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PXE Boxart Wallpaper with title
Developer(s) Iceboys12co., Fantendo, Nintendo, Square Enix
Publisher(s) Iceboys12co.
Platform(s) Nintendo Wii

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Silver

Nintendo Omega

Genre(s) Fighting
Release Date(s) 25px-Flag of Japan: 3/21/13

25px-Flag of USA: 5/25/13

Flag of European Union: 5/30/13

Flag of China: 6/15/13

Mode(s) Single Player, Multi Player
Age Rating(s) T for Teen
Media Included Wii Disk, Nintendo Silver Disk, Nintendo Omega Disk, 3DS game card, Wii U Disk

Project X Earth (Project X Mother) is a fan-made spin-off of EarthBound/Mother Series and Super Smash Bros. and a crossover like Kingdom Hearts on the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii UNintendo Silver, Nintendo Omega, and Nintendo 3DS. This game is created by Iceboys12co., and It was be releashed in 2013.

Nintendo eShop Description

There's always something else more than it does on the page.

When the strange blizzard occurs on Onett, Ness and the others are disappeared into other worlds. It was very unknown what is the cause of that fate...until now.

Join Ness and his friends on a epic and exciting Journey of their lives to save their world and the universe, and defeat the evil grasps of an unknown villain, Dark Matter. Challenge through couple of the fighters and fight your way to the final match against Tabuu in the Arcade Mode, or with the help of the several Nintendo characters and Iceboys12co. characters, explore and defeat every viruses the enemies sent in the very long and advanced story mode. Challenge your friends or the CPUs in V.S. Mode. You can even create your own fighter at the Customizer Mode and level them up with EX Coins. Are you truly really for this long and hard exciting and epic challenge? The Destiny of Peace, Courage, and the universe is in your everlasting hands
Nintendo eShop Description


It's very similar to the Super Smash Bros. Games, but more advanced and improved. This game is using the engine: "Havok-X" that focus on the mixture of Brawl's and Melee's game engine with new features, which similarly function like Project M's engine. EX Coins is the currency of the game, as they're used to buy stuffs and trophies. There are some Modes to play in


  • Story Mode: Play as the Playable Heroes as they save the world from the Evil. It's not yet confrimed that how long this Story mode is. It is entitled "The Earth Venture" (Here)
  • Arcade Mode: It's work like SSB's Classic mode, you fighting CPUs in a one-on-one match and fight against Tabuu.
  • V.S. Mode: Battle againest The CPUs or your friends with your avaliable characters in your roster.
  • Tournament: Go through the Tournament to Become the Champion.
  • MiniGames: Play through the mini games you have been buyed in the shop. Examples like Dodgeball, Racing, and etc.
  • Customizer: Create your Custom Characters and level them up and plays as them in Wi-Fi, MiniGames, VS Mode, Tournament, or Free mode of Story Mode.
  • Boss Battles: You must fight all the bosses in story mode in random order(except the final boss). You must beat Story Mode only once to unlock it.
  • Shop: In the shop, you can buy characters, stages, etc. with your collected EX Coins from other modes.
  • Options: Basically Changes your Options you wanted.



Most of the characters are playable somewhere in the main story mode. They're also playable in Battle Mode. Whoever have a star is unlockable! Each characters have their own costumes(Including the Cosmic Verison and Dark clones of theirselves).  Some of the characters are unlockable in shops if the player complete the seveval chapters.

Starters: 24

Unlockables: 37

Earth Bound Series

Mario Series

Sonic Series

Kirby Series

Zelda Series

Star Fox Series

Other Series

Iceboys12co. Characters









  • This game is taken place in the alternate universe, bringing differents from Earthbound/Mother Games, and so the other series, though there's are only several differences.
  • This is one of the largest, longest and hard working games Iceboys12co. ever made.

Differences Continuty:

Since this game take place in the alternate universe, there are multiple differences to the point that the game takes place in it's own continuity.

  • Several people who is previously dead is still alive in the game's continuity. Claus is still alive and still have a MaskMan alter-ego. Lucas and Claus' Mother(Hinawa) is still dead(though she's probably never even mentioned in this game), but the event of Claus turning evil probably never happen or mentioned in this game.
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