Prometheus is a former member of The Threat's Top 10. He was first mentioned in Blood of Prometheus Volume 1, but wasn't officially seen until Volume 2, where the first issue follows him in the past. He willingly left The Threat to help the early humans create fire with magic and did many feats with said magic. He was killed by alien birds sent by The Threat.


A red alien-like figure with biomechnical joints and elongated arms that reach far past his waist. He wears a strange cape on his back that is "draped" over his head. His eye has a three point lightning bolt as the iris and he has two horns growing on the side of his head. He has no mouth and has to communicate through telepathy. His usage of a rod and using magic to basically survive and attack is very reminiscent of Silence.


A well-meaning member of The Threat's forces, Prometheus gave early humanity the means to create fire and preformed several miracles that had long-reaching effects on humanity. However, despite his powers, he just was never really that great at combat. He is very open to sharing his knowledge and is very patient, staying with humanity for ten years until they finally mastered fire.


Eight was a member of the Threat's Forces. During a mission to capture a apprentice of The Fan's named The Endless, Eight was stranded on Vados, where early humanity was just beginning. Worried for the humans' safety, Eight created fire to keep them warm, which shocked and amazed these early humans. Eight taught them over a course of ten years, in which he became known as Prometheus.

Prometheus was known for his miracle powers, able to move mountains and create ice bridges for the humans. He eventually forgot almost entirely about The Threat, entirely caught up in helping the humans. Although he was given a house and a wife, Prometheus felt he could never fully repay the humans for helping him see a better way of life.

The Threat caught wind of what was going on and send three alien bird-like creatures to assassinate him. One of them, known as Kaagur, struck him straight in the chest. As he was dying out, he transferred his essence to the moon, creating a blood moon, it's lunar rays giving magical powers to a child born under it.

Since then, he has survived through lunar light, his powers traveling across moons ever so often. He returns to Vados every night, blessing humanity with his gift.

Powers and Abilities

Using a rod as a medium, Prometheus was capable of many gifts and powers. The Threat stated that he was a prototype for a magic-based soldier and as such, could channel any given power if he wanted to. This is what he unltimately became, channeling his own powers through lunar rays.


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  • The character design was obviously influenced by Reptflux, however instead of being a destructive titan, Prometheus is one that benefits those who he decides to help.
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