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You're the bestest big brother ever!
Cordia, after being rescued by Punch.

Punch is the main protagonist of the Fruit Punch series, first appearing in the Nymbus title, Fruit Punch. He inhabits Vegetable Ridge, living in a house with his sister, Cordia, in Fruit Forest.

In Fruit Punch, he is introduced as the 12-year old older brother to Cordia. When Dr. Vegtebloid attacks their home and Cordia is kidnapped, Punch must travel through the world of Vegetable Ridge to rescue her. Thankfully, Punch has several things to help him - including his powers, which he regains while travelling the world, and the help of his friends as he tracks down Dr. Vegtebloid.



Like most of the other characters in Fruit Punch, Punch is a member of an unknown humaoid species based on many different real-world fruits and vegetables. Specifically, Punch appears to be comprised of an apple (head), pineapple ("hair"), kiwi (torso), banana (right arm), pear (left arm), orange (right foot) and pink grapefruit (left foot). Throughout the game, it is revealed that Punch's arms function as weapons, with his right arm being a Seed Popper, which shoots small seeds and high velocity, and his left being a Citritazer, an electric-charge inducing blaster.


Punch is a mostly silent protagonist, with his few lines in the game being exclaimations of "Yeah!", "Let's go!, and "Woah!". Despite having few lines, it is clear that Punch is benevolent, always seeking to do the best for other people including his sister when she is kidnapped, and his friends when they are in need of something. Punch has an enthusiastic personality, always eager to jump into adventure, despite the chaos wreaked by Vegtebloid at the start of the game.

However, Punch is seen to have a menacing side, which is seen when he encounters a foe. This can be first seen when he and Kiwi are attacked by a Peageon at the start of the tutorial of Fruit Punch. Thanks to his determination, however, he is able to eliminate the threat, saving both himself and Kiwi. Punch's vengeful nature is also seen when he faces off against Dr. Vegtebloid at the end of the game, vowing to rescue his sister from his imprisonment.


Punch has eight different abilities at his disposal in Fruit Punch, including, but not limited to:

  • Seed Popper - Punch's trusty signature weapon where he fires watermelon seeds at any obstacle in his path. This can be used to attack enemies or activate mechanisms from a long distance.
  • Camouflage - When encountering a foe too dangerous to fight on his own, Punch is able to camouflage himself into the environment by burying his body, leaving only his pineapple leaves visible. Enemies will walk past this, suspecting nothing.
  • Cocoboulder - After eating enough food, Punch has the ability to spit up a large coconut boulder, which deals very high damage to foes, even if it's difficult to move around.
  • Roll - On slopes, Punch is able to roll himself into a ball to gain a speed boost and access to smaller, harder-to-reach places.
  • Bounce - A super-jump that Punch can perform to reach higher locations. It's also useful for damaging foes above him, and activating hard to reach mechanisms.
  • Citritazer - Another one of his signature attacks, where he fires a bolt of citrus-powered electrical energy. This attack can not only stun foes, but it can activate mechanisms and start fires.
  • Kinesis - Under deep concentration, Punch can move around nearby objects with his mind. However, certain objects may be too heavy for him to lift.
  • Freeze Time - Once every so often, Punch can freeze time around him temporarily, letting him deal with swarms of enemies or quickly-moving contraptions. However, this use has a cooldown.


Fruit Punch

Punch's debut appearance is in Fruit Punch, where he is first seen eating cake with his sister, Cordia, in their home in Fruit Forest. Punch is startled when the house is destroyed by Dr. Vegtebloid's machine, the Blender, and his sister is grabbed by Vegtebloid. He tries to rescue her, only to be picked up by Vegtebloid's machine and thrown into the forest in the distance.

He falls unconcious, and is later awoken by Kiwi, who claims to have found him lying on the ground, injured. Trusting Kiwi, he follows the little bird through the forest, defending him from a hungry Peageon and eventually reaching the first level. He departs with Kiwi, who offers to help him train at his dojo, and begins to explore the world.

After navigating through Vegetable Ridge and infiltrating Dr. Vegtebloid's fortress, Fort Vegtebloid, Punch finally locates Cordia, imprisoned in a cage in Dr. Vegtebloid's basement. He frees Cordia and the two rejoice to be reunited, but their celebrations are halted when Dr. Vegtebloid discovers them and once again picks up Cordia, trapping her inside his machine. Punch then has to fight Vegtebloid, but thanks to Cordia's efforts destroying the robot from the inside, he is successful and once again unites with Cordia as Dr. Vegtebloid is blasted off into the distance from his robot's explosion.

Punch is finally seen during the credits, where he walks home with Cordia. Upon remembering that their home has been destroyed, they go to visit Flanna, their grandmother, to live with her.

Fruit Punch: Sugar Rush

Punch returns in the sequel of Fruit Punch, Fruit Punch: Sugar Rush where he and his friends receive an invite to the Candy Kingdom. After arriving there, however, they find out that it was a trap set up by King Toothache to capture them. Thankfully, Punch, alongside his sister, escapes with help from their new friend Cocoa, and the three of them set off to find their friends and collect the Chocolate Chips scattered across the land before Toothache can find them.

Other Appearances

Super Smash Bros. Discord

Punch is an Assist Trophy in Super Smash Bros. Discord. After being summoned, he uses his Time Freeze ability to pause time around him as he launches seeds around the screen that deal light damage. After that, he summons a large chocolate boulder and breaks it into pieces which fly around the stage and deal damage to opponents.

Smash Galaxy: Star Bright, Star Fight

Punch's icon on the character select screen.

Punch makes a surprise appearance in Smash Galaxy: Star Bright, Star Fight as the game's final unlockable character. In this game, Punch pilots the Pearoplane, an aircraft fitted with Seed Poppers that Punch uses as his primary weapon whilst in space. He is a lightweight character whose advantages lie in evasion and health-regeneration. However, he has lower defences than most characters.

Punch can be unlocked by playing 1000 Games. However, players who have purchased both Smash Galaxy: Star Bright, Star Fight and Fruit Punch on their Nymbus receive a code that allows them to unlock Punch from the get-go.


Although he doesn't appear directly, Punch makes a small cameo appearance in Kingdombound where there is a hat based off of his design called the Punch Hat. The hat's description reads, "Embrace your inner pineapple, apple, banana, kiwi, pear, orange, grapefruit hybrid.", referencing Punch's appearance.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Something

Punch once again appears as an Assist Trophy.

Fantendo's Card Cataclysm

Punch appears in Fantendo's Card Cataclysm as one of many Hero Cards.

FCC Punch Card.png
Fruit Punch
Punch is a rather sweet fruit creature from Vegetable Ridge whose most recent adventure saw him setting out into the world to rescue his sister, Cordia, from the clutches of Dr. Vegtebloid. Now, Punch is using his newly-found strengths and abilities to join the fight against the Cardmaster and save the universe.
Punch delivers an electric shock to the opponent using his Citritazer weapon, which deals damage to up to 3 different foes, so long as they are in close proximity to each other.



While Punch and Cordia's relationship is shown to be mostly positive, it is hinted that there is some form of sibling rivalry between the two. This is seen both during the opening cutscene, where Cordia steals a slice of cake from Punch, and in the ending cutscene, where Punch returns the favour and steals cake from Cordia. Despite this, however, he and Cordia are clearly on very good terms, as they embrace once reuniting in Dr. Vegtebloid's basement, and Cordia is shown to be very thankful of her brother rescuing her.

Dr. Vegtebloid

Unsurprisingly, Punch is shown to have a hatred of Dr. Vegtebloid and his creations, relentlessly attacking anything associated with the evil professor. It is most likely that Punch's hatred of Vegtebloid was ignited when Cordia was kidnapped, and it was pushed further when Punch discovered that Vegtebloid had left many monsters to fight Punch while he imprisoned Cordia. When Punch defeats Vegtebloid, he is shown to be satisifed, as he smiles while Vegtebloid is blasted off into the distance.


Not much is shown of Punch's relationship with Kiwi, but it is most likely that Punch is thankful of Kiwi for rescuing him at the start of the game.


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  • Punch's name, and by extension the name of the game, Fruit Punch, is based off the phrase "Fruit Punch", which is a fruit-flavoured drink. Punch's name might also be based off the action "to punch", since there is a large focus of combat in Fruit Punch.
  • Punch is currently considered to be the mascot of Button Studios.