear Hugger  

Ranked 2nd: Masked Muscle

Ranked 1st (Champion): Aran Ryan

World League

A ladder NES-style difficulty 7 player tourney. Unlike the previous tournaments, you have to start again if you lose a fight instead of just retrying it.

Ranked 7th: Piston Hondo

Ranked 6th: Soda Popinski

Ranked 5th: Dr. Welterweight

Ranked 4td: Moose Akka

Ranked 3rd: Bald Bull

Ranked 2nd: Vyke Dyson - A Swedish heavyweight who resembles a viking and has a unusual obsession with hoovers.

Ranked 1st (Champion): Super Macho Man

Ranked 0ed (Super Champion): Joe Sandman aka Mr. Sandman

Little Mac's Last Stand

This is a Nintendocharacterleague. Final Boss: Captain Falcon - With Falcon punches and dives, it's Nintendo's fastest racer and fastest character in the game making him the Ultimate final stand for Mac.

More to be announced


  • Rejected boxers included a Ukrainian Stone Cutter, Jairo Librella.
  • The Multiplayer mode hails the return of Giga Mac.
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