Puffball Party
North America Boxart
Developer(s) Krazy Kombat Studios
Publisher(s) Fantendo, HAL
Platform(s) 3DS
Genre(s) Party
Release Date(s) Late 2019
Mode(s) Story Mode
Single Player
Online Party
Age Rating(s) 8+
Cost $90.00 (America)
$9906 (Jamaica)

Puffball Party (also known as Popopo Party or Puffball Panic, ぷっfばっl ぱrtyin Japan, Puffball Partido in Spanish, Puffball Parti in French) is a game developed by Endgame Enterprises and published by Fantendo and HAL Labortory. The game itself is Kirby and Mario Party combined, but with different features. It features Kirby and his buddies, even his rivals teaming up to destroy an evil being (which is Nightmare).


There are ten boards to play on (half of each are available at the start and unlockable) and the gameplay from Mario Party 9 comes back. The party participants have to go through boards in a cart and reach the end with the most star points to become the Superstar. There are yellow stars which give 1 star point, green stars which give 5, red stars give 10 and blue stars give 30. Black stars decreases star points, so don't try and get one.


Kirby and his friends are playing somewhere on Popstar until the sky turns pitch black. They realized something is terrible happening again in this planet. Kirby goes on an adventure to save Popstar once again. Not only he went alone, some of his friends, even his rivals came to help.


Story Mode


In this mode, you can pick a character to play with and go through ten boards to get the most star points to move on. You'll face against three, two or one enemy(ies) (depending on what stage you're in). If the enemy gets more star points than you, you'll get a Game Over screen and you have two options, quit or continue. If you click continue, you'll restart the stage. If you click quit, you'll lose all you're progess (unless you save) and go back to the main menu. After beating 9 stages, you'll go on a solo adventure to get more star points for the end, where you face the final boss. Beat the boss and you beat Story Mode and unlock the stages that are not available at the start. If you beat Story Mode with all characters, you unlock Hardcore Mode where you face enemies with a higher difficulty.

Single Player


In this mode, you can play all by yourself and play on boards. You can pick one character and faces a number of CPUs you picked. If you win a board, you get more star points in total.



In this mode, its just like Single Player except you play with your friends and family locally. You can play with you and your friend alone or play with CPUs. You'll get more star points in total in this mode.



In this mode, you can buy minigames with star points to play. If you buy ten minigames, you can play on Minigame Stadium, where you can duel with your friend or a CPU or battle with your friends or against CPUs. You can look at the records of minigames as well.



In Collections you can look at all the star points you have earned and all the stuff you bought. You can buy other stuff here too.



In Online mode, you can play with people from other countries or far away from your street. You can play all the modes except Story Mode and Single Player. You can earn Online star points which is used to buy other stuff at Collections that can be bought only using Online star points.



In Extras, you can play all by yourself in Puzzle Minigames and get star points easily.


Artwork (Name) Info Available at the start? Special Move
Kirby is our adorable and cute puff who can float through the air. He is on a quest to save his home planet once again. Kirby can inhale stars from far away to earn star points. Yes Inhale
Keeby is the yellow recolored Kirby and one of Kirby's friends alongside GreebyBluby and Redby. Keeby has a magic specter which can catch stars from far away. Yes Specter Catch
Redby is the red recolored Kirby and is one of Kirby's buddies alongside with other recolors. Redby has a bow and arrow that can catch stars from far away. Yes Bow and Arrow
Bluby is the blue recolored Kirby and is one of Kirby's amigos. Bluby has supersonic speed and can run around the board to catch star points. Yes Supersonic Speed
N/A (Greeby) Greeby is a green colored Kirby and is one of Kirby's pals and helpers to save Popstar. Greeby is great at climbing walls and has a Boomerang which can catch stars. Yes Boomerang
N/A (Rick) Rick can jump from wall to wall, however he can't do that on the board, only in minigames and Captain Events. Rick doesn't have a special ability, but who needs one when he can wall jump! Yes Wall Jumping*
N/A (Meta Knight) Meta Knight can fly through the air with his wings to get stars. He can use his sword in minigames to hit players. Meta Knight is basically the second strongest character in the game. No Flying
N/A (King Dedede) King Dedede is the self proclaimed king of Dreamland who wields a hammer. He can use his hammer in minigames. He is the strongest character in the game. No Hammer Smash*
N/A (Coo) Coo the Owl can fly like Meta Knight to gain stars. He can also use this in minigames. No Flying
N/A (Kine) Kine the Ocean Sunfish can swim in water just like anyone else would, but he can swim the fastest. He is great for swimming minigames. No Swim*
N/A (Gooey) Gooey is a friendly blob from the same stuff as Dark Matter. Gooey has the same attacks as Kirby and he is the one of the two characters who doesn't have a special move that can be used in any way. No N/A
N/A (ChuChu) ChuChu is an octupus who doesn't have an special move, same with Gooey and others. No N/A
N/A (Nago) Nago is a cat who can roll into a ball and gain stars from the ground. No Roll*
N/A (Shadow Kirby) N/A Glitch Inhale
N/A (Shadow Dedede) N/A Glitch Hammer Smash*

DLC Characters

DLC Characters can be recommended by you guys. If you want to recommend someone, ask me in my talk page, not in the comments.

Artwork (Name) Info Creator Series Special Move


Image (Name) Info Mid-Boss Main Boss Available at the start?
N/A (Green Greens) Green Greens is a board with flowers, trees and other enviormental objects. This stage is filled with types of Waddle Dees. Normal ones give you stars while Archer Dees and Waddle Doos takes away your stars. The Captain Event is where you play "dodgebomb" with Poppy Bros. Jr.. The Captain choses each player to play. The number of knockbacks is the amount of stars you can get. The mid-boss is King Doo and the main boss is Whispy Woods. King Doo Whispy Woods Yes
N/A (Onion Ocean) Onion Ocean is a beach like board with Blippers, Squishies and Water Galbos who can take away star points from you. The Captain Event of this board is where you swim for treasure at the bottom of the ocean, which contains 20 stars. The mid boss is Water Galboros and the main boss is Fatty Puffer. Water Galboros Fatty Puffer Yes
N/A (Bubbly Clouds) Bubbly Clouds is a cloudy place with Kracko Jr. chasing you. Kracko Jr. can move 3 spaces after the captain rolls the dice. If Kracko Jr. reaches to the space the players are, the Captain loses half of their stars. The Captain Event is where you ride a cloud to mini stars. If you get a 0, you automactically lose the event. The mid and main boss is Kracko. Kracko Kracko Yes
N/A (Castle Lololo) Castle Lololo is a castle that belongs to Lololo. There are Flappers trying to take your stars and Shotzos too when you touch a ? Space. The mid boss is Lololo and the main boss is Lololo and Lalala themselves. Lololo Lololo and Lalala. Yes
N/A (Mt. Dedede) Mt. Dedede is splitted into two sections, first is the road to Mt. Dedede and the second is Dedede's Castle. There is only one boss and that's King Dedede himself. N/A King Dedede Yes
N/A (Halcandra)

The board is splitted into three sections, first section is Egg Engines where you dodge crushers and Halcandra enemies. The boss of that section is DR-D3.

The second section is Dangerous Dinner, where there is lava that has fireballs that can take 10 stars from you when touching a ? Space which is where the lava is. The boss is Landia.

The third and last section takes place in Another Dimension. You ride on Landias to chase Magolor, who didn't actually die after the events of Return to Dreamland. After beating Magolor, the board is over.



Magolor No*
N/A (Patch Land) In the Patch Land board, you can only play as three players, as Prince Fluff takes the last player spot (however in Story Mode, he rarely appears). It doesn't matter if Prince Fluff wins the board. However, Yin Yarn doesn't appear. Maybe because he died after Kirby defeated him. However there is a Waddle Dee who drives a giant car that resembles Yin Yarn's final form, Mega Yin-Yarn. That Waddle Dee driving the car is the main boss of this board. TBA Waddle Dee (driving a car which resembles Mega Yin-Yarn) No*
N/A (Royal Road) TBA TBA TBA No*
N/A (Mirror World) TBA TBA TBA No*
N/A (Fountain off Dreams) The players meet up with Nightmare on this board. This is the shortest board in the game, with only 12 spaces. If you land on a ? Space, you'll go right back to the start. After passing 12 spaces, you face Nightmare in one final battle. The players wield a Star Rod during the battle. N/A Nightmare No*



  • This is the first game that Endgame Enterprises made (besides TV shows and games with mascots).
  • The creator had this game in his head in 2014 and started thinking about making it in August 3, 2015.
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